Ballymoney Parish Records 1805-1873

A foundling was normally named after the place where it was found; ie: Church, Wood(s)

Where the age is given for death do not rely on it, especially if it is a round number, ie: 80

While I have endeavoured to get the spellings correct I have run into the problem of various spellings for the same name -or at least I believe the name to be the same.  Some of the names that I found where:Philips where in Kinneigh (the proper spelling of my family) - Phillips;  Botimer -Bolimer;  Perrott - Perott -Parot -Parrott;  Burchill - Burchil..  I tried to put both names in when I recognized the name at the first instance but not throughout. 

Searching should be done with the various spellings and to be sure that you get them all you may try part of the name either the first, middle or end of the name.

Private baptisms I believe where probably done at the home as it was wise in those days to baptize the child within a day or so.  Public were most likely done at the Church 

Married by Banns

Married by License