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ROBERTS Family: first found at Stradbally, Queens County  (Laois), Ireland

08 Arthur Roberts [c.1708-1754]
  Arthur, Inn Holder at Stradbally;  married Elizabeth Godfrey;  memorial deed dated 18 May, 1754 transferred the lands of Rathmore (120 acres) to his brother Stephen.  he also held property in the town of Stradbally;  apparently they had no issues.  A deed, #279, dated 11 Feb, 1754 list his relatives:
Wife:  Elizabeth Godfrey
Brothers:  Stephen;  James;  Francis
Sisters:  Anne married ?? Harris;  Elizabeth married ?? Fitzgerald
Kinsman:  James Daly, Esq;  D? Mark Skerrit
Nephews:  Dr??  Bluit;  Thomas Marten;  Francis Lynch;  Abel Roberts
 (not indicated as to which brother or unnamed brother)
Nieces:  Catherine Bluit nee Lynch;  Mary Fallon;  Ellinor Toole
Grandnephew:  Arthur Roberts the eldest son of said Nephew Francis Lynch
08 Unknown how Abel (below) is a nephew of Arthur (above). Using dates, it may be that Arthur (above) had an older brother who died prior to 1754
  09 Abel ROBERTS [ ]
 a memorial deed dated 10 Fe., 1754 between Pole Cosby and Abel Roberts describes Abel as a Lock-Smith (also found as Whitesmith); married and had the following children: William, Henry and Alan.
    10 William ROBERTS [c.1748-    ]
 son of Abel Roberts;  born Stradbally; he is mentioned on several Deeds/Memorials as 'Eldest son of Abel'.
    10 Henry ROBERTS [1750-1813]  mc.1788 (1779)  Charity KNAGGS [1760-1836]
  Henry, son of Abel Roberts; born Stradbally, 1750;  married Charity Knaggs, c.1788;  they had:  Allen;  Charity;  Elizabeth;  Sarah;  Henry;  Jane;  John and  Robert.
  Charity, was the daughter of James Knaggs of Kyle, Gentleman;  her sister Jane Knaggs married a Thomas Roberts* in 1776 (not sure of this Roberts relationship, if any)

m,12 Feb 1866,Maria,NAGGS,Nathaniel ROBERTS,"Mountmellick (Rosenallis), IRL","IBMD 3 579, Cert","Nathaniel full bach farmer of Garoom (fath Nathaniel farmer), Maria full spin of Garoom (fath Robert farmer), Lic wit Catherine Knaggs"
d,1866,Francis,KNAGGS,,"Dublin South, IRL",IBMD 7 524,age 0  See Stephen of Mountmellick

Thomas Roberts m. Jane ??

      11 Allen ROBERTS [1790-1823]
      11 Henry ROBERTS [1792-1833]  m.  Maria ???
      11 Charity ROBERTS [1795-1872]
  born Stradbally;  married William Bailey;  moved to Australia, 1849;  died at Ballarat, Aus..
      11 Elizabeth ROBERTS [c.1798-    ]  m.  ?? BARRINGTON
      11 Sarah ROBERTS [c.1800-    ]  m.  ?? DEXTER
      11 Jane ROBERTS [c.1802
      11 John ROBERTS [c.1805-    ]
      11 Robert ROBERTS [1807-     ]
of the Bank of Ireland, Dublin
    10 Alan ROBERTS [c.1752-     ]
08 Stephen ROBERTS [c.1710-     ] 
  the deed of Rathmore describes him as a Cordwainer (Shoemaker) at Stradbally;  married and had Arthur, a daughter and Bridget.

Findings: April 1740: ‘The Lord Chancellor Windham of Ireland dismissed George Hartpole of Sherule Esq. his Bill against Hunt Walsh of Ballykillcavan Esq. on ye 27th July 1738 and Mr. Walsh sent his people to my town of Stradbally to buy drink, and drink about a bonefire which they made in ye town but Cos Francis Cosby kicked and put it out, and would not suffer a Bonefire in the town at all, … ye 17th March 1739 the House of Lords affirmed wt ye Lord Chancellor had done the 27th of July 1738 between Hartpole and Walsh and ye news of it came to Mr. Walsh to Ballykillcavan Friday ye 25 April 1740 at 10 o’clock of ye night, and the next day Saturday Mr Walshes servant and people came to Stradbally with Garland, piper and Long Dance, and the townsfolks, particularly Stephen Roberts, and Abel Roberts met ‘em on ye Bridge, bid ‘em go rejoyce on Walshes estate, and not come into Stradbally, and bid ‘em go back wh. they refused, but were rushing on, on wh the townsfolks brook ye Bagpipes and ye Garland all to pieces, Beat all the Ballykillcavan folks very Heartly, and made ‘em return very shamefully, …’ (pp 435-6).


  09 Arthur ROBERTS [1742-1825]  mc.1775  Elizabeth BROWNE [1758-1841]
  son of Stephen Roberts;  born at Stradbally,  married Elizabeth Browne on 26 Mar, 1775;  they had the following issues: Brown Dallen (Dudley);  Stephen;  Anthony;  Browne;  Jane;  Sydney;  Browne E.;  Arthur P.;  Elizabeth;  Anne;  Allan;  Philip;  John;  Thomas;  Francis;  Catherine;  Sarah;  and Frances;   overseer and director of Stradbally Hall; a memorial deed of 1784 between Admiral Philips Cosby and Arthur Roberts transferred the lands of Rathmore;  Arthur is described as a 'gentleman' in the deed;  died at Stradbally;  buried St. Patrick's Church, Stradbally;   his will of 1825 listed 94 names and was so complicated that it was sent to the Court of Chancery of Ireland and was finally settled in 1846/47.
Elizabeth, possible daughter of Patrick Brown [c.1731-1798];  of Portarlington (n. of Stradbally);  died 30 Dec,1841, ae 83yrs;  buried St. Patrick's Church. 
The following is a historical reference to Stradbally Hall:    "
Stradbally Hall is still the home of the Cosbys, the only one of the Queens County tribes to have survived in their ancestral lands into the 20th century. Described by Brewer in his Antiquities of Ireland in 1826 as a commodious and eligible mansion, the first house was an O'Moore fortified tower which was obtained by the Cosbys during the reign of Queen Mary. This first Cosby fell in battle with the O'Byrnes at the age of 70 in 1580 having built himself a new castle with the stones of a franciscan friary. The house was enlarged in 1714 and a new front was added sometime after 1740, possibly to the designs of John Aheron, but in 1772 everything was demolished. The new house was built under the direction of one Arthur Roberts.  This is the building which was enlarged and reclad to the designs of Sir Charles Lanyon in 1866-69. Inside there are some rooms with their original simple late 18th century plasterwork and others, like the top lit gallery at the head of the oak staircase, display the height of Victoriana with pink marble columns and elaborate decorative details. Sir Jonah Barrington has a a delightful account of a dinner party at Stradbally at which a certain half blind Dr. Jenkins was sitting next to his host Admiral Cosby. Mistaking the admirals brown gnarled fist for a bread roll he thrust his fork into it with uproarious consequences."

Also in letter dated 1989 from Adrian Cosby, present occupant, points out that there is a Stone Bedroom in the 'Hall' with the inscription "Built by Dudley Lord Sydney, 1772  Arthur Roberts Overseer." 
    10 Browne Dudley (Dallen) ROBERTS [1776-1776]
  son of Arthur & Elizabeth Roberts;  born at Stradbally, Queen's (Laois), Ireland on 15 Feb, 1776 and died in the same month.
    10 Stephen Dudley (Dallen) ROBERTS [1777-     ]
  son of Arthur & Elizabeth Roberts;   born Stradbally, 11 Aug, 1777 ten minutes after Eleven in forenoon.

A List of Names, Places of Abode, &c. of the several Persons who have taken out Certificates for killing Game, agreeable to Act of Parliament, from the Distributor, for Queen's County, between the 25th Day of March, 1810, and the 18th Day of September, 1810.:  Stephen /Roberts - Mountmelick

    10 Anthony ROBERTS [c.1778-     ]
    10 Browne ROBERTS [1778-1778]
  son of Arthur & Elizabeth Roberts;   born Stradbally, 19 Dec, 1778;  died 25th Dec, 1778
    10 Jane ROBERTS [1780-1856]  m.1814  William LODGE
daughter of Arthur & Elizabeth Roberts;  born 8 Jan, 1780 at 12 o'clock in the forenoon at Stradbally, Queen's (Laois), Ireland;  married William Lodge at Stradbally, 18 Jun., 1814;  lived at Ballylarkin, Kilkenny Co., Ireland;  they had Barton;  William;  Arthur;  Elizabeth and Francis;  died 20 Mar, 1856, ae 76yrs;  buried in St. Patrick's Church, Stradbally.
      11 Barton LODGE [c.1805-    ]
      11 William LODGE [c.1807-    ]
      11 Arthur LODGE [c.1808-     ]
      11 Elizabeth LODGE [c.1810-     ]
      11 Francis LODGE [c.1812-     ]
    10 Sydney ROBERTS [1781-    ]
  son of Arthur & Elizabeth Roberts;   born Stradbally, on 3or 8 Jan, 1781 at 45 minutes after Eleven in the forenoon
    10 Browne ROBERTS [1782-1854]  m.1814  Margaret Mary (Elizabeth) ANDERSON [1795-1861]
  Son of Arthur & Elizabeth Roberts;   born Stradbally, 17 Feb, 1782 at seven o'clock afternoone (another source says he was baptized 8 Jan., 1782) ;  Cadet Bengal Infantry, 1801;  arrived India, 6 sep., 1802;  attended Barasat Cadet College, 1802-03;  Ensign, 8 Aug., 1802;  posted 1st Native Infantry as Lieutenant (commissioned 30 Nov., 1803);  transferred to 25th Native Infantry, Sep., 1804;  served at the capture of Gohad, capture of Mauritius, 1810;  Lieut. and Adjutant 1st Volunteer Battalion acting Sub-Assistant Commissary General 24 Jul., 1813;  married Margaret Mary Anderson, 22Nov., 1814;  Captain, 1 Aug., 1818;  resigned, 1 Aug., 1820;  partner in MacIntosh & Co. of Calcutta, 1820-28;  original member of the Bengal Club, 1827;;  sheriff of Calcutta, 1828;  moved to London, UK, 1828;  joined Rickards MacIntosh & Co.;  c.1841 resided at 23 Dorset Sq., ST. Marylebone;  resided at Ravensbourne Park, Lewisham;  1851, Kent, England;  died at Brighton, E. Sussex, England, 11 Nov., 1854.
--born India;  daughter of John Anderson (died 1812);  married Browne Roberts, 2 Nov., 1814 at Calcutta;  died 23 Mar., 1861.

---Misc:  10 Mar., 1801;  Browne Roberts, age 20, Bengal Infantry, passed committee 12 Mar.  Recommended by Lord Hobart.  Proceed via ship "Tellicherry" (this ship seems to have been in the service of the East India Company and is also referenced as a 'convict' ship to New South Wales.
            Arthur Moore, Esq. M. P. for the Borough of Tralee, Co. Kerry attested to his parents and Browne's early life, 12 Mar.,  1802
            List of Officers of the Bengal Army 1758-1834 gives various ranks and dates for Browne.
            2 Nov., 1814  Lieut. Browne Roberts (25th Native Regiment) married Margaret Mary Anderson both of Calcutta,  Fort William, Bengal.  Witness Henry Young and A. D. Sherwood
            28 Jun., 1818;  Arthur Austin Roberts son of Brown Roberts, Captain, Honourable Companies Service.  Benares Baptisms. 
            Estate valued at Rupees 80,000.00 ( £8,000.00)

      11 Elizabeth ROBERTS [1815-<1846]   m.  ??  YOUNG
      11 Anne Catherine ROBERTS [1816-1880]  m.  ??  SCOTLAND
they married after 1846
      11 Arthur Austin ROBERTS [1818-1868]  m.1841  Elizabeth WOOD [1823-1905]
  Arthur, son of Browne Roberts and Margaret Anderson;  born at Benares, 28 Jun, 1818 (other date is 12 May, 1818), Benares, India;  educated at Hailebury College, England, 1836-37;  joined Bengal Civil Service, 1837 and succeeded John (Lord) Lawrence as Magistrate-Collr of Dehli;  married Elizabeth Wood in 1841;  Judge of Sagar and Nerbudda Territories, 1854 (formed new code of law); Commissioner of Lahore, 1860  awarded Commander of the Bath (C. B.) for service as Commander of Lahore Volunteers during the Mutiny;  Judicial Commissioner of the Panjab;  member of the Gov. Gen. Legislative Council;  acting Judge of Calcutta High Court;   Judge of Lahore Chief Court, 1866;  awarded Companion of Star of India;  British resident at Hyderbad, Deccan District where he died 10 May, 1868.
  Elizabeth, daughter of William Wood;  married Arthur Austin Roberts at Dum Dum,
, 27 Oct., 1841;  moved to Wauchope near Hawick, Scotland;  died at Hawick, 7 Jun., 1905.

( CB=Commander of the Bath;  CSI= Companion of the Star of India )

        12 Arthur William ROBERTS [1842-1899]  m.  Mary Katharine / Katherine  ???
  Arthur; first son of Arthur Austin Roberts and Elizabeth Wood;  born at Fort William, Bengal, India;  educated at Harrow 1855-1857 and at East India College, 1857;  joined 7th Dragoon Guards, 1858;  Coronet, Feb 1859;  Lieutenant, Jul, 1859; commissioned, Bengal Calvary, 1862;  Captain, 1866;  Ass't to Gov. Gen. Agent in Rajpootana, 30Mar, 1864; entered the political Dept., 1864;  served against the Bikanir Rebels, 1881-82;  retired Maj. Gen. in 1898;  died London, England, 24 Dec., 1899.
        * 13 Arthur Salisbury Browne ROBERTS [1878-    ]  m.  Annie Frances ??
s/o Arthur Roberts & Mary ??;  b. 24 Sep, 1878;  bap. 29 Oct, 1878 at Lahore, India;  Attended Royal Military College;  in 1891 in Kent, England; 2nd Lieutenant, 20 Jul, 1989; 1891 in Kent, England

Note: on sons death it reads:  Son of Arthur Salisbury Browne Roberts and Annie Frances Roberts of Polock. Somerset.

*believed to be correct
            * 14 Arthur Penn Browne ROBERTS [1920-1944]  m.  Augusta Phillippa Salwey Roberts
s/o Arthur Roberts & Annie Frances ??  b.5 Sep, 1920;  Captain w/ Royal Scots Fusiliers, UK;  died 22 Apr, 1944 in Italy;  interred Ref# XIII, C, 12, Beach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Italy

Death on Commonwealth War Graves Commission website reads: husband of Augusta Philippa Salwey Roberts of Minehead, Somerset (assume surname is Salwey)

*believed to be correct

        12 Amelia Anne ROBERTS [1844-    ]
d/o Arthur Austin Roberts and Elizabeth Wood
Allan Scott ROBERTS [1845-1932]  m. Jane Rose LANE [1861-    ]
  Allan; s/o Arthur Austin Roberts and Elizabeth Wood
  Allan; second son of Arthur Austin Roberts and Elizabeth Wood;  b. 29 Aug, 1845, Delhi, India;  joined Bengal Infantry and first commissioned, 20 Feb, 1862 as Ensign; Lieut., 30 Dec, 1863;  served on the Punjab Commission, 1866-94;  married 18 Mar, 1882;  retired 18, 1894 as Lt. Col. to 20 Upper Park Rd, Hampstead.
d/o Brigade Surgeon Benjamin Lane [1827-1907] & Caroline Arbuthnot Ewing, b.13 Feb, 1861

        picture and descendents courtesy of A. Lane-Roberts

Allan Arbuthnot LANE-ROBERTS [  -  ]  m.  Gladys GLUBB
            f 14 Arthur George Hermon LANE-ROBERTS  m.

  > A_L-R
          13 Cedric Sydney LANE-ROBERTS [1888-1959]  m.         [    -1954]
 s/o Allan Roberts & Jane Lane, b. 31 Oct, 1888;  attended Cheltenham College;  Guys Hospital;  1913, won Treasurer's Gold Medal in clinical surgery; grad, 1917; served wuith the R. A. M. C. in WWI;  among other items: specialized in Obstetrics and capped in Rugby;  retired to Tewin,, Hertfordshire; d. 25 Dec, 1959
          13 son ROBERTS [  -  ]
        12 Sydney Archibald ROBERTS [1848-1928]  m.  Madelene ????
  third son of Arthur Austin Roberts and Elizabeth Wood;  joined Royal Navy, 1861;  retired as Lieutenant, 1873 to 930 McClure St., Victoria, B. C., Canada.
        12 Lawrence Henry ROBERTS [1850-1927]
        12 Margaret A. ROBERTS [1851-     ]
        12 Emily ROBERTS [1851-     ]
        12 Montgomery Browne ROBERTS [c.1852-     ]
        12 Anne Metcalfe ROBERTS [c.1853-    ]  m.  John EYKYN
        12 Stephen William Thornhill ROBERTS  [c.1855-1879] 
  not proven but is shown as son of Arthur Austin Roberts;  served with 27th Punjab Native Infantry;  served Jowaki, 1877 (medal and Bar) and Afghanistan;  Lieutenant, died at Lundi Kotul,  16th Jun., 1879, aged 25.

Roberts - Lieutenant Stephen William Thornhill - 27th Punjab Native Infantry - died 16th June 1879.
  Son of Arthur Austin Roberts, CB, CSI (Bengal Civil Service). Served Jowaki 1877 (medal and bar), Afghanistan 1879.
Tablet at Lahore Cathedral - "In loving memory of Stephen William Thornhill Roberts, 27th P.N.I. Probationer B.S.C. died at Lundi Kotul June 16th 1879 aged 25. Son of the late Arthur A. Roberts Esqre C.B., C.S.I., Bengal Civil Service."
      11 Margaret Amelia ROBERTS [1819-1901]  m.  ??  MAIN
      11 Francis MacNAUGHTON ROBERTS [1822-1853]
died 27 Nov, 1853 in Delhi, India

On 27th Nov at Delhi, where he had been lately elected Dep Sec & Manager of the Delhi Bank, Francis Macnaghten, second son of Browne Roberts Esq aged 31yrs, beloved and respected for the purity of his moral & religious Character & the integrity of his benevolent principles.

      11 Catherine Jane ROBERTS [1824-1913]  m.1844  Thomas McMILLAN-SCOTT [1816-1862]
  Catherine, daughter of Browne Roberts & Margaret Ann Anderson;  married Thomas McMillan-Scott 10 Apr., 1844;  lived at Edinborough and Waucope;  died 4 Apr., 1913.   
of Waucope, a descendant: of Walter Scott, Laird of Buccleuch who died at Edinborough, 1552;  of Anne Scott [1651-1732, Countess of Buccleuch, married 1663 James, Duke of Monmouth an illegitimate son of Charles II.   Thomas assumed the additional name of McMillan to meet the conditions of his maternal grandfather's estate (Thomas McMillan of Shorthorpe, Selkirk, Scotland;  inherited Wauchope.

Picture courtesy of Walter Theodore Robin McMillan-Scott, England

        12 Walter McMILLAN-SCOTT [1846-1847]
        12 Walter McMILLAN-SCOTT [1848-1901or9]  m.  Henrietta DURY [    -1907]
          13 Thomas Alexander Frederick McMILLAN-SCOTT [1881-1952]  m1. 1912  Karen ERICHSEN  m2.  Enid PAINE
            14 Walter Theodore Robin McMILLAN SCOTT [1924-1999]  m.  Elizabeth Maud Derrington HUDSON
born 1924, died July 30 1999; educated Eton and Kings College, Cambridge and Bristol Univ, where he read architecture;  practiced in the West Country throughout his life and m. Elizabeth Maud Derrington HUDSON (of Wick, Pershore, Worcs) and had seven children
          13  Cecile Margaret McMILLAN-SCOTT [1879-    ]  m.  James Charles TRANCRED, Rear Admiral
        12 Edith Marion McMILLAN-SCOTT [    -1926]  m.  Frederick SOTHEBY, Maj. Gen. [    -1909]
        12 Marion Maude McMILLAN-SCOTT
Katherine Margaret McMILLAN-SCOTT [c.1859-1894]  (Sister Margaret of St. Denys)
  Sister Margaret of St. Denys;  born 1Sep., 1859, Hobkirk, Roxburgshire;  third daughter of Catherine Jane Roberts & Thomas McMillan-Scott;  became a nun and nurse;  an associate at St. Denys, Warminster and at St. Martin's House of Charity in Salisbury;  died  11 Feb., 1894 from tuberculosis at the age of 35;  buried St. Johns Episcopal Church, Jedburgh.  The Scott family built the Jedburgh Cottage Hospital in the late 1890's and was gifted to the Health Board in 1920;  the hospital was named after Sister Margaret.
SOURCES: "Sister Margaret of St. Denys - Katherine of Wauchope by Geraldine Strickland; printer by Kelso Graphics
Sister Margaret Cottage (Hospital) Katherine Margaret MacMillan-Scott grave
      11 Browne Henry Eneas ROBERTS [1830-1863]  m.1859  Augusta BICKNELL [1819-1871]
  Browne, third son of Browne and Margaret Roberts;  student at Oxford, 1851;  married Augusta, 9 Nov., 1859, in London, England;  1861 in Lancashire, England; died Jun, 1863 at Keston, Kent, England.
  Augustus, daughter of William Isaac Bicknell and Phoebe Honiborne;  born at Tooting, London, England, 27 Nov., 1819;  died Keston, Kent, 20 Apr., 1871.

1851 - Pro Census Room Folio 456v & 457 - Roberts, Browne... - son, Browne E. H. Roberts, age 20, student at Oxford, born in Middlesex
1863 - Calendar Registry - Roberts, Browne, Gentleman, of Keston, co. Kent. Widow/Relict was Augusta
Churchyard at Keston, Kent, England -
83. A coped tomb with a foliated cross. In this tomb are the remains of Browne Eneas Henry Roberts, B.A. of Oxford, third son of the late Browne Roberts, Esquire of Ravensbourne Park, Lewisham, Kent. Born 11 August 1830 died 9 May 1863 aged 32 years 8 months 29 days. Also the remains of his beloved relick (sic) Augusta born 27 November 1819 died 30 April 1871.  (


    10 Arthur Philip ROBERTS [1783-1826]  m.  Elizabeth BARIN [1784-1837]
  son of Arthur & Elizabeth Roberts;   born Stradbally, on 31 Aug, 1783;  died at Stradbally, 13 Apr,1826 ae 43.

A List of Names, Places of Abode, &c. of the several Persons who have taken out Certificates for killing Game, agreeable to Act of Parliament, from the Distributor, for Queen's County, between the 25th Day of March, 1810, and the 18th Day of September, 1810:  Arthur P. Roberts, stradbally


      11 Arthur ROBERTS [1808-1826]
      11 Samuel ROBERTS [1811-1857]
      11 Sydney ROBERTS [c.1815-1850]
      11 Francis ROBERTS [1821-1851]  see other Francis

Lessors: Roberts, Francis, Esq - Rathmore - various properties
Lessees:  Maria, Stradbally;  Mary, Newtown;  Samuel, Knocknambraher;  Samuel, Rathmore

Athy Poor Law Union - April 22nd, 1848:  Stradbally - Francis Roberts
Roberts, Francis Griffith's 1848-64 Stradbally, (Chapel Lane)


      11 Elizabeth ROBERTS [c.1823-    ]
      11 Matilda ROBERTS [c.1825-    ]
    10 Elizabeth ROBERTS [c.1784-1837]  m1.1811  Godfrey Willis  m2.  ?? Barrington  
daughter of Arthur & Elizabeth Roberts;  born c.1784;  married first Ukn WILLIS, 1811;  second Ukn Barrington;  died 5 Sep,1837, ae53yrs.
    10 Anne ROBERTS [1787-    ]
    10 Allan ROBERTS [1788-1832]
born Stradbally;  retired as Lt. Col. 12th Native Infantry, Bengal Army.
    10 Philip ROBERTS [1790-1873]  m.1821  Harriett COLCOTT [1798-1868]
  Philip, son of Arthur & Elizabeth Browne Roberts;  born Stradbally;  lived at Poles Bridge;  clerk of the Peace, Stradbally;  married Harriett Colcott in 1821;  immigrated in 1837;  settled in Brockville, Ont. c.1838;  appointed Inspector Clergy Reserves, Dalhousie District (Ottawa area), 1843;  moved to Bytown (Ottawa);  living at Prescott, Ont., 1851;  at Cobourg, 1861;  died at Cobourg, 10 Oct., 1873;  buried in St. Peters Cemetery, Cobourg.
  Harriet, daughter of Samuel Colcott of Stradbally;  the Colcott family were Quakers and operated a large flax mill at Stradbally;  died at Cobourg, Ont., 31 Oct., 1868;  buried in St. Patrick's, Cobourg.

1851 Census - e002351576 (41 ) #27 - Prescott, Grenvillle, Ont. - Philip Roberts, Gentleman, b. Ire, Church of England, ae. 61, Log 1 storey;  Harrot, b. Ire, Free Church, ae. 53; 

      11 Harriett ROBERTS [1822-1902]  m.1840   John BACON [1811-1889]
  Harriet, daughter of Philip Roberts &  Harriet Colcott married
in St. Peter's Church, Brockville, Ont., 23 Jan., 1840;  died at Toronto 27 Jun., 1902.
  John, son of Edward Bacon of Waterford;  arrived Canada with Ogle Robert Gowan, his Uncle.

1871 Census - St. Patrick's Ward, Toronto West - John, ae. 56, born England, Anglican, Gentleman  (RG31-C9970, Div 4, Pg 69)
1881 Census - St. Thomas Ward, Toronto - John, ae. 69(1812), Irish, b. England, Church of England;  Harriet, Irish, ae .58, born Ire,
1901 Census - Ward 3, Toronto - Harriet, Boarder, Widow, 13 Jul, 1822,a e 78, b. Ire, immigrated 1837, Church of England

        12 Charlotte BACON [1840-1855]
        12 Harriet BACON [1842-1843]
        12 Mary BACON [1844-1859]
        12 Edward Stanley BACON [1846-1901]  m.  Martha ??? [1873-1897]
  s/o Harriet Roberts & John Bacon;  born, Ont,

1851 Census - e002351576 (41 ) #27 - Prescott, Grenvillle, Ont. - Edward Bacon, b. Can, ae. 5 (found  in 1851 Census with Philip Roberts & Harriet Colcott )


        12 Harriet BACON [1850-1904]  m.  William J. MITCHELL [1843-1907]  to Mitchell
        12 Annie BACON [1852-1917]  m.  Francis John PHILLIPS [1847-1910]   to Phillips
          13 of Annie and Francis one child was Florence who married Dwight J. Turner > my grandfather  to TURNER
      11 Arthur ROBERTS [c.1824-    ]
      11 Philip ROBERTS [c.1826-     ]
      11 Samuel P. ROBERTS [1828-1873]  m.1<1851 Mary ????    m2.1866  Susan GRAHAM [1845-    ]  Susan Graham m2.1875  Robert WALTON
  Samuel, son of Philip Roberts and Harriet Colcott;  born at Stradbally, Queen's Co. (co. Laois), Ireland;  first married ?? and together they had Samuel Arthur and Mary;  in 1864 he was operating an Oyster & Dining Saloon in the Smith's Block opposite the Bank of Montreal, King St., Cobourg and had the first billiard table in the town;  Samuel married secondly in 1866, Susan Graham and they had Philip Herbert Roberts ;  died 21 Jun, 1873 at Cobourg and interred in St. Peter's Cemetery, Cobourg.
  Susan, d/o George Graham & Mary Stewart; b. 10 May, 1845, Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario; married Samuel at her Uncle Christopher Graham's farm near Rice Lake, Ontario (north of Cobourg);  Susan remarried Robert Walton (s/o Jacob Walton & Rachel Frances William) a Cabinetmaker;  d. 7 Feb, 1930, Carlton, Ontario

Note:  Samuel may have married, first,  a Mary or Catherine ??? and if so then their children, Samuel and Mary were bap. in 1859

1871 Census - Cdn Archives - RG31 -Reel C-9983 - Cobourg Town (B), Northumberland West - Samuel P. ae. 42, B. Ire, Church of England (Anglican), Saloonkeeper

Susan via Magreta

        12 Samuel Arthur ROBERTS [1855-    ] 
  son of Samuel and ??? Roberts

 may have changed surname to Walton
        12 Mary ROBERTS [c.1857-    ]  ??    Ukn Marmaduke in or prior to 1873
  daughter of Samuel and ??? Roberts

 may have changed surname to Walton
        12 Philip Herbert ROBERTS [1869-    ]  m.1889  Margaret CLANCY [c.1868-    ]
  Philip; son of Samuel and Susan Graham; at marriage he was a mechanic in Cobourg; married 28 Feb, 1889;
  Mary; d/o Edward Clancy & Joanna Sullivan of Pereboro (sic), Ashburnham, Ont

Marriage: 10229-89 Philip Herbert Roberts, 21, mechanic, Cobourg, Peterboro, m. Margaret Clancy
1891 Census - Peterboro W, Ont: Phillip H, 22, b. Ont, C'E, pollisher;  Margaret, 21, b. Ont 

found Herbert Roberts, interred St. Peter's Cemetery, Cobourg, Ont.
  1871 census  of  Cobourg show him to be 2yrs old
          13  Edmund ROBERTS [c.1890-] 
s/o Phillip Roberts & Margaret Clancy;  born Peterboro

1891 Census - Peterboro W, Ont:  Edmund, 9 /12

      11 Stephen ROBERTS [1830-    ]
      11 Brown ROBERTS [1836-    ]

1851 Census - e002351576 (41 ) #27 - Prescott, Grenvillle, Ont. - Brown, b. Ire, Church of England,, ae. 15

      11 Colcott ROBERTS [1839-    ]

1851 Census - e002351576 (41 ) #27 - Prescott, Grenvillle, Ont. - Calcott, b. Can,  ae. 15

      11 William ROBERTS [1842-    ]  1861 Census of Cobourg, Ont shows him being 21 and a Printer

1851 Census - e002351576 (41 ) #27 - Prescott, Grenvillle, Ont. - Wm, b. Can, ae. 9

**   10 John ROBERTS [1792-    ]  m.  Jane KERR 
  Not entirely sure about this family
      11 ??? ROBERTS
        12 Robert James ROBERTS, Rev.   

One of the first English Ministers to have a permanent residence on the Six Nations at Brantford, Ont. (1862-1871), secured funds for the raising of the church.;  lived on Kuper Island, British Columbia; 

Six Nations in Canada by J. B. MacKenzie;  The People of the Longhouse, pu. by The Church of England, 1897
Kuper Island Burial Registry - Roberts, Robert James, Rev.  ALSO buried at this location is Edward b. & Richard James Roberts


          13  Richard Percy Elliot ROBERTS [1864-1929]  m.  Susan Isobel HOLMES

St Peter's Anglican, Quamichan,  Duncan, Vancouver Island - both interred

            14 Robert Henry Donald ROBERTS [1915-2001]  m.  Phyllis  UKN
            14 Doris ROBERTS [c.1915-<2001]  m.  Ukn CHEEKE

St Peter's Anglican, Quamichan,  Duncan, Vancouver Island - Doris M. I. Cheeke

            14 Monica ROBERTS m. Ukn BERGERSON
    10 Thomas ROBERTS [1794-1810]
    10 Francis ROBERTS [c.1795-     ]  see other Francis above
  ???  Not sure if this is this Francis   
election of Guardians of 20 Feb., 1841 shows Francis winning;  11 Feb. 1843, Athy Union shows Francis present;  and in this year he is elected for one more year. 
    10 Catherine ROBERTS [c.1797-18?8]  m.  Edward RYALL
  lived at St. Croix, West Indies;  returned to Stradbally after her husbands death.

Catherine - born Stradbally Sep. 22nd, 1798;  daughter of Arthur Roberts of Stradbally and Elizabeth Browne of Portarlingon (Queen's Co./ co. Laois);  married April 6th, 1819 Edward Ryall;  died circa 18?8;  Baptism in Stradbally register;   Correspondence dated 1848 exists between Catharine and he eldest brother, R. Roberts, with ref to the "old home" etc in Stradbally purchased (?) by Catharine and left to her son Browne William.  A Woman of shinny personality & good business acumen.  It is noteworthy that she was married at Feathard and no from her father's house.  Believed to be a sister of Sarah, Wife of Gerbie (George) Ryall

      11 Browne W. RYALL [1826-1894]  m. Eleanor O'BRIEN
      11 Edward Benares RYALL [1827-1898]  m.  Charlotte PAGE
    10 Sarah ROBERTS [c.1798-     ]  m.1817 George RYALL [c.1796- ]
married at Stradbally, Queen's co., Ireland in 1817   

Stradbally Parish record marriage entry 1817;

      11 Arthur RYALL [c.1820-     ]
      11 Elizabeth RYALL -c,1821-    ]
    10 Frances ROBERTS [c,1799-    ]  m.  Thomas GREENHAM
  09 ?? daughter of Stephen and ???
  09 Bridgit ROBERTS [1751-1770]
  daughter of Stephen Roberts;  died 24 Apr, 1770, ae 19 yrs;  gravestone in St. Patrick's graveyard at Stradbally says "second daughter of Stephen Roberts of Rathmore -  Arthur Roberts dedicated this mark of Fraternal Affection to a beloved sister, 1773".
08 James ROBERTS [c.1712-     ]
08 Francis ROBERTS [c.1714-    ]  see other Francis  above
08 Elizabeth ROBERTS [c.1716-     ]   m.  ?? FITZGERALD
  09 Walter FITZGERALD
son of Elizabeth Roberts [c.1720-    ] & Ukn Fitzgerald;  a certificate dated 9 Mar., 1802 describes his as a Hosier, Piccadilly, London;  first cousin to Brown Roberts.
08 Ann ROBERTS [c.1718-    ]  m.  ??? HARRIS


Stradbally, Laois:
Townlands or streets.
Placename     Aghamaddock   Ballaghmore   Brockleypark   Carricksallagh   Knocknambraher   Kylebeg   Newtown   Oughaval   Rathmore   Stradbally   Stradbally town   Tursalla

Offaly, the index lists just one John Roberts in 1854 in Millbrook Townland, Geashill Civil Parish.

The Index lists the following Roberts in County Laois:

Surname First Name Townland Civil Parish County

Roberts Francis Stradbally (Main Street) Stradbally Laois
Roberts Maria Newtown Stradbally Laois
Roberts Francis Stradbally (Chapel Lane) Stradbally Laois
Roberts Catherine Kilminchy Straboe Laois
Roberts John Killeen Moyanna Laois
Roberts Patrick Killeen Moyanna Laois
Roberts Maria Stradbally Stradbally Laois
Roberts Maria Stradbally (Main Street) Stradbally Laois
Roberts Thomas Coole Offerlane Laois
Roberts Thomas Kilbrickan Offerlane Laois
Roberts John, Esq. Mannin Offerlane Laois
Roberts Anne Graigue Rosenallis Laois
Roberts Samual Rathmore Stradbally Laois
Roberts Samuel Knocknambraher Stradbally Laois
Roberts Richard Lea Lea Laois
Roberts Richard Cooltedery (Bracklone St.) Lea Laois
Roberts George Cappanacloghy Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Roberts Nathaniel Derraugh Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Roberts Richard Ballyroan (Chapel Street) Ballyroan Laois
Roberts Thomas Foundry Street Ardea Laois
Roberts James Castlequarter Aghmacart Laois
Roberts Richard Castlequarter Aghmacart Laois
Roberts Thomas Knockanina Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Roberts Maria Grange Lower Dysartenos Laois
Roberts Elizabeth Great Heath Kilteale Laois
Roberts Elizabeth Chapel Lane Kilmanman Laois
Roberts Julia Tullyroe Abbeyleix Laois
Roberts Edward Cappanashannagh Dysartgallen Laois
Roberts Richard Cooltedery Lea Laois




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