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07 John Jost HERKIMER [c.1700-1775]
native of palatine (Prussia);  settled in Mohawk Valley where in 1752 he became a Palentee.
  08 Magdalena HERKIMER [1724-1813]  m1c.1772  Warner S. DYGERT   
                                                                  m2             Nicholas SNELL
                                                                   m3             John ROORBACH
  08 Nicholas  HERKIMER [1728-1777]
soldier during the French and Indian wars;  Brig. Gen. in the Revolutionary War (US);  died from wounds received in the Battle of Ouskanny, 17 Aug., 1777.

    (Ed. Note:  After searching the internet I found the Battle of Oriskany.  One of the results, there are many web sites,  are shown here:

Brig. Gen. Nicholas Herkimer, wounded, directing the battle.

The British planned to divide the northern and southern colonies by controlling New York Colony. This to be accomplished by a three prong attack. Major General John Burgoyne would come south from Canada down the Champlain Valley. General Sir William Howe would come up the Hudson Valley from New York City. The third prong of the attack on Albany would be led by General Barry St. Leger who would march from Oswego down the Mohawk Valley.  At Fort Stanwix (Rome) General St. Leger met much resistance. Brigadier General Nicholas Herkimer, hearing of the British attack, led his Tryon County militia west from Fort Dayton to aid Col. Peter Gansevoort at Fort Stanwix. Tory leaders Sir John Butler were sent with troops to ambush Herkimer and his troops.  The Mohawk Indians led by Chief Joseph Brant also accompanied the loyalists and set a trap for Herkimer's troops in a swampy ravine several miles west of the present village of Oriskany.  It was during this bloody battle that Nicholas Herkimer was wounded in the leg, yet he continued to direct the battle from the base of a tree. The stubborn resistance by the militia forced the British and Tories to withdraw.  The remaining militia returned down the Mohawk to their homes. General Herkimer was carried back to his home where he died 10 days later after an unskilled amputation of his leg.  The loyalists returned to Fort Stanwix to find their nearby camp raided. With this disappointment the Indian allies left forcing St. Leger to retreat to Canada).


09 ?? HERKIMER, John[1773-1795]
moved to Kingston, Ontario, 1795

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