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(09)  Nicolaus BAJUS [1721-1772]  m.1751  Maria Barbara HILCKER [1730-1807] 
          He was of Hielden, Hessen and she of Altenstadt, Oberhessen, Hessen and married at Hielden.    The following children were born at Engelthal, Oberhessen, Hessen:

(10)  Elisbetha BAJUS [1751-1860
         Joannes BAJUS [1754-1875]  m.  Katharina Elisabeth KRUMECK 
         Nicholaus BAJUS [1756-1822]
         Catharina BAJUS [1759-    ]
         Joanees Henricus BAJUS [1761-    ]
         Joannes Josephus BAJUS [1764-1814]


10 Johannes BAJUS [1754-1809]  and  Katharina Elisabeth KRUMECK [1759-1825]
  Johannes, born 11 Feb, 1754 at Engelthal, ?, Germany;  married Katharina Elisabeth Krumeck, c.1775;  died 19 Jun., 1809 at Nauheim, Hessen, Germany.
  Katharina, born 13 Dec., 1759 at Raunheim, ?, Germany
married 1775 Johannes Bajus;  died
at Nauheim, Hessen, Germany on 2 May, 1825

Johann Peter BAJUS [1795-1875]  and   Elisabeth Margarethe WENZ [1795-    ]
   Johann, born 13 Jun., 1795 at Klein-Gerau, Hessen, Germany;  married Elisabeth Margarethe Wenz, in 1821;  in 1852  he made his first trip to Kingston to see what his sons were doing in the New World;  he returned to Germany and then in 1856 he brought over his two younger sons and a year later his wife followed;  died c.18 Feb., 1875 at Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

The following has been obtained by Michael Birkman and I have gratefully received and posted this information:

BAJUS, JOHANN PETER (1795 - 1875)
    He was born on June 13th, 1795 at Klein-Gerau in Hessen/Germany. Until his father who was a merchant traveling around the country died he had to help him. Then - in 1809 - he left his parent's home and learned distilling. Some years later he returned to his mother and worked as a day-labourer in Nauheim.  There JP Bajus got to know Elisabeth Margarethe Wenz but they could not marry before 1821 when they both were older than 25.Till this time their three oldest children were already born.  JP Bajus was famous in the area around Nauheim for his strength and the speed which he used executing his jobs. So one day early in the year 1824 there was a bet between butchers from Mainz who wanted to know if he could run from Mainz to Frankfurt/Main and back to Mainz (around 40 miles) in less than five hours.  
He failed but there were so many people along his way that the newspaper printed several reports of the event.  After two further runs in  Mainz JP Bajus went to Frankfurt/Main and there the very famous Hanau-Run took place on February 15th, 1824. Thousands of  spectators came to the course to admire "the flying man" - so he was called in some newspapers.  All over Germany the newspapers reported on this run, also some newspapers of other European countries reprinted the articles which they got from Germany.  Also the Hessian Grand Duke Ludwig I. heard from the extraordinary runner and he decided to hire him as a running footman. In March 1824 JP Bajus reported for work.  At the end of the 1830s he handed over his job to his oldest son Johannes, he himself remained as a normal footman.  In 1852 JP Bajus undertook his first journey to North America.  He visited his sons Jacob and Peter Wilhelm in Kingston, Ontario/Canada where he wanted to prove if it was possible for him and another part of his family to emigrate, too.  Then he returned to Germany.  In 1856 JP Bajus finally emigrated to Canada with two younger sons.  One year later his wife followed.  They probably lived in the house of their son Peter Wilhelm in Kingston, Ontario.  JP Bajus died in February 1875 and was buried at the St. Mary's Cemetery in Kingston, Ontario on February 18th, 1875.


(1) Karl Esselborn, Peter Bajus - der Schnellläufer in: Hessische Chronik, Heft 7/Juli 1914, S. 206 - 215 
(2) Stephan Oettermann, Peter Bajus - "Der Prästipediateur am Rhein" in: St.O., Läufer und Vorläufer - Zu einer Kulturgeschichte 
      des Laufsports, Frankfurt/Main 1984, S. 90 - 100
(3) Robert Bertsch, Peter Bajus - der Schnellläufer, Darmstadt o.J.(1992)
(4) Herbert Bauch/Michael Birkmann, Peter Bajus ist der Erste - Über die Anfänge der Schnellläufe im Rhein-Main-Gebiet in: H.B./M.B.,
      "...die sich für Geld sehen lassen..." - Über die Anfänge der Schnell- und Kunstläufe im 19.Jahrhundert, Marburg 1996, S. 11 - 25

Best wishes,  Michael

Elisabeth Wenz was born 1795 at Nauheim, Hessen, Germany;  married Johann Peter Bajus, c.1821;  daughter of Jacob Wenz and Anna Maria Kuhlemann;  died at Kingston, Ontario, Canada. (see brother, Philip at end of this)

    12 son
    12 Jacob BAJUS [1818-1893]  and  Mary MOON [1821-1891
  Jacob, born 7 Jul., 1818 at Nauheim, Hessen, Germany;  second son of Johann Bajus & Elisabeth Wenz;  married 1841;  sired at least 3 sons, Philip, William & Alfred;  emigrated from Germany to North America about 1840 and settled in Kingston, Ont., Canada;  worked at his uncle Philip Wenz's brewery from 1840 until 1844 when he became the manager;  this brewery was known as the the Kingston Brewery & The Welligton Street Brewery;  he died the same year as his son Phillip, on 9 April, in 1893 at Kingston.  Interred Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Mary, died 5 Jul, 1891 ae.69

Mary - Death -004825


      13 Philip BAJUS [1843-1893]  ?? m1. ??  m2.1876  Grace STEVENSON [c.1857-     ]
  Philip, assumed to be born at Kingston; a widower, a Brewer;  married Grace 1 Mar, 1876 at Belleville, Wtn:  W. Bajus;  died the same year as his father, Jacob Bajus, in 1893
  Grace, d/o Robert Stevenson & Agnes Agnew of Belleville;  may have died 18 Mar, 1927

May have had a daughter, Grace Stevenson Bajus, who was a nurse with the CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force) during WWI;  born 1 Sep, 1891, Kingston

Philip says that he is 30yrs old on the marriage cert with Grace; Grace is 19yrs.


      13 Jacob BAJUS
      13 Elizabeth BAJUS [c.1851->1914]  and  William John CROTHERS [c.1843-    ]
  Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Bajus and Mary Moon;  married, ae.19, 3 May 1870 at Kingston;  witn: Philip BAJUS & Hutchinson Crothers, both of Kingston;
  William, son of William & Nancy Crothers;  a baker, married ae.27;
      13 William John BAJUS [c.1855->1914]  m.1878  Sara Jane PHILLIPS [1859-1926]
  William;  assumed born at Kingston;   married 3 Sep, 1878 in Kingston, Ont;  moved to Vancouver, B.C.;;  may have died 29 Aug, 1928 at Robert's Creek, B.C., Canada
  Sara;  d/o William Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty;  d. 11 Nov, 1926 in Vancouver, BC.

William John Bajus Sara Jane Phillips
pictures courtesy J. Gullett - 11/09

Marriage - 2806-78 William John Bagus, 23, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Jacob Bagus & Mary Moore, married Sarah Jane Phillips, 18, Kingston, same, d/o William P. Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty, witn: William C. Phillips & Annie E. Meacham,  3 Sept 1878 at Kingston
1881 Census - Cataraqui Ward, Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario - William, 26, German, Brewer;  Sarah, 21;  living with them is Minnie Phillips, ae. 17 (Minnetta (Kate) sister to Sarah Jane)
Deaths - BC Archives

        14 Alice May BAJUS [1879-    ]  m.1906  Jason Crowther LEEK 
 d/o William Bajus & Sara Phillips;  b. 1 Oct, 1879 in Frontenac, Ont.;  married 14 Mar, 1906 in Vancouver, Canada

1881 Census - Cataraqui, Kingston Frontenac -  age 1
Marriage 1906-09-052580 = 14 Mar, 1906

        14 William Peyton BAJUS [1882-    ]  and  Edith BAMBRIDGE [c.1889-    ]

may have resided in Seattle, King, Wash, USA in 1930 -1930 Census; William P., 47 born Canada;  Edith May, 41 born Canada;  William J, 5yrs, b. Wash;  John D, 4yrs, b. Wash

        14 Kathleen Lillian BAJUS [1884-1944]  and  H. M. CLARKE
        14 Minetta BAJUS [1886-1890]
        14 Helen BAJUS [1888-1943]  m.1910  Daniel Power KNOWLAND [1885-1982]
  Helen;  d/o William Bajus and Sara Phillips;  born 2 Jul, 1888 at Kingston, Ont. Canada;  married 20 Sep, 1910 in Marblehead, MA;  d. 26 Apr, 1943 at South Orange, NJ
  Daniel;  s/o William Growninshield Knowland & Mary Girdler Power;  born 17 Oct, 1885 at Marblehead, Mass., USA;  d. 9 Jun, 1982 at Marblehead.

Phillips Tree
D.,Knowland & J. Gullett e-Jan, 2010


          15 Jane Louise KNOWLAND [1914-1998]  m.   Charles Kenneth MURPHY [1910-1990]
  Jane;  d/o Helen Bajus and Daniel Knowland;  born 20 Nov, 1914 at New York City;  married 10 May, 1935
May, 1936;  d. at Victoria, British Columbia in 1998
  Charles;  b. 16 Jan, 1910;  d. at Vancouver, B.C. in 1990
          15 Daniel Power KNOWLAND Jr. [1917-    ]  m.1950  Jean QUINLAN [1925-     ] 
b. 21 Jul, 1917 in Lowell, MA;  d. Florida
  Jean; b. 26 Jul, 1925

5 issues

          15 Nancy KNOWLAND  m.1942  John Hungerford GULLETT

 3 issues

        14 Norman Jacob BAJUS [1890-1972]   m.  Maude ROBERTS  This might be Maude Littlewood Bajus who died 1 Sep, 1984 in BC and if so then did she marry Littlehouse as I have her as Roberts or was she Little house who first married Roberts
 d. 23 Nov, 1972, Vancouver, BC ae 79;

May have had a son, Norman Stanley Bajus, bc.1921 and d. 14 Sep, 1939 in Vancouver, ae 18yrs

        14 Mabel Ray BAJUS [1892-    ]  m.1916  Cecil AVIS
  married 11 Dec, 1916 in Vancouver, BC
        14 Stanley Francis BAJUS [1897-1916] 
      13 (Joseph) Alfred BAJUS [1858-1914]  m.1858  Annie Amelia BRENELL [1865-1943]
Alfred, born Jan, 1858 at Kingston, Ontario in January 1858;  married Annie at Kingston on April 1st, 1889;  moved to and lived at Elkhorn, Manitoba; they had 6 children; died 23 Jul, 1914
Annie died 27 Oct, 1943
        14 Lillian BAJUS  m  ?? GRIMSHAW
        14 Jake BAJUS [    -1955]  m  Minnie GRENSHAW
        14 Harry BAJUS
        14 Fred BAJUS
        14 Albert BAJUS  poss: Albert Edward Bajus d. 15 Dec, 1988 in Penticton, BC
        14 Mary Eva BAJUS  1891 census for Selkirk, Manitoba,  shows a Mary Eva, 1yr
14 William Alfred BAJUS [1893-1961]  m.1942  Kathleen BRYANT
      13 Allie BAJUS
    12 Peter Wilhelm BAJUS [1820-    ]  possible married Elizabeth Vencette and they had a son Philip bc.1840 who married Mary McCormac, 1874 in Frontenac, Ont.  Mary,  d/o Michael McCormac and Catharine McNaught
    12 Philip BAJUS [1821-    ]



10           Jacob WENZ [c.1770-    ]  and  Anna Maria KULEMANN [c.1770-    ]
  11         Philip WENZ [c.1790-    ]
brother to Elisabeth Wenz;  emigrated from Germany prior to 1826;  bought, in 1826, the Kingston Brewery, Kingston, Ontario, Canada;  helped his nephews, Jacob Bajus prior to 1840 & Peter Wilhelm Bajus in 1843, to immigrate to Canada and they worked in the Brewery.
  11         Elizabeth Margarethe WENZ [1795-    ]  and  Johann Peter BAJUS



        14   William John MURPHY [1881-1919]  m.  Mary McGUIRE
  William,  born 3 Jan, 1881 at Elgin, Ont;  died 2 May, 1919 at Kingston
  Mary, died at Kingston, Ont.
          15 Charles Kenneth MURPHY [1910-1990]  and  Jane Louise KNOWLAND
  married 1936

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