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Tobias Nock [1728-1791]  m.1781  Sarah WOOLLEY   St. Thomas, Dudley, Worcester, England;  poss.  d. 5 Mar, 1791, bur. Friends Burying Ground, near Dudley
  may have had a brother, William Noch who married Hannah and had issue: Tobias 20 Apr, 1794- 


Tobias KNOX [1782-1863]
  Tobias;  b. 5 Jun, 1782 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England;  a painter;  found 1830 Utica, NY;  1837 Cleveland, OH; 1850-60 Canton OH;  d. 1 Mar, 1863, Canton, Stark, OH, USA

- 2017 K. Martin via ANC initial dates and places; Laura info;

- 1830 Utica, Oneida, NYS:   Tobias (Painter) with
       1 40-50yrs(Tobias) 
       1 5-10yrs
        2 20-30yrs  (one his possible wife, Elizabeth) ??
         2 15-20yrs  (Laura;  Emily)  ??
         1 10-15yrs  (Felicia &  ??)
         1 5-10yrs;   (Salima)  ??

- 1837 Cleveland, Ohio, 94 Ontario St. 
     Tobias, Painter;  Mrs. E. Turner, Hat Trimmer  (Emily);  Salima Knox, Tailoress

- 1850 Canton, Stark, OH:  Tobias, 67, England, Sign Painter; Philirrra Hnox, 31, England;  Manford Endricks, 9. Ohio;  Ada Endricks, 4, Indiana

- 1859 Canton Ohio City Dir;  Tobias W. Knox, Painter, nwc Market & William;  Heinricks, Hanford, Painter, nwc 8th & Market 

- 1860 Canton, Stark, Ohio - Tobias Knox, 78, painter, b. England;  Felicia (Felishia/phillisha), 40 born England;  Manfred Hendrix, 18, painter, b. Ohio;  Edna Hendrix, 14, b. Indiana


Laura Elizabeth KNOX [1811-1868]  m.1832  Cornelius Luther MOORE [1796-1875] (Luther m1.  Betsy Harris; dsp)

- K. Martin 'tree'
- Burial: Sterling Cemetery, Greenport, Suffolk Co, NY, USA (FAG: 96434846)

      13 Elizabeth Frances MOORE [1831-1894]
      13 William H MOORE [1833    ]
      13 Martha C. MOORE [1836-1930]
      13 Cornelia MOORE [1839-    ]
      13 Adeline C. MOORE [1840-1930]
      13 Cornelius Luther MOORE [1842-1930]  m.  Julia D. CASE [1845-1925] >> K. M.
      13 Christopher B. MOORE [1845-1914]
      13 Thomas C. MOORE [1847-1904]
      13 Gerrit S. MOORE [1849-    ]
      13 Ida MOORE [1853-    ]

Emily KNOX [1816-1911]  m.1834  Joseph TURNER Sr. [c.1797-1848] 
   Emily Knox was born 16 Dec., 1816 at Dudley, Worcester, England and emigrated from England to New York State c. 1825;  father - Tobias KNOX, mother - Unknown (believed to be Elizabeth ???);  married at ae 17, Joseph TURNER in 1834;  moved with Joseph to Michigan 2 years prior to Michigan becoming a state;  Joseph died in 1848 at Stoney Creek;  much of Emily is known from the various affidavits that she made and of those that were made on her behalf and other information was provided by County Records;  November 1848,  Joseph died and left her with 6 young children and one child yet to be born;  George her first child was 15 years old;  creditors of the store goods filed claims against the goods and Emily fought them off for two years;  the creditors, I assume, could not believe that Emily was capable of running the store;  Emily was left with a debt of  $4,000.00;  within the next two years, 1848-1850 Emily disposed of the Detroit property and remained at Stoney Creek fending off the creditors;  c. 1852 moved to Pontiac;  the creditors received 10 cents on the dollar;  Emily was left poor and relied on her children to support her;  1862  moved to Saginaw and lived with her son, Charles;  affidavits and applications for Pension regarding her son, Albert  who died  in 1862,  in the War of the Rebellion, state that she was married 15 Mar., 1834;  these forms gave no witnesses nor the location of that marriage;  longest known friend, from these papers, was Andrew W. Freeto who had known her since 1834;  on one of her affidavits when was asked to supply disinterested individuals who knew of her personal affairs,  Emily stated that "....she was not in the habit of disclosing personal information to disinterested persons."
Emily remained with her son, Charles at 1702 Court St., Saginaw until her death on 30 May, 1911 at the age of 94;  outlived all her children except Charles who died 2 years later;  interred 1 Jun,  1911 in Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw, Mich.



?? Amelia


This line is not proven but everything looks correct

Felicia KNOX [1820-1868]  mc 1839 John S. HENDRYX   (SEE Salina below)    I am wondering if Felicia and Salina are one and the same

found a John Smith Hendryx from Ashtabula, Oh (1840) b. Steuben Co, NY s/o John Hendryx [1775-1821] & Dorothea Marisha Smith [1779-1870];  found John S. Hendryx in Indiana who died in 1849  This death makes  sense as the two Hendriyx children are shown with no father at the home of Tobias

- FAG has Tobias below s.o John S. Henryx and Felicia Knox.
- ?? 1840 Paines, Lake, OH:  John S. Hendry / Hendryx and one female 20-29

      13 Tobias Manfred HENDRYX [1840-1914]  m.  Laurentina Justina DALLWIGK [1840-1908]
  Manfred;  s/o Felicia Knox & John S. Hendryx;  b. 22 Aug, 1840, Painesville, Lake Co, OH, USA;  d. 9 May, 1914, Canton, Stark Co, OH, USA;  interred West Lawn Cemetery, Canton. (FAG: 38587275)
  Justina;  d/o Justus Ferdinand Dallwigk [1814-1848] & Louisa Palmer [1817-1889];  b. 23 Oct, 1840. Canton;  d. 5 Sep, 1908, Canton;  interred West Lawn Cemetery, Canton  )FAG:38583704)

- FindAGrave
- Ancestry

Nellie Minnie HENDRYX [1869-1903]
  Nellie;  d/o Manfred Hendryx & Justina Dallwigk;  b. 10 Jul, 1869, Ashland, Ashland Co, OH, USA;  d. 15 Apr, 193, Canton; 
interred West Lawn Cemetery, Canton  (FAG:38589408)

- FindAGrave
- Ancestry

      13 Edea / Ada HENDRYX [c.1846-    ] b. Indiana

??  Salima   1837 Cleveland  ??????    on FHC  Salina Knox  m.  John S. Hendryx  13 Nov, 1839. Painesville, Geauga, OH   ????  I show Felicia via above BUT I have a marriage cert for John S. & Salina


??  Harvey [c.1825/30  nearby in 1837 Cleveland   Unsure if related



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