Joseph Turner II  and  Eliza McFarland


  Joseph Turner was born at Stoney Creek, Avon Township, Oakland County, Michigan, USA in 1849 after his father's death.  He moved to Pontiac  with his mother, Emily Knox, and siblings about 1860.  In 1870, the Saginaw census shows Joseph at the home of his brother, Charles, in Saginaw City and with them, his mother.  In that census his occupation is lumberman. 

During the early 70's it is being found that he was in charge of lumber hauling -it appears that he may have had his own company at this time - out of what is now called Turner, Arenac Co., MI.  An article refers to him as having the Joe Turner Co. for which a Mr. Smith was a cook.  The town, Turner and the township, Turner of Arenac co. are named after him.  At Turnerville, as it was once called, he is reported to have had lumber trains and a depot for their repair. 

On 12 May, 1873, he married Eliza McFarland at Saginaw and together they had 4 boys; Arthur, Dwight, Clarence and Stanley.  Joseph and Eliza are found in 1880 on Broadway St., Bay City.  Some findings show that he was involved first with S. H. Webster and then Miller & Lewis both businesses being in lumber at or near Bay City.  He then became a partner with Tousey & Turner and later Albert Miller.  Miller & Turner bought the Stodgett Mill of Muskekeon, MI and brought the mill to Bay City in 1892.   

In 1892, he was a member of the Bay City Bridge Commission.  The Miller & Turner mill, situated at the end of 31st Street caught fire in 1892 and caused about 40 acres of the town to be burned (destroyed: 232 homes, 38 barns, 2 churches, 33 businesses with 1300 left homeless).  Later Joseph formed a partnership with Fisher and it became Fisher & Turner Mill.  In 1896, Joseph was chairman of the Planmakers for the arrival and speech of William Jennings Bryan (prosecutor in the Scopes' Trial, 1925) and he supplied the pine lumber for the platform (18'square w/railings) which was under a large elm tree and built for the occasion.   Joseph accompanied Bryan in the carriage ride to the platform in Washington Park, Bay City, 17 Oct., 1896. 

In 1900, the Turner Lumber Company was formed and they had their logs cut at mills at Cutler, South River and Midland all of Ontario, Canada.  The company had at least two offices in Ontario; one at Midland and one at Toronto.  Joseph died in the King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 27 Oct, 1905 of a heart attack and was buried 30 Oct, 1905 in Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Michigan, USA.

Eliza was born at Saginaw in Nov, 1852 and was residing with her sister, Maggie (Margaret McFarland) Blackmore (Joshua Blackmore) at Saginaw as shown in the Saginaw 1870census.  Eliza was attending school at this time.  The witnesses to her marriage were her brother-in-law, Joshua Blackmore and mother-in-law, Emily Knox Turner.  She remained in the Center Street home after Joseph's death until her death in 1909.  Eliza died from a heart attack during a automobile demonstration ride by Olds Motor Works on 7 May, 1909 and was buried 10 May, 1909, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.

1514 Center Ave,
Bay City, Michigan, USA

Still standing, 2003


Joseph Turner & Eliza McFarland
Joseph & Eliza
On board the Alicia-C (Alva-C)
(not sure of boat's name)
The Turner Lumber Company,

Midland, Ontario,

c. 1900

Window reads
The Turner Lumber Co.
Joseph Turner
White Pine

Joseph Turner's sons

at Midland, Ontario


Second from left is Dwight Joseph Turner