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    Avon Township, Oakland County, Michigan (taken 16 Aug, 1850)

Household # Family # Names Age Sex Born
820 832 Emily Turner 32 F England
    George 16 M Michigan
    Charles 14 M   "
    Edwin 11 M   "
    William 9 M   "
    Emily 6 F   "
    Albert 4 M   "
    Joseph 1 M   "
I believe that the family was still at Stoney Creek and had not moved to Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan until c.1852.


    Avon Township, Oakland County, Michigan

Household Family Names Age Sex Occupation Real Estate Val. Personal Value Born Marital Status
123 123 Emily Turner 43 F Domestic 600 200 England Wid.
    Emily 16 F       Michigan  
    Joseph 10 M         "  
This part of the family was probably at Pontiac for this census

    Midland County, Michigan (most likely the family is in the town of Midland)

23 12 12 Turner, George L. P. 25 M Surveyor 1000 300 MI  
24 12 12 Julia A. 20 F       NY  
25 12 12 Edith A. 1 1/2 F       MI  
26 12 12 Albert 13 M       MI  
??30 28 28 Edwin 21 M Printer Living with Nathan Cars, Publisher
Edith is the daughter of George's first marriage with Julia Smith (of Midland) and Albert, George's brother, is living with them.
I found an Edwin Turner age 21 (born c.1839) which matches our Edwin's birth date but the census says that this Edwin was born in Lower Canada which is present day the province of Quebec, Canada.  His occupation was a printer.  Albert also worked in a printer's office.  Edwin, of this census, is living at another Midland location.  If we assume that Edwin is of our family and only the birth location is wrong then the only person missing is William Turner.  The William that I am tracing was reported to have move to South Bend, Ind.   Prior to South Bend William may have been at Niles, Berrien County, Michigan and he may have been there at the time of this census.  He would have been about 19 years of age.
Also in this census are two Sylvester Vibbers.  One was 50 years of age and the other 18.  I suspect that the 18 year old Sylvester Vibber is the one who married Emily Turner in 1864.  Sylvester was said to have been born in Upper Canada which is presently the province of Ontario, Canada.


    Saginaw County, Michigan, 5th Ward, Saginaw City

    Name   Sex Race Occupation Real Estate Val Personal Val. Born
132 137 Turner, Charles 33 M W Lumber Dealer 6500 3000 Michigan
    Janette H, 27 F W Keeping House     Scotland
    Charles 7 M W       Michigan
    May 5 F W       Michigan
    Joseph 1 M W       Michigan
    Joseph 21 M W Lumber Dealer     Michigan
    Emily 33 F W Housekeeper     England
This home may have been 1702 Court St., Saginaw;  Janette is Jeanette W. A. Byron;  Emily's age should be 53;  Joseph, Charles's brother, is living here and probably stayed until 1872 when he married and moved to Bay City. 
George Turner may be still in the south as he remained in Tennessee after the war for several years.  During which he married his second wife, Sophia Thompson of Georgia, and they had a son, George Edwin.  Albert was killed in the Civil War.  William was either at Niles or South Bend and Edwin may have moved by now to Chicago.  Emily  had married and I assume had died by this census.
Also a John McFarland and family is listed in this census and he may be a brother to Eliza who married Joseph Turner of Bay City.  Eliza was survived by a brother, John


    Saginaw County Michigan, 5th Ward, Saginaw City

Household Family Name Race Sex Age Marital Occupation Born Father Born Mother Born
71 74 Turner, Charles W M 41 Lumberman Mich. Eng. Eng.
          , Jennette W F 37 wife Keeping House Scot. Scot. Scot.
          , Charles W M 14 son Laborer Mich. Mich. Scot.
          , May W F 13 dau Student Mich. Mich. Scot.
          , Joseph W M 11 son At school Mich. Mich. Scot.
          , Jessie W M 8 son Mich. Mich, Scot
          , Lillian W F 6 dau Mich. Mich. Scot
          , Harry W M 3 son Mich. Mich. Scot.
          , Roy W M 1 son Mich. Mich. Scot.
This would be at the Court St, home at Saginaw;  Harry should be Harold and Roy is William Roy.

    Bay City, Michigan, 6th Ward, Bay City (7 Jun, 1880)       

151 171 Turner, Joseph W M 30 Head Bookkkeeper Mich. Eng. Eng.
              , Eliza W F 27 wife Keeping house Mich. Eng. Eng.
              , Arthur W M 6 son   Mich. Mich. Mich.
              , Dwight W M 4 son   Mich. Mich. Mich.
              , Clarence  W M 3 son   Mich. Mich. Mich.
    Frank, Bertha    W F 14 servant   Germ. Germ. Germ.
The family would have been on Broadway St, Bay City. (151 Broadway St?)
Emily Sr. would have been at Saginaw with Charles;  George is still in the south; William and Edwin should be at South Bend and Chicago respectively.  Also in this census for Saginaw the McFarland family appears and it may be Eliza's brother's family who shows on this census.


    Saginaw County, City of Saginaw 12th Ward (8 Jun, 1900)

Name Rel. Race Sex Birth date Age Yrs Marr. Birthplace Father's Mother's Occupation  A* B*
Turner, Charles Head W M May 1837 63 41 Mich. Eng. Eng. Lumberman    
          , Jeanette wife W F Jun 1843 56 41 Scot. Scot. Scot. Immigrated 1849 7 7
          , May dau W F Oct 1866 33 s Mich. Mich. Scot teacher    
          , Lillian A. dau W F May 1875 25 s Mich. Mich. Scot teacher    
          , Emily mother W F Dec 1815 84 Wd Eng. Eng. Eng.   7 5
This home is at 1702 Court St., Saginaw;  finally got Jeanette's name right; Lillian's birth date is wrong.
** A.  means number of children of this mother  B. means number of children living in 1900. (of Emily, Albert died in the Civil War and Emily Jr died at or near childbirth when married to Sylvester Vibber.

    Bay City, Michigan 11th Ward, Bay City

Household Family Name Rel Race Sex Birthdate Age Marital Yrs marr. A* B* Birth place F-Birth M-Birth
165 175 Turner, Joseph Head W M Jul 1849 50 M 27     NY Eng. Eng.
              , Eliza wife W F Nov 1851 48 M 27 4 4 Mich Scot Scot
          , Stanley son W M Aug 1880 19 s Mich NY Mich
The home is at 1415 Center Ave and Joseph is listed as a Lumberman and he owns his home free - no mortgage
The other sons, Clarence and Dwight may be at school at Detroit.
Also at 1415 Center Street
  176 McFarland, Robert Head W M Apr 1855 45 M 15     Mich Scot Scot
             , Ellen wife W F May 1864 36 M 15 4 3 Can Ire Ire
             , Myrtle dau W F Apr 1886 14 s       Mich Mich Can
             , Ella dau W F May 1888 12 s       Mich Mich Can
             , John son W M Apr  1890 10 s       Mich Mich Mich
This family would be that of Eliza's brother, Robert, and his family.  Eliza may have had another brother, John, and a sister, Maggie.
Robert's occupation is Superintendent of Bay City Bridges and there is a notation that he rents his home. (whatever that last part means)
Ellen immigrated from Canada in 1865 and is a U.S. citizen (1900)

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