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The original Peytons were De Malets who came to England with Duke William in 1066.  The Peytons came from the Cambridgeshire area and there is a church in Isleham, Cambridgeshire with an interesting Peyton Chapel.  Some journeyed to Ireland. 


The PEYTON Family are mentioned in the book, History of Bandon.  In 1586, Queen Elizabeth allowed land grants to persons who were to effect a settlement of Ireland.  The grantees were, within 7 years, to settle families and to give leases at low rents.  Among the grantees were Sir Walter Raleigh and a Fane Beecher (This name is found also as “Becher” on the Internet) of Somerset.  Beecham brought numerous families from Somerset and there were some adventurers of their own accord who settled Beecher’s 12,000-acre grant in the Bandon Area (I believe this area to be on the north bank and to the west edge of the town center).  Among the names of these original settlers was “Peyton, Farre and Fuller”.  The book tells how the families left “….the land of apple-blossom and cherry….” for  “…forest, woods and swamp inaccessible to almost every living thing, save outlaws and the wolf;….”.  Thus the Peyton's may have come from Somerset, England and settled in the Bandon area about 1590.   

My first findings of the Peyton family were found in the Kinneigh parish records of county Cork and show a John Peyton, son of Francis, baptized 26 Apr, 1798.  Francis Peyton married Arabella Willis c.1795.  Then in the Ballymoney parish records of county Cork, I found, on 4 May, 1806, a Richard Peyton, son of Francis being baptized.  On 19 Mar, 1811 Rebecca, daughter of Francis Peyton, baptized.  Then on 5 Sep, 1813 a Francis, son of Francis Peyton is mentioned and though we knew there were 2 others this is the first time I have found the names of one of the two.  Another Richard is found on15 Nov, 1818 and then on 30 May, 1819 a Francis Peyton is buried.  Dec. 12, 1819 shows Margaret, a daughter of Richard Peyton being baptized.  Who some of these last Peyton's and the relationship is not clear but some make perfect sense according to my original information.  Then Rebecca Jane, daughter of William Peyton was baptized on 2 Dec, 1835. 
The Ballymoney Tithes of 1832 show 2 entries for Peyton: John Paiton holding 7 acres and William Peaton holding 9 acres.  Both Peyton's are shown in Derrigra - an area that encompasses the villages of Ballineen and Enniskeen.
The Peyton's appear in the Griffiths at Ballineen and indicated that most of the family were shopkeepers.  Also found as (afa)

From Ballymoney and Kinneigh Parish Records the ancestry information was obtained.  Some of the relationships in the early years had to be assumed.  The best effort was to determine the baptism, marriage and death dates and to assume that all these Peyton's were from the original parents.  I realize this is a broad assumption since the Peyton family had been in Ireland since 1795 but a lot of the names, children's names and dates make the various relationships believable.  From my initial information there is one major problem; however, the information below looks correct.  My major problem is that the parish records show Jane Peyton marring William Good in 1850.  If Jane was a daughter of Francis and Arabella then the dates do not fit.  If Jane was the daughter of Joseph, who married Jane Bibby, who was the son of Francis and Arabella (Willis) Peyton then she would be a cousin to William Peyton Phillips.  In the letter of 1852 William Hayes Phillips mentions that "..your Aunt Jane called her son Robert".  Jane did have a son named Robert in 1852.  Why is she called Aunt Jane when dates show that she was born 3 years before William P. Phillips?  Both Phillips's and Peyton's 'line-up' using William Hayes Phillips and Anne Peyton as the common reference.   Christian names in italics are from my original list and which names I did not find in the parish records.  The biggest problem is that the records start in 1805 for Ballymoney and 1795 for Kinneigh.       

The family seems to be mostly shop keepers in Ireland and one, Issac Peyton, was a colonel in the French Army during the Napoleonic Wars.

Anne Peyton married William Hays Phillips in 1834 in county Cork, Ireland

Some of the Peyton family may have moved to the USA

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