Kinneigh Parish Records

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Page 1 Copied page 1               [my notes]                                                                                                 ** denotes my family  * probable fam.  
M6038 [Copied from copy temporarily deposited by rector, Sep, 1961 This was apparently copied from registers formerly in PRO & lost in fire, 1922.  The handwriting is the same throughout, probably that of the Rev. John Haines, rector at the time of the final entries    Margaret C. Griffith, Deputy Keeper, 24 Sep, 1961]     
  [Loose sheets in custody of rector of Kinneigh, temporarily deposited, July 1961.]  
p.1 Copy of Baptisms from old register - Baptisms in Parish of Kinneigh  
---- 7 Teape  Elizabeth priv.bap.  [could be later, Tape]  
Apr   4 Duke,  Edward priv.bap.  
May  3 Good, William son of Richard *
Jul  12 Paul Joseph  
Nov  15 Hayes, Jane dau. of Baxter [Barter] **
Dec  20 Meliphant, Abigail dau. of Philip  
        20 Nowles,  Elizzabeth dau of Thomas  


Feb  7 Stanley, Mary dau. of John  
        21 Splane, Edward son of John  
Mar  6 Shorten, Tamar dau. of William  Sponsors: John Shorten, James Shorten, Jane & Eliz. Shorten  
         9 Wood, Barbara dau. of John priv.bap.  
         20 Webb, Christopher son of George  Sponsors: Peter White, William Hobbes, Reb. Cue  
         28 Temple, John a foundling priv.bap.  
May  8 Daunt, Francis , George & Rebecca received into church - children of Wm. Daunt  Rebecca born Mar 28th, 1793  Francis born Jul 23rd, 1794  George born May2nd, 1796   Sponsors: Edward Wood, Alexander Nicolls, George Stanley, Rebecca Wood, Rachel Wood, Elizabeth Nicolls.  
Jun   12 Duke, Catherine dau. of Marmy  sponsors: John Good, Mary Duke  
Jul    31 Halliburton, Patrick son of William   priv.bap.  
Aug  21 Crowly, Jane dau. of Thomas priv.bap.  
Oct   9 Mary a foundling  priv.bap.  
        30 Love, Isaac son of John Love priv.bap.  
Dec  4 Tiner, Michael & Mary children of Richard  Sponsors: James Splane, Mary Burchill, Ellinor Bradfiled  
Page 2         
1796 cn't    
Dec  19 Morgan, Mary dau. of William & Mary  priv.bap.  
Mar  1 Hosford, Joseph son of John & Francis  priv.bap.  
Apr  16 Tiner, Richard son of William  Sponsors: Thomas ----  
        23  ----an +  Anne dau. of William  Sponsors: Francis ------  
Jun  11 Scott, John son of John priv.bap.  
        25 Merihry,?? Mary dau.  of Jeremiah  Sponsors: John Crowly, Cath. Manson & Cath Mer-----  
Jul   2 Sebery, David son of Thomas  Sponsors: Thos. Smith, Mich. Reardon & Mary Sebery  
        2 Laskin, Thomas son of Richard  priv.bap.   [could be Larkin]  
        2 James a foundling  priv.bap.  
        9 Stanley. Elizabeth dau. of John   Sponsors: Wm. Stanley, Mary Stanley, Eliza Nicolls  
        23 Scott, John son of John & Eliza  Sponsors:  Wm. Good, Mary Duke, Mary Laskin   [could be Larkin]  
Aug  6 Tiner, John son of Thomas & Margaret  Sponsors: Wm. Tiner, John Jennings & Eliza Duke  
        6 Wood, Rebecca dau. of John Rachel  p.b.  
---b  14 Hayes, William son of Barter & Eliza  priv.bap. **


Mar 11 Sealy, Susana dau. of Thomas & Margaret  Sponsors:  Ralph Hosford, Rachel Hobbes, Susan Tines  
        25 Andrew a foundling  priv.bap.  
Apr  22 Ann a foundling  priv.bap.  
 ----      [These may be entries recorded here for 1797]  
 ---   26 Peyton, John son of Francis  priv.bap. **
          4 Daunt, Lydia dau. of Wm. & Sarah   priv.bap.  
          1 Hosford, Joseph son of John & Frances  priv.bap.  
         11 Good, Mary dau. of Rich. & Anne  priv.bap. *
 ------ Shorten, Benjamin son of Wm. & Mary  priv.bap.  
 ------ Duke, Susannah  dau. of John & Mary  priv.bap.  
 ------- Thompson, William so of Wm. & Eliza  priv.bap.  
 -------  ---ly, William son of Thomas  priv.bap.  
Page 3    
1798 ctd  or 1799  
 -----  ----ton, Anne dau, of Wm. priv.bap.  
 ------  ---- Robert son of Thomas and Mary  priv.bap.  Sponsors: Thos. Sealy, Thos. Casy, Catherine Tworny  
  ----- Thomas  son of Wm. And Mary  Sponsors: Thos. Sealy, Thos. Casy,  Catherine Towny ?  
 ----   ---best [bert], son of Thos. & Mary  Sponsors: Frances Hawkins, Wm. Tegan, & Mary Sealy   [Could be Bert]  
 ----   ----son of John and -----   Spronsors: Jane Shorten, James Stanley, Susan Stanley  [ could be of Stanley or Duke[  


Apr  21 Good, Mary dau. of Rich. & Anne  Sponsors: Richard good, Margaret Splain, Mary Good *
May  26 Mary a foundling  priv.bap.  
Jun  2 Scot [Scott], Elizabeth dau. of John & Eliza  Sponsors: John Scot, Elizabeth Lovekin, Mary Scot  


Sep  7 Tiner, William son of William & Catherine  Sponsors: Ralph Hosford, Thos. Sealy, Margaret Hansfort  
        7 Nowles, Thomasina dau. of Thos. & Mary  Sponsors: Jane Richman, Sarah Richeman, Jane Tegan  


Apr  5 Sealy, John son of Thomas  Sponsors: Richard Tiner, Barnaby Jennings, Dolly Love  
Dec  6 House, Samuel son of Joseph & Ann priv.bap.  


Jan  31 Hayes, Sarah dau. of Barter & Eliza priv.bap. **
Feb  7 Good, Peter son of Rich. & Ann  priv.bap. *
Mar 14 Fuller, Jane dau. of Ralph & Eliza  Sponsors: James Bradfield, Sarah Bradfield, Mary Donovan *
Apr  4 Good, peter son of Richard & Anne priv.bap.   [?? see Feb 7] *

******* no pages for period April 1802 - Dec 1813 ******

Page 4    


Dec  8 Hanley, George son of James & Elizabeth  priv.bap.   [could be of Stanley - see 1814 Aug, 28th]  
        10 McCarthy, Catherine dau. of Frances & Elizabeth  priv.bap.  
        23  Stanley, William son of George & Ann  priv.bap.  
        25  Tiner, Ellen dau. of Michael & Susan  Sponsors: Richard Tiner, Richard Tiner, Jane Tiner  


Jan  20 Hornibrook, Edward son of Francis & Margaret  priv.bap.  
        30 Baldwin, Mary dau. of the late Walter & Mary  priv.bap.  
Feb  13 Farr, Elizabeth dau. of John & Grace  priv.bap. *
Mar 17 Lovekin, William son of John & Elizabeth  Sponsors: John Duke, John Tiner, Marg. Tiner, Thos. Wagget curate  
May 10 Cliff, Jane a foundling  priv.bap.  
Jun  5 Fuller, Thos. son of Ralph & Elizabeth  priv.bap. *
Aug  28 Stanley, John  James  George  William  Mary & Susan children of James & Elizabeth  Sponsors: Wm. McCarthy, James McCarthy, Wm. Stanley, Sarah Stanley, Susan McCarthy  
Sep  27 Justice, Elizabeth  dau. of Richard & Elizabeth  priv.bap.  
        28 Nicolls, Jane & Mary children of  Alexander & Ann, received into church  Sponsors: Wm. Stanley, Mary Stanley, Mary Woods  
  McCarthy, Eliza dau. of Francis & Elizabeth received into church Sponsors: Mary Baldwin, Jane McCarthy, Thos. Ward, Thos. Waggett curate  
Oct   2 Daunt, Joseph  Nicholas  John children of William & Sarah received into church  
  Justice, Elizabeth dau. of Richard & Elizabeth received into church  Sponsors: Eliza Beamish, Richard Beamis [prob. Beamish], Thomas Green  
Nov  27 Shorten, Mary dau. of Paul & Hannah  Sponsors: Benj [short for Benjamin] Shorten, Jane Shorten, Dora Thompson  
Page 5    
1814 ctd

[1814 con't]

Dec  4 Shorten, Richard son of John & Mary  Sponsors: Margaret Shorten, John Shorten, Benj Shorten  
        11 Elliot, Edward son of Edward & Johanna priv.bap.  
  Rashleigh, Thomas son of Thos. & dora  priv.bap.  Thomas Waggett curate  

[1815] Baptisms

Jan   1 Shorten, Elizabeth dau. of Benjamin & Jane received into church  Sponsors: Michael lock & Eedy Connel  
         15 Good, Sarah dau. of Richard & Jane  Sponsors: John Duke *
  Shorten, Elizabeth dau. (entriy not finished)  
         29 Gillman (entry not finished)  
Feb   12 Tiner, Michael son of John & Elizabeth  Sponsors: John Lovekin, Richard Tiner, & Elizabeth Tiner  
         14 Stanley, Mary dau. of George & Anne priv.bap.  
         26 Tiner son of Richard & Grace  priv.bap.  
  Stanley, William & Mary twin children of George Stanley jr. & Avin  [poss. Ann]   Sponsors: William Stanley, Angus Nicholls, Sarah Stanley, Mary Stanley, Sarah Daunt  
Mar   5 Shorten, Richard son of Richard & Suannah  Sponsors: Francis Schofield, Jas Bradfield, Mary Shorten  
Apr    9 Shorten, Elizabeth dau. of Wm. & Mary  pub.bap. Sponsors: Benj'm [prob. Benjamin], Shorten, Hannah Shorten, ---- Deane, H. Nash, curate  
Jun    5 Jane dau. of Wm. & Mary Anne Jagoe  priv.bap.  
          18 Susannah dau. of William & Anne Hosford  priv.bap.  
Jul     3 Arthur son of Edward & Mary Burchill  bap.  Sponosrs: Richard ???[Quin ?], Richard Lovekin, Elizabeth Lovekin  
          20 Michael son of John & Dora Good    priv. *
          25 William, Fanny & Elizabeth children of  John & Grace Far [Farr] received into church  Sponsors: John Good, Fanny Far, & William Far for William; Thos. Collins, Catherine Lane & Mary Ann Murphy for Fanny; John Good, James & Rebecca Far for Elizabeth *
Sep   10 William son of John & Elizabeth Pattison  bap.  Sponsors: Gilbert Laird curate  
  William son of John & Elizabeth  [continued on Page 6]  
Page 6    
1815 ctd

[1815 con't]

  Pattison  bap.  Sponsors: James Good. William Pattison & Alice Good  
Sep   17 William son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Shorten  bap.  Sponsors: Edward Tanner, Benjamin & Jane Shorten  
Oct   22 Mary dau. of Richard & Mary Tiner  priv.bap.  

[1816]  Baptisms

Mar  17 Edward son of Ralph & Elizabeth Fuller  priv. *
Apr   13 John son of Michael & Mary Tiner  bap.  Sponsors: George Tiner , James & Elizabeth Tyner  
         19 Sarah Frances dau. of Francis & Eliza McCarthy  priv.bap.   --------------- Glibert Laird curate  
May  12 Richard son of John & Elizabeth Lovekin  bap  Sponsors: Michael Tyner, Richard Lovekin & Mary Duke  
         19 Mary Anne dau. of  John & Frances Hosford  priv.bap.  
Aug  4 Richard son of Richard & Elizabeth Lovekin  priv  


Mar  2 Eliza dau, of George & Elleanor Sealy  priv.bap.  
May  18 Thomas Henry son of Herbert Sarah Gillman  priv.bap.  
         28 Benjamin son of John & Sarah Hosford  priv.bap.  
May  28 George son of William and Mary  ---------  bap.  Sponsors: John Wood, John Hornibrook, & Elleanor Hornibrook  --- Gilbert Laird curate  
Dec   7 Thomas son of John & Sarah Hosford senior  priv.bap.  


Feb   8 Eliza dau. of John & Mary Shorten  bap.  Sponsors: John & Mary Shorten & Catherine Lovekin  
Apr   12 Mary dau. of John & Jane Good priv.bap. *
        30 Anne dau. of Richard & Eliza [poss. Elizabeth] Good  priv.bap. *
May  12 George son of George & Ann Stanley  priv.bap.  
Sep   13 Frances dau. of Richard & Grace Tyner  priv.bap.  
  Ann dau. of John & dora Good  priv.bap. *
Page 7    
1818 ctd

[1818 con't]

Oct   25 Margaret dau. of Michael & Susanna Tyner bap.  Sponsors: Michael Grace & Sarah Tyner   Gilbert Laird curate  


Jan   6 Jane dau. of Thomas & Sarah Bibby  priv.bap. *
        13 Dorah dau. of John & Mary Thompson  priv.bap.  
Apr  4 Walter son of John & Sarah Hosford  priv.bap.  
Jul   6 James son of James & Jane Burchell  priv.bap.  received into church Jun 6, 1830  
Sep  1 John & George twins sons of William & Elizabeth Stanley  priv.bap.  
Dec  11 Sarah dau. of John & Elizabeth Wood  priv.bap.  Gilbert Laird curate  


Jul   2 Susan dau. of Thomas & Anne Evans  priv.bap.  

1820 Baptisms

Mar  12 John son of Henry & Sarah Sabery (of Labery)  bap.  Sponsors: Richard Good, John Sabery & Mary Duke  
Mar  19 James son of Richard & Susannah Shorten  bap.  Sponsors: John Schofield, James & Elizabeth Shorten  
   Peter Wall (a foundling) priv.  
Apr   2 Ann dau. of William & Anne Hosford  priv  
         9 Mary dau. of Richard & Elizabeth Good  priv.bap.  *
Jun   20 Robert son to John & Mary Schofield  bap.  Sponsors: William Stanley, Francis & Mary Schofield,  Gilbert Laird curate  
  John son to John & Mary Schofield   two years old received into church  Sponsors: John Shorten, Richard Shorten, Ann Stanley  
Aug  7 Henry son of William & Mary Good  priv.bap. *
Sep  5 Samuel son of Samuel & Catherine Nash  priv  
Oct  8 Thomas son of John & Sarah Hosford  priv.  
Nov 17 Wilhelmina  Charlotte  Carolina daus. of Standish & Wilhelmina Smithwick  bap  Sponsors: Arthur O'Connor, Wilhelmina Smithwuch & Mrs. W. Latter  
       24 Edward sib of Thomas & Eleanor Flynn  priv.bap.  
Dec 24 Benjamin son of  Benjamin & Catherine Shorten  bap.  sponsors: Benjamin Shorten, Jonathan Tanner, Mary Stanley,  Gilbert Laird curate  
Page 8    
1820 ctd

[1820 con't]

Dec  31 Walter son of Jonathan & Ann Tanner recd in church  Sponsors: George Stanley, Thos. Tanner, Mary Stanley  


Jan   28 McCarthy, Justine Roger son of Francis & Elizabeth  priv.       
Feb   11 Dorah dau. of John & Dorah Good  priv. *
Mar  25 Tyner, Richard son of Richard & Mary  bap.  Spr: Thos. Nash, Michael & Susanna Tyner  
  Shorten, Thos. son of James & Elleanor  bap.  Spr: James Shorten, John & Margaret Shorten  
Apr   1 Tyner, Susan dau. of Michael [poss. Mitchell] & Susan  bap.  Spr: Robt. Jagoe, Sarah McCarthy, Margt. Tyner  
         8 Clerk [Clerke] John son of Francis & Ellen  priv.  
Jun   6 Arthur Beamish Bernard son of Arthur & Mary O'Connor  bap.  Spr: Arthur Beamish Bernard, Edward & Mary O'Connor   ---  
        10 Thomas son of John & Elizabeth Bradfield  priv.bap.   
Jul   15 Arthur son of Arthur B. Bernard & Margaret Kennigan  priv.bap.  
       16 Richard son of William & Mary Good  priv.bap. *
       29 Elizabeth dau. of John & Elizabeth Lovekin  priv.  
p. 5    
Aug  12  Susan dau. of William & Alice Good  pr. *
        19 George Harris son of Robert & Hannah Daunt  priv.bap.  
Oct  21 Mary dau. of James & Jane Burchill  priv.  
Nov 11 Margaret dau. of Thomas & Sarah Bibby  pr. *
Dec  11 Susan dau. of Richard & Grace Tyner  pr,  


Feb  11 Thomas son of William & Mary Good  pr. *
Apr  21 Sarah dau. of John & Elizabeth Wood  Spr: William & Mary Stanley and Thomas Bennett  
May 25 Elizabeth dau. of John & Mary Schofield  pr.  
Page 9    
1822 ctd

[1822 con't]

Jul    25 Joseph son of John & Rebecca Howes  pr.  
Aug  21 William son of Thos and Anne Evans  priv.  
        25 Eedy dau. of John and Mary Shorten  bap.  Spr: John shorten, June Tamar Shorten & Tamar Shorten jr.  
Sep  17 Caroline Thomasina dau. fo Standish & Wilhelmina Smithwick  
Nov 3 Margaret dau. of William and Anne Hosford   pr.  


Mar  11 Agusta Warren dau. of Robert & Hannah Daunt  priv.  
Apr  6 Mary dau. of John & Jane Sabery (Labery)  bap.  Spr: William Lovekin, Rachel & Mary Good  
May 18 Henry son of Henry and Sarah Labery (Sabery)  pr.  
        25 Roger son of Arthur & Mary O'Connor  bap.  Spr: Rev. John Henry Madras, Rev. Gilbert laird & Mary O'Coonor  
Jul   15 Thos. son of John & Elizabeth Bradfield rec. in church aged 2 years  Spr: Thomas Bradfield sr., Thomas do. jr., Mary Bradfield  
  Anne dau. of said John & Elizabeth  bap (an infant)  Spr: William & Ellen Bradfield and Jane Tyner  
Oct  19 George son of Jonathan & Anne Tanner  bap.  Spr: Henry Tanner, William Wood, & Frances Tanner  
Nov 16 Benjamin son of James & Jane Shorten  priv.bap.  


Apr  18 William son of Richard and Grace Tyner  bap.  Spr: Richard Meliphant, Luisa Hungerford, Michael Tyner  
May 1 Richard son of William & Rachel Lovekin  bap.  Spr: Michael Good, Thomas Tyner, & Sarah Tyner  
Jul   7 Mary dau. of Richard & Susan Shorten  pr.  
        9 William henry son of Standish & Wilhelmina Smithwick  bap.  Spr: Standish and Miss. Wilhelmina do.  
p 5. Baptisms  
--- 25 Edward son of John & Mary Tanner  bap.  Spr: John Duke, Mary Smyth  
Page 10    
1824 ctd

[1824 con't]

--- 31 Joseph son of William & Mary Good  pr. *
Aug  1 Thomas son of Richard & Ellen Sabery (Labery)  bap.  Spr: William Knowles, Richard Sabery and Mary Knowles  
        22 Mary Ann  Elizabeth  Frances  Charlotte  daus. of Arthur and Mary O'Connor  priv.bap.   
Sep  19 Ralph son of Joseph & Catherine Fuller   pr. *
       24 Catherine Mary dau. of Benjamin & Catherine Shorten  bap.  Spr: Thos. Scott, James & Elizabeth Shorten  
Oct  31 John son of William & Martha Welply  pr. *


Jul   27 Sophia Elizabeth dau. of Richard & Jane Hungerford  pr.  
Aug  7 Ann dau. of Jonathan & Ann Tanner  bap.  Spr: John & Ann Cassidy & Jane Goswell [poss. Cosnell]  
  William son of William & Mary Wood  pr.  
Oct  9 Catherine & Ann twins daus. of Richard & Eliza Good  bap.  Spr. for Catherine David & Catherine Duke & Mary Sabery  Spr. for Ann Margaret & Mary Good & John Hosford *
Nov 21 William son of John & Ann Roberts  pr.  
       27 Tamar dau. of James & Ellen Shorten sr.  bap.  Spr: John WrightTamar Shorten sr. & Tamar Shorten jr.  


Apr 23 Sarah dau. of Henry & sarah Sabery (Labery)  Spr: Henry & Ann Sabery & Elizbeth Hosford  
Jun 24 John son of John & Mary Shorten  bap.  Spr: James Bradfield, John Good, Elizabeth Shorten  
Jul  16 Robert son of john & Mary Eedy   pr.  
Nov 26 William son of William &Martha Welply  pr. *
Dec 17   Thomas son of Michael & Elizabeth Tyner  pr.  


  -ly  1 Edward son of William and Mary Wood  
 ----  29 Thomas son of Jonathan & Anne Tanner  bap/  
Page 11    
1827 ctd

[1827 con't]

  Spr: William Clerk, Henry Johnson, Eliza Tanner  
---  19 Jonas son of Richard & Grace Tyner  Spr: Michael Tyner, John Jagoe, Susan Tyner  
      22 Ann dau. of John & Rebecca Howes  pr.  
      28  -----  
--- 24 Ann dau. of Michael & Susan Tyner  Spr: Margaret Tyner sr., Margaret Tyner jr., William Tyner  
---ch Mary dau. of Standish & Wilhelmina Smythic  (Smithwich) (Smithwick)   Spr: Standish & Wilhelmina and Caroline Smithwick  
p 6    


Mar  22 Sarah dau. of John & elizabeth Bradfield  bap.  Spr: William Jagoe, Anne & Ellen Bradfield  
        30 John son of William & Catherine Good  Spr: John Duke, John Tanner & Chatherine Du---- *
May 4 Richard son of  William & Elizabeth Sabery  Spr:  William Good, Richard & Mary Sabery  
Jun  5 Daunt, William son of George & Mary  pr.  
Jul   1 Tyner, Mary dau. of Michael & Elizabeth  pr.  
Aug 27 Roberts, Margaret dau. of John & Anne  
Sep  21 Bibby, Margaret dau. of Thomas & Sarah  pr. *
Dec  28 Sabery,  Thomas son of Henry & Sarah  Spr: John Tanner, Edward Duke, & Mary White  


Jan  2 Wood, Sarah dau. of William & Mary  pr.  
Feb  1 Tanner, John son of John & Mary  bap.  Spr: John Tanner, James Shorten, Mary Tanner  
Mar  4 Whelply, Eliza dau. of William & Martha  pr. *
        3 Good, Mary dau. of William & Mary pr. *
        7 Good, Richard son of Richard & Elizabeth  Spr: John Bride, John Tanner, Catherine Duke *
Jul   26 Anne dau. of James & Jane Burchill  priv.  born July. Received into church June 6, 1830  
Aug  23 Mary dau. of Richard & Alice Toogood  priv.  born Aug 10th     Wm. Hall curate  
Page 12    
1829 ctd

[1829 con't]

Sep   14 Mary dau. of William & Sarah Knowles  priv.   born Sep 14  
Oct   4 Jane dau.  of  Frederick & Jane Collum [prob. Collins] priv.  
        17 Joseph son of Benjamin & Sarah Hosford, Maryville  priv.  born 15th  
        26 Henry son of Jonathan & Anne Tanner  priv.  born Oct 25th  
Nov  15 Do. Do. received into churhc Joseph Stanley, Christopher Johnson and Catherine Stanley  
        11 Marianne Adderly dau. of Sam & Ellen Beamish   Mamore Parish of Killowen  priv.  
        19 Thomas son of John & Rebecca Howes  priv.  
Dec  28 Thomas son of Richard & Grace Tyner  priv.  born Dec, 26  


Jan   3 William son of Richard Tyner of Lackinashannagh & Jane his wife  pub.  Spr: Richard Tiner, Michael Tyner and Mary Tyner  
        17 Tiner, [Tyner] Benjamin son of Michael & Elizabeth of Coppeen  pub.  Spr: Michael Tiner, James Fuller, Margaret Tiner  
Feb  21 Daunt, George son of George & Mary  priv.  
        28 Sarah dau. of Michael Tiner and Susan his wife  priv.  
Mar  15 Hosford, John son of William and Anne Hosford of Lissarourke  priv.  
Apr  4 Mary dau. of James & Tamar Shorten  pub.  
        16 Nathaniel John son of James & Katherine Burchill  pub.  
Jun   16 Timothy son of Nicholas Daunt & Ellen McCarthy  priv.  
Jul    4 Susan dau. of William & Mary Wood  priv.  
   William son of  Edward & Mrs. Searles  priv.  
Page 13    
1830 ctd

[1830 con't]

Jul   31 Marianne dau. of George & Mrs. Allen  priv.  
Aug  1 Susan dau. of Joseph & Jane Hosford  priv.  
Nov  30 Mary dau. of Gustavus Bride & Peggy Carthy [??]   priv.  
         do. Catherine Murphy a doundling  priv.  


Jan   24 Arthur Bernard son of Samuel & Ellen Beamish of Mamore Parish of Killowen  priv.  
Feb  26 Mary dau. of William & Katherine Duke  priv  
         27 Anne dau. of William and Martha Whelply *
Mar  6 Mary dau. of Timothy & Elizabeth Crowly  pub.  
Apr 14 Anne dau. of Thomas & Susannah Bradfield  priv  
May  6 William & Jonathan sons of Benjamin & Sarah Hosford of Mary Ville  pri.  
Oct   30 Alice: dau. of Abraham & Mary Beamish of the Parish of Innishannon  priv.  


Jan   15 Eliza: dau. of. Captain Richard Story & Elizabeth his wife   priv. received into church  May 5th, 1832  
         20 Benjamin son of James & Thamar Shorten  priv.  
        29 Frances dau. of Michael & Elizabeth Tiner of Coppeen  pub.  
Feb  26 Edward son of Henry & Sarah Sebright pub.  
        28 Benjamin son of George & Mary Daunt  priv.  
p. 7 1832  
Apr   3 John a foundling  priv.  
  Benjamin: son of Jonathan & Mary Tanner  priv.  
  Alexander Nicolls: son of James & Jane Burchill     Jane Burchill priv.  
Jun   10 Jane dau. of William & sarah (Knowles) priv.  
         25 Eliza dau. of Richard & Alice Toogood  priv.  
Page 14    
1832 ctd

]1832 con't]

Jun   29 Ellen dau. of John & Rebecca Howes  priv.  
Jul    5 Ellen: dau. of Thos. & Susan Bradfield  priv.  
Sep   23 Margaret: dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth Tiner  pub.  
         30 Catherine dau. of Thomas & Mary Damary [Damery??]   priv  


Jan   6 John: son of Joseph and Jane Hosford   priv  
        12 James : son of William & Martha Whelply  priv *
        21 Hannnah: dau. of William & Anne Hosford  priv.  
Mar 27 Rachel:  dau. of William & Catherine Duke  priv.  
Aug 12 Sarah: dau. of William & Sarah Knowles  priv.  
        15 Eliza: dau. of Richard & Eliza Good  priv. *
Sep  29 John: son of William & Eliza Stanley  pirv.  by T. Walker  
Oct  20 Nathaniel:  son of John & Joanna Nortridge [Northridge ??] [Norttreidge ??] by Do.  priv.  
Nov  19 David:  son of Thomas & Ellen Green  priv.  by Do.  


Jan   5 Eliza:  dau. of George & Mary Clarke  by Do.  pub.  
         19 Sarah: dau. of William & Sarah Payne  by Do.  pub.  
        26 Richard: son of Michael & Susannah Tiner  by Do.  pub.  
May  16 Achilles  [???]: son of  William & Mary Wood   priv.  Wm. Hall  
Jun   1 Francis: son of George & Mary Daunt priv.  Wm. Hall  
        7 noblett Johnson: son of Jonathan & Anne Tanner  priv.  received into church July 6, 1834  Spr: Sam. Goswell, Francis Daunt & his wife  
Jul   6 Thomas son of Thomas & Susan Bibby  pub.  Spr: John Bibby, John Cue, Srah Burchill *
 ---   9 Paul sonof James & Mary Shorten  priv  born July 14th  
 ---st  9 Mary dau. of Thomas & Rebecca Knowles  
Page 15    
1834 ctd

[1834 con't]

Sep  24 James:  son of James & Thamar Shorten  born Dec  22nd  priv.  

Here it appears that the year is 1835

 -----  25 John: son of Thomas & Elizabeth Tiner  pub.  
 -----  9 Sarah: dau. of William & Sarah Knowles  priv.  
? Mar 22 Richard: son of Henry & Sarah Labery [Sabery]  pub.  
Apr    6 Richard: son of Richard & Alice Good   priv. *
  ----   22 Eliza: dau. of Michael & Eleanor Good  priv. Wm. Hall *
----   28 Sarah: dau. of William & Catherine Duke   priv.  
Jul    1 Mary: dau. of William & Anne Hosford  priv.  
----- 9 Martha: dua. of John & Margaret Hosford  born Sep 6  priv.  
Oct  12 Susan: dau. of John & Rebecca Howes priv.  
Dec  13 Eliza: dau. of James & Mary Shorten  priv.  


Jan    25 Anne: dau. of Jonathan & Susan Tanner  priv.  
Feb   5 Thomas: son of George Clarke & Mary his wife  priv.  received into church Feb 7th  Spr: Thos. Tiner & Susan Tiner  
         20 Dorah: dau. of William & Mary Searles   priv.  born Feb 20th  
         28? Susannah dau. of Michael & Elizabeth Tiner.   Spr: Elizabeth Good, Grace Deane, Wm. Shorten  
Mar  6 Benjamin son of John & Joanna Nortridge   pub.  Spr: George Burchill, Lucy Nortridge, Thos. Nortridge  [Norttridge]  
         13 I received into church William son of William & Anne Phillips who had been privately baptized Apr 22, 1835.  Richard Peyton, Rebecca Peyton, Rev. Wm. Hall sponsors **
         18 John son of Thomas & Sarah Bibby  priv. *
         27 George son of William & Mary Wood   pub.  Spr: Achilles Wood. Wm. Nicolls, Louisa Nicolls  
May  1 John son of Thomas & Susan Bradfield  priv.  
         2 Mary dau. of William & Martha Weply  [Whelply]  priv *
May   8 Mary Wiseman dau. of Joseph & Catherine Fuller  priv *
Page 16    
1836 ctd

[1836 con't]

Jun    5 Eliza dau. of William & Anne Phillips  priv.  born June 2nd **
Jul     20 Benjamin son of Benjamin & Sarah Hosford  of Mary Ville  priv.  Wm. Hall curate  
         28 Sarah dau. of  George & Mary Daunt  priv.  
Sep   1 Chaaty [prob. Charity]  dau. of William & Susannah Payne  priv.  
Oct   3 Richard son of William & Elizabeth Good  priv. *


Mar  3 John son of James & Thamar Shorten  priv.  
         19 Do.  received into church  Spr: Paul Shorten, Jane & Dawson ---  
         22 William son of  William & Sarah Knowles  priv.  
Apr   5 James &  ----- Shorten of Clonemara  priv  
Oct   8 Catherine dau. of William & Catherine Duke  priv.  
        26 George son of George Clarke & Mary his wife  pub.  Spr: Richard Tiner, Geo. Tiner, & Susannah Tiner  
Dec  10 Richard: son of Thos. & Elizabeth Tiner  pub.  Spr: Richard Hodges, John Tiner, Susan Tiner  
        25 Michael son of Michael & elizabeth Tiner of Cappeen  


Jan   21 Received into church Anne dau. of William Nicolls & susan his wife  Spr: Louisa Nicolls, Sarah Wood, Achilles Wood  
         7   John: son of Thomas & Mary Hosford of the parish of Kilbrogan  priv.   This entry is in Mr. Hall's writing & the next in F.T. Brady's  
Apr   1 Norris, Frances dau. of John & Joanna his wife  pub  Rev. W. Sherrard  
        16 Howes, Rebecca dau. of John & Rebecca his wife  priv.  
        22 Tiner, Michael son of Thomas & Sarah his wife  
Page 17    
1838 ctd

[1838 con't]

 -------con't  pub.  Jas. Damary, Tom Damary, Ed. Damary sponsors.  T.F. Barady curate  
Apr   29 Toogood, Alice dau. of Richard & Alice his wife  priv.  
May  24 Fuller, Joseph son of Joseph & Cath. his wife   priv. *
Jun   3 Phillips, Anna Arabella  dau. of William & Anne his wife **
        17 Received into church
Phillips, Anna Arabella  Spr:  Mrs. Moxley, Jane Peyton & Wm. Halyburton
Phillips, Eliza  bap.  June 5th 1836 by Rev. W. Hall  Spr: Jane Phillips, Anne Phillips & Rev F. T. Brady
        27 Good, Thomas son of Michael & Susan his wife *
---    13 Hosford, William son of William & Anne his wife  priv.  
p. 8    
??Sep 6 Burchill, susan dau. of Arthur & Amelia his wife  
         24 Conner - Johanna dau. of James & Mary his wife  priv.  
Nov  18 Woods, Richard son of William & Mary  Spr: James Stanley, W. Halyburton, & Stanley William William & Mary his wife  pub.  
Dec   16 Knowles, Tamaine [poss. Tamasine]  dau. of William & Sarah his wife priv.  
  Anglin - Robert son of John & Sarah hid wife  priv. by Revd. Rbt. Lawrence **
  Bibby  ---------   of Thomas & susan his wife  priv *
Dec   8 Northridge [Norttridge??]  Charles son of Samuel & Frances his wife  pub.  


Mar   8 Hosford, Anne dau. of Thomas & Mary his wife  pub.  
          22 Tanner, Mary dau. of Jonathan & Mary his wife  pub.    
  Toogood, Jane dau. of William & Alice his wife priv.  
Page 18    
1840 ctd

[1840 con't]

May   4 Duke, Edward son of William  & Catherine his wife  priv.  
         10 Conner, Timothy son of James & Mary his wife  pub.  
Aug   30 Brady, Frances Susanna dau. of Rev. Francis Tempest Brady & Frances Susan his wife  pub.  born Aug 7  Spr: Mrs, Norman, Mrs. Molesworth & Moore Norman  
  Phillips, Francis son of William & Anne Phillips  received into church **
Sep   12 Northridge, [Norttridge] George & James twin sons of John & Johanna his wife  priv. received into church  on 27th ------  
Oct   4 ------- Good  ------ of------- *
  Woods, John son of William & Mary  pub.  
         11 Burchill, Amelia Maria dau. of Arthur & Amelia his wife   received into church  Spr: Mrs. G. Burchill, James Burchill, Mary Burchill  
  Burchill, Nathaniel son of Arthur & Amelia  received into church  Spr: Dr. Jagoe, Bandon; Rev F.T. Brady; Leah Burchill  
  Burchill, Susan  do.  Spr: George Burhcill, Leah Burchill, Anne Burchill  
p. 9    
? Nov  25 Shorten, Stephen son of John & Tamazine his wife  pub.  
Dec   27 Knowles, Thomas son of Bernard & Margaret his wife  pub.  


Jan    10 Good, Anne dau. of William & wife *
Mar   28

Shorten, Catherine dau. of James jr. & wife 


Hosford, Hannah daughter of Joseph & Sarah his wife   Spr: James Damary, Elizbeth Damary, Eliza Searles

Jun     27 Gabriel, Mary Anne dau. of John and Sarah his wife   Spr: James Damary, Elizabeth Damary. Eliza Searles  
Page 19    
1841 ctd

[1841 con't]

Aug   29 Carty   ------ son of Daniel & wife  pub.  
Sep   29 Hosford, Anne d. of Joseph & Elizabeth priv.  
Oct   10 Do. Do.   received into church  
        24 Nicholls, Alexander son of William & Susan his wife  Spr: Thomas Bernard, Anne Stanley, James Stanley  


Jan   18 Isaac Butt a foundling  priv.  
         30 Hodges, John son of Richard & Avisia  pub.  
Apr   10 Brady, Charlotte Elizabeth d. of Rev F.T. Brady & Frances S his wife born March 7  pub.  Spr: Miss Hodgson, Mrs. Mollan, Rev. E. Norman  
  Daunt - John son of Nicholas & wife  
Mar   20   Franklin, John son of John & Mary his wife  Spr: Wm. Silk & Margaret Park  
Jun    5 Anglin, John son of John & Sarah his wife  pub. **
  Knowles, John son of Richard & Mary his wife  pub  Spr: John Knowles, James Stanely, Barbara Farr  
Sep   21 Moore, Anne d. of Henry & his wife  
Nov  6 Phillips, Catherine Jane  d. of William & Anne his wife  Spr: Jane Phillips, Mrs. Bassett, B.W. Phillips **
Dec   4 Splaine, Alice d. of Wm. & his wife  
Nov  23 Shorten, Sarah d. of Richard Shorten (Paul) & wife  priv.  J. Peatt  
Dec  10 Burchill, John son of Arthur & Amelia his wife  rpiv.  


Jan   1 Gabriel, Eliza d. of John & Sarah his wife  pub.  Spr: John Wood, Mary Wood, Sam Wood  
         12 Croly, Ellen d. of Daniel & Mary wife  priv.  
         29 Payne, George son of William & Susan   pub.  
p. 9    
 ----  Tiner, Mary d. of Thomas & Sarah his wife  Spr: Richard Tiner, Susan Tiner, Eliza Payne  
Apr   30 Knowles, Walter son of Bernard & Margaret his wife  pub.  
  Toogood, Alice d. of Richard & Alice his wife  
 ----y 14 Shorten, James son of James Shorten (Shoemaker) 7 Ellen his -  
Page 20    
1843 con't  - wife  pub.  Spr: Thamar Shorten, James P. Shorten  
Jun    18 Shorten, Margaret d. of James (P) and Mary his wife  pub.   
  Shorten,  Eliza,  Anne,  Hannah  daughters of James (P) and Mary his wife received into church  Spr: Paul Shorten, MAry Shorten, James Shorten jr. & wife,  J. Toogood & daughter, Eliza Shorten, Margaret Harold, Abraham Buttiner  
Jul     9 Carty, Susannah d. of Daniel Carty & wife  Spr: Nagle; Nagle (no extra names given) Mrs. Wryn  
Aug   6 Northridge, Samuel son of John Northridge & Johanna his wife  Spr: Wm. Splaine, John Northridge, Mrs. L. Hurley  
Sep   10 Hosford, James son of Joseph & Elizabeth his wife  Spr: Joseph Hosford (jr), Anne Hosford,   --- Duke  
         24 Brady, horatio Newman  born Aug 12th son of Rev.  Francis T. Brady & Frances L. his wife  Spr: Dean of Cork, Mrs. Newman & Rev. W.R. Molesworth  
Nov  12 Duke, Catherine d. of William & Catherine his wife  
         19 Croly, Ellen d. of Daniel & Mary his wife received into church  Spr: James Damary, Mary Damary  
        26 Daunt, Nicholas son of George & Mary his wife  Spr:  H. Halyburton, Sarah Gabriel, George Daunt jr.,  F.T. Brady  
Dec  10  Nicholls, John son of William & Susan his wife  Spr: Mr. Reddy, Wm. Stanley jr., Dora Stanley  
        20 Hosford, Mary Anne d. of Joseph & Jane his wife  priv.  
Page 21    
1843 ctd

[1843 con't]

Dec   26 Moore, Anne d. of Henry & his wife  priv.  


Feb   4 Tiner, Richard son of Richard & his wife  
  Tiner, George son of Thomas & his wife  
         18 Tanner, Jonathan son of Jonathan & Mary his wife  Spr: Mr. Ross,  Mrs. Ross, Walter Tanner  
Mar  31 Knowles, Jane d. of Richard & Mary his wife  Spr: Richard Burchill, Eliza Knowles, Anne Shannon,  
  Children of Richard & Mary Knowles:
  Knowles, Thomas received into church  Spr: James Stanley (Morah), Sally Knowles
  Knowles, Barbara received into church  Spr: John Knowles, Dora Stanley
Apr   21 Hurley, Daniel son of Daniel & Mary his wife  Spr: David Roda, Mary Damary, Richard Daly, Mary Norris  
        28 Sealy, Ellen d. of Thomas & Anne his wife  pub.  Spr: Michael Sealy, Mrs. W. Nicolls, Mrs. Daunt  
  Margaret d. of Richard Damary  
p. 10    
Aug  8 George John Sealy son of George & his wife  
  Adelaide Jagoe  d. of Dr. J. H?. Jagoe & Ellen his wife received into church Spr: Eliza Sealy, Jane Sealy, George Sealy  
Dec  15 Letitia Dorothea  d. of Rev. Francis T. Brady & Frances S. his wife  born Nov 12  Spr: Miss. Brady, Rev. D.C. Courtny, Mrs. D.C. Courtny  
         16 Thomas son of Samuel Northridge & Frances his wife received into church  on 22nd  
Page 22


Jan   4 Sarah Jenkins d. of Edward & Eliza his wife  priv.  
        25 Daly, Thomas son of Richard Daly & Eliza his wife priv  
Mar  8 Connell, Sarah d. of John Connell & Lucy his wife   Spr:  Juo. Connell, Mary Norris, Martha Norris [Juo may have been used for John]  
        15 Shorten, Richard son of Richard Shorten & his wife  Spr: Wm. Stanley, Wm. Shorten, Mrs. Stanley  
        22 Susannah Splaine d. of William Splaine & Mary his wife  Spr: Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Sewell, George Norris  
Apr  5 Susan Tiner d. of Richard Tiner & Margaret his wife  Spr: James Baldwin, Mrs. Hayes  
        10 Eliza Hosford d. of Joseph Hosford  ??? & his wife  Spr: Sarah hosford,  ---- Shorten, Rev. J.R. Cotter  
May 17 Anna Frances Brady d. of Rev. Francis T. Brady & Frances S. his wife  Spr: Rev. J.N. Woodroofe, Mrs. Norman, Miss. Norman  
Jun  14 Joseph Hosford son of Joseph Hosford & his wife  pub.  
Jul   5 Sarah Sealy d. of Thomas Sealy & Anne his wife  Spr: John Stanly [Stanley], Mrs. Stanly, Dora Stanly  
        12 Henry Seabry son of John Seabry & Susannah his wife  Spr:  John Payne, Mary Good  
Page 23    
1846 ctd

[1846 con't]

Sep   18 Catherine Fitzgerald d. of John & Mary Fitzgerald  priv.  by Rev. St. N. Ormsby  
Oct   13 William Conner son of Henry Conner & Cath.  priv.  
Dec   6 Joseph Daunt son of George Daunt & Mary his wife  Spr: Wm. Halyburton, Dorah Stanly  
   ------ Nicholls s. of William Nicholls & Susan his wife  


Feb    16 Georgina Jane Bernard  d. of George Bernard & Catherine Jane his wife  P-------  
          21 Catherine Hurley [Hurl] dau. of Daniel Hurley & Margaret his wife P-----   Spr: John & Mary Fitzgerald  
p. 10    
Apr   18 Daniel son of Daniel Murphy & Rebecca his wife  pub.  Spr: W. Hurley, Mrs. W. Knowles  
May  21 Michael son of George Tyner & Margaret his wife  pub.  Spr: Geo. Bird, Wm. Melifont, Mary Damary  
Jul    25 Phillips, Rebecca Harriett dau. of William & Anne Phillips  received into church aged 2 yrs.  Spr: William good, Catherine Phillips, Jane Peyton. **
        Do. Phillips, Francis John son of William & Anne Phillips  pub.  Spr: Wm. Nicolls, Mary Anne Morgam **
Aug   8 Croly ---- dau. of Paul & Mary Croly  pub.  Spr: M. Splaine, Eliza Moore, James Hayes  
         22 Northridge, Benjamin son of Samuel & Frances Northridge  pub..  Spr: Thomas Northridge, James Hurly, Abby Bateman  
Page 24    
1847 ctd

[1847 con't]

Sep   5 Mary strange (a foundling) priv.  
Oct   17 Duke, William son of William & Catherine  pub.  Spr: John Duke Osmund Good  Ellen Good  
Nov  14 Daunt, Sarah Anne dau. of Nicholas & Eliza Daunt  pub.  Spr: William Daunt, Susan Nicols, Fanny Shorten  


Mar    5 Good, William son of William & Eliza Good  pub.  Spr: John Seabry, Eliza Knolls, Wm. Good *
           12 Gabriel, Thomas son of John & Sarah Gabriel  pub.  Spr: Thos. Wood, James Damary, Anne Gabriel  
  Bernard, Anne Beamish dau. of Thos & ----- Bernard  priv.  
           19 Splaine, Eliza Jane dau. of Wm. & Martha Splaine  pub.  Spr: Daniel Croly, Eliza Splaine, Jane Hayes  
May    14 Tyner, Richard son of John & Mary Tyner  Spr: Geo. Damary, Rich. Tyner, Grace Tyner, Godfrey C. Smith Vicar of Kinneigh  
Jun     1 Anglin, Samuel son of John & Sarah Anglin  Spr:  ----- Hornibrook, W. Philips as proxy for Samuel Anglin, Mary Hornibrook **
          17 Shorten, Richard son of Richard & Mary Shorten  SPr: Jno Shorten, Wm. Shorten, Mary Stanly  
Jul     1 Tanner, Anne dau. of Jonathan & Mary  priv.  
          23 Burchill, Eliza dau. of Solomon & Mary Burchill  Spr: Richard Good, Catherine Payne, Sarah Duke  
Aug   21 Hosford, Thomas son of Thomas & Eliza Hosford  Spr:  Thos. Hosford, Wm. Splaine, Jane Shorten  
 ---br  10 Murphy, John son of Darl & Rebecca Murphy  Spr: -  
Page 25

[1848 con't]

  - Wm. Splaine, Wm Knowles, Eliza Cue  
----br  10 Seabry, Alice dau. of John & Susan Seabry  Spr: Thos. Seabry, Mary Seabry, Mary Good  
           26 Shorten, Mary Anne dau. of James & Ellen Shorten   Spr: Rev. S. Hornibrook, Mary Shorten, Mary Shorten  
 -----r  17      Fitzgerald, John son of john & Mary Fitzgerald  Spr: Lawrence Hurley, John Payne, Cath. Fitzgerald  


 ----  14 Nicolls, Sally dau. of William & Susan Nicolls  Spr: Alfred Wilson, Sally Wood, Susan Wood  
 ----- 1 Bernard, Emma dau. of George & Mt. [Margaret ??] Bernard  Spr:  Wm. Philips proxy for Thos. Bernard, M. Thomas, Mary Hornibrook  
  Daunt, John son of George &Mary Daunt  Spr: James Stanly, Wm. Philips, Jane Halyburton  
p. 11    
Apr   6 Fuller, George son of James & Julian Fuller  Spr: Charles Sealy, Wm. Philips Anne [Phillips] *
         22 Splaine, William Henry son of  William & Martha  Spr:  W. Splaine, Samuel Splaine, Mary Croly  
May  20 Tyner, John son of George & Margaret   Spr: James Damary, Wm. Mellifont, A. Mellifont  
Jun   17 Callihane,  Ellen dau. of Jeremiah & Mary  Spr: George Tiner, Margaret Tyner, Mary Wall  
Aug   19 Shorten, Jane dau. of John & Tamsin  Spr: Nath. Northridge, Mrs Hurly, Tamsin Bateman-  
Oct   14 Lysaght, James Douglas son of James & Adelaide  proxies  
Page 26


Feb   Bernard ----- of Thomas & ---- Bernard priv  
Apr   15 Gabriel, John & Hannah twins children of John & Sarah Gabriel  priv. received into church 7th Jul  Spr:  Wm. Philips, Anne Philips, John Helen, M.A. Helen  
May  5 Shorten, James son of Richard & Mary Anne Shorten  Spr: Wm. Philips, Samuel Bateman, Catherine Ba----  
         11 Anglin, Mary Anne dau. of John & Sarah Anglin  priv **
         26 Stanley, Sarah dau. of James & Eliza Stanley  Spr: Wm. Wood, Susan Wood, Dorah Stanly  
Jun   2 Shorten, Tamar  dau. of James (Paul) Shorten & Mary his wife  Spr: John Shorten, Mary Shorten & C. Harold  
  Mahony, James son of John & M. Mahony  priv.  
        9 Tanner, James son of Jonathan & Mary Tanner  Spr: Walter Tanner, Henry Tanner, Catti Tanner  
        16 Lysaght, Davidson Alexander son of James & Adelaide Lysaght  Spr: Davidson Lysaght, William Lysaght, Mrs. Davidson Beatson  
Jul   14 Mahony, Samuel son of Daniel & Mary priv.  
        28 Burchill, Thomas son of Solomon & Mary  Spr: John Payne, Thos. Seabry, Anne Burchill  
    Hosford, Eliza dau. of Joseph & Eliza Hosford  Wm. H. Phillips proxy for H. Seabry, Mary Woods, R. Duke  


Oct   27 Shorten, Matilda dau. of James & Ellen Shorten  


Jan   13 Nicolls, Mary Jane  priv.  ? Honibrook Curate  received into church  
Feb   5 Seabry, Henry son of Henry & Susan Seabry  priv.  received into church 185-  
         7 Tyner, Mary  dau. of  ------ &  -----  Tyner  priv.   received into church 1851  
May  30 Philips, Frances Susan  born 22nd April, 1851  dau. of William & Anne Philips  priv.  
Page 27    
1851  ctd

[1851  con't]

 --- ly  21 Good, John son of William & Eliza Good   Spr: William Payne, Thos. Seabry, Mrs. Pyne  
-----t   26 Tiner, William son of George & Margaret Tiner  Spr: Wm. Wood, Geo. Bird, Margaret Bird  

[1852]  p.11

Jan    9 Walter son of Jonathan & Mary Tanner  priv.  
Feb   8 Shorten, William son of James & Rebecca Shorten  Spr: G. Chinnery, John Shorten, Catherine Bradfield  
 -----  29 Northridge, William son of Samuel & Frances Northridge  Spr: George Northridge, William Northridge, Mary Northridge  
  Stanley, Mary dau. of  James & Eliza Stanley   Spr: John Wood, Mary Wood, Susan Nicolls  
---ay  23 Meara, Henry son of John & Mary Meara  Spr: Richard Toogood, James Splaine, Eliza Splaine  
May  28 Shorten, Mary Anne dau. of Richard & Mary Anne Shorten  priv.  Spr: William Croly, John Bateman, Dorah Bateman  
----e   6 Northridge, John son of Nathaniel & Catherine Northridge  
 -----  20 Gabriel,  William son of John & Sarah Gabriel   Spr:  John shorten, William Wood, Mrs. Knowles for Ann Gabriel  
Page 28    
1852 ctd

[1852 con't]

---    4 Shorten, Mary dau. of John & Mary Shorten  Spr: James Shorten  
---    14 Shorten, Eliza dau. of James & Ellen shorten   Spr: William Shorten, Eliza Shorten, Eliza Shorten  


---y   22 Hungerford, Richard  priv  
        23 Shorten. Ellen dau. of William & Susan Shorten  Spr:  Chas. O'Hara, Fanny Shorten, Ellen Shorten  
        30 Shorten, Catherine dau. of James & Mary Shorten  
        23 Stanley, Dorah  dau. of James & Eliza Stanley  priv.  
----st 29 Bernard, Elizabeth Gillman dau. of Thomas & Mary Brernard  priv.  
------  3 Roland, Anna Maria dau. of William & Mary Elizabeth Roland  priv.  
         25 Gabriel, William son of John & Sarah Gabriel  Spr: George Tiner, Wm. Payne jr. & Sarah Payne  
----   30 Tiner, Thomas son of George & Mary Tiner  pub.  Spr:  Nat. Northridge, James Tiner, Fanny Northridge  


 ----y  24 Hungerford, Jane dau. of Henry & Ellen Hungerford  priv.  
----y  8 Shorten, Eliza dau. of William & Susan Shorten  priv.  
------ 1 Tanner, Thomas son of Jonathan & Mary Tanner  priv. (6th Jan 1856 received into church)  
------ 8 Phillips, Charles Richard son of William & Anne Phillips  priv.  Spr: Rev. G.C. Smith, William Stanley, Catherine Tanner **

signed Godfrey C. Smith, Vicar


Many thanks to Don Wood for the proof reading.