Ballymoney Parish Records 1805-1873

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Nov       3 1842 Thomas Hennigan aged about 50 years interred  
Dec       5   Anne Cue widow aged 53 years of Union Hall interred  
             11      John son of Robert & Mary Good pub.bap. (sponsors William Good  Anne Good, Kilmeen & Joseph Patterson *
    John son of James Burchil, Derrygra  pub.bap  
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Jan        13 1843 John Shuel interred  
             23      John James son of James & Catherine Burchill, Derrygra  priv.bap.  
             25   --- Gabriel aged 80 years interred  
    Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary Anne Collins  priv.bap.  
             29   James son of Thos. & Jane Ellis  pub.bap. (Edward Ellis & Wife,  ---- & John Ellis s-sponsors)  
Feb       5   Jim?? son of Jim?? & Ellen Hurley, Shanavagh pub.bap. (Wm. & ??? Damery, Cathe McCabe -sponsors  
             6   Rebecca infant of daughter of  Isaac & Margaret Peyton interred **
Mar       2   Thos. Damery aged 4 years from Corran interred  
             3    Richard Tanner form Ross aged 88 years interred  
             14   William Miller aged 60 years form Fanlobbus interred  
    Thos. Wright aged 76 years of Ballineen interred  
Apr        6   Thomas Connor aged 63 years of Ballineen interred  
              10   George son of Frank Stanley of Shanavagh priv.bap.  
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Apr        17 1843 Grace Anne daughter of  William & Maria Farr, Ballineen  priv.bap. *
Jun         4   Jane daughter of John & Margaret Cue of Ballineen  pub.bap. (Jane Cue, J. Farr, & Mrs. James Cue -sponsors)  
Jul          17   Eliza daughter of Thos. & Mary Tegau of West shanavagh priv.bap.  
              15   John son of William & Ellen Pattison, Ballinen  priv.bap.  
Aug        27       James son of Edward & Anne Ellis of Shanavagh pub.bap.  
Jul          15   Thomas Damery aged 80 interred  
Sep        5   Catherine aged 9 years daughter of George & Sophia Beamish of Ballyvacky interred  
              17   Richard son of Thomas & Rebecca Parrot  pub.bap. (Robin Good, W. Good & --- Perrot -sponsors)  
Oct        15   Joshua son of Joshua & Mary Beamish Master of Ballinacarriga School priv.bap.  
              22   Benjamin son of James & Mary Good, Kilvurra pub.bap. (Robt. Good, Barnabas &  Tamer Deane -sponsors) *
Nov       3   Thomas son of Tichard & Maria Susanna Townsand (??)   priv.bap  
              26   Jane daughter of  James & ----- Damery, Kilbonaue  pub.bap.  
Dec       17   Margaret daughter of  John & Margaret Good, Phale  pub.bap. *
             24   Michael son of Michael & Anne Barrett, Currycrwley  priv.bap.  
             27   Sarah Elizabeth daughter of George Stanley of Curricrowley  priv.bap.  
             31   All George Stanley's children received into church Wm. Stanley, Wm. Philips, James Rega?? & Catherine Philips -sponsors)  
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Jan        4 1844 Thomas Ellis of Shanavagh interred  
             9   Ellen daughter of Daniel & Jane Hurley, Granure  priv.bap.  
             21   Willaim son of James & Julia Conolly, Ballineen  pub.bap. (Rich. Damery, Wm. Garr * Mary Sullivan -sponsors )  
             28   James son of James & Mary Damery, Corran  pub.bap. Thos. & W. Damery & Mary Wolfe -sponsors)  
Feb       13   Eliza daughter of Isaac & Magaret Peyton  pub.bap. (Mrs. Morgan , Francis Peyton & -- Wolfe -sponsors) **
             19   Mary Wood aged 70 years interred  
Mar   Jane daughter of Thomas & Eliza Damery, Ballymoney  pub.bap.  
             8   John Damey of Corran aged 80 years interred  
Apr       14   George Good of Ballineen married by licence  to Mary Gibson of Ballineen *
             28   William son of John & Mary Ellis pub.bap. (Mrs. E. Ellis, James Damery, Corran & Jas. Damery -sponosrs)  
Jun        2   David John son of William Sherrard Clerk & Matilda his wife of Enniskean Cottage co. of Cork  pub.bap. Born 13th May, 1844 Rev. John Lech???? Revd. F. Brady of Gardville and Mrs. M. A. Beecher -sponsors  
             18   Thomas Combs aged 16 years interred  
             23   Sarah daughter of Thomas & Eliza Gossil  pub.bap. (Mrs. J. Burchill, John Good & Sister -sponsors  
Jul         4   married in Ballymoney Church by banns Jere. McCarthy to Ellen Kearyboth of the parish of Kinneigh  
    James son of Joseph and Anne Good of Kilvurra priv.bap. *
     ----  Shuel age ---- of Desertserges interred  
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Jul         15 1844 Avicia daughter of  Michael & Mary Milner of Edincurra  priv.bap.  
Aug       4   Michael & Avicia children of Michael Milner received into church (Mich. Sullivan, Joshua Beamish, Ellen Cotter, James Sullivan, Mary Sullivan & Ellen Cotter -sponsors)  
    William son of John Forde Knocaneady  pub.bap. (Thos. Forde, His wife & Robt. Good -sponsors)  
    James Regan of Leap aged 2 years interred  
             17   married by licence Samuel Baldwin of Glounaragie to Bridget Burke of Riversview, Fanlobbus  
Sep       8   Francis son of John & Elizabeth Schofield of Phale pub.bap. (Wm. Lambert, Robt. & Anne Sealy -sponsors)  
             12   John son of John & Eliza Damery of Corran  priv.bap.  
             29   Thos. son of Robt. &  ----  Good, Kilvurra  pub.bap. *
Oct       3    ----- Chambers aged about 20 years of Fanlobbus parish interred  
Nov      10   Richard son of  John & Mary Damery, Ballineen  pub.bap. (Mich. Shuel & wife, Thomas Damaery -sponsors)  
             24   John son of Jim?? & Ellen Hurley, Shanavagh  pub.bap. (John Boltimer & wife & Isaac McCabe -sponsors)  
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Jan        1 1845 Eliza daughter of John & Catherine Carthy, Ballineen   priv.bap.  
             2   William son of Thos. & Eliza Farr, Ballineen  privbap. *
             3   Eliza daughter of Robt. & Eliza Farrel, Ballineen   priv.bap.  
             10     ------- McCarthy of Tumlodge aged --- interred  
             13   John son of William & Maria Farr, Ballineen  priv.bap. *
             16   John son of John & Margaret Good, Phale pub.bap. (Thos. Godsil & wife & Wm. McCull -sponsors) *
    Anne daughter of James & Mary Good  priv.bap.  Kilvurra *
             12   Margaret Wright of Ballineen aged 60 years interred  
Mar       3    ------ Good wife of James Good, Ballineen interred *
              24   Ellen relict of William Hallyburton, Enniskean aged about 80 years interred  
Apr        20    ------- son of James & ----- Burhcill, Ballineen pub.bap. (sponsors Nath. and ---- of Deset Parish)  
May       4   Sarah daughter of Sameul & Anne Burchill of Desert Parish pub.bap.  (Solomon Burchil Suasan Nagle & Sarah Damery -sponsors)  
              11   George son of George & Eliza Beamish of Kilvurra pub.bap.( Abraham Beamish, Geo. Beamish & Jane Spillane -sponsors)  
    Alice daughter of Henry & Mary Good, Granure pub.bap.( Susan Good, Eliza Beamish & James Beazly -sponsors *
May       25   Cornelius Deasy ot Anne Milner both of Granure married by licence  
              27   Richard Damery of Desert aged 78 interred  
Jul          7       George Hegarty of Ballineen aged 40 years interred  
Page 36 in old record con't  
Jul         27 1845 Eliza daughter of Frank & Mary Stanley of Shanavagh pub.bap. (Wm. Shuel & Wife & Mary Spillane -sponsors)  
              do   George son of do do (Frank & Mary Stanley) received into chiurch (sponosrs John Spillane, Mary Reily & Wm. Stanley)  
              28   Mary Deane wife of  Benj. Deane of Drimoleague aged 45 years interred  
Aug       1   Jane daughter of John & Elizabeth Schofield of Phale pub.bap.(John Good, Alice Jennings & Susan Chambers -sponsors  
              24   Mary daughter of Ed. & Anne Ellis pub.bap. (Mary Ellis, Mary Rossly & John Rossly -sponsors)  
             30   William son of Stephen & Catherine Wright priv.bap.  
Oct       19   William son of William Sherrard Clerk & Matilda of Enniskean Cottage pub.bap. born 22nd September last (Revd. Wm. Hall, John Jackson & Mary Jackson -sponsors  
Dec      7   Samuel son of John & Mary Nash of Ballineen pub.bap. (John good, Thos. Damery & Eliza Damery -sponsors)  
            22   Eliza Anne Ross aged 15 years interred  
            25   Robert son of John & Margaret Good, Ballineen  pub.bap. (Jas. Good, Thomas Farr & A. Damery -sponsors) *
    James son of James Burchil of Derrygra  priv.bap.  
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Jan      4 1846 Ralph son of  Thos. &  ----- Fuller, Ballineen pub.bap. (Joseph Fuller, Ralph Fuller & Jane Peyton -sponsors) **
            8   Stephen Daly of Fanlobbus married to Eliza Jagoe of Inchifune by licence  
Feb      8   John Stuke aged about 60 years of Ballineen interred  
            11   George R. Wright of Ballineen aged about 36 years interred  
    James Cue of Ballineen aged 60 years interred  
            16   married by banns Timothy Crowley of Ballineen to  --------------  
            24    married by licence Francis Williams of Knocksragh to Mary Cotter Eden Hill  
Mar     1   James son of Thomas & Rebecca Perrot pub.bap. (Robt. & Henry Good and Barbara Clerk -sponsors  
            22   Mary Ellis of Shanavagh aged 80 years interred  
Apr      7   Emma daughter of Wm. & Eliza Hudson of Ballineen   priv.bap.  
            14   Edmund Barry married to Catherine Holland of Ballineen by banns  
May        ----- son of John &  ---- Cue  priv.bap.  
            10   John Cue of Ballineen aged about 32 years buried  
            24   John son of George & Elizabeth Stanley pub.bap. (Rich. Schofield, John Chambers & Elizabeth Schofield -sponsors)  
    William son of William & Mary Stanley pub.bap. (Wm. Stanley Carhue, Wm. Stanley & Susan Shorten -sponsors)  
    Robert son of James & Mary Good pub.bap. (Thos Perrot, Thos. Good & Eliza Good -sponsors) *
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May     24 1846 Anne daughter of James & Mary Good received into church (Rebecca Perrot, Alice Deane, & Thos Good -sponsors) *
            11   George Charles son of Joshua & Mary Beamish  pub.bap. (James Walker, Chas Kingston & Hester Beamish -sponsors)  
    Joshua son of Joshua & Mary Beamish received into church (Mich. Milner, Joshua Beamish & Eliza Burchil -sponsors)  
Jun      4   Richard Peyton of Bandon aged 38 years interred **
            13   James Cue of Caherah aged about 45 years interred  
            14   Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth Damery of Corran pub.bap. (Wm. Shuel, Anne Northridge & Ellen Wolfe -sponsors)  
    John son of John & Elizabeth Damery of Corran pub.bap. (Wm. Damery, Thos. Wolf, Anne Nothridge -sponsors)  
Aug      9   Margaret daughter of Isaac Peyton & Margaret Peyton, Ballineen pub.bap. (Richd. Jagoe,  --- Fuller & --- Wolfe -sponsors)  
    James son of James & Julia Conelly  priv.bap.   
            11   John Regan married by banns to Good both of Ballymoney *
            16   James son of Thos. & Eliza Farr priv.bap, *
            25   Joseph Fuller of Ballineen married by licence to Mary Williams *
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Sep      7 1846 Richard son of  Michael & Mary Milner priv.bap.  
Oct      18   Hariet daughter of Jas. & Susan Cue pub.bap. (Thos. Jenkins, R. Farr, E. Cue -sponsors)  
Nov     16   Robert son of John & Mary Ellis, Shanavagh  priv.bap.  
            19   Eliza Damery of Moragh aged 82 years interred  
Dec      18   Hariet daughter of John & Mary Anne Collins, Ballineen  priv.bap.  
Page 39 in old record  
Jan       3 1847 Mary Murphy of Ballineen aged 96 years interred  
            22   James Daunt of Ballineen aged 76 years interred  
Feb      1   Mrs. Coombs of Morah interred  
            13   widow of Thos. Wright of Ballineen interred  
    Patrick son of Daniel Hurley, Granure priv.bap.  
            19   married by licence Joseph Warner of Skibbereen to Catherine Jagoe of Ballymoney  
            20   Thomas son of Samuel & Anne Burchil of Desert  priv.bap.  
Mar     7   William son of John & Mary Good od Phale pub.bap. (Hugh McCullogh, Wm. Jenny & Rachel Burchil -sponsors *
    Margaret Conolly aged 60 years, widow, Ballineen interred  
            10   Gerorge Patterson aged 70 years of Desertseges interred  
            14   Daniel son of Thos. & Anne Green of Desertserges priv.bap.  
            15   Richard Combs  (Coombes) 60 years of Clondrohid buried  
Apr      19   Mary Connor aged 20 years of Ballineen, buried  
    James Damery of Brinny buried  
            25   Thomas James son of the late Thos. Godsil of Ballineen  priv.bap.  
Mar     28   Thomas son of William & Matilda Sherrard of Enniskean Cottage pub.bap. (Rev. R. Meade, Thos. Sherrard, Mary Sherrard -sponsors) born 19 Jan, 1847  
May     11   Robert son of Robert & M. Farrel of Ballineen  priv.bap.  
            16      William son of James & Mary Riely pub.bap. (Robt. Ellis, Cathe Jennings and Jas. Riely -sponsors)  
Jun   Edward Ellis aged 80 years of Shanavagh interred  
    The wife of E. Jenkins, Enniskean interred  
Page 39 in old record  
Jun       18 1847 Sarah daughter of Mich. & Anne Barrett, Shavanagh  priv.bap.  
            16   William Moxley aged about 55 years of Enniskean interred *
Aug   James Good of Ballineen interred *
    Susan Good his daughter interred *
Sep      13   Richard Wagner of Dunmanway aged 39 years interred  
Dec      1   Mary Smithwick of Phale House aged 20 years interred  
            5   John son of George & Eliza Stanley, Curricrowley  pub.bap. (Wm. Stanley, F. Schofield. Jane Sealy -sponsors)  
Page 40 in old record  
Jan       6 1848 Jane Lane aged 30 years of Desertserges interred  
            9   Mary daughter of Stephen & Catherine Wright priv.bap.  
            10    Robert Cue infant child of the late John Cue, Ballineen interred  
            13   Bridget Pool (?Poole) aged 65 years of Ballinscarthy interred  
Feb      1   married by license (<finally got the spelling right) Joseph Duke of Kilmurry to Barbara Clarke of Ballymoney  
    John Beamish of Cashel aged 79 years interred  
Mar      19   James Combs aged 77 of Bandon interred  
             21   Catherine Fuller aged 65 of Kinneigh interred *
Apr       7    ----  Walmsly wife of James Walmsly, Head Constable, Ballineen interred  
             9   Edward Tanner of Ross aged 101 years interred  
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