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The following tables where compiled by Don Wood from information from Margaret Warner, whose great Aunt was
William Henry Welply's mother along with the Ballymoney and Kinneigh parish records (on this web site).

The Welply family may have emigrated from Wales and according to the 'History of Bandon' were among the early plantation arrivals in the Bandon area of 1597


07 Joseph WELPLY [c.1650-    ]  mc.1680  Ukn UKN  ??  A Miss or Mrs GUELPH ??? [c.1670-
  1659 census shows Joseph owning land near Bandon;  John O'Hart in his reports says that Joseph Welply or Guelph arrived from Wales.  This may be true and we know from the History of Bandon that there were Welply's at Bandon, 1597
  08 Dela WELPLY [c.1680-    ]  mc.1710  Cormac McCARTHY [c.1680-1761]
  Dela, daughter of Joseph Welply;  heiress;
  Cormac, of the McCarthy clan changed his name to Cormac Welply and his religion to Protestant in order to get his hands on his wife's inheritance.  During early Penal times Catholics were not allowed to own property.
    09 Dela Welply [1712-   ]
    09 John McCarthy Mor WELPLY [c.1714-    ]  mc.1740   Elizabeth MINHEER
  LDS  John s/o
Father:  ? Welply     Disc #25     Pin #309000 Mother:  ? MacCarthy Mor    
- b.
Flemish (Belgium)
      10 William WELPLY [1741-1833]  mc.1871  Anne HARRIS  [c.1755-1836]
s/o John Welply & Elizabeth Minheer; eldest born;
  both interred St. Helen's, Church,  Movidy

O'Hart;  FHC (William Welply, 1741-1833

        11 John WELPLY [c.1776-    ]  m.  Anne O'CROWLEY
s/o William Welply & Anne Harris;  of Kilbarry, Muskerry, co. Cork
  Anne; of Kilbarry, Muskerry, co. Cork; (O'Hart has Anne living in Cincinnati, OH, USA in 1887 and has 6 surviving children)
          12 Margaret (Maggie)  WELPLY [1819-     ]   m.  Thomas WALSH
 d/o John Welply & Anne O'Crowley;

I & FHC have the above;  O'Hart has Anne m. Thomas Walsh and Margaret m. ??


            13 Maggie WALSH
          12 Anne  see Margaret above = once source has Margret m. Walsh another has Anne m. T. Walsh
          12 John WELPLY [1825-1916]  m.1850  Sarah LANE [1835-1917]
s/o John Welply & Anne O'Crowley; b. 24 Jun, 1828, Ireland;  d. 10 Jan,. 1916
of Moss Grove, Commons, co. Cork

O'Hart says they moved to the US and are living in Cincinnati, OH in 1887 w/ 6 surviving issues
1880 Census - Cincinnati, OH:  John, 53, b. 1827, Ireland;  spouse, Sarah;  a Stone Mason
FHC has Sara Lane m. 13 Aug, 1850, Hamilton, Ohio to John Welply
Death, John:  John Welply;  b. 24 Jun, 1825, Ireland;  d. 10 Jan, 1916, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio;  bur. 12 Jan, 1916;  ae. 90/6/16;  Widowed; Father: John Welply, b. Ireland;  Mother: Ann Crowley, b. Ireland  ** this listing has him as a Widowed
Death, Jane Welply, bur. 8 Feb, 1917, d. 6 Feb, 1917, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio;  b. 3 Jun, 1835, Ireland;  housewife, widowed;  father, Samuel Lane;  mother, Elizabeth Morgan;  all b., Ireland   System Origin Ohio-EAsy  Film 1535661

            13 Eliza Anne WELPLY [1851-1852] 


            13 John W. WELPLY [1853-1916]  a y    m.  Martha F. MILNER [c.1860-1928]
d. Hamilton co., OH
  Martha;  d.1928, Hamilton, OH

Death, Martha:  Martha Welply;  b. 16 Sep, 1852, Newport, KY;  d. 8 Jan, 1928, Cincinnati;  ae 75yrs;  Widow; Bur, 12 Jan, 1928, Morrow, Ohio;  Father, Edwin Fuller (b. Boston, Mass);  mother, Abbie Howe (b. Boston)

            13 Samuel WELPLY [1855-1856]
  Samuel;  s/o John Welply & Sarah Lane;  b. 1857, Ohio
            13 S.A. WELPLY [1857-   

1880 & FHC:  S. A. Welply;  d/o John Welply & Sarah Welply;  b. 1857, Ohio;  res. Cincinnati;  ae 23yrs, single, at home

            13 Lillie WELPLY [1859-1877]


            13 Joseph WELPLY [1861-1936]  mc.1895  Anne / Anna M. SMITH [c.1864-1941]
es. 1930, Hamilton co., OH

1900 Census: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio - Joseph Welply, b. Sep 1860, spouse, Anna Welply b. West Virginia  his father/mother, b. Ireland;  marr. 5 yrs.
Death Joseph: Joseph Welply; d. 19\ Mar, 1936, Norwood, Hamilton, Ohio; ae. 75 yrs married
Death, Anna: Anna Welply, b. 5 Dec, 1862, West Virginia;  d. 15 Apr, 1941, Norwood, Hamilton, Ohio;  bur. 18 Apr, 1941, Spring Grove Cem; res. 1758 Cousland;  Father, James Smith (b. Ireland)  

              14 Anna Lee WELPLY [1895-1895]
              14 Joseph Anthony WELPLY [1897-1981/2]  m.   Amelia BREIDING [1898-1987]
 ?? b. West Virginia

prob. both died Butler, Hamilton OH

            13 James WELPLY [1863-1863]
s/o John Welply & Sarah Lane;


            13 Harry WELPLY [1865-1866]


            13 William WELPLY [1867-1911] 
s/o John Welply & Sarah Lane; b. 1867, Cincinatti

1880 Census - Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio:  William; b. 1867, Ohio;  son to John Welply & Sara Welply; 13;  at school

            13 George A. WELPLY [1868-1938]  m.  Augusta AHLERS / EHLERS / WOLFF [1869-1924]  afa Lllie Welply
  s/o John Welply & Sara Lane;  b. 26 Dec, 1868, Cincinnati, Ohio;  d. 24 Dec, 1938
 d/o Daniel Wolff & Anna Childs;  b. 30 Aug, 1869, Cincinnati, Ohio;   d. 11 Dec, 1924, Hamilton co., OH
  Both bur. Spro\ing Grove Cem.
  Res, 1930, Hamilton co. OH

1930 - res. Hamilton co. OH
Marriage:  George m. Augusta Ehlers  (b. 1873) ae. 52;  m. 18 Feb, 1925, Cincinnati;  Groom's parents: John Welply & Sarah Lane;  Bride's parents: Henry Elhers & Marie Munder ** note Augusta's death details.
Death, George:  George A. Welply;  d. 24 Dec, 1938, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; b. 26 Dec, 1868, Cincinnati;  d. ae. 69/11/28;  Spouse, Augusta;  Father, John Welply'  Mother, Sarah Lane;  lived at 2720 Glendora Ave, Cin.;  bur: Spring Grove Cem.
death Agusta:  Augusta Welply;  d. 11 Dec, 1924, same; b. 30 Aug, 1869, Cincit.;  d. ae. 55/3mos;  bur, 13 Dec, 1924, Spring Grove;  Father, Daniel Wolff;  mother, Anna Childs

            13 Minie WELPLY [18771-    ]

1880 Census - Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio:  Minie; b. 1871, Ohio;  dau.  to John Welply & Sara Welply; 9; 

            13 Emma Ada WELPLY [1876-1878]


            13 Mary Jane WELPLY [    -     ]  m.  Charles JENNINGS
            13 Sarah Anne WELPLY [??1857-     ] afa Sallie A. Welply  m.1889  David W. CRAIG
d/o/John Welply & Sarah Lane;

Marriage:  Sallie A. Welply m. 18 Dec, 1889, Hamilton Co., Ohio;  David W. Craig
Death:  William Charles Welply;  d. 22 Apr, 1906;  bur. 24 Apr, 1906,  a Coremaker;  single; Parents:  John Welply & Sarah Lane

Found:  Sarah C. MacLeord, d. 14 May, 1950, Cincinnati;  b. 8 Jan, 1891, Cincinnati; ae. 59/4/6

              14 Sarah C. CRAIG [1871-1950]  m.  ?? MacLEOD
Sarah:  d/o Sarah Welply & David Craig; b. 8 Jan, 1891, Cincinnati;  m. ?? MacLeod;  d. 14 May, 1950, Cincinnati;; ae. 59/4/6

FHC via Genealogy Today

          12 Marmaduke (Duke) WELPLY [1832-    ]  m.  ?  ????.
  Marmaduke;  s/o John Welply & Anne O'Crowley; b. 1832; Capt in U.S.A. Army   1st LT w/ Co. B, 69th Reg, Ohio Vol Inf.; lived at Oxford, OH

b. FHC; Civil Ward Internet mentions he being a LT
Found:  Marmaduke m. 28 Feb, 1876, Warwick, Indiana, Anna M. Serber


          12 Joseph WELPLY [1831-    ]  m.  Jane LANE


        11 Marmaduke (afa- Duke) WELPLY [1798-1864]  m.1834  Jane UNKLES / UNCLES (of Carbery)
Marmaduke; s/o William Welply & Anne Harris;  bur. Moviddy



        11 William WELPLY [c.1800-1873]  m1  Ellen HOLLAND   m2.  Ellen COLLINS
s/o William Welply & Anne Harris;  of Crookstown; d. 12 May, 1873; bur. Hammersmith Cem.
d/o John & Joanna Holland
  Ellen  of Mitchelstown

James Collin, MD, ae 72, of  Liverpool, brother to Mrs. Welply, Macroom, d. 26 Mar, 1867


          12 Annie WELPLY [1833-    ]  m.1850  John SPENCE
d/o William Welply & Ellen Holland;  born 15 Mar, 1833, Crookstown;  married 4 Mar, 1850;
Some children married and reside in Londo, Canada West
            13  2x son SPENCE
            13 6 x dau SPENCE
            13 Elizabeth Jane SPENCE [1835-     ]  m1.1860  James HOWELL  m2.1877  James LIDBETTER  

FHC has Eliz as Elizabeth Jane Welply d/o William Welply & Ellen Holladn mar to both of the above

            13 Mary Ann SPENCE [1842-    ]  m.1862  Joseph TOPLEY
            13 dau SPENCE
            13 dau SPENCE
            13 dau SPENCE
          12 Elizabeth Jane WELPLY [1835->1887]  m1.1860  James HOWELL [    -1870]  m2.1877  James LIDBETTER [    -1881]
d/o William Welply & Ellen Holland;  born 12 Apr,  1835, m. 10 Jun, 1860 at St. Luke's Church, Chelsea, London; m2 13 Aug, 1877, St. Peter's, Pimlico
  James Lidbetter;
of Buckland, Sussex; d. 11May, 1881; bur. Fulham Cem
            13 James Philip Edward HOWELL [1861-    ] b. 24 Jun, 1861
            13 Arthur William HOWELL [1864-    ] b. 22 Feb, 1864
            13 Elizabeth (Bessie) Ellen HOWELL [1866-    ] b. 8 Mar, 1866
          12 Mary Anne WELPLY [1842->1887 ]  m1.1862  Joseph TOPLEY [    -1871]  m2.1873  Richard COLE [    -1874]
d/o William Welply & Ellen Holland;  born 11 Nov, 1842, m1. 9 Feb, 1862 at St. Philip's, Kensington, m2 4 Feb, 1873 at St. Paul's, Hammersmith;  1887 living at Old Brentford, Middlesex
d. 3 Jan, 1871
  Richard;  of Nighton, Radnorshire; d. 28 Jul, 1874
            13 Elizabeth Jane TOPLEY [1864-1874] b. 12 Aug, 1864;  d. 24 Jan, 1874
  d/o Mary Welply & Joseph Topley
            13 Charles Alfred COLE [1874->1887] b. 7 Apr, 1874;  d. 28 Jul, 1874
        11 Elizabeth WELPLY [c.1802-    ]   m1.  George GOOD  m2.  John Harrison PAYNE
Elizabeth; d/o William Welply & Anne Harris;  may have had more than on child with George and on of those was Anne (d. 5 Nov, 1881; bur. Movidy);  with John she had a n issue, Jane Elizabeth who m. John Curran of Coothill
  John; s/o Thomas Payne of Garryhankard, co. Cork


          12 Jane Elizabeth PAYNE  m.  John CURRAN [    -1886] of Coothill ?co. Cavan no issue
        11 Mary WELPLY [c.1804-    ]   m.  William ROSE of Ballincollig, co. Cork
d/o William Welply & Anne Harris;


          12 Alexander ROSE [    -1879]  m1. Miss LEE  m2.  Miss KELLEHER
several issues w/ LEE; no issues w/ KELLEHER
          12 Mary ROSE [c.1813-1889  m.  Cornelius SPORLE [1810-1879]
d May, 1889. ae 76yrs, co. Cork
s/o Catherine Sporle (c.1771-1832; also has John 1806-0808;  Jane 1813-1814);  b.  1810;  1828 gaoled; 1834 Bomnardier in Royal Artillery; 1839 Corp;;  1574 Sgt;  1850 SSgt;   d. Jun, 1879, co. Cork, Ireland; will probated, White Point, Queenstown, co. Cork, Irleand

Sources for Sporle via Mahala (Feb10)
1841 - census for New Rd. Woolwich shows Cornelius, wife Mary bn. Ireland, two children, Catherine,3y and George 7m and father in law William Rose, a tailor aged 55y bn. Ireland.
1851 -  Portland Prison, Dorset shows Cornelius Sporle as chief warder/Chelsea pensioner.  Wife Mary Ann and a dau.. Elizabeth also live on site
1854 Macaulays Berkshire Directory shows Cornelius Sporle, Master of Farringdon Union Workhouse.  Mary Ann Sporle, Mistress of same.
1871 - shows that having retired he returns to his Suffolk roots and is living at Poplar Villa, Ipswich

Superannuated by HM Government.


            13 Elizabeth Jane SPORLE  m.  Joseph RAINSBURY / Ramsbury

O'Hart ha this as Louisa

            13 George SPORLE [c.1836-1842]   b. St. Mary's Woolwich
            13 Catherine SPORLE [1846-    ] 
            13 Mary Ann SPORLE [1842-    ]  b. 3 Sep, 1842, Woolwich
            13 Joseph Keeble SPORLE [c.1838-    ]  b. 11 Mar, 1846, Woolwich
        11 Jane WELPLY [1806-    ]  m.  Richard WALL [   -    ] ( De VAL )
          12 Jane Anne WALL [    -    ]  m.  Robert O'NEILL [    -    ] (Prince of Tyrone)
        11 Catherine WELPLY [c.1808-    ]  d. unm

Found Catherine Welply, d 1876, Bandon, ae 72yrs

        11 Anne WELPLY [c.1810-    ]  m.  Michael CUNNINGHAM

FHC has Anne b. 1791

          12 Michael CUNNINGHAM  m1.  Mary LYNCH  m2.  Mary HEALY  m3  Mary BROE
  Michael w/ LYNCH issues; 

            13 John CUNNINGHAM of Boston  m.
s/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Healy
            13 Maria CUNNINGHAM   m.  Mr. KELLY
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Healy

Issue: Annie;  Frederick & Ceciia

            13 Annie CUNNINGHAM   m.  Mr. Graham
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Healy
            13 Marmaduke CUNNINGHAM  
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Healy;  d/y
            13 Patrick CUNNINGHAM  
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Healy;  of Boston
            13 Nora CUNNINGHAM  
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Healy;  d/y
            13 Nelly / Eleanor CUNNINGHAM [1865-    ] 
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Broe;  b. 3 Sep, 1865
            13 Alexander CUNNINGHAM  1871-    ]
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Healy;  b. 12 Dec, 1871
            13 Sarah CUNNINGHAM [c.1873-c.1874] 
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Healy;  d/y
            13 Edward CUNNINGHAM [1876-    ] 
d/o Michael Cunningham & Mary Broe;  b. 8 Jun, 1876  
          12 William CUNNINGHAM  m.  Miss. JEFFERS 
          12 Daniel CUNNINGHAM  
          12 Margaret CUNNINGHAM d. unm
        11 Sarah (Sadhbn) [c.1812-    ]  m.  Richard SWORDS of Bandon
d/o William Welply & Anne Harris


Issue:  William;  Robert;  Edward;  Joseph;  Mary Anne;  Sarah Elizabeth;  Jane

      10 John WELPLY [c.1744- 1821]   m.1775  Sarah HOSFORD [c.1750-    ]
s/o John Welply & Elizabeth Minheer;  of Bengour Parish, Murragh, co. Cork


        11 John WELPLY [c.1775-    ]  m.1809  Sarah NORWOOD [c.1775-    ]
of Dunmanway;  married at lived at Kilronane near Dunmanway; 
  Sarah, of Ballyhalwick House;  the Norwood's seem to have had considerable milling interests in that area
          12 William Norwood WELPLY [1810-1885]  m.1844  Ellen JAGOE [c.1810-   ]
son of John Welply and Sarah Norwood;  lived at Kilronan
a miller and farmer;  appears as bankrupt in the 1860 Encumbered Estates Act.:  d. Apr-Jun, 1885 in Dunmanway, ae 73yrs.
  Ellen;  poss. d/o Abraham Jagoe & Dorothea Bird

ellen & FHC

            13 James Norwood WELPLY [c.1854-    ]  m.  Adeline ?? [c.1854-    ]
  James;  a banker at Limerick

possible:  James Norweod Welply bc.1854  m.  Adeline bc.1854 & had issue William Norwood, bc. 1886;  Alton Samuel, bc. 1892; poss twin, Millicent Eileen, bc. 1892 - this was found in 1911 Census, Corbally, Limerick

Ltr of Anglin (net)
1901 Census - Corbally, Limerick #1, Limerick: James, 47, HOH, C'E, b. Cork, Land Agent;  Adaline, 47, wife, n\b. Limerick;  William N., 15, son, b. Limerick;  Alton S, 9, son. b. Limerick;  Millicent E., 9 dau, b. Limerick

              14 William Norwood WELPLY [c.1886-    ] 

1901 census


              14 Alton Samuel WELPLY [c.1892-    ]  m.  Constance ????
919 res. Rosendale, Corbally, Limerick  patent USA buttons

Found:  Alton Samuel Welply; b. Apr-Jun, 1891, Limerick;   m. Jul-Sep, 1918, Dublin South - no spouse named

1901 census
Son:  James Victor Alton WELPLY [1925-1945] Flying Officer, Pilot_ RAF Vo. Resv. d. 24 Mar, 1945
; bur. Reichswald Forest War Cem.

              14 Millicent E. WELPLY [c.1892-    ] 

1901 census


13 John Jagoe WELPLY [1851-1933]  m1c.1879  Ellen JAGOE [c.1851-1904]  m2.  Jane CROFTS
 m. Apr-Jun, 1879, Skibbereen;  MD at Bandon ;  d. Jul-Sep, 1933 at Skibbereen, ae 82 yrs
  Ellen;  d/o John A, Jagoe of Westfield, Cork;
  Jane:  d/o George Crofts of Templehill & Concamore, Cork

Found Ellen Welply, d. Jan-Ma, 1905, Bandon, ae 57yrs = b. 1851 Another entry has her dying in 1904
1911 Mill Place, Bandon, Cork - John, 59, C'E;  Jane, 53;  Ellen Mary Elizabeth, 26, dau; 
1901 - Bridge St, Bandon, Cork -  John Jagoe, 49, GP;  Ellen, 51;  Ellen Mary Elizabeth, 16, dau;

              14 John Jagoe WELPLY, Dr.  [1880-    ]  m.1904     Oriel Adelaide CAVE or SINGER CAVE [c.1879-<1911]
John; s/o John Welply & Ellen Jagoe; b. 15 Jun 1880  Bandon, Cork, Ireland;  may have m. Jan-Mar, 1910, Clonakilty
  Oriel;   d/o Arthur Oriel Singer Cave, & Jane Adeliza HEnry Townsend of Rossbin Marnor, Cork

Issues: Oriel, c.1906; John c.1908; Arthur, c.1911

& FHC - birth

              14 Ellen Mary Elizabeth WELPLY  [c.1885-    ]

1901 census

            13 Samuel WELPLY [c.1848 ???

?? no sure this is the person:
living at home 1877 Anglin ltr
Possibly Samuel J. of Kilronan, Dunmanway, d. 30 Jul,  1917
1901 Census - Kilronane East, Dumanway, Cork - Samuel J. 53-bc.1848, HOH,  Wesleyan Methodist, Farmer;   Elizaebeth, 54, sister;  living w/them: Fannie Swanton, 84, Aunt;  Mary Hegarthy, servant

            13 William Edward WELPLY [c.1849/53-1931]  m.1883 Mary Edith ORMEROD [c.1860-    ]
  William: s/o
William Norwood Welply & Ellen Jagoe;  living in Kilronan, 1887; Knock East, Argideen, Cork, 1901;  Asst Co. Survyor; C/E
 = FHC 15 Mar, 1883, Chorley, Lanc,. England; d/o Peter Omerod

living at home 1877 - Anglin ltr
Marriage:  William Edward Welply, m. 15 Mar, 1883, Chorley, Lanc, England;  Father William Norwood Welply;  Bride: Mary Edith Ormerod, Father, Peter Ormerod
1911 Knocks (Argideen, Cork: William Edward, 62, Wes.Meth; Mary Edith, 51;  Ellen Frances, 24, dau; Henry Donald, 20, son
1901   "                                           William, 52;  Mary Edith, 41;  Henry Donald
FHC - William E, d. Jan-Mar,1931, ae. 81

              14 Ellen Farnaces WELPLY [c.1887-    ] 

1911 Census

              14 Henry Donald WELPLY [c.1891-    ]

1901 census

              14 William Ormerod WELPLY, Dr.  [>1911 or <1887 ?)

Found reference to this person., Civil Practitioner, Acting Med. Off. I/C Troops, Bandon c.1920

            13 Elizabeth  (Eliza) WELPLY

living at home 1877 Anglin ltr

          12 Elizabeth WELPLY [c.1812-    ] (afa Eliza) m.1867  Andrew ATKINS
  Andrew; of Dunmanway; s/o  Andrew Atkins & Susan Dowe; m. 8 Aug, 1867, co. Cork;  

FHC & M70238-4: : Andrew Atkins (widowed)   m.8 Aug, 1867 Eliza Welply, single d/o John Welply, Cork, Cork, Ireland  - this appears to be a late marriage for Elizabeth but could be.

M1 Cathereine Dawson  m2  Eliz Welply

          12 Ellen WELPLY (not sure of this 2nd daughter)  m.  John UKN  
        11 Elizabeth WELPLY [c.1778-    ]  m.1775  Barter HAYES
They had at least 3 issues; 
This is the start of assumptions in that we assume that Barter Hayes is the sibling of Eliza Hayes who married Charles Phillips.
        11 Dau,. WELPLY [c.1790-    ]  m.  Samuel ANGLIN of Ballineen
may be related to Robert Anglin (see Hayes below)
        11 Joseph [1791->1821] living in 1821;  died unmarried  
11 Abigail WELPLY [1794-    ]  m.1821  Henry BULLEN [1773-1849]
bc.1794/80, of Bengour at marriage; married Murragh, 8 Nov, 1821.
  Henry; of Bengour (Murragh), a farmer; bur. Christchurch

info of marriage and children via P. Bullen (email)

·         Henry possibly  born  1773?
·         Nov  8th 1821 (aged 47?? Married  at  Murragh    
·         1820-22  directory  Mr  Henry  Bullen,  Widow  Bullen,  Walter  Bullen all  living  at   Bengour
·         1822   newspaper  article  (from  Bandon  Journal)    5th  January  between  Bandon  and  Macroom,  several  houses  were  robbed  of  firearms  by  a  gang  of 100  mounted  men     Ist  attack  which  was  successful  Mr  Thomas  Bullen  Ratheen   2nd  attack  in  Bengour  Mr  Walter  Bullen,  Mrs  Bullen (widow)  had  windows  broken   4th  Attack  Mr  Henry  Bullen  Green  hill       Several  moved  to  Bandon  for  security
·         10th  Aug  1822  Sarah  Whelply Bullen  born (Murragh)  parents  living  at  Greenhill
·         Dec  31st  1825 Walter  Bullen  Born (Murragh)  Parents  living  at  Greenhill
·         1832  Tithe  Books  Henry  Bullen  Lispooka (Ballymodan  book)  1  and  ½  miles south  of  Bandon
·         1834  Census  Henry  Bullen, Abigail  Sarah,  Walter  William,  Eliza,  John, Sara  Whelpley  living  at  Carey’s  Cross (but states  gone  to  Kilbrogan)
·         1846  Census  living  at  Castle  Road  Bandon.  Henry,  wife,  Walter (son),  Sarah (daughter), John (son) Elizabeth (daughter),  Mary (daughter)  Henry  has  a  pawn  broker  shop  near  the  potato  market
·         1.4.1849 probably  died  Henry  Bullen  Ballymodan  Parish (Probably  the  right  Henry) aged  66  buried  at  Christchurch  Bandon
·         1851-53  Griffith  Valuations  Abigail  Bullen  renting  a  house  from  (William  Pope)  at  Castle  Street(possibly  4) Bandon (now  Pearse  Street)   rent  £12.00
·         1856  Abigail  Bullen  Grocer  Castle  Street
·         1867  Miss  Sarah Bullen  5  Castle  Street  Haberdasher
·         1870  Sarah  Bullen  Castle  Street  Confectioner
·         1881  Sarah  Bullen  Shannon  Street  confectioner,  grocer,  and  dealer  in  Sundries ( but  this  could  be  the  wife  of  Abraham  Bullen)
·         No  Burial  found  for  Abigail

          12 Sarah Welply BULLEN
bap 10 Aug, 1822 at Murragh
          12 Walter BULLEN bap 21 Dec, 1823

Note:  one of these Walters may have had a son John Welply Bullen who m.1890 Jane Carloa? Applebe d/o Alexander Applebe of Belfast in Bombay, India

          12 Walter BULLEN [1825-1897]  m.  Elizabeth Jane FORD
bap 31 Dec, 1825; 
a  chandler,  grocer,  auctioneer,  insurance  agent,  tanner  in  North  Main  Street  Bandon


            13 John Welpy BULLEN,  Maj. Dr. [1860-1948]   m.  Jane CARLOS
s/o Walter Bullen & Elizabeth Ford;  bap. 25 Oct, 1860, Bandon, Ireland;  a Doctor in Bandon the Army;  d. 31 Dec, 0615, Devon
              14 Walter Alexander BULLEN, Dr. [1892-1965]
b. Belfast; d. 22 DEC, 1965, Isleworth, West Middlesex,

          12 Eliza BULLEN bc 182? shown on 1834 census
          12 John BULLEN on 1834 census
          12 Mary BULLEN bc. 1832/46
        11 William WELPLY [1795->1852]  m.1819  Martha ORR of Bandon [c.1795-?1866   ]
They farmed at Rushfield in Kinneigh parish, co. Cork;  William is shown in Griffiths of 1852

Found a Martha Welply, d. 1794, Dandon, ae 72yrs

          12 Martha WELPLY [1820<1862]  mc.1852  James Orr BURCHILL [1827-1890]   (see Eliza Welpy [1829-1903] below)
baptized in Kinneigh, 6 Sep, 1820
  James; born 1827 in Bandon;  married c. 1852 in co. Cork; a Boot & Shoemaker, Purchasing Agent; married first, Martha and after Martha's death he married, second, Martha's sister Eliza  [1831-1903]; died 13 Jan, 1890 in Ireland

Burchill family provide by
 S. Flynn (e-18Sep09)

            13 John Welply BURCHILL [1856-1921]
born 9 Nov, 1856; owned a furniture shop; died 28 Mar, 1921
            13 Martha  Anne BURCHILL [1858-    ]  m. Thomas WATSON [c.1850-    ]
  Martha was born in co. Cork and Thomas was born in N. Ireland; both died in N. Ireland
            13 William Edward BURCHILL [1860-    ]  m.  Matilda MUELLER [c.1870-     ]
William; born 1 Aug, 1860 in co. Cork; a civil engineer on the Cork railroad
 born in France
            13 Mary Jane BURCHILL [1862-1862]
          12 Sara WELPLY c.1822-    ]  m.1845  Thomas HAINES   (( ?M? Thomas Cripps Haines [c.1820-    ]  
m.14 Aug, 1845   0427, Kinneigh,
          12 John WELPLY [1824-c.1845]
baptized in Kinneigh, 31 Oct, 1824;  died unmarried ae 21
          12 William WELPLY [1826-     ]
  William, baptized in Kinneigh, 26 Nov, 1826
          12 Eliza WELPLY [1829-1903]  m.1862  James Orr BURCHILL /  BURHCELL  [1827-1890] ( James -see sister Martha above)
  Eliza, baptized in Kinneigh: 4 Mar, 1829;  married her brother-in-law after her sister's, Martha, death;  d. 2 Sep, 1903. co. Cork
            13 James Orr BURCHILL [1863-1943]  m.1901  Lucinda POWER [1873-1949]
born 13 Nov, 1863 in Cork;  married 3 Sep, 1901; Central Agent;  died 31 Mar, 1943 in Dublin 
born 21 Feb, 1873 in co. Cork;  died 6 Feb, 1949 in Dublin; 
            13 Eliza Jane BURCHILL [1865-1930]
born 8 Nov, 1865 in co. Cork;  a Clerk for Warehouse (1901);  died 1930 in co. Cork
            13 Robert Clarke BURCHILL [1868-1940]  m.1902  Ida M. DOUGLAS [1877-1965]
born 23 May, 1868 in Cork, Ireland;  a Clerk at Steel Works; married 22 Sep, 1902, NJ, USA;  died 21 Nov, 1940 in Princeton, NJ, USA
  Ida; born 28 Jan, 1877, NJ, USA;  died 21 Feb, 1965, Princeton, NJ  
            13 Sara Eveline BURCHILL [1869-1873]
born 15 Aug, 1869; died 1873, Co. Cork
            13 Samuel BURCHILL [1871-1871]
s/o James Burchell & Eliza Welply;  b.  20 Sep, 1871, Cork; died 1873, Cork

Burchill Family Tree
FHC - Birh, Samuel: Samuel, bap. Cork City;  b. 20 spe, 1871; Parent: James Burchell & Eliza Welply

          12 Anne WELPLY [1831-1889]  m.1859  Thomas HOSFORD [    -c.1896]
d/o William Welply * Matha Orr; baptized, 27 Feb, 1831;  married her second cousin, 24 Feb, 1859, St. Peter's, Cork;
  Thomas, of Farranmareen;  farmed at Moneycrohy
            13 John HOSFORD [1859-1881]  never married 
            13 Sarah HOSFORD [1861-1870]  died young, ae 9yrs
            13 William Welply HOSFORD [1863-1937]  never married
            13 Thomas HOSFORD [1865-     ]
s/o Anne Welply & Thomas Hosford;  b. 19 Apr, 1865, Ballineen,


            13 Martha Jane HOSFORD [1867-1928]  never married
  Martha;  d/o Anne Welply & Thomas Hosford;  b. 2 Aug, 1867, Ballineen;

Birth - FHC

            13 Benjamin HOSFORD [1869-c.1940s] 
  Benjamin;  s/o Anne Welply & Thomas Hosford;  b. 14 Jun, 1869, Ballyneen; never married


            13 Elizabeth HOSFORD [c.1870-1950]  m.  John SHORTEN
lived at Moneycrohy;  both interred in new Kinneigh Churchyard
            13 Sarah HOSFORD [c.1873-     ]
daughter of Anne Welply and Thomas Hosford;  senior civil servant in England;  never married
            13 Walter HOSFORD [1875-1879] 
son of Anne Welply and Thomas Hosford;  died young, ae 3yrs
            13 James Orr HOSFORD [1877-1904] 
  James, son of Anne Welply and Thomas Hosford;   never married 
          12 James Orr WELPLY [c.1833-1895]  m1. 1856  Mary HOSFORD [c.1838-1862] 3 issues
                                                                   m2. 1864/66  Sarah CHINNERY [c.1838-1920] 10 issues
son of William Welply and Martha Orr;  baptized in Kinneigh, 12 Jan, 1833;  married at age 22,  firstly Mary in Kinneigh church on 14 Feb, 1856 by Rev. Godfrey C. Smith, Vicar of Kinneigh with John Anglin and William Hayes Phillips as witnesses;  secondly he married, Sarah, in 1864 or 66;  died 28 Oct, 1895;  bur.
Farranthomas Church, Bandon
  Mary, daughter of William Hosford and Ann Brandfield of Moneycrohy;  at the time of her marriage she was described as a minor;
  Sarah;  d/o Geroge Chinnery & Margaret Bradfield;  born c.1838. Kilbrogan, Cork;  married 18 Jan, 1866, Kinneigh;  died 28 Apr, 1920;  bur.
 Farranthomas Church, Bandon

FHC James death Oct-Dec, 1895 ae 61;  Sara d. Apr0Jun, 1920 ae 76

NOTE:  1901 Census has Jane Ruddick HOH in Langford Terrace and living with her are:  Eliza Chinnery, 58, sister;  Sarah Welply, 56, sister;  Edward Chinnery, 62, brother;  William H., Welply, 34, Nephew;  Louis Welply, 21, Nephew;  Rupert Welply, 19, Nephew.


            13 James Hosford WELPLY [C.1857-    ]  m.  Isabel Maud Husten [c.1858-1922]  (aka Eustin, Housten)
son of James Welply and Mary Hosford; 
  Isabel;  d/o John Husten of Dromboore, Cloone, Co. Letrim;  died Croydon, 24 Nov, 1922 ae 65;

1911 Census: Lisdadana (Mohill, Leitrum)  Found - Isabel Maud Welply, 53, Head, Methodist;  Anna Bella Maud Welply, 18, dau.
Isabel's Death - obit

              14 ??  James E. H. WELPLY [C.1886-    ]  may have been born in Tralee
possibly a s/o George Welply & Mary Hosford; 

              14 ??  John Henry WELPLY [C.1888-1915]  may have been born in Tralee
possibly a s/o George Welply & Mary Hosford; 

Obit on file;  John Henry s/o James Welply, Bandon
John Henry Welply born in 1888 in Rathdown (Dun Laoghaire near Dublin)  died 11/12 Apr, 1915 of wounds in France, 2nd Connaught Rangers

Found: 1901 census - Drumboher, Riverstown, Leitrim - John Henry Welply, 12, Nephew to Margaret Hutson, 70, HOH 0 see wife of James Hosford Wleply above - sister ?? to Isabel ?

            13 Anne WELPLY [1857-    ]  m.1883  Charles W. WEYMOUTH [c.1854-    ] afa Naymouth
daughter of James Welply and Mary Hosford; b.1857;  emigrated to the USA and married on 20 Jan, 1883, Hudson, NY
  Charles; s/o Warren & Charity Weymouth; b. 1854

Marriage:  note differences of above - Eunice Welply; b. 1857; Parents: John & Mary;  m. 20 Jan, 1883, Merrimac, Mass, USA;  Groom: Charles W. Weymouth, b.1854;  Parents: Warren & Charity Weymouth
FHC  Also found Chalres W. Naymouth, b.1854 m.1857 Annie Welply, d/o John Welply & Marry Orr   This must be an error due to dates

            13 Maria WELPLY  m. William BRADFIELD
daughter of James Welply and Mary Hosford;

S. Flynn (e-18Sep09)

            13 William Henry WELPLY [1866- 1960]    ?M?  3 Apr, 1866 - Ballineen
son of James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  b. 3 Apr, 1866, Ballineen, Cork;  British Civil Servant at Belfast;  1883-1884, Queen's College, Cork; well known genealogist;  never married

& FHC - birth,

            13 John Edward WELPLY [1867-1937]  m.1898  Margaret HOSFORD [1866-1929]
s/o James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  born at Clonamara, 25 Dec, 1867;  farmed at Clonamara;  died 22 Oct, 1937;  both buried in New Kinneigh Churchyard
  Margaret;  b. West Ham;  d. 10 Jun, 1929, of Clonnomara (Grave);

Birth, Joh:  b. 25 Dec, 1867, Ballyneen, Cork, Ireland;  Father: James Welply;  Mother: Sarah Chinnery
Gravestone - John Edward;  FHC: John Edward;  Margaret;  James Orr; Martha

              14 Martha WELPLY [1899-1984]
d/o James Welply & Margaret Hosford; b. Oct-Dec, 1899, Dunmanway d. 16 Feb, 1984


              14 James Orr WELPLY [1900-1974]
s/o James Welply & Margaret Hosford; b. Oct-Dec, 1900;  d. 28 Jul, 1974

Grave;  FHC

              14 William Henry WELPLY [1902-1986]  m.  nc
s/o James Welply & Margaret Hosford;  b, Jan-Mar, 1902; immigrated to New York, c.1920;  believed to have married;  no issues
            13 Margaret Jane WELPLY [1869-    ] 
d/o James Welply and Sarah Chinnery; b. 7 Mar, 1869, Ballyneen;  nurse in England

FHC has Jane and birth date

            13 George Chinnery WELPLY [1870-1948]  m.1909  Helene (Helen) Charlotte ROSS [1886-1963]
s/o James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  born at Clonamara, 25 Jul, 1870;  1890 at Queen's College Cork;  married, West Ham;  a doctor at London;  in 1940 lived in Appledore, Kent, England; at died 1948, ae. 79, Southwell; 
  Helene;  died 1963, ae. 77, Southbend
              14 Vida WELPLY ]1910-     ] 
d/o George Welply & Helene Ross;  b. West Ham;
              14 Rupert WELPLY ]1912-1940]  m.1939  Myfanwy Violet Millicent LAMBERT 
s/o George Welply & Helene Ross;  b. West Ham;  a doctor;  Capt. Royal Army Medical Corps (#58544); killed at Dunkirk, 27 May, 1940, ae 29; Remembered with honour, Dunkirk Town Cemetery.
  Myfanwy;  remarried after WWII

            13 Martha WELPLY [1872-    ]
Martha;  d/o James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  nurse in England
            13 Sarah WELPLY [1874-1960] nm  
d/o James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  born 5 Apr, 1874, Dunmanwya, Cork, Ireland;  nurse in England

& FHC birth

            13  Alfred WELPLY [1876-1970]  m.1904  Sarah Poyntz JACK [1876-1966]
son of James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  born at Clonamara, 29 Feb, 1876;  married, Romford;  a doctor;  in 1944 lived in Maida Vale, London; died 1966, Brighton;
  Sarah;  b. 1876, West Derby;  died 1966, ae. 90, Hove;

S. Flynn (e-18Sep09);  FHC

              14 Gilman Chinnery WELPLY [1909-1950]
d/o Alfred Welply & Sarah Jack;  died ae. 41
              14 Oonagh WELPLY [1910-     ]
  believed to have immigrated to the USA
              14 Denys WELPLY[     -1944]
Denys;  s/o Alfred Welply & Sarah Jack;  Flt. Lt. 279 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserved (# 42472); died 20 Nov, 1944; remembered with honour, Runnymede Memorial.

              14 Patrick WELPLY [1916-1923]  
            13 Louis WELPLY [1879-1966]  m.1911  Constance SWIRE [1886-1952]
son of James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  b. Jul-Sep, 1879;, Clonamara;  ( ?? married Asaph;  a doctor)
  Constance;  d/o of William Swire;  born 1876,
Richmond, York, England (Chorlton);  dued 1952, ae. 66, West Ham;

May have been Capt. Louis Welply of Royal Army Medical Cops 1914-1920

  Constance:  birth and father-FHC

              14 William Rupert WELPLY [1912-1970]  m.  Margaret IVY [1914-1973]
s/o Louis Welply & Constance Swire;  born 25 Feb, 1912, London, England, (West Ham); educated at Queen Mary College;  Medical Office in RAF;   Royal College of Surgeons, 194;  orthopedics;  spent time in China and then settled in Winnipeg, MA, Canada;  member of many organizations;  represented Great Britain in the 1936 Olympic Games;  religion was Anglican (Canada);  moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in1950;  died 24 Jun, 1970 in London, England
  Margaret;  born 19 Oct, 1914;  died 1973, St. Pancras, London, England
                15 MW b. Lon, Eng '48  FR '81
              14 Moyra WELPLY [1913-c.1990]
  d/o Louis Welply & Constance Swire;  born west ham a doctor, never married
              14 Connie WELPLY [c.1915-    ]  west ham
              14 Norman Chinnery WELPLY [1919-1987]
s/o Louis Welply & Constance Swire;  born
West Ham a doctor; Captain, Royal Medical Corps, OBE, 28 Jan, 1947
              14 Kathleen H. WELPLY [c.1921-    ] west ham
            13 Elizabeth WELPLY [1877-1961]  afa Eliza
daughter of James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  born at Clonamara, 24 Nov, 1877;  known as Auntie Betty;  a pharmacist with her brothers at London;  never married;  returned to Clonamara;  sometimes ran the pharmacy at Ballineen;  buried in new Kinneigh Churchyard

1911 living with her brother, John Edward

            13 Rupert WELPLY [1882-1910]
son of James Welply and Sarah Chinnery;  b. Jan-Mar, 1882, Clonamara;  living w/ Jane Ruddick, Langford Terrace, an Aunt; a doctor;  lived in Africa;  never married

1901 Census - Langford Terrace, Cork Urban # 5, Cork - Rupert, 19, Sholar (living with Aunt Jane Ruddick


          12 Mary Jane WELPLY [1836-   ]  m.1861  John SMITH [c.1830-    ]
  Mary, baptized in Kinneigh, 2May, 1836; married 19 Sep, 1861, St. Peter's, Cork
  John;  s/o Thomas Smith;  farmed the Welply land at Rushfield from the 1860s on;  the farm remained in the Smith possession until the late 20th century;  a new farmhouse was built about 1870 on the site of the old Welply home by the Methodist Chapel which itself was built in 1835

NOTE:  1901 Census has Jane Ruddick HOH in Langford Terrace and living with her are:  Eliza Chinnery, 58, sister;  Sarah Welply, 56, sister;  Edward Chinnery, 62, brother;  William H., Welply, 34, Nephew;  Louis Welply, 21, Nephew;  Rupert Welply, 19, Nephew.

Marriage - FHCn & Genealogy Today:  Mary Jane Welply;  m. 19 sep, 1861, St. Peters, Cork, Ireland;  Father: William Welply;  Groom, John smith;  Father Thomas Smith

            13 Martha SMITH [1864-    ]
d/o Mary Jane Welply & John Smith; b. 7 Apr, 1864, Murragh, co. Cork


            13 Thomas SMITH [1866-    ]
s/o Mary Jane Welply & John Smith; b. 6 Feb, 1866, co. Cork


            13 Eliza Jane SMITH [1868-    ]
  Eliza;  d
/o Mary Jane Welply & John Smith; b. 27 Sep, 1868, Murragh, co. Cork


            13 Sarah SMITH [1873-    ]
s/o Mary Jane Welply & John Smith; b. 18 Mar, 1873, co. Cork


            13 Harriet SMITH [1878-    ]
  d/o Mary Jane Welply & John Smith; b. 3 Apr, 1878, co. Cork


        11 Not absolutely sure about where this Samuel fits into the Welplys.  O'Hart says that this Samuel is a son of a brother, I think this means William's brother, John. Since William's other brother, Joseph, died unmarried; however, FHC has a Samuel, s/o William.

Samuel WELPLY [c.1799-    ]  mc.1825  Dorcas Crowe [c.1802-? 1876]
imm. to USA during Potato Famine;
 d/o Major Crowe of Limerick;  died NYS, 1876;  23 Jan, 1876  ae. 81st

Dorcas's funeral took place at St. Joseph's R. C. Church in Brooklyn and was buried in (Old) Calvary (RC) Cemetery.  She and Samuel were disinterred and reburied at Thomas Molloy's family grave on 3/2/1899)

This line via B. Martin
Ancestry has a Dorcas dying in 1876
1850 NYC Dorcas Welpley, bc.1802,

o/s  Charlotte May WELPLY [    -1868]

          12 Samuel WELPLY [c.1828-    ]
          12 Daniel WELPLY [1829-    ] 


 m.  Katherine (Katie)  FAGAN [c.1829->1899]
s/o Samuel Welply & Dorcas Crowe;
  Katherine;  b. Ireland; d. <1888

Found  on FHC
-  a Danile and Katie in New Haven Connecticut, 1880:  Daniel, 50; Ire, Mill Supplies;  Katie, 38, Ire; Dorcas, 20; KY;  Charlott, 18, ME;  Katie, 17, CT; Jenney, 16, CY;  Annie, 15, CT;  John, 13, CY;  Nellie, 7, CT;  Allace, 10, CT  & Frank McHugh, 23, Nephew 
-  Charlotte L. Welpy b. Portland Maine, f- Daniel; m- Kate M..Costello  m. Sidney W. GAY (s/o L. D. Gary & Fidelia M. Weston), 21 Apr, 1883, Manahattan, NYS


Dorcas J; 1861-1920;  m. William T. Savage; 

Charlotte; 1861-1888;  m.  Sidney Weston Gay
Caherine; 1863-<1900;  m.  Edward M. Healy
Jane (Jenney); 1864-1947;  m.  Dennis Bernard Martin
Annie; c.1865->1889
John H.; 1867->1900
Alice Genevieve; c.1870-<1910
Nellie; c.1873-1899

            13  Dorcas WELPLY [1860-    ]  mc.1885  William T.  SAVAGE
 d/o Daniel Welply & Katie;  b. 1860, Kentucky;

1880  Census:  New Haven:  b. 1860, Kentucky, USA;  dau. to Daniel & Katie Welply, single, Clerk in store

              14 William SAVAGE [1889-    ]
 s/o Dorcas Welply & William Savage;  b. 1 Apr, 1889, New Haven, Conn.
            13 Charlotte L. WELPLY [1861-1888]  m.1883  Sidney W. GAY
m. 21 Apr, 1883, Manhattan, NY;

Marr:  Charlotte L. Welply; m. 21 apr, 1883;  Bride's parnts: Danile Welply & Kate M. Costello (see Kate above re surname);  Groom's parents:  L. D. Gay & Fidelia M. Weston


            13 Katie (Catherine) WELPLY [1863-    ]
 d/o Daniel Welply & Katie;  b. 1863, Connecticut; ,

1880  Census:  New Haven; b. 1863, Connecticut, USA;  dau. to Daniel & Katie Welply, single, Dress Maker

            13  Jenney WELPLY [1864-    ] afa: Jane / Jennie  m.1890  Dennis Bernard MARTIN
 d/o Daniel Welply & Katie;  b. 1864, New Haven New Haven, Connecticut;  m. 28 May, 1890,

1880  Census:  New Haven; b. 1864, Connecticut, USA;  dau. to Daniel & Katie Welply, single, Clerk in store

            13  John WELPLY [1867-    ]
 s/o Daniel Welply & Katie;  b. 1867, New Haven New Haven, Connecticut; 

1880  Census:  New Haven; b. 1867, Connecticut, USA;  son to Daniel & Katie Welply, single, at school

            13 Allace WELPLY [1870-    ]
 d/o Daniel Welply & Katie;  b. 1870, Connecticut; ,

1880  Census:  New Haven; b. 1870, Connecticut, USA;  dau. to Daniel & Katie Welply, single, at shool

            13 Nellie WELPLY [1873-    ]
 d/o Daniel Welply & Katie;  b. 1867, Connecticut; ,

1880  Census:  New Haven; b. 1873, Connecticut, USA;  dau. to Daniel & Katie Welply, single, at school

          12 John WELPLY [1837-1918]  m1.  Fannie RICHARDSON [c.1831-1870/73]  m2.1889  Mary MALONEY [1867-1954]
s/o Samuel Welply & Dorcas Crowe;  b. 1857;  was 68 yrs at time of marriage to Mary (6 Dec, 1899); lived in Brooklyn and then the Bronx;   d. 5 Jan, 1918
  nick-name for Frances?
sister-in-law of Rev. Simon Davis (m. Sarah Richardson), Rector of Macroom & aunt of William Hutchinson Massey of Mount Massey, Macroom

John Welply

Mary Moloney

Photos courtesy of B. Martin

1910 - Bronx, NYS:  John & Mary T. Welply, Dorcas H;  and John Malony & Mary Hoy (John Malony shold be Mary's father)
1920- Bronx, NYS:  Mary F. Welply, Dorcas, ae 17, b. NY, father Ireland, mother, NY; and ?John Molony


            13 John & Fannie had several issues; one being the youngest, James, who d.1874
            13 John WELPLY  m.  Eliza ????

B. Martin

            13 Dorcas H. WELPLY [1901-1967]  m.1926  Edward Andrew MARTIN [1898-1960]
  Dorcas:  d/o John Welply & Mary Maloney; b. 6 Aug, 1901;  married 30 Jun, 1926;  d. 11 Jul, 1967
  Edward;  b. 16 Apr, 1898;  d. 19 Mar, 1960
  6 issues >> B. Martin (Apr 2010) 

1910 - Bronx, NYS:  Dorcas H., single, parents: John & Mary T. Welply and John Malony & Mary Hoy (John Malony shold be Mary's father)
1920- Bronx, NYS:  Dorca, ae 17, b. NY
>> B.. Martin

            13 James R. WELPLY [-1874] 
  James:  s/o John & Fannie Richardson;  d. 24 Jan, 1847

B. Martin - Obit: 
On Saturday January 24, James R. Welply, youngest son of John Welply, Esq. and Fanny Richardson late of Masseytown house, Macroom, Cork, Ireland.  The funeral took place Sunday afternoon, from St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, to Cemetery of the Holy Cross, Flatbush, L.I. Cork papers please copy.

          12 dau.  m.  ?? HENNESSY of Mill st.
          12 Charlotte E. WELPLY [c.1839-1868]  m.  ??  EMMEL
  d/o Samuel Welply & Dorcas Crowe;  d.6 Oct, 1868;  bur. Calvary Cem, Queens, NY

Death: Brooklyn Daily News - 6 Oct, 1868, Mrs. Charlotte Emmel, ae. 29yrs,d/o Samuel Welply, Esq. of Macroom, Cork.

          12 Mary WELPLY [ - ]  m.  Thomas MOLLOY
  held funeral for Dorcas at his home 163 ST. James, Pl

          12 James WELPLY [c.1839-    ]  m.  Mary COLLINS
  s/o Samuel Welply & Dorcas Crowe; d. 27 Jan, 1874;
  Mary; sister to Bishop Collins of Limerick

same grave:  William J. Welply d. 22 Nov, 1884;  Sara Dowd, d. 20 Dec, 1889;  Henry G. Dowd, d. 8 Oct, 1918 and several others
?? James  bur. Holy Cross Cem, Brooklyn, NYS

B. Martin's g-grandfather's death cert. names his father as Samyel Welply and mother as Dorcas Welply.
James's cemetery record has 'Jas." ae 41yrs = 1833 

      10 Joseph WELPLY died unmarried

FHC has a Joseph Welply, s/o John Welply & Elizabeth Minheer, marries Catherine Rice, 1785

      10 Marmaduke WELPLY [c.1750- ]   m.1763 Welthin CONNOR


**     10 Dau. WELPLY  m.  Alderman SPARKS
10 Dau. WELPLY  m.  Alderman PENLERRICK
10 Dau. WELPLY  m.  Sir John CROWE
10 Dau. WELPLY  m.  Ukn BALDWIN of Ballyvourney / Macroom

FHC has a James Baldwin m. Jane Welply issue: Jane, b. 13 Dec, 1868, Macroom - this is far to late to be the above parents but put here for research sake.  James & Jane have issue: Thomas, b. 1 Mar, 1866, Macroom;  Julia b. 13 Dec, 1868, Macroom      FHC

10 Dau. WELPLY  m.  Ukn BELLSANG of Bandon
10 Dau, WELPLY [c.1755-    ] m.  Walter PHILIPS4 of Mossgrove, Kinalmeaky  (this connection to our Phillips is not confirmed)
10  Abigail WELPLY [    -1722]   m.  John NASH of Brinny [    -1725]
O'Harts records record this 7th daughter marring John Nash of Brinny;  he also records Abigail dying 20 Sep. 1722 and John dying 1725,  also Bennett in his History of Bandon quotes from their headstones in Kilbrogan churchyard as 1722 and 1725 and that John was in his 70s when he died.  Thus Abigail is unlikely to be a product of a 1740s marriage

FHC has Abigail m John Nash

    09 Samuel WELPLY [c.1716-    ]
    09 James WELPLY [c.1718-     ]


09 William HAYES  mc.1770/5  Jane UKN
10 Barter HAYES [c.1773-1825]  m.1795  Elizabeth WELPLY
11 Jane HAYES [1795-    ]
11 William HAYES [1796-    ]
11 Sarah HAYES [1802-    ]  m.1829  Robert ANGLIN
10 Eliza HAYES2  [c.1784-1859]  mc.1800  Charles PHILLIPS [c.1772-1852] 


09 John HOSFORD [c.1707-1786]  mc.1740  Margaret BENNETT [c.1710-1784]
10 Benjamin HOSFORD [c.1740-    ]
10 Sarah HOSFORD [c.1748-    ]  m.1775  John WELPLY
10 John HOSFORD This son is unproven

FHC has a John Hosford b.1735 or 1739 m.1760 Susanna Mellefont, cork AND John, c.1750 m.1790 Eku\izabeth Sullivan, cork

11 William HOSFORD [c.1775/80]

*afa - also found as

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**  Whelply born at Macroom 

        Mary 6 Feb, 1774 d/o John

        Mary Whelpley 21 AUG 1796

        Jane, 08 JUL 1785  d/o John and Jane

        Samuel, 5 May, 1762  s/o John Whelply & Jane

        John, 26 SEP 1779  s/o John

        Jane, d/o William b. 25 Jun, 1821 or 11 Apr, 1816 (FHC)

        Samuel, 28 Jul, 1792  s/o Samuel Whelpley