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RECENT NEWS (Dec, 2009)
  I have just discovered that the Riall family may have emigrated to co. Limerick, Ireland from Exeter, England.  The Limerick Rialls moved into co. Tipperary in the 1660s and settled at Cashel, Clonmel, Fethard to name a few areas.

  The original Rialls from Limerick were:

 ?? William RIALL / RYALL / RIAL  m.. Mary ALLEN    or  Grace ALLEN ??
     William; lsited as Alderman in the city or Limerick, 1659
     Mary / Elizabeth; poss, d/o Willliam Allen a fellow Aldrerman of Limerick

     Notes:  This source says that Riall & Allen emigrated from Devon, England
  1 Phineas [1659-    ] See TABLE 1
  1 Samuel [1661-    ] See TABLE 2
  1 William [1663-    ] See TABLE 3
  1 Mary [1665-    ] See TABLE 4
  1 Hannah [1667-    ] See TABLE 5
  1 Purchass /se [1668-    ] See TABLE 6
  1 Elizabeth ;1669-    ] See TABLE 7
  1 John [1670-    ] See TABLE 8

These Tables are made up of information found on the Internet or from cousins who have provided me with material.  Because there seems to be much confusion about this family, I have put what I have on this page in order to help myself and other fellow researchers

Of the above, Phineas can be found on the Internet and John in the FHC.  I believe Phineas and John are brothers.  I believe that Phineas is of Clonmel and John of Cashel. 

  Researching Phineas and John gives no evidence that our Rialls/Ryalls are of the two.  This leaves me to believe that our Rialls descend from William 1663-.  If so, there are about 5 generations to get to our George and Edward Rialls.  So far, the Internet has not given me any hint of William 1663-.

  I leave all the following for research purposes -

The table below is correct as possible but the ancestors have not been found and the probables are listed:

In biographical notes by James Edward Ryall of Somerset, UK d. 1954 it has:  William  ? Ryall (late  18th Century) believed of co. Tipperary with the following names:  George,  John (?),  Edward,  William,  Margaret and Mary. 

Source information is from stapled pages that I have and is titled:  "RYALL Family - Biographical Notes" by James Edward Ryall, Late of North Surrey, Somerset, UK, d. 1954

SOURCES:  (all information is 'sic';    (?) is what the writer wrote;    ? xxxxx ? is unreadable by me

Other information might indicate that a second marriage or illegitimate or some of Phineas Riall's children may have been ancestors of the family below.

There is information pointing to William Riall of Annerville who may have married or had issue with an unknown lady and that ancestry follows in the tables below.  This maybe the William of Annerville, banker & partner with Charles & Arthur or Andrew Riall in the Riall Bank of Clonmel; who married  4 Jan, 1798 Dorothea Bellingham, eldest daughter of Lt. Col. Henry Bellingham of Castle Bellingham, co. Louth.  If all of this is true then my Riall / Ryall lineage can be traced back to Phineas Riall, of Clonmel, co. Tipperary who married in 1692, Elizabeth, dau. of William Vaughan of Clonmel.  However, no proof has been found or hinted at this other than the note that I have.  This may be a case of poor cousins, wishing to be related or not a father relationship but rather a cousin relationship

Contrary to the above family information is a follow-up on Mary Riall married to John Tinsley.  I found a Sweeny-Tinsley-Riall legal document (#4545) which  talks of  the late John Tinsley of Clonmel, master builder, Mary Tinsley his widow, Sgt. Maj. Sweeeny, dated 1827.  This information points me to the fact that John Tinsley husband of Mary Riall was the builder of the homes on Anne St, Clonmel and that the statement(s) shown below (see Mary Riall m. John Tinsley) are accurate.  Then if the statement about John constructing on behalf of John's father-in-law tends to rule out William of Annerville or any William being Mary's father and puts a Charles in her father's place.  There is a Charles Riall who married an Anne Roberts but they married in 1801 and thus could not be the parents of Mary Riall Tinsley

(Source notes in italics are by Paul Turner)

?? William RIALL [c.1776-    ]  late 18th century - believed of County Tipperary 

SOURCES:  (all information is 'sic';    (?) is what the writer wrote;    ?xxxxx? is unreadable by me  from my material
Old ring in paper with Kate Hesketh Pritchard;  1- endorsement given by William Ryall to (Grannie) Cahterine Ryall nee Roberts;  2- William Ryall of co. Tipperary whose son, Edward, was married at Magorban slated to be resident of Feathard, Tipperary  3-  Believed to have had ?invest? was including: George, John (?), Edward, William(?) & his daughters, Margaret & Mary(?)

  10 George RIALL [c.1796- ] m.1817  Sarah ROBERTS [c.1798-     ]
married at Stradbally, Queen's co., Ireland in 1817   

believed to be eldest son of forging William m.1817 Miss S. Roberts and was the father of Arthur, b.1826 Stradbally Parish record marriage entry 1817;  Stradbally Parish record baptism Arthur son of same;  family tradition - Edward known to have several brothers  Arthur (son) known to be cousin of Maj. Gen. Browne William Ryall 

    11 Arthur RYALL [1824-1898] (of Upper Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia)
s/o George Ryall & Sarah Roberts;  born at Stradbally, 20 Jan, 1826;  died 28 Oct, 1898;  buried Boorandarra Cemetery 

(of upper Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia)
son of forgoing George Ryall and Sarah (nee Roberts);  b. Jan, 20, 1826;  m.;  father of Rosetta & Sarah;  d. October28th, 1898;  Buried in Boorandarra Cemetery with his cousin General Ryall  (in the left margin is:  photographs of graves  and  Not found
Birth Stradbally Parish Register 20.1.1826;  photograph of Tombstone in Borondarra Cemetery Inscription
"In loving memory of
Arthur Ryall
Beloved father of
Rosetta & Sarah Ryall
Died October 28th , 1898 aged 74 years"
(N.B.  According to Stradbally Register age would have been 76 years)
Buried in same grave as Browne William Ryall
Stated in letter from H. Crawford dated March 5, 1899 to ?? his cousin's Browne William and Edward Berners 
Appears to have been very friendly with Browne William and with Edward Berners and gave them hospitality in his house at Upper Hawthorne;  By coincidence both brothers died in the same room in this house

      12 Rosetta RYALL [1819-    ] - 1894; not married

daughter of forging Arthur;  believed 'unmarried'
kept in small school at Upper Hawthorne, ????  ???  (I think it says that they are mentioned in the letter of 5 Mar, 1899 from H. Crawford --referred elsewhere on this page)

        Sarah RYALL [1820-    ] - 1894; not married

daughter of forging Arthur;  believed 'unmarried'

  10 John RIALL

believed by tradition to be second son of William Ryall of co. Tipperary


  10 William RIALL

Trad. a son of William Ryall of County Tipperary.
Believed to be the father of George

    11 George James RIALL [1840-    ]  m.  Annie Marie UKN
s/o William Ryall;  born 14 Jan, 1840;  a  Judge at Small Case Court. Lahore, India;

Judge of the Small Cause Court, Lahore;  b. 1840, 14 Jan;  m. Annie - Marie ----;  d,?; 
History of service - appears in Indian Archives, Commonwealth Relations Office, King Charles St, SW1;  his widow, Annie-Marie, shared a house in Lahore with Mrs. Florence Ryall.

      12 Charles Henry RIALL [1874-1900]
s/o George Ryall;  born 13 Jul, 1874;  joined India Police, 1895;  1900 in Kenya for Railroad construction;  while asleep in a railroad car he was carried off by a lion (Man-Eaters of Tsavo);  died 1900 at Nairobi 
(1 see end of page)

b, 13th Jul, 1874 (baptised, ?T/J ullundue? 26/7/74,  unmarried;  d. circa 1908, Nairobi
Punjab Civil List, 1900;  Bap't entry = Ben 14/28  (must mean Bengal)
Joined Indian Police, 1895.  Sent on deputation 18 ?Keny? in (Railway Construction), 1900;  While asleep in a railway carriage, he was carried off by a lion - see "The Man-Eaters of Tsavo" - in which the incident is described


  10 Edward RYALL [c.1795-c.1829 ]  mc.1819  Catherine ROBERTS [1798-18?8]
  Edward,  s/o George Ryall;  born at Fethard, co. Tipperary;  married at Fethard;  had sugar plantation at Santa Cruz, St. Croix, West Indies;  died c.1829;
Catherine,  (see Roberts Dossier);  returned to Stradbally with her children after Edward's death in St. Croix, c. 1830

Edward -  Third(?) son of William Ryall of co. Tipperary;  b. ;  m. Catherine Roberts of Stradbally, April ?, 1819;  d.   ;    original marriage certificate (not in my possession);  Edward Ryall of the parish of Featheard and Catherine Roberts of Stradbally, Queen's Co., were married in Parish Church of Mogorban, County of Tipperary on (6) day of April, 1819 by me Rvd William H. Bagnell Curate of Mogorban;  Mogorban Glebe April ?th (looks like 6), 1819;  Family tradition - Emmigrated to Santa Cruze W.1 (then Danish);  "where they had a major plantation" ??  ?? letter 18.8.1921;  no mention fo him in any letters - name not in family Bible;  Father of Arthur b. 1820 in Stradbally; Browne William b. 1826 at Santa Cruz; Edward Berners b. 1827 at Santa Cruz
Catherine - born Stradbally Sep. 22nd, 1798;  daughter of Arthur Roberts of Stradbally and Elizabeth Browne of Portarlingon (Queen's Co./ co. Laois);  married April 6th, 1819 Edward Ryall;  died circa 18?8;  Baptism in Stradbally register;   Correspondence dated 1848 exists between Catharine and he edlest brother, R. Roberts, with ref to the "old home" etc in Stradbally purchased (?) by Catharine and left to her son Browne William.  A Woman of shinny personality & good business acumen.  It is noteworthy that she was married at Feathard (Fethard) and not from her father's house.  Believed to be a sister of Sarah, Wife of Gerbie (George) Ryall


    11 Arthur RYALL [1820-1833]
eldest s/o Edward Ryall & Catherine Roberts;  born at Heywood;  died at Stradbally, Ireland

Eldest son of foregoing Edward and Catharine Ryall;  b. 1820;  d. Stradbally Nov 5th, 1833 aged 13;  death date entered in records of Stradbally Parish;  Family tradition - letter from Katie dated 18.8.1841  "Arthur Ryall, grannie's eldest child was born at Heywood";  it would appear that Edward and Catharine Ryall took the boy Arthur with them to West Indies

    11 Browne William RYALL, Maj. Gen.  [1826-1894]  m1.1850  Eleanor M. O'BRIEN [c.1833-1851/52]  m2.  Elizabeth MURRAY  m3.1859  Elizabeth Louisa HILL [1829-1901]
s/o Edward Ryall & Catherine Roberts;  born 27/29th Jul, 1826 at Santa Cruz, West Indies and baptized 22 Feb, 1827;  (nephew of Browne Roberts of Ravensbourn Park, London, England);  educated at Stradbally;  1844 he appears to be working for his uncle R. Roberts in London;  1846, at Madras and leaves his uncle's business for health reasons; 1845 petitioned for Cadet in the Bengal Infantry, East India Co, on 16 Dec, 1845;  Ensign, 1846;   married Eleanor 23 Apr, 1850 at Gwalior, India;  Lieutenant, 1856;  Captain, 1858;  Lt. Colonel, 1880;  assigned 63rd N.I. up to 1858;   recommended for Victoria Cross (did not get) for gallantry at the battle of Banda, 1858;   retired Maj. General in 1881 at a pension of £987.12;  last resided at Lorne, Victoria, Australia;  died at Hawthorne;  interred Boorandarra Cemetery, Kew, Victoria, Australia
  Eleanor O' Brien, d/o Surgeon-General *Peter O'Brien (* Not sure of the General Rank, last found was Surgeon Major); b. 1 Dec, 1832;  d. either 7 Jun, 1851 or 13 Jul, 1852, ae 19yre
  Elizabeth Murray, d/o General Murray;  Browne & Elizabeth had no children
  Elizabeth Hill,  d/o James & Frances Hill of Calcutta & brother of James Hill;  born 4 Apr, 1829;  married 12 Apr, 1859 in St. John's Church, Calcutta;  living at Montrose, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, 1883 when her daughter, Ethel, died (Ethel's death certificate shows her mother as Louisa);  Elizabeth Louisa Hill died c.1901;  buried at Brighton, England

- P. Hellier -e-May, 2010- Eleanor BMD and info on Peter O'Brien
- inactive web site:
second son of foregoing Edward and Catharine Ryall;  b. Jul, 27th, 1826;  m.1) Ellen d. of  Surg. Gen. O'Brien. 1 daughter, Catherine b. 1851 (Hesketh Pritchard.);  m2 Elizabeth d. of Gen Murray - no children of this marriage;  m3 April 12, 1859 (Calcutta) Elizabeth Louisa d. of James Hill of Calcutta - issues 4 sons, 2 daughters:  James Sidney, b. 1861;  Edward Charles, b. 1865;  Arthur Austin, b. 1867;  Irvine Murray, b. 1869;  Ethel Frances, b. 1860;  Nina Isabel, b. 1871;  died in Upper Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia, March 5th, 1894;  Dates of birth and death on tombstone in Borondarra Cemetery;  Place of birth entered by himself in family Bible;  married thirdly at St. John's Church, Calcutta.  Death certificate (on ????)
Bio Notes:  First mentioned of Browne William is in a letter written by ??? to his mother, dated 11th July, 1844.  The address is Old Jewry Chanbers, & he appears to have been articled in his uncle "R" Roberts who had a business in London.  Two years later he appears in Madras (letter to his mother, dated 3rd June, 1846,  He has apparently left his Uncle's firm "for health reasons" (???   ??  R. Robert's letter to Catharine of 25 Nov, 1848, & had joined the East India Company as a Cadet.  By the end of that year, he was in financial difficulties (see leter of R. Roberts to Catharine of 20th Dec, 1846.  For his subsequent career in the Bengal Army much material is available (see his own list of appointments held from 1846 until retirement as a Major General in 1881)  Also by???? of Record of Service.  During the 38 years of military service, he was engaged in three campaigns & commanded successively the 8?, 14th & 17th regiments of Bengal Calvary.  He was mentioned in dispatches & was recommended for the Victoria Cross (he didn't get it) for gallantry at the battle of Banda 1858, during the Mutiny.  Posted as Brigade Commander. Mullin, in 1874, he was granted sick leave to Europe in 1880.  1881, promoted Maj. General & retired on a pension of £987.12. pa.
On his retirement he & his 3rd wife, Louisa, nee Hill, went to reside in Australia for the benefit of his son's (Arthur Austin) health. At ? Geniliquin ?, N.S.W. this son died & his 2nd son (Edward Charles) was married.  After a visit to his brother (Edward Berners) at ? Warrorambool ?, Victoria he died at the house of his cousin Arthur at Upper Hawthorne on Mar 5th, 1894
in the left margin is Medals  - Indian Mutiny - (clasp. C??? India,  India Medal
Family tradition - evidence that B-W owned some property in ? Ootacannund ?, India but that the little-deeds of this property were unfortunately "lost".  It appears that he inherited some Irish property form his mother, Catharine (nee Roberts), which property he left to his widow, Louisa.  B-W's will, executed in Australia (original) & dated 21st Sept, 1886, was admitted to Probate on 4 Apr, 1894.  By it, he left his entire estate of £453 to his widow, Louisa.  He seems to have been singularly unlucky in his financial transactions.  Edward and Louisa after his retirement apparently lived lodgings, sometimes in Brighton & sometimes in Ventor.
Elizabeth Hill's brother, James Hill, lived near Westbourne Terrace, London W..  Her unmarried sisters, Annie Bella & Nina assisted her with the gfrowing family of  ???? children.  By her will she left the ??? property (two houses in Stradbally which she had inherited from Catharine Ryall, nee Roberts) to her step-daughter, Katie & her surviving son Edward Charles.  A few hundred pounds were left to Nina (? blind ?) and Irwen Murray ( certified )
1859 - Bengal Marriages - Ryall, Browne W.;  Hill, Elizabeth L.;  1859;  N1, 95, 212 
1876 - co. Laois - Land Owner, Browne Ryall, Lieutenant Col.

      12 Catherine (Kate or Katie) RYALL [1851-1935]  m.1876  Hesketh Broderick PRICHARD [1851-1876]
d/o Browne Ryall & Eleanor O'Brien;  born 7 Jun, 1851 at Gwalior, India during the Mutiny;  lived with her grandmother Roberts at Stradbally;  married 14 Jan, 1876 at Peshwar, India;  bore a son and Hesketh died shortly before;  lived in Jersey with the O'Briens;  published along with her son several novels the most successful was "The Adventures of Don Q", died 14 Nov, 1935 at Bayswater, London, England
  Hesketh, born at Hereford, England, 1851;   ancestry linked to the Brodericks,  Anne Hesketh - Broderick's mother - being a d/o 1st Viscount Midleton, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, 1714;  passed into Sandhurst and became a senior Under-Office;  received a sword of honour from the Duke of Cambridge, won the foils three terms in succession, passed out  third and was given a free commission as one of the first batch of Cardwell's cadets;  his commission took him to India in 1871 with the 2nd Battalion of the King's Own Scottish Borderers;  1875, at Jhansi with the 24th Punjabis and then to Afghanistan;  1876 at Peshwar, India;  1876, in Afghanistan, he, being hot and thirsty, drank from a river and contracted Typhoid;  died 5 Oct, 1876 ae 25yrs 6 weeks before his son was born.  

Only child of Gen B-W Ryall by his first wife, Ellen O'Brien;  b. 7 Jun, 1851 at Gwalion, India;  m. 17 Jan, 1876 at Peshawar, India, Hesketh Broderick Prichard, 24th Regt Punjab Infantry;  d. 11/14th Nov, 1935 in Bayswater, London.  One son, Hesketh Vernon Prichard   
Original documents are ??? in the possession of the Hesketh-Prichard family.  Mary ??? extant;  Kate was born in India in 1851 & during the Mutiny, she was shut-up in Gwalion Fort and later moved to her grandmother Catharine (nee Roberts)  at Stradbally.  She was married in Peokowan & widowed shortly afterwards.  Her son, Hesketh, was born posthumously.  On return from India she livid for some time in Jersey with the O'Briens & took up a literary career.  She published several novels, some in co-operation with her son.  "The Adventures of Don Q" was her most successful novel & this was afterwards filmed with Douglas Fairbanks in the title role.  Her son Hesketh, was a distinguished ricketeer;  played for the M.C.C. & toured Australia.  He also was a fellow o the Royal Zoological Soc. and explorer & Big-game hunter.  Katie accompanied him on several of his expeditions & collaborated with him in publishing literary material: "In search of the quaint sloth in Pantagonia (S. America)".& "Through Trackless Labrador" etc.    
1876 - Bengal Marriages - Ryall, Kate O'B;  Prichard, Hesketh;  1876;  155/211

        13 Hesketh Vernon HESKETH-PRICHARD [1876-1922]  m.1908  Elizabeth (Lady) GRIMSTON
 distinguished ricketeer in Australia;  fellow of the Royal Zoological Society;  explore and big-game hunter;  his mother, Kate Ryall, accompanied him on several of his expeditions and collaborated with him on several transcripts;  married, 1908;  started the school for sniping during WWI and was in France,1915;  won M.C & D.SO.;  seriously wounded and died 1922;
  Elizabeth,  ?
nb: above information taken from notes but other sites do not show this person) third d/o the Earl of Verulam - d/o James Walter Grimston, 3rd Earl of Verulam and Margaret Frances Graham;  lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary;  after Hesketh's death Elizabeth remarried Major Motin MFN Serge Hill, Herts, England;

see above sources with his mother, Catharine - Hesketh married in 1908, Elizabeth, 4th dau. of the 3rd Earl of Verulam.  Issue 1- Michael (married Venetia, nee Greene(?) & has issue:  2- Alfgar, killed in action 1944;  3- Diana.  Hesketh started the school for Sniping in the !st World War (France, 1915).  Won M.C. & D.S.O. & was seriously wounded, dying in 1922. 
Hesketh's widow was Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Mary.  She subsequently remarried (Maj. Martin, M.F.H, Serge Hill, Herts).   

          14 Michael HESKETH-PRICHARD  m.1938  Venetia Alice GREEN

>> R. Prichard e-Jun, 2014

          14 Diana HESKETH-PRICHARD
          14 Alfgar HESKETH-PRICHARD [1917-1944/45]
s/o Hesketh Hesketh-Pritchard and Elizabeth Grimston;  a Page of Honour to HM King George V;   very athletic, educated and with a fascination for radios he was called by the SOE (Special Operations) and was last heard of on 3 Dec, 1944 (2)
    12 Ethel Frances (Elizabeth) RYALL [1860-1883]
d/o Browne Ryall & Elizabeth Hill;  born 1 Apr, 1860 at Cawnpore, India;  unmarried;  died 2 Nov, 1883 at Ventnor, Isle of Wight;  (Ventnor was home for the Royal Hospital for TB, but the address given for where died is at the other end of Ventnor from the Hospital and the cause of death was not for Tuberculosis).

Ethel: [Death Certificate]

eldest dau. of Gen B-W Ryall & Louisa (3rd wife);  b. 1st apr, 1860 at Cawnpore, India;  unmarried;  d. 2nd Nov, 1883 at Ventor, Isle of Wight
Photograph as a child with two brothers "In Memoriam" notice and several others

      12 James Sydney RYALL [1861-1881]
s/o Browne Ryall & Louisa Hill;  born 9 May, 1861 at Donag, Oudh, India;  unmarried;  served as a Lieutenant in the Leicestershire Reg't at Ganlior;  developed TB;  returned home and died at 20yrs;  buried at Brighton, England

eldest son of Gen. B-W Ryall & Louisa (3rd wife);  b. 9 May, 1861 at Donag, Oudh, India;  unmarried;  d.  19 May, 1881 at Brighton
Date and place of birth in family Bible one letter (his last letter from India);  miniature in case;  served as a Lieutenant in the Leicestershire Regt. at G??alion;  Developed TB & was invalided in house.  Died aged 20 & was buried at Brighton, UK

      12 Edward Charles RYALL [1863-1942]  m.1891  Florence Emma BROUGH-SMYTHE
s/o Browne Ryall & Louisa Hill;  born 1 Apr, 1863 at Stradbally, Queen's Co., Ireland;  educated at King's College, London;  RMCd at Sandhurst;  commissioned, 9 sep, 1882 in the 18th Royal Irish Reg't and later the Indian Army (4th PWO Gurkha Rifles;  won the following medals:  India Medal, 1894-95;  China, 1900;  married 27 Aug, 1891 at Presbyterian church at Deniliquinn, NSW, Australia;  retired as Colonel and settled at Tonbride;  re-entered the army at the start of WWI;  served in France;  Star, 1914-1915;  General Service, 1914-1918;  Victory Medal, 1914-1918;  Coronation George V, 191;  retired at Glehholme;  died 24 Jun, 1942 at Glenholme, Maryfield, Sussex, England;  interred Maryfield Churchyard 
  Florence,  only d/o Robert Brough-Smythe of Australia

Second son of Maj-General  B. W. Ryall by his wife Louisa (3rd wife, nee Hill); 1st April, 1863 at Stradbally, Queen's Co., Ireland;  m. 27 August, 1891 Florence Emma, only daughter of Robert Brough-Smythe of Australia at Presbyterian Church, ? Deniliqinn ?  NSW;  d. 24 June, 1942 at Glenholme, Mayfield, Sussex
No birth certificate exists, but there is a letter extant from the doctor who attended his mother at his birth;  marriage certificate;  death certificate;  miniature, several photographs &  letters
Original commission in Royal Irish Regiment & history of service:  Medals - India Medal, clasp w??? 1894/5;  China, 1900;  1914-15 Star;  General Service 1914-18;  Victory Medal, 1914-19;  Coronation George V, 1911;  by his wife, Florence, he had  2 sons - Liut. Robert William b. 27 Aug, 1899 at ???? & James Edward, b. 21st Oct, 1893 at ?????
Edward Charles was the only one of the children of Gen. B.W. Ryall who was born one of ??? on the advice of the grandmother, Catharine (Roberts);  he wa? ??? handed over it at post-mortem, believed ??? ???  ???  Mrs. ???? Dobbin of Stradbally (see letter from the son Wallis Dobbin dated 5th Feb, 1951)  His parents returned to India when he was 9 moths old leaving him in th care of his grandmother Catharine.  Later he was sent to a school at Hastngs  ??  by Bessie Page, sister of Charlotte Ryall. (see under Edward Berners).  He was educated at King's College School, London & R. M. C. Sandhurst.  Commissioned 9th Sep, 1882 in 18th Royal Irish & later joined the Indian Army (4th P.W.O. Gurkha Rifles) 4th Jul, 1884;  He was permanently stationed at Bukloh, Punjab & here he built a house in which he lived fro many years with his wife & family.  Saw active service on NW Frontier, Samana, 1891;  ? Wayiristan ? Field Force, 1894-95;  Chitral, 1897;  China Expedition Force, 1900-02;  Retired 1st Jan, 1909 with rank of Lieut-Col.  Col. Ryall setted at Tonbridge where their sons were educated & prior to the outbreak of the 1st World War, Edward Charles was instrumental in raising the Tonbridge Bn. of the Nat. Reserves - the forerunner of Kitchener's Territorial Army.  He was re-employed in the Army on the outbreak of 1st World War & saw service in France with the 7th Bn, Royal West Kent Reg't.  Superannuated in 1915 & retired to his home at Glenholme, Bayfield, Sussex.  For the next 24 years his life was uneventful, but he occupied his time in gardening, carpentry * village pursuits.  A man of retiring disposition he possessed great charm of manners & was beloved by his children & grandchildren of whom he was known affectionately as "Por".  He died at the ripe age of 79 (predeceasing his wife by two years) & was buried at Mayfield (Church Yard)

        13 Robert William RYALL [1892-1915]
        13 James Edward RYALL O.B E., M. B. E. [1893-1950]  m.1924  Monica Mary Frances COODE-ADAMS
s/o Edward Charles Ryall &  Florence Emma Brough-Smythe;  born 21 Oct, 1893;  educated at Tonbridge;  married 29 Sep, 1924; of Fosse House, North Curry, Taunton, Somerset;  O.B.E., 1933,  M.B.E., 1921;  King's Police Medal, 1922; O. St. J., Ch. Constable of Somerset from 1939;  served in Indain Police 1913-33 in Punjab and N. W. Frontier Prov.;  served in Afghan War, Assist. Insp-Gen. of Police, Punjab, Ch. constable of E. R. Yorks, 1934.
  Monica;  d/o Sir John Coode-Adams, Kt. Bach., by his wife Bertha Mary, dau. of Fredericik Whinney.
          14 Michael James RYALL  m.  Ursula Dorothy MALLALIEU
          14 John Francis Robert RYALL
      12 Arthur Austin RYALL [1867-1891]
s/o Browne Ryall & Louisa Hill;  born 24 Mar, 1867 in India;  unmarried;  he developed TB and die 26 Jun, 1891

3rd son of Gen B-W Ryall & Louisa (3rd wife);  b. 24 March, 1867, in India;  unmarried;  d. 26th June, 1891, in Deniliquin, N.S.W., Australia
Lived with his brothers & sisters in Brighton, when a child;  while working in London his health broke down & he developed TB.  His parents took him too Australia & he died at Woodside, Den??? aged 24.  (a photograph of him aged 21 with Edward)

      12  Irvine Murray RYALL [1869-1918]
s/o Browne Ryall & Louisa Hill;  born 1869 in India;  unmarried;  died at Dartford, Kent, England,  21 Dec, 1918

3rd son of Gen B-W Ryall & Louisa (3rd wife);  b. 1869 in India;  unmarried;  d. 21st Dec, 1918 at Dartford, Kent
Notification of death in City of London Mental Hospital

      12 Nina Isabel Louise RYALL [1871-1917]
d/o Browne Ryall & Louisa Hill;  born 1871 in India;  unmarried;  went blind at any early age and learned Braille;  died at Brighton, 1917

2nd dau. of Gen B-W Ryall & Louisa (3rd wife); b. -1871, in India;  unmarried d. 1917 in Brighton
Named entered in death certificate of Gen B-W Ryall;  known personally to James Edward Ryall (nephew);  went blind at a fairly early age and learnt Braille

    11 Edward Bernars RYALL [1827-1898]  m.1865  Charlotte PAGE [c.1836-1898]
 Edward, s/o Edward Ryall & Catherine Roberts;  born 27 Jun, 1827 at Santa Cruz, St. Croix, West Indies;  brought home by his widowed mother when a boy;  educated at Stradbally, Queen's Co., Ireland;  worked for his uncle R. Roberts;  1852, went to Australia for Gold Rush at Bendigo;  1852 joined Police force;  in charge of last gold escort from Bendigo in 1802;  married 10 Jan, 1865;  Sub-Inspector in 1871;  General-Superintendent, 1881;  1883 Superintendent at Ballarat;  married;  retired 1894;  died at Upper Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia in Dec, 1898

 Superintendent of Police - 3rd son of Edward & Catharine;  b. 27th Jun, 1827 at Santa Cruz, W. I.;  m. 10 Jan, 1865, Charlotte (5th dau. of Thomas &Charlotte Page of London ?);  d.  Dec, 1898 at Upper Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia - No children
No original papers but dates of birth & marriage entered in Bible by his brother Gen B-W Ryall;  A letter from him, dated 23/8/98 to his nephew Ned (or Neal) exists, also an endorsement by him on the back of the photograph of Gen Ryall's grave, dated 4/12/98.  Photograph (with his nephew Arthur Austin, see also newspaper cuttings gibing and account of this services in the Police Force of Bendigo, Victoria.  Family tradition - Born in Santa Cruz where his father was a planter,  he was brought home as a child by his widowed mother.  Lived at Stradbally & followed his brother ??? his uncle R. Roberts's office in Old Jewery.  In 1852 went on to Australia to try his luck in the 'Gold Rush" at Bendigo.  A few months later he joined the Police, 14/1/53, He was in charge of the last gold escort from Bendigo in 1802.  Promoted Superintendent, Bendigo 1885 & retired in 1892.  There was some evidence that his wife "aunt Lottie" was a landowner.  They owned small property at Warrnambool, Victoria, & were much beloved by the poor of the district.  After his wife's death, Edward Berners went to visit his cousin Arthur at UpperHawthorne.  Died in his house 1898.  Buried at Boroondarn Cemetery,  The property at Warrnambool was left to his niece Katie Hesketh-Pritachrd

1.  Charles Henry RYALL [1874-1908] - Man-Eaters of Tsavo

http://www.rtpnet.org/robroy/tsavo/tsavo.html#appendix      Excerpt:  .....He (the lion) sprang at once at Ryall, but in order to reach him had actually to plant his feet on Parenti, who, it will be remembered, was sleeping on the floor. At this moment Huebner was suddenly awakened by a loud cry, and on looking down from his berth was horrified to see an enormous lion standing with his hind feet on Parenti's body, while his forepaws rested on poor Ryall. Small wonder that he was panic-stricken at the sight. There was only one possible way of escape, and that was through the second sliding door communicating with the servants' quarters, which was opposite to that by which the lion had entered. But in order to reach this door Huebner had literally to jump on to the man-eater's back, for its great bulk filled up all the space beneath his berth. It sounds scarcely credible, but it appears that in the excitement and horror of the moment he actually did this, and fortunately the lion was too busily engaged with his victim to pay any attention to him. So he managed to reach the door in safety; but there, to his dismay, he found that it was held fast on the other side by the terrified coolies, who had been aroused by the disturbance caused by the lion's entrance. In utter desperation he made frantic efforts to open it, and exerting all his strength at last managed to pull it back sufficiently far to allow him to squeeze through, when the trembling coolies instantly tied it up again with their turbans. A moment afterwards a great crash was heard, and the whole carriage lurched violently to one side; the lion had broken through one of the windows, carrying off poor Ryall with him. Being now released, Parenti lost no time in jumping through the window on the opposite side of the carriage, and fled for refuge to one of the station buildings; his escape was little short of miraculous, as the lion had been actually standing on him as he lay on the floor. The carriage itself was badly shattered, and the wood-work of the window had been broken to pieces by the passage of the lion as he sprang through with his victim in his mouth.   All that can be hoped is that poor Ryall's death was instantaneous. His remains were found next morning about a quarter of a mile away in the bush, and were taken to Nairobi for burial. I am glad to be able to add that very shortly afterwards the terrible brute who was responsible for this awful tragedy was caught in an ingenious trap constructed by one of the railway staff. He was kept on view for several days, and then shot.

2.  Alfgar HESKETH-PRICHARD [1917-1944/45]  The last days of:                

http://www.quns.cam.ac.uk/Queens/Record/1998/History/WartimeMystery.html  Excerpt:  ......His (Alfgar) last signal, on December 3 1944, read, "Give my regards to all at White's. This is no life for a gentleman". After that nothing was heard from him and no-one seems to know how he met his end. Perhaps he was discovered and killed by the Nazis, though no record has been found, perhaps he succumbed to the harsh conditions, perhaps Russian agents competing for control in Southern Austria eliminated him, maybe even the partisans themselves found him too much of liability and had to kill him to avoid detection themselves, though the survivors hotly deny any such idea.  Alfgar's remains were never found, though a body dressed in British uniform was discovered and buried in Volkermarkt where Hesketh-Prichard's name is included on a memorial. the mission is described officially as "magnificent but unsuccessful", but his heroism and gallantry are remembered by the Slovenian people with whom he spent his last months. He was awarded the M.C. posthumously.

Riall of Ballyorney House, Enniskerry, co. Wicklow  - Major Patrick Dudley Erskine Riall
Phineas Riall of Clonmel [1659-1709]  m.1692  ElizabethVaughan
  Willliam Vaughan Riall of Clonmel, founder of Riall Bank, Clonmel [1699-1781]  m.1727  Mary Bagwell
    Phineas Riall 1737-   ]  m.  Catherine Caldwell
      William Riall of Annerville [1769-1843]  m.1798  Dorothea Bellingham  >>  this is where we have the poss. illegitimate or second marriage producing our line
      Charles Riall [1774-    ]
      Gen Phineas
      Andrew Arthur

   Samuel (Rev.)  m.1770  Elizabeth Miles
   Elizabeth  m.1798  Dunbar Burton
   --- more

Ryalkl of the Fosse House (North Curry, Taunton, Somerset - James Edward Ryall
William Ryall of co. Tipperary had issue with another
  George who left issue, Arthur, of Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia, [1824-1898]
  Edward of Feathard, co. Tipperary [17?5-    ]  m.1819  Catherine Roberts  >> to my Roberts family


Not figured into the family but the names are mentioned.

?? Charles RIALL [c.1760-    ]  ??  m.  Anne ROBERTS   from LDS

Searching the Charles Riall as Mary Riall's father I find a possible Charles Riall  who may have married Anne Roberts of Old Connaugh Diocese, Co. Dublin  (??  Old Conna Hill)

  10 Margaret RIALL [c.1794-    ] [dy]
  10 Mary RIALL [c.1795-    ]  m.1816  John TINSLEY [1789-1825]  &  Daniel SWEENY      married 10 Nov, 1816 (LDS)

LDS - John, s/o W. Thomas Tinsley & Jane BROUGH (BROUPH)  
Birth:  5 Jan 1790;  Place:  Ardfinnan, Tipperary Co., Ireland Death:  28 Nov 1825;  Place:  Ardfinnan, Tipperary Co., Ireland

Findings: http://www.clonmel.ie/0/107/ - Sráid Anna (Anne Street) Built in 1820, Charles Riall (1744 - 1855) engaged builders Thomas and John Tinsley to carry out the work. The street was probably named after Riall's wife Anne.
At the age of sixteen William Tinsley became a regular employee. His father (
Thomas Tinsley)had retired and John, the eldest son was placed in charge. Another son, Thomas (junior), was also a partner. The firm of Tinsley now undertook several contracts. A block of twenty-four houses was built in Anne Street for Charles Riall - John Tinsley's father-in-law. ?? this John Tinsley ??  Dates are good for marriage and buildings


    11 Mary Anne TINSLEY [    -1862]
d/o Mary Ryall & John Tinsley


  1 Phineas RIALL [1659-1709]  m.1692  Mary VAUGHAN [c.1670-1723]
  Phineas; b. 1 Jan, 1659;  prob. Limerick; lived at Clonmel; merchant and broker of Clonmel, co. Tipperary; married 27 Apr, 1692, Clonmel;; d. 1709.
  Mary; d/o William Vaughan; m2.2 Feb, 1710, Richard Perry [   -1722] d. 24 Dec, 1723, Clonmel; Mary & Richard had 2 sons, Richard [1712-    ] & son,  d. childbirth

    2 Elizabeth RIALL [1693-1693]
 b. 9 Feb, 1693;  d. 18 Feb, 1693
    2 Mary RIALL [1694-1695] 
b. 3 Oct, 1694;  d. 13 Oct. 1695
    2 Anne RIALL [1696-1702]
Anne; b. 17 Jul, 1696;  d. 7 Feb, 1702
    2 Sarah RIALL [1697-    ]
b. 11 Jul, 1697
    2 William Vaughan RIALL [1699-1781]  m.  Mary BAGWELL [c.1700-19774]
William; of Annerville;  b. 3 Feb, 1699;  married 28 Jan, 1727;  d. 26 Oct, 1781;  founder of the Riall Bank of Clonmel
  Mary;  d/o John Bagwell; d. 19 Jan, 1774

      3 Catherine RIALL [1728-1728] still born
      3 John RIALL [1732-1749]  b. 8 Jan, 1732, Clonmel;  d. 21 May, 1749 (drowned in Cork Harbour
      3 Elizabeth RIALL [1735-1769]  m.1754  Simon NEWPORT
 married 9 May, 1954; d. 28 Jan, 1769
Simon;  of Waterford, a banker (Newpors's Bank of Waterford
        4 John NEWPORT [1755-    ]  Sir John Newport
        4 William NEWPORT [1758-1820]  Banker, Newport's
        4 dau. NEWPORT c.[1761-     ]  m.  Joseph GREEN of Kilkenny
      3 Phineas RIALL [1737-1797]  m1c.1761  Mary BOLTON  m2.1768  Catherine CALDWELL
Phineas; b. 16 May, 1737;  m. Catherine, 19 Nov, 1761, Liverpool;  d. 15 May, 1797;  banker, built & lived at Heywood, co. Tipperary
  Mary;  d/o Cornelius Bolton of Ballycanvan, co. Waterford
  Catherine;  2d/o Charles Caldwell of Dublin

        4 William RIALL [1769-1843] 
  William; s/o Phonea Riall & Catherine Caldwell;  b. 17 Nov, 1769, Dublin
        4 Elizabeth RIALL [1771-1846]  m.  George COCKBURN [    -1847 (General, GCH)
  Elizabeth;  d/o Phonea Riall & Catherine Caldwell;  b. 16 May, 1771, Dublin;  married 8 Mar, 1790;  d. 16 Aug, 1846
  George;  s/o George Cockburn of Liverpool;  lived, Shanganah, Castle Bray, co. Wicklow

Issues:  2 sons;  4 daus.

        4 Charles RIALL [1774-     ]
s/o Phonea Riall & Catherine Caldwell; 
        4 Phineas RIALL [1775-    ] b. 15 Dec, 1775
  s/o Phonea Riall & Catherine Caldwell; 

        4 Andrew Arthur RIALL [1777-    ] b. 21 Mar, 1777
  s/o Phonea Riall & Catherine Caldwell; 

      3 William RIALL [1738-1739]  b. 1 Nov, 1738;  d. 25 Mar, 1739
      3 Samuel RIALL [1741-     ]
    2 Rebeckah RIALL [1701-1723]
Rebeckah; b, 10 Aug, 1701;  d. >1723
      3 Phineas RIALL [1737-1797]  m.  Catherine CALDWELL
Phineas; of Clonmel
        4 William RIALL [1769-1843]  m.  Dorothea BELLINGHAM
  William; of Annerville
          5 Phineas RIALL [1799-1827]
          5 William RIALL [1803-1866]
          5 Samuel RIALL [1807-1872]
        4 Charles RIALL [1774-1885]  m.  Anne ROBERTS
          5 Phineas RIALL [1803-1884]  m.  Mary Anne
Phineas; of Old Conna Bray
  1 Samuel RIALL [1661-1822] (Rev)  m.1770  Elizabeth MILES [c.1661-1831]
  b. 30 Aug, 1741;  m. 11 Dec, 1770;  d. 10 Sep, 1822;  BCL, St. Mary Hall, Oxford; Reoctor of Kilenaule, co. Tipperary;
  Elizabeth;  eldest d/o John Miles & sister and heiress of Col Lawford Miles of Rochestowne;  d. 30 Oct, 1831, Upham, Killenaule
    2 Several RIALL d/y
    2 Rebeckah RIALL [1772-1784]
Rebeckah; b, 26 Jun, 1772;  d. 5 Mar, 1784
    2 John Bagwell RIALL [1773-1794]
John;  b. 25 Sep, 1773; edu. Trinity College, Dublin;  Ensign, 61st Regt;  drowned in Dungarvon Bay returning from Gilbralter;  no issue
    2 Mary RIALL [1774-1775]
    2 Elizabeth RIALL [1778-1853]  m.1798  Dunbar BARTON
Elizabeth; b, 5 Feb, 1778;  m. 26 Jul, 1798;  d. 16 Oct, 1853
  Dunabr;  6th s/o William Barton of Grove, Tipperary; of Rochestown

Issues: 7 sons

  1 William RIALL [1663-
  1 Mary RIALL [1665-    ]
  1 Hannah RIALL [1667-    ]
  1 Purchases RIALL [1668-    ]
  1 Elizabeth RIALL [1669-1754]
  1 John RIALL [1670-1754]

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  1 John RIALL [c.1670-    ]  m.  Sarah ????
  John; b. 17 Jan, 1670, Tipp
    2 Isaac RYALL [c.1715-    ]  m.  Ann ????
  Isaac bc.1715, prob. Cahsel, Tipp.
      3 Sarah RYALL [1749-    ]
  Sarah; b.1749, Cashel, Tipp; chr. 18 Feb, 1749, Cashel.
      3 John RYALL [c.1750-    ]
  John; bc. 1750, Cashel, Tipp;  d. Clonmel, Tipp
      3 Thomas RYALL [1753-    ]
  Thomas; c.1753, Cashel, Tipp;  chr. 22 Jul, 1753, Cashel
      3 George RYALL [1755-1826]
  George; b.1755; prob. Cashel, Tipp;  d. 30 Dec, 1826, Fethard, Tipp; bur. Church of Irealnd, Fethard, Tipp.
      3 William RYALL [1760-    ]
  William; bc. 1760, Cahsel, Tipp

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