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The Murder of Robert (Bob) Howe. 1922

My original Phillips/Whelpy begat Charles.  One of Charles's issues was William;  and William and his wife had, among others, Catherine Jane.  Catherine married Joe Fuller and their known daughter, Kate, married Robert (Bob) Howe.  Robert was born c.1862.

Original Sources:
    From Tony Kent:-'' I got the death register entry for Bob Howe, cause of death "shock caused by bullet wound, homicidal" he died on 27 April; inquest on 29th; info supplied to register by coroner.  Bob Howe died at his home in Ballaghanure.''
    From Don Wood:- ''
However, I did find a book that detailed the murders of Bob Howe and others in April 1922. He died on 27th April and was 60 years old at the time. The statement of his wife Catherine on what happened is on record somewhere and is quoted in the book. Apparently he was shot after answering a knock on the door at about 10 o’clock at night. His address was given as Ballaghanure, which is to the west of the village of Castletown. Also killed the same night was his near neighbour, John Chinnery, aged 31. John Chinnery’s sister Olive and her husband, Joseph Moore still lived in Kinneigh [Ed: until the 1900's]  The book, I have been told, is called The IRA and It's Enemies by Peter Hart.

From the book '
The IRA and Its Enemies - Violence and Community in Cork 1916-1923' by Peter Hart I have learned the following:  At about 10:30pm on the night of 27 April, 1922, two men appeared at Robert Howe's door in Ballaghanure and demanded that he harness a horse for them.  He refused and they shot him twice.  During the same night John Chinnery (who we believe is a cousin of Howe - John's wife was Rebecca Howe who we believe was a sister to Robert) was also ordered to harness a horse and he was killed for not doing so.  There were 7 persons killed that night or within in the two days.  Robert Howe was said to be no stranger to political controversy and had been accused of slander in 1914.  He must have continued or was well known for his anti-rebel posture since it would have been rather a long time from 1914 to 1922 for retribution on account of the 1914 slander.

Superintendent Registrar's District        Ballineen     Registrar's District           
      Deaths Registered in the District of       Ballineen         in the union of       Dunmanway          in the County of    Cork   

Date and Place of Death
Name and surname



Age last
Rank, Profession, or Occupation
Certified Cause of Death
and Duration of Illness
Signature, Qualification, and Residence of informant
When Registered

Signature of Registrar

Twenty seventh
Male Married 60
Farmer Shock caused
by bullet wound Homicidal
Information Received from  Richard Neville Coroner for Cork County Inguest held at Ballaghanure 29th April, 1922 Third