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Paul Turner

In Memory of
Hazel (Werry) Turner Hoar


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10  English Army Officer TURNER [c.1770-    ]
from an obit for George Turner [1835-1906] ..."his grandfather was an English Army Officer."  This must refer to Turner as Tobias Knox was not known to be in the army.

- checked (2006) 45 Regiment of Foot (2006) no Turners found

   11 Joseph TURNER Sr. [c.1797-1848]  &  Emily (Emiline) KNOX [1816-1911]
   Joseph Turner, possibly the s/o an English Army officer;  was born c.1797 in Nottinghamshire, England and immigrated to the United States about  1825;  it was reported that he was in New York State when he met Emily KNOX;  married Emily on 15 Mar., 1834 and arrived in Michigan Territory ( 2 years prior to statehood) in 1835 and prior to their first born, George;  settled at Clinton in Lenawee (formerly Branch Co.) County; involved with mercantile and grist mill;  operated a gristmill on the Rouge River, Wayne County in 1837;  moved to Detroit in 1846 or 1847 and operated a dry goods and grocery store;  June of 1848 bought a grist mill and store at Stoney Creek, , Avon Tp. , Oakland Co., Michigan and they moved in July, 1848;  on 21 Nov., 1848 Joseph died leaving his wife, 6 children and one child unborn.
*  may have operated the grist mill on the river Raisin
*  the Rouge River location was .....on the North Branch of The Rouge River between the grist mill known as Rufus Wells and the grist mill occupied by said Turner to a post on land between Wells and Dumois...thence to the bank of the river;
the Detroit store location was at ...the west half of Lot 28, Section 9 on Madison Avenue. in Detroitland (Detroit); 
the Stoney Creek locations were Lots 12, 13 & 35 of Stoney Creek
(sometimes spelt Stony Creek);  a member and Treasurer (1847-1848) of the Detroit Masonic Lodge;  probable burial place is at the Stoney Creek Cemetery, Avon Tp. , Oakland Co., Michigan.  (grave not found)

   Emily Knox was born 16 Dec., 1816 at Dudley, Worcester, England and emigrated from England to New York State c. 1825;  father - Tobias KNOX, mother - Unknown (believed to be Elizabeth ???);  married at ae 17, Joseph TURNER in 1834;  moved with Joseph to Michigan 2 years prior to Michigan becoming a state;  Joseph died in 1848 at Stoney Creek;  much of Emily is known from the various affidavits that she made and of those that were made on her behalf and other information was provided by County Records;  November 1848,  Joseph died and left her with 6 young children and one child yet to be born;  George her first child was 15 years old;  creditors of the store goods filed claims against the goods and Emily fought them off for two years;  the creditors, I assume, could not believe that Emily was capable of running the store;  Emily was left with a debt of  $4,000.00;  within the next two years, 1848-1850 Emily disposed of the Detroit property and remained at Stoney Creek fending off the creditors;  c. 1852 moved to Pontiac;  the creditors received 10 cents on the dollar;  Emily was left poor and relied on her children to support her;  1862  moved to Saginaw and lived with her son, Charles;  affidavits and applications for Pension regarding her son, Albert  who died  in 1862,  in the War of the Rebellion, state that she was married 15 Mar., 1834;  these forms gave no witnesses nor the location of that marriage;  longest known friend, from these papers, was Andrew W. Freeto who had known her since 1834;  on one of her affidavits when was asked to supply disinterested individuals who knew of her personal affairs,  Emily stated that "....she was not in the habit of disclosing personal information to disinterested persons."
Emily remained with her son, Charles at 1702 Court St., Saginaw until her death on 30 May, 1911 at the age of 94;  outlived all her children except Charles who died 2 years later;  interred 1 Jun,  1911 in Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw, Mich.

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Stoney Creek Store   Stoney Creek School   Stoney Creek Cemetery

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Birth - Emily - calculated from death, 16 Dec, 1816
1846-1848 - Detroit Lodge # 2 of Michigan F&AM - Joseph Turner made a Master Mason on 28 Apr, 1846,  treasurer 1847, living in Village of Dearborn.
1848 Probate - Stoney Creek, Avon Tp., Oakland Co., Michigan - Joseph died 21 Nov, 1848 and left Emily with the store and flour mil and George, 14;  Charles, 12;  Edwin, 10;  William, 8;  Emily5; Albert, 2 and Joseph, yet to be born
1850 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co., Michigan - Emily, ae. 32, b. England  (believed to be at Stoney Creek, Mich)
1860 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co, Michigan - Emily, ae. 43, domestic, b. England, Widow (believed to be in Pontiac, Mich)
1870 Census - Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan (15 Jun) - Emily, ae. .33, born England, Keeping House (age is way off)
1900 Census - 1702 Court St, 5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Emily, Mother, b. Dec, 1815, ae. 84 widow, b. England, immigrated 1825
Death -Emily - Liber F, pg. 83 # 1815 - Emily K. Turner, widow, died 30 May, 1911, Saginaw City, aged 94yrs, 5 mos., 14 days,  Born England, Father, Tobias Knox, mother unknown

Tobias KNOX [c.1782->1860]
1830 Utica, Oneida, NYS:   Tobias (Painter) with
   Males 1 5-10yrs; 1 40-50yrs(Tobias); 
   Females: 1 5-10yrs;  1 10-15yrs;  2 15-20yrs (one Emily??);  2 20-30yrs(one his possible wife, Elizabeth?
1837 Cleveland, Ohio  Tobias 94 Ontario St. Painter;  Mrs. E. Turner, hat trimmer
1860 Canton, Stark, Ohio - Tobias, 78, painter;  Feliscia (Felishia), 40 born Eng;  Manfred Hendrix, 18, painter;  Edna Hendrix, 14



George TURNER, Capt. [1835-1906]  m1.1857  Julia Ann SMITH  mc2.1865  Sophia P. Thompson [1838-1908]
   George, s/o Joseph Turner & Emily Knox;  born Michigan, 29 Jan, 1835*;  attended school at Detroit;  became cadet in the Surveyor-Generals Department, United States Survey;  continued in this department after school;  1856 became deputy United State Surveyor;  1858 was Midland County Surveyor and Register of Deeds;  married Julia Ann Smith, of Midland, 22Mar, 1857;  1861 helped he helped to raise part of the 10th Michigan Infantry;  on the outbreak of the Civil War (War of the Rebellion);  6 Sep, 1861, at Saginaw, entered service in Company “B” Tenth Infantry, Michigan Volunteers as a 2nd Lieutenant ;  made 1st Lieutenant, 23 Jun,1862;  promoted to Captain 16 Nov, 1863 (Co. 'A');  discharged from service in Sep, 1865;  divorced Julia in Oct, 1865/66?;  married Sophia on 29 Oct, 1866 by Rev. R. H. Gutherie (I believe, at Chattanooga);  engaged in contracting in Tennessee, George, Alabama and Arkansas;  in 1881 returned to Michigan and in 1882 became Town Engineer in Bay City, Michigan where he was responsible  for the construction of many historical public buildings in Bay City including the City Hall and the Belinda Street & 23rd Street Bridges;  considered to be a superior engineer and railroad constructionist;  1892 resided at 401 30th St. which burned to the ground in the fire of 25 Jul, 1892 which was set off by a spark that ignited the dried lumber in the Miller-Turner Lumber Co.;  resided on the corner of Sixth and Sheridan Sts. (poss: 1209 Sixth St.);  first married Julia Smith of Midland, Michigan and they had one girl, Edith;    In 1865 he was divorced from Julia and, while at Chattanooga, married second wife Sophia P. Thompson who was from Georgia;  they had one son, George Edwin who married Kathleen Atkinson;  died 30 Aug., 1906, . 70,8,4;  an officer of  the Grand Army Of The Republic, U. S. Grant Post, No. 67;  interred. 2 Sep, 1906, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.
of Midland, Michigan;  d/o Joseph & Abigail Smith;  married George Turner (1st wife) (22 Mar, 1857; Wtn: Wm. Hinkley & Harriet Smith (Sister-in-Law (Stephen Smith); Officiated by H. W. Patterson, Justice of the Peace);  divorced in the fall of 1865

   Sophia, of Georgia, USA;  married George Turner (2nd wife) at Chattanooga, Tennessee; interred 10 Jan, 1908,
Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich; 1 issue - George Edwin

George: [Bio] [Obit] [Grave]

*Apr, 2011;  found an account of George in the book "History of the Fromation, M<ovements, Camps, Scouts and Battles oft he Tenth Regiment, Michigan Volunteer Infantry by FWH" (Flethcher Willis Hewes), 1864 says he was born on 29 Jan, 1835, Genesee County, NYS;
Death Certificate of 2 Sep, 1906 shows he died ae: 70-8-4  which calculates that he was born 26 Dec, 1835;  picture of George's grave appears to be 1836;  obit says he was born 29 Jan, 1835.  If the arrival account of his parents in Michigan in 1835 then Dec, 1835 is a good date.
There are a few mentions of George having a middle initial 'B' but he signed his name only as: George or Geo. Turner

Biography on-line
1850 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co., Michigan - George, ae. 16, b. MI (at Stoney Creek, Mich)
Early Michigan Marriages: George Turner,22,  m. Julia Ann Smith, 18 on 22 Mar, 1857, Midland by H. W. Patterson, JP; wit: Wm hinkley & Harriet Smith of Midland
1860 Census - Midland Tp, Midland Co, Michigan - George,  ae. 25 (=1835), Surveyor, real estate $1000.00, personal, $200.00;  Julia A, ae. 20 (1840), bon New York State
1892 Polk's Directory - living at 401 30th street  See and read about the 25 Jul, 1892 fire.
1905 Biography - History of Bay County and Representative Citizens, 1905;  pg. 707.708
1907 Affidavit by Charles for Sophia Turner re: George Turner's Army Pension states he knew that George divorced from his first wife in the fall of 1865
Various Affidavits for and by George Turner, Military file from Washington Archives

      13 Edith TURNER [1860-1931]  m.1877  Israel H. (Dick) RICHARDSON [1846-1920]    
   Edith, d/o George Turner & Julia Smith;  born, 3 May, 1860, in Michigan;  married 29 Aug, 1877 (one record shows - 25th) Israel H. Richardson;  member of W. R. C. auxiliary of the G. A. R. organization and Lady Maccabees;  died Midland, Midland County, Michigan on Jan, 3, 1931 (Obit. date: 8 Jan, ,1931, P.2);  interred in Richardson Plot, Sec. E, Midland Cemetery, Midland, Michigan   
  Israel, born at Port Dover, Ontario, Canada on 23 Apr, 1846 ;  his father died when Israel was 6yrs;  mother, Ester D. Richardson (1870 Midland Census shows her age at 50yrs (bc. 1820) and is keeping House,  born Canada West (Ontario)), and remaining family move to Genesee County, Michigan, c.1852;  he moves to Midland in 1863 and was known as 'Dick";  a carpenter and builder;  joined, at age 17, the 29th Michigan Infantry, Company 'H' in 1864;  1870 census shows him as a carpenter and born Canada West (Ontario);  1880 census shows him with Edith, Julia E. and Reid;  member of Unitarian Church;  1894 Michigan Veteran Index shows him in the 3rd Ward of Saginaw City;  died 24 Jun, 1920 and was living at the home on Jerome Street, Midland, Michigan;  interred in Richardson Plot, Sec. E, Midland Cemetery, Midland, Michigan   (Richardson Plot has (assumed) a brother of Israel, C.A. Richardson and some of his family)

See Also:  Edith [Obit];  Israel: [

Found:  Lists of graduates having finished the State Course of Study for the rural school, Edith Turner,

G. A. R -  Union Army veterans founded the Grand Army of the Republic.  Many of their wives continued with the organization
Lady Maccabees were clubs or lodges that aided the community: primarily in doctoring the ill, providing relief for families in dire straits, and, otherwise, just socializing.  (The Maccabees were organized in Canada in 1878, and were later established in Port Huron, Michigan in 1884. They were described as a fraternal and benevolent “legal reserve society,” and members received life insurance benefits. There were various ranks and rituals of the organization. The name is derived from the steadfastness and persistence of the Jewish military genius Judas Maccabeus who ordered his soldiers to save a part of the war spoils for widows and orphans. In 1914 after mergers the group was renamed just The Maccabees. The Maccabees were quite prominent in Michigan. Eckford Village had a Maccabees Hall, which later became the community building there.)

1860 Census - Midland Tp, Midland Co, Michigan - Edith A., ae. 1mo, born Mich
1870 Census - Midland Village, Midland Co., Michigan - Listed at household 198 is Ester D., ae. 50 (=1820);  house hold 199 - Israel, ae. 23 (=1847), Carpenter;  Angeline, ae. 23;  Nellie, ae 6;  Robert Walden, ae. 23, Blacksmith;  Thomas Richardson, ae. 24, Carpenter (not sure of the relationships)

        14 Julia E. RICHARDSON [c.1878-1898] 
   1880 census shows Julia to be 2yrs old;
      14 George Reid RICHARDSON [1879-1937]  m.1910  Lotta Belle PERRY [c.1880-    ] 
George:  s/o Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;  born 13 Dec, 1879, MI;  lived at 353 Tremont, North Tonawanda, NYS in 1915;  originated and owned The Richardson Boat Company from 1909-1937 ( his wife Ethel ran the company until 1941 when the company was sold);  produced pleasure craft and during WWII,  motor tugs for the US gov't; 
 president of the Chamber of Commerce;  active in Scout work;  member of the Kiwanis Club of which he was past president, member of the Youngstown Yacht Club, Olcott Yacht Club, Buffalo Launch Club, American Power Boat Association, New York Regatta club and the North Presbyterian church;  died at North Tonawanda, NYS, 18 Feb, 1937;  interred Midland Cemetery, Midland, Michigan

Reid:  [Obit]

- marriage - 25 Jan, 1910, Niagara, NYS;  Grooms Parents:: Israel H. Richardson & Edith Turner;  Bride's parents: Sylvester C. Perry & Elizaabeth Palmer (FHC: Film 897557)
- WWI Draft Reg. card
- witness to marriage of Richardson/Burd marriage1903

          15 Jeane Elizabeth RICHARDSON
last know to be living in CA, 1937
        14 Dwight RICHARDSON [1884-1912]
s/o Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;  b. 12 Oct, 1884, Midland;  bur. Midland Cemetery (Richardson's Plot) (FHC)
      14 Irene H. RICHARDSON [1886-1941]  m.1907  Glen Beattie SKELTON [1885-1977]
d/o Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;  born 1886;  grad of Midland Normal School, 1906;  married 27 Jun, 1907 at Bay City;  lived at St. Charles, Auburn and Saginaw City all of Saginaw County, Michigan;  died 1941;  interred Midland Cemetery, Sec. E, Midland, Michigan (Richardson Plot)
  Glen, s/o Durance J. Skelton and Alice Beattie;  born 9 Sep, 1885 in Bay County, Michigan;  lived at Unionville;  employed by Robert Gage Coal Co.;  in 1909 he was an engineer;  remarried Milda Geyer in 1946;  died 30 Jun, 1977 at  Unionville, Tuscola Co., Michigan;  interred Pine Grove Cemetery.
  Milda M;  born 6 Nov, 1897 at Reese, Mich;  maiden name was Kaul;  there were 3 children of Milda and her first husband, ?? Geyer;  died 6 Apr, 1980 at Saginaw;  interred St. Lorenz Cemetery

Glen: [Obit]

Skelton info from Glen's obit; children via C. Pyles


          15 Charlotte Olana SKELTON [1908-1909]
d/o Irene Richardson & Glen Skelton;  born 5 July 1908 Born: Michigan;  died 10 February 1909 ;  interred  Pine Grove Cemetery, Williams Township, Bay County, Michigan

Found birth and death on Internet (see c-skelton.txt)

          15 Priscilla Jean SKELTON [1909-1974]  m.  Bruce BREMER (div)
d/o Irene Richardson & Glen Skelton;  born 5 Jul, 1909, Auburn, Mich;  died 2Jul, 1974, Detroit, Mich;  interred Fisherville Cem.
          15 Richard Glen SKELTON [1911-1993]  m.  Elinor RICHARDSON (div)
s/o Irene Richardson & Glen Skelton;  born 1 Jul, 1911;  moved to California;  died 30 Sep, 1993 in San Diego, Cal.
          15 Robert Beattie SKELTON [1913-    ]  m.  Mary Ada CARMACK [1918-    ]

          15 Edith Irene SKELTON [1917-      ]  m1.  Kenneth SWEET  m2.  ?? BERRITT
d/o Irene Richardson & Glen Skelton;  
          15 Eugene SKELTON [1918-    ]  m.  Charlotte MILLER

          15 Frances Esther SKELTON [1920-1973]  m.  Don GOTTSCHALK

      14 Belle RICHARDSON [1888-1898]
  Belle, d/o Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;  born 6 Dec, 1888;  attended Midland Normal School;  died 9 Dec, 1898 at Midland

Belle: [Obit]
        14 Geraldine A. RICHARDSON [1890-1974]
  Geraldine, d/o Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;  born 28 Apr, 1890;  grad. Midland Normal School, 1909;  a professional nurse at New York City;  died July, 1974 at Bay City; 
interred Midland Cemetery, Sec. U, Midland, Michigan
      14 Israel Harold RICHARDSON [1894-1971]  mc.1915  Amelia M. UKN [1898-1973]
  Israel, s/o Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;  born 17 Sep, 1894;  lived at Midland, Michigan;  employed at Dow Chemical;  died 6 Nov, 1971 at Sarasota, Florida;  interred in
Midland Cemetery, Se. U, Midland, Michigan;
  Amelia, born Midland County,  6 Apr, 1898;  died 1973, at Ogden, Utah;  interred in Midland Cemetery, Midland, Michigan

Israel: [Obit]
Amelia:  [

        15 Frederick RICHARDSON [1917-1945]  m.1944  Margaret BURR
Frederick,  s/o Israel & Amelia;  born 1917 at Midland, Michigan;  graduated by Michigan State College in June of 1941;  August entered the Army;  he trained first with a chemical warfare unit;  in Honolulu on 7 Dec, 1941;  at Camp Cooke, CA., Mar, 1944;  trained in tank operations;  he married 6 Mar, 1944;  shipped to England in Aug, 1944;  involved in the Battle of the Bulge and was killed, 14 Jan,1945, in action, Belgium, WWII;  interred in Midland Cemetery, Midland, Michigan,

Fred:  [Obit]
        14 Lulu RICHARDSON [?1894-1978]   m.  William REARDON
  Lulu, d/o  Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;  poss. born 8 Apr, 1894;  grad. Midland Normal School, 1910;  lived in California;  poss: died Aug, 1978 at East Lansing, Michigan

Found:  1930 - Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA: William, 83 b. Canda;  LulaL, 52, b. MI; 
(Lulu could have been born c. 1878

        14 Eric RICHARDSON [1897-1966]
  Eric, s/o  Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;  born 28 May, 1897;   lived at Detroit, Michigan;  died at Midland, Mar, 1966.
        14 Jessie M. RICHARDSON   m.1903  George E. BURD
d/o  Edith Turner and Israel Richardson;; mar. 8 Apr, 1903;  lived at Milwaukee, WI
  George;  s/o Alfred N. Burd & Amy Sinclair

1930 - Milwaukee, WI: George E, 49, b. MI;  Jessie, 48;  Margaret E, 20, b. WI;  Jessie M, 16;  Carolyn, 10

      13 George Edwin TURNER [1867-1937]   m.1901  Kathleen Elizabeth ATKINSON [1867-1939]
   George, s/o George Turner & Sophia Thompson born at Chattanooga, Tenn., 28 Oct, 1867;  attended school at Bay City;  became Asst. City Engineer, 1898;  married Kathleen Atkinson, 23 Dec, 1901;  lived at 1810 5th Ave,, Bay City;  City Engineer;  died 9 Nov, 1937, ae. 70,0,11;  interred 11 Nov, 1937, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.
   Kathleen, d/o Robert Atkinson & Elizabeth ? Ritchey ? of Bay City;  born 10 Mar, 1867;  died at Ann Arbor, Mich. on 1 Dec, 1939, .72,8,21;  interred 3 Dec, 1939, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.
not aware of any issues

See Also:  George - [Obit];  Kathleen - [Obit]

History of Bay County, Michigan: and representative citizens / ed. and comp. by Augustus H. Gansser. Author: Gansser, Augustus H., ed. 1872-
G. EDWIN TURNER, son of Capt. George Turner, attended the schools of Bay City and immediately after graduation entered his father's office, in which he gained a practical and technical knowledge of surveying. In I898 he was elected county surveyor and has held that office ever since. He was joined in marriage with Kathleen Atkinson, a daughter of Robert Atkinson, of Bay City. Fraternally, he is a member of Portsmouth Lodge, No. I90, F. & A. M.; Blanchard Chapter, Nc. 59, R. A. M.; and Bay City Council, No. 53, R. & S. M. He is a Republican in politics, and both he and his wife are members of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church.

    12 TURNER, Charles Knox Sr. [1837-1913]  m.1859  Jeannette  Whittier Allison BYRON [1845-1916]    
s/o Joseph Turner & Emily Knox;  born 4 May, 1837 near Detroit (Dearbornville);  moved to Saginaw, 1852;  engaged in lumbering;  married Jeanette Byron on 8 Jun,1859 at Saginaw City;  resided at 1702 Court St., Saginaw;  died Saginaw, 28 Mar., 1913;  interred 31 Mar, 1913, .75 in Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw, Mich.;
   Jeannette, born Glasgow, Scotland 7 Jun, 1845;  d/o Peter A. Byron and Janet Allison Cochrane;  immigrated 1849;  married Charles K. Turner, 8 Jun., 1859 at Saginaw, Mich.;  died 9 Oct, 1916 at Saginaw, Mich.;  interred 13 Oct, 1916, .73 in in Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw, Mich.; 
Note:  The Court Street home was last occupied by May Turner and sold in 1945.  It was reviewed in 1967 (see Family Page) and eventually torn down.
7 issues
Charles 1702 Court St, Saginaw Jeanette

For more on the Byron family see: 
(temporarily not running)

See Also: [CKT Family Page Charles [Obit];  Jeanette [Obit]

1850 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co., Michigan - Charles, ae. 14, b. MI (believed to be at Stoney Creek, Mich)
1859 - Marriage - Charles Turner, Saginaw City and Jennette Byron, Saginaw City, married June 8, 1859 Saginaw City by C. D. Little, J.P witnesses Pamela Little and Augusta Liebenthal both of Saginaw City
1870 Census - Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan (15 Jun) - Charles,  ae. 33 =1837), Lumber Dealer, born Michigan;  Janette W., ae. 27 (= 1843), born Scotland.
1881 Census - 1st Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Charles, ae.41, b. MI, Lumber Merch.;  Jennett, ae. 37, b. Scotland
1900 Census - 1702 Court St, 5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Charles, b. May, 1837, ae. 63, married 41 yrs., Lumberman. MI;  Jeannett, b. Jun, 1843, ae. 56, Keeping House, b. Scot., immigrated 1849
1907 Affidavit by Charles for Sophia Turner re: George Turner's Army Pension states Charles is 70 yrs old;   .."he (George) was divorced in the fall of 1865;  "I am the brother".



Charles Knox Jr. TURNER  [1864-1919]  m.1884  Lilly May EASTMAN [1868-1923]
   Charles, s/o Charles K. Turner & Jeanette Byron;  born Saginaw;  moved to Bay City;  married Lillie May Baxter, 28 Aug, 1884;  a contractor;  died 28 Oct, 1919;  interred Elm Lawn, Bay City, Mich..
   Lillie;  d/o of  Mary Eastman*; 
born Saginaw, Sep, 1868;  member of First Presbyterian Church and Temple Chapter;  died 21 Oct, 1923;  interred  Elm Lawn, Bay City, Mich..


See Also:  Lilly [Obit]

Found: *
1870 Michigan Census -0 5th Ward, Saginaw City
  Mary Eastman; ae37, born England;  Fruit Dealer - no  husband shown
  Edmond J Eastman; ae: 8; born Canada
  George W. Eastman; ae 6; born Canada
  Lilla M. Eastman; ae: 2; born Michigan
1880 according to LDS records there is the following:
  Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan
  Mary Eastman  Wid, ae 48, born England
  Edmond J. Baxter, ae 18, born England, father born England; mother born England
  George Wm. Baxter; ae 16;  born Canada
  Lillie May Eastman; ae 11; born MI
- Marriage:  according to the marriage record Lillie is named Lillie May Eastman d/o Mrs. Mary ?J or F ? Eastman - Rec 3545 Aug, 28, 1884
- 1900 - Bay City, (north side), Bay, MI:  Chas. K., Dec, 1862;  Lily N. Sep, 1868, b. MI, father b. Canada, mother b. England;  Mary Eastman, b. Jun, 18352, England, widow.

Saginaw Obituary Index - Edmond J born Cayuga, Ont;  23 May, 1862
                                             George born Canfield Station, Ont (in Cayuga)  s/o Mr. & Mrs. George William, 16 Oct, 1863
  This above information appears that Mary, the mother, was married Eastman and then in Michigan she married a Baxter.  But why in 1880 did the boys say Baxter and Mary and Lilly say Eastman???   OR, did the LDS mean Mary Eastman Baxter and Lillie May Eastman Baxter,  OR  who were the Baxters in 1880   

1870 Census - Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan (15 Jun) - Charles, ae. 7 (=1863)
1881 Census - 1st Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Charles, ae. 17, b. MI, Laborer
1900 Census - 1702 Court St, 5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Charles, ae. 14, Laborer, b. MI
Death - Charles - 1919 Liber D, Pg. 148 # 650 - Charles Turner, married, age 56yrs, 10 mos., 12days, born Michigan, contractor 
Death - Lillie - 1923 - Bay City Tribune - Mon, 22 Oct, 1923 - Lilly widow of Charles K. Turner, born Saginaw, 1868, lived inn Bay City for past 30 years, two brothers survive: George W. Baxter & Edmond J. Baxter


    13 May TURNER[1866-1948]    
   May, d/o Charles K. Turner & Jeanette Byron;  born Saginaw 11 Oct., 1866;  graduate of the University of Michigan;  teacher and private tutor in Saginaw;  she was the last to live at the 1702 Court St, Saginaw Turner home and after selling in 1945 she moved to Englewood, NJ.;  lived with her brother, Harold K, at 113 Phelps Ave;  died at Englewood 5 Apr., 1948;  interred, 8 Apr, 1948, . 81 in Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw.  unmarried.


[Charles Turner pages]  [Obit

Saginaw Public Library on-line Obituary Index - Turner, May,  born 11 Oct, 1866 at Saginaw,  died 5 Apr, 1948 at Englewood, NJ,  former Saginaw Teacher and Private Tutor, 1st Presbyterian Church, Saginaw (Case Funeral Home)
1870 Census - Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan (15 Jun) - May, ae. 5 (= 1865)
1881 Census - 1st Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - May, ae. 15, b. MI, Student
1900 Census - 1702 Court St, 5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - May, b. Oct, 1866 ae. 33, Teacher, b. MI
1923 Saginaw City Directory, Pg. 708 - May, 1702 Court St

    13 Joseph Whittier TURNER [1868-1942]  m.   Helen WEBB [1863-1941]    
   Joseph, s/o Charles K. Turner & Jeanette Byron;  born, 7 Oct., 1868 Saginaw, Michigan;  married Helen Webb of Camden, Ohio;  in 1910, living at 2939 Cottage Grove Ave., Des Moines;  operated J. W. Turner Improvement Company, an engineering and  general contractor business from 309 Youngerman Block, Des Moines;  died, at home, 7 Mar., 1942;  interred Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines (SW1/4 of Lot 00107, Block 26).   
   Helen, born 31 Mar., 1861 at Camden, Ohio;  d/o Abraham Webb and Mary Jane (Brown) Webb (Abraham born in Virginia, Mary Jane born in Ohio);  married Joseph Whittier Turner c. 1899;  the 1910 survey shows a sister, Elizabeth Long, a widow age 38, living in the house on Cottage Grove;  Helen died 1 Jan., 1941, Des Moines, Iowa;  interred Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines (SW1/4 of Lot 00107, Block 26).
(Ed. Note:  I believe that Whittier is from his mother's maiden name.  Jeanette W. A. (Byron) Turner).

See Also:  Joseph [Obit];  Helen [Obit]

1870 Census - Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan (15 Jun) - Joseph, ae. 1 (= 1869)
1881 Census - 1st Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Joseph, ae. 11, b. MI, At School
1900 Census -5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Joseph, ae. 11, At School, b. MI
1910 Census - Joseph W. & Helen  turner2939 Cottage Grove Ave;  Electrical Contractor, age:  Joseph, 40;  Helen, 43;  married 11 yrs.
1915, 1920, 1925 at Cottage Grove Ave;
1931 City Dir., Des Moines - J W Turner Improvement Company

    13 Jesse A. TURNER [1870-1922]     
   Jesse, s/o Charles K. Turner & Jeanette Byron;  born Saginaw;  Real Estate Salesman;  died Portland, Oregon;  interred, 16 Feb, 1922 .50 in Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw, Mich..  - not believed to have married

See Also: Jessie [Obit]

1881 Census - 1st Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Jessie, ae. 8, b. MI
1900 Census -5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Jessie, ar.8, At School, b. MI
1922 Death Cert. - Portland, Orr;  Jessie A. Turner; Single; age about 50; Real Estate Salesman; Nephritis; burial Saginaw (birth place, father, mother - not known)


      13 Lillian A. TURNER [1872-1943]     
   Lillian, d/o Charles K. Turner & Jeanette Byron;  born Saginaw, 2 May, 1872;  graduate of Arthur Hill Class of 1893 as an Educator, Michigan State Normal College;  taught school at Saginaw for 35 years;   died 30 Jan, 1943, ae. 70yrs;  interred, 2 Feb, 1943, .70 in Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw; unmarried



[Picture Page]  [Obit]

Saginaw Public Library on-line Obituary Index - Turner, Lillian A. born 2 May, 1872,  died 30 Jan, 1943
1881 Census - 1st Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Lillian, ae. 6, b. MI
1900 Census - 1702 Court St, 5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Lillian, b. May, 1875, ae. 25, Teacher, b. MI
1923 Saginaw City Directory, Pg. 708 - Lillian A., tchr  Otto Roeser School, r. 1702 Court St.

      13 Harold Klieny (afa- Kleiny & Kliny) TURNER [1877-1947]  mc.1910  Maria Christina DINGMAN [1880-1967]
  Harold, s/o Charles K. Turner & Jeanette Byron;  born Saginaw 28 Feb., 1877;  moved to Englewood, NJ. in 1910;  lived at 113 Phelps Ave., Englewood;  employed at Consolidated Edison as an electrical engineer;  married Maria Dingman;  died Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ, 24 Nov, 1947 : 30,8,24

  Maria, daughter the last of 10 children of Mills Dingman, born 4 Mar, 1880 at Shortman, NY;  was raised by an her Aunt Maria Dingman Plass & Uncle William Plass (they had no children);  died, 28 Jun, 1967 (ae: 88) at Englewood, NJ.  (Shortman was re-named - unknown at this time where this town was but there is reference to a Shortman near Syracuse, NY)  The Plass family lived at Stuyvesant Falls, NY (Near the Hudson River, south of Albany)



(no idea about the name Klieny)

Pic via Jill Turner Bowser

Harold and Maria interred Brookside Cemetery., Englewood, NJ.; (Plot 146) .   Harold and Maria also held property on Long Island which became part of the McArthur Airport in 1950.
[Letter of Jesse Turner]

1881 Census - 1st Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Harry, ae. 3, b. MI
1900 Census - 5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Harry, ae. 3, at School, b. MI
1910 Census - New York City - Manhattan, Ward 12 - Harold K, ae. 33, born Mich, Electrician;  Maria C, ae. 31. born NYS as is her parents,
1920 Census - New Jersey, Bergen, Englewood - Harold K., ae. 42, born Mich, father born Mich, mother born Scotland, Electrical Engineer;  Maria C., ae. 40, born NY
c.1914 - Draft Card - Harold Klieny Turner at 113 Phelps Ave, Englewood, 28 Feb, 1877, Cable Engineer for NY Edison, married to Maria C.,  med build, med height, hazel eyes, brown hair
1920-1930 Census - Englewood, Bergen, NJ
1930 Census - Englewood, Bergen, NJ - Harold, 53, electrical engineer;  Maria C., 51;  Grace M., 24, stenographer;  H. Mills, 22, Bookkeeper;  Jesse A., 21, Bookkeeper
Brookside Cemetery


        14 Grace M. TURNER [1906-1982]  m.  Albert WACHTER [1907-?1989]
   Grace, d/o Harold K. Turner & Maria Dingman;  born at New York City on 23 Mar, 1906;  died, May 1982 at Greenwich, NYS. 
   Albert, may have been born 9 Jul, 1907  died 4 Feb, 1989 (ssdi);   may have owned a farm at Greenwich, Washington, NYS;


Pic via Jill Turner Bowser

Notes:  I think Albert was born in NYC and there met Grace; after 1930 they married and moved to Greenwich where they operated a farm.  It appears that both died at Greenwich.  The issued two male children - names withheld

1910 Census - New York City - Manhattan, Ward 12 - Grace M., ae. 4
- 1920 Census - New Jersey, Bergen, Englewood - Grace M., ae. 13
- 1940 Census - Ward 2, Englewood, Bergen, NJ:  Albert Wachte (sic), 33 b. NY;  Grace, 34, b. NY;  son, 1, b. Englewood
Turner Tree, Jill Turner,
SSDI# - Grace M. Wachter (082-05-7038); 23 Mar, 1906 (16808 (1906));  May, 1982;  Last Res & Last Benefit: 12834 Greenwich, Washington, NYS; 
               also found a Grace M. Turner b. 14 Apr, 1907 in Kings (# 11384 (1907)) where I think Albert was born in 1907
SSDI#   ??
Albert Wachter  (091-07-1440) b. 9 Jul, 1907 in Kings (16165 (1906)); d. 4 Feb, 1989, not specified but something told me at Greenwich

      14 Harold Mills TURNER [1907-1987]  m.1932  Dorothy KOSBAHN [1914-1998  ]
   Harold, s/o Harold K. Turner & Maria Dingman;  born  27 Jun, 1907 in Manhattan (#
34062);  employed by Alcoa Aluminum;  banker for Citizen's First National Bank in Ridgewood;  member of Masonic Lodge #230;  lived in Ridgewood, NJ and, lastly, in Beach Haven Park of Long Branch, NJ ;  died 21 Dec., 1987;  interred in George Washington Cemetery, Paramus, NJ.  (Tier 6; Row T; SE Quad)
  Dorothy;  born 26 Mar, 1914;  worked for NJ Bell, Newark for 30 years;  member of Telephone Pioneers of New Jersey amd a Girl Scout Leader;  died 25 Jul, 1998 at Sunrise, Florida;  interred in George Washington Cemetery, Paramus, NJ.  (Tier 6; Row T; SE Quad)


Pic via Jill Turner Bowser

See Also:  Harold [Obit]; Dorothy [Obit]

Notes:  Mills comes from his mother's father's name, Mills Dingman
               Dorothy' s last name has been spelled: From Jesse Turner - Kosbaum;  from Harold's obit -

- 1910 Census - New York City - Manhattan, Ward 12 - H. Mills, ae. 3
- 1920 Census - New Jersey, Bergen, Englewood - Mills, ae. 12, born NY 
- 1940 Census - Ward, Englewood, Bergen, NJ:  Harold, b. 1908, NY, Clerk, Insurance;  Dorothy, 26, b. NJ; son, 6, b. NJ; dau, 2, b. NJ
Jill & Lily Turner;  Harold's Obit
SSDI - Harold M. Turner, 27 Jun, 1907;  21 Dec, 1987;  last res: Beach Haven, Ocean, Fla; 
Dorothy's obit; SSDI Dorothy K Turner;  154-14-6950;

        14 Jesse A. TURNER, [1908-2003]  m.1928  Virginia OXENHAM [1907-1996]
s/o Harold K. Turner & Maria Dingman;   born New York City;  married Virginia Oxenham on 2 Sep, 1928 at New City, NY;   president of Citizen's National Bank and Englewood Hospital;   member of Knickerbocker Country Club, Tenafly, NJ.;   retired at Englewood, NJ.;  died 10 Mar, 2003, ae. 94
   Virginia;  d/o Arthur Oxenham & Margretta Polhemus was born 10 Nov, 1907 at Atlanta, Georgia;  died 27 Oct, 1996.
both interred Brookside Cemetery, Englewood, NJ (Plot 146, Graves 2)

Jesse A. Turner

227 Walnut St, Englewood, NJ
pictures, courtesy; Jill Turner Bowser

Virginia Oxenham

See Also: [Picture Page];  [Letter of Jesse Turner];  Jesse [Obit];  Virginia [Obit]

- 1910 Census - New York City - Manhattan, Ward 12 - Jesse A., ae. 8mos.
- 1920 Census - New Jersey, Bergen, Englewood - Jesse, ae. 11, born NY
- 1940 Census - 142 Eagle St, Englewood, Bergen, NJ: Jesse, 44, b. NY, Bank Teller;  Virginia, 42, b. Georgia, USA;  son, 10, b. NJ; dau. 4, b. NJ
- Brookside Cemetery
Virginia - parents via Jessica Turner and Lily Rombough

        14 Huldah Allison TURNER [1910-2001]  m.  David Morgan PERRY [1914-1982]
   Huldah, d/o Harold K. Turner & Maria Dingman;  born 14 Oct, 1910, New York;  married David;  lived at Englewood and was a registered nurse at Englewood Hospital until 1976;  died 18 Jun, 2001;  interred George Washington Cemetery, Paramus, NJ.
  David, possibly:  born 15 Feb, 1914;  died Jun, 1982;  last residence was Hillsdale, Bergen, New Jersey;  interred George Washington Cemetery, Paramus, NJ
They had 2 children

Huldah & David - 1973

See Also:  Huldah: [Obit]

Ruth Perry: confirmations and picture
1920 Census - New Jersey, Bergen, Englewood - 1 3/12, born NY
SSDI; Huldah M. Turner Perry; 14 Oct, 1910;  Jun, 2001;  last res: Clifton, Passaic, NJ.  David Perry; b.15 Feb, 1914; d. Jul, 1982; last residence - Hillsdale, Bergen, NJ

George Washington Cemetery, Paramus, NJ - Tier 6, Row E, Sec. 3 NW (cremated)


      13 William Roy TURNER [1878-1933]  m.  Daisy Mabel RITCHINGS  [1887-1981] -(m2.1936 &  Henry (Harry) R. HAMER [     -1954]
   William, s/o Charles K. Turner & Jeanette Byron;  born 11 Feb, Saginaw;  moved to Reading, PA;  married 26 Jan, 1907, New York;  Daisy Mabel Ritchings;  employed at Metropolitan Edison Company and was responsible for many safety systems;  died 30 July, 1933Reading, PA.;  interred, 2 Aug, 1933 in Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw, Mich.;
   Daisy, d/o Alfred and Matilda Ritchings;  born at Bristol, England on 3 Nov, 1887;  married first William;  next Henry Hamer in 1936;  died at Holland, Ohio on 10 Nov, 1981
. (
Henry, died 1954;)
William Roy Turner Daisy Mabel Ritchings Daisy Mabel. Ritchings c.1955 Henry Hamer

William: [Obit]

Saginaw Public Library on-line Obituary Index - Turner, William Roy
1881 Census - 1st Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Roy, ae. 1, b. MI
1900 Census - 5th Ward, Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan - Roy, ae.1, b. MI
1910 Census - Manhattan, Ward 12;  William R, 32, electrician;  Daisy M., 22
1920 Census - Mount Penn (Reading), Penn;  William R, 41 Superintendent at Electric Co.;
 Dasie M, 35;  Dasie M. Jr., 9;  Alfred B., 3

        14 Daisy May TURNER [1910-2009]  m.1934  Edward Francis SCHNEIDER [1908-1985]
  Daisy May, d/o William Roy Turner & Daisy Mabel Ritchings;  born New York City, 27 May, 1910; moved to Toledo, Ohio;   married Edward in 1934;  a school teacher;  together they had 2 issues; died 25 December 2009 in Huntsville, Alabama.
  Edward Francis,,
,, born 8 Aug, 1908; graduated as an electrical engineer;  employed by Toledo Edison;  a sales director with Toledo Edison;  member and past master of Pyramid Lodge, F&AM; chairman of zoning for Springfield Township, Ohio;  active in the Monroe St. United Methodist Church;  died  Oct, 1985 at the time of his death they were at Holland, Lucas, OH. 
Daisy May Turner Schneider - Mar, 2007 Edward Francis Schneider

Edward - Edward Lynn Schneider; SSDI - Edward Schneider; b. 8 Aug, 1908; d. Oct, 1985; last residence, Holland, Lucas, OH


        14 Alfred Byron TURNER [1916-2001]  m.  Patricia E. GATELY 1924-2001] 
, s/o William Roy Turner & Daisy Mabel Ritchings;  born Reading, PA. 23 Mar, 1916;  died 21 Dec, 2001
   Patricia, born 28 Jun, 1924;  died 20 Dec, 2001.
They were last residing at Cape Coral, Lee, Florida

  Alfred:  SSDI - Alfred B. Turner, 23 Mar, 1916;  21 Dec, 2001; last address - Cape Coral, Lee, Fla
  Patricia: - SSDI- Patricia E. Turner; 28 Jun, 1924;  20 Dec, 2001 - Cape Coral, Lee, Fla; Hoyt Library Archives - maiden name


    12 Edwin TURNER [1839- ?? 1881]  This family is unproven - my initial information was that Edwin had moved to Chicago,  Other than his birth date and possible link to the printing business, nothing ties this Edwin to my Turner family.  Edwin may have been with a printer in Oakland Co. as was his brother, Albert.  HOWEVER, there is another or maybe another Edwin who is said to he born in Lower Canada (Ontario) in the same year and he also shows up as a Printer, in Michigan and moving to Chicago . 

 m.1863  Susan M. LLOYD [c.1847 > 1910]
   Edwin, s/o Joseph Turner & Emily Knox;  born Wayne County, Mich.;  said to have moved to Chicago.

may have been Edwin Turner of Midland County;  in 1860 living with Nathaniel Carr a Newspaper Publisher and living nearby is a Susan M Lloyd (b.c.1845).w/her parents; 
I have a marriage in Berrien of Edwin Turner married Susan M. Lloyd in Niles, Berrien County, MI on 8 May 1863 (FHC) both were from Buchanan, Berrien County, MI. He was 24 and she was 18. Witnesses were Charles E. McAllister of White Pigeon, MI;  Sarah E. Wilkinson of  Niles, Berrien County, MI.  Married by Lewis F. Wilkinson, Minister of the Gospel. Information obtained from Marriage book C page 388, and located in the genealogy records of Berrien County, Stevensville, MI   (William (brother) was at Niles sometime before 1890.  His brother Albert was a printer in Midland prior to enlisting

1860 - Census -Midland County, Michigan - Edwin, 21, Printer, Lower Canada (??? this bothers me as if mine he could not have been born in Canada);  also, Susan M, 14 living with David & Lucy J. Lloyd and brother, Coltin P..
1869-70 Chicago City Directory:  Turner, Edwin M., Printer, 704 W. Indiana
Edwin, 24=1836
Susan M. 14=1846

1870 Census -  Illinois Census, Chicago Ward 14, page 164, line 5: Turner, Elmer, 32, printer, born Michigan.   Susan, 25, keeping house, born Michigan  Marcus R, 5, at home, born Michigan.   Loyd, David, 62, personal value 500, born New York  Loyd, Lucy J, 50, keeping house, real value 3000, born New York;  
Edwin 32=
Susan  25=1845
  Marcus R. 5=1865

1880 - census on LDS - Cicero, Cook, Ill - Edwin ae41 b. MI, Publisher;  Susan M, ae. 32, Keeping House;  Marcus, ae 14, b. Mich, office boy;  Grace M. ae. 7, born Ill, at school - if correct family then they arrived Chicago, 1867-1873 - may have stopped of in Indiana
Edwin 41=1839
Susan 32=1848
  Marcus 14=1866
  Grace 7=1873

Illinois Death Index:  Turner, Edwin M. 19 Jul, 1881 Cook Co. ae 41=c.1840; Printer, Cert# 0000297, Cook

1897-1899 - Chicago - no Edwin Turner or  Arthur (Edwin's uncle) found in City Dirs.  Was there a Marcus as Printer/ Publisher??  Was Susan living with Marcus or Grace Gunthrope??  In 1910, I found his probable brother, William, in Chicago

1910  Susan M Turner, 63 is living with Grace M, 36 married c.1890 to William P. Gunthrop, bc.1872, with several children, Donald W., 15 Doris,15 Morna, 13 and Thomas , 4  in Philadelphia, Ward 12. )
Susan 63=1847
  Grace 36=1874

1850 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co., Michigan - Edwin (also listed as Edward), ae. 12, b. MI (believed to be at Stoney Creek, Mich)

      13 Marcus TURNER [1866-     ]  other than above I have not be able to locate Marcus or a Marcus Rueban / Ruben

1870 Chicago: Marcus R., 5
1880 Chicago, Marcus   ,14


      13 Grace Myrtle TURNER [1873-     ] m.1893  William Perry GUNTHROP Jr [1872-    ]      
   Grace, d/o Edwin Turner & Susan M. Lloyd; b. 20 Jan, 1873, Chicago;  m. 1893, Chicago;  moved to Philadelphia, PA c.1900;  issued:  Donald, Doris, Norma, Thomas L, Holland Wm.
William;  William, b.1872, Austin, Cook, Illinois, poss the s/o William P. Gunthrope & Priscilla Mould,

Found:  a birth on ANC which says her birth is 20 Jan, 1873 BUT her father is E. Munroe Turner & mother is Susan M. Lloyd - I have never and do not know where this Monroe comes

- marriage:  William P. Gunthorp, Jr  m. Grace M. Tuner, 30 Nov, 1893, Chicago, Cook, IL  (FHC- file 103033)
- 1900 - Chicago, Cook, IL (West Town):  Wm,. jr, , b. Oct, 1871, Printer, I; Grace, 1873, Ill;  Donald, 1894, 5, ILL;  Dorris, 1894, 5, ILL;  Norma, 3,1897;  living at 233 Baird Ave, Ward 35,, City of Chicago
- 1910 - Philadelphia, Ward 42, PA:  William P, 38;  Grace M, 36;  Donald W, 15;  Doris, 15;  Morna, 13;  Thomas L., 4;  Susan M., 63,Widow, mother-in-law, b. Michigan, Father b. NJ, mother b. NH
- 1907 - death:  Holland William Gunthorp, died at 233 Baird Ave, Chicago 22 Apr, 1907, ae 2yrsé6mosé11days;  b. 11 Oct, 1904, Chicago,  Father: Wm. P. Gunthorp;  Mother: Grace Myrtle Turner, bur. 24 Apr, 1907 (FHC file # 1402880 or 1287752) -


        14 Donald William GUNTHORP [c.1895-    ]
        14 Doris GUNTHORP [c.1895-     ]
        14 Norma GUNTHORP [c.1897-    ]
        14 Holland William GUNTHORP [1904-1907]  

Birth Cert #5949: William Holland Gunthorp
e saying he is the 4th child, b. 11 Oct, 1904 at 233 Baird Ave, Austin, Chicago, Father: William Perry Gunthorpe, Printing Business; Mother: Grace Myrtle Turner

        14 Thomas L. GUNTHORP [c.1906-    ]
        14 Priscilla GUNTHORP [c.1911-    ]  This  was found on the 1920 census and not so sure if it is correnct.
    12 William TURNER [1841-1905 mc.1879  Mary A. CONNOLLY
  William, s/o Joseph Turner & Emily Knox;  born Wayne County;  said to have moved to South Bend, Indiana. 

notes:  May have been the William Turner involved with the Turner Oil Filter Co., South Bend, Ind. and of  Niles, MI. and if so he married a May Ann Connelly and had one unmarried daughter, Grace.  Mary & Grace (born in 1888) and was last heard of in 1912. Grace was Kindergarten Teacher, both living at 2007 S. Michigan, South Bend, IN   This William died in Hot Springs, Arkansas 26 Mar, 1905:  William B. Turner Age 63, born Michigan died 26 Mar, 1905 of heart failure, male, white, married, visitor (he was there due to health reasons from about 13 Mar) Occupation Manufacturer, Attending Physician EC Hay, Cemetery South Bend, Ind.  (Riverside)

- 1880 NYC Manhattan;  William B.;  Mary A;  and sis/bro Annie, Eliz & Joe Connolly - William is a Wheel Wright
-- 1900 Chicago: William B, HOH, Jul, 1841, 58m, married 21yrs, b. MI, parents both England, Mfg Oil Filt;  Mary, wife, Feb, 1839, 61, b. NY, parents both Ireland;  Anna J, Connolly, Sis-in-law, Jun, 1872, 29 b. Ireland. Stenographer;  Elizabeth Connolly, sis-in-law, Nov, 1865, 34 b. Ireland;  Grace, dau. b. Oct, 1881, 19 b, New York,  parents MI, NY.

Only thing that makes him my William is that he was born in Michigan, c.1841 and that he was of South Bend - no connection to Michigan Turner's yet

1850 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co., Michigan - William, ae. 9, b. MI (believed to be at Stoney Creek, Mich)


    12 Emily Jr. TURNER [1844-    ]  m.1864   Sylvester VIBBER [1842-    ]

Apr, 2011  Found on Ancestry the following: Turner, Emily. b. 1844, Avon, Oakland County, died aft. 1862;  mother, Emily, b. England, 1817;  Domestic, residing, Rochester, MI
                    If this is true then Emily would not have married Vibber and died unmarried.  I have never found more information on the Turner-Vibber marriage and it is remote but possible that there were two Emily Turners in Saginaw at the time. 
                   Could Emily Jr married Vibber, separated and died as Turner in those days.  If Emily Jr. died in Oakland then she might have been interred with her father in Stoney Creek Cemetery.

Joseph Turner & Emily Knox;  born Wayne County;  moved to Pontiac then Saginaw;  married Sylvester Vibber of Midland, Mich., 2 Jan., 1864 at Saginaw;  may have died shortly after marriage.  NO TRACE OF HER AFTER MARRIAGE
   Sylvester, born in Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1842;  s/o Sylvester Vibber born at New York 1810.  (Not absolutely certain that this is the correct Sylvester Vibber) 

notes:  she may have remarried as Sylvester may have joined the civil war

1850 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co., Michigan - Emily, ae. 6, b. MI (believed to be at Stoney Creek, Mich)
1860 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co, Michigan - Emily, ae. 16, b. MI (believed to be at Pontiac)  - note new findings Apr, 2011, above

    12 Albert TURNER, Pvt.  [1846-1862]    
s/o Joseph Turner & Emily Knox;  born at Wayne County, Michigan;  attended school at Stoney Creek, Mich. and after the family moved to Pontiac worked in a printing office, a farm hand & newsboy;  enlisted at Pontiac as a private in Company "B" Tenth Michigan Volunteers on 28 Oct., 1861 for 3 years;  under age at the time of enlistment but the enrollment records state that he was of age;   apparently he lied about his age;  near the engagement at Farmington, Mississippi in May 1862 Albert died of "Fever" on 13 Jun., 1862;  interred in the National Cemetery at Corinth, Miss.; grave # 2497.
Stone reads: Albert Turner, Co. B, 10th Mich. Inf.,  Jun 13, 1862

See Corinth National Cemetery under "Graves"

1850 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co., Michigan - Albert, ae. 4, b. MI  (believed to be at Stoney Creek, Mich)
1860 Census - Midland Tp, Midland Co, Michigan - Albert, ae. 13 (=1847) - living with brother, George
1880s Various affidavits by Emily, His mother, and others on behalf of Emily's petition for Albert's' pension

    12 Joseph TURNER, Jr. [1849-1905]   m.1873  Eliza McFARLAND * [1852-1909]     
    Joseph, s/o Joseph Turner & Emily Knox;   born 6 Jul., 1849 at Stoney Creek, Oakland County, Mich.;  attended local school;  living with  brother Charles at Saginaw, 1870;  lumberman;  moved to Bay City;  engaged by S. H. Webster, lumbering and then Miller & Lewis;  married Eliza McFarland 12 May, 1873, at Saginaw;  member of the Bay City Bridge Commission in1892;  in 1892, partnership with Albert Miller purchased the Stodgett Mill in Muskegon;  brought the mill to Bay City;  partnered as Fisher & Turner Mill;   resided on Broadway St. and in 1889 built the house at 1514 Center Ave. (the house remains today, 2003);  Joseph was chairman of the Planmakers and supplied the pine lumber for a platform (18ft square with railing) used by William Jennings Bryan for his speech at Washington Park, Bay City on 17 Oct, 1896,  Joseph and Bryan arrived together in the same carriage;  formed Turner Lumber Co. in 1900;  their lumber was cut at Cutler, South River and Midland all in Ontario, Canada;  the company had at least two offices in Ontario; one at Midland and one at Toronto;  died in the King Edward Hotel, Toronto 27 Oct., 1905;   interred 30 Oct, 1905, Elm Lawn, Cemetery, Bay City, Mich..
Joseph Turner II Eliza McFarland 1514 Center Ave., Bay City, MI

Joseph's 4 boys at Midland, Ontario Canada.
Second from left is Dwight

   Eliza, d/o John F. McFarlin & Mary Anderson (both b. Scotland);  b. 1 Jul, 1852 in New York State;  1870 census shows her age of 18, living with her sister Maggie & Joshua Blackmore* attending school;   died during an automobile test drive, 7 May, 1909;  interred 10 May, 1909, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.
4 issues

See Aslo:  [Family Page];  Joseph [Obit];   Eliza:  [Obit]

Misc:  in the Court News (of Bay City?) sometime after Eliza's death this notice appeared:  Arthur Turner, who came here from New York to attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Joseph Turner, returned home today.  Dwight Turner departed today for Toronto and Clarence will leave tomorrow for the same place.  Robert McFarlin, brother of the deceased will return to Midland, Ont. tomorrow.  Mrs. Turner left no will.  The estate is said to be worth about $100,000 and this will be divided equally between the children

The naming of Turner (formerly Turnerville), Arenac County, Michigan
Notes on Eliza:  Eliza's maiden name tends to differ on various reports;  her marriage shows McFarland and another shows McFarlan, on the 1870 census it looks like McFarlind;  her brothers mentioned in her obituary are spelled McFarlin.  Also Blackmore is found as Backmar

Eliza Birth-Death - Death Rec. Liber E, pg 147 #13286 shows Eliza dying 7 May, 1909 at ae 56yrs, 10mos, 8 days = Birth 29 Jun, 1852 in New York (do not think this is correct) of John F. McFarlan (McFarland) and Mary Anderson
1850 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co., Michigan - Joseph, ae. 1, b. MI (believed to be at Stoney Creek, Mich)
1860 Census - Avon Tp, Oakland Co, Michigan - Joseph, ae. 10, b.MI (believed to be at Pontiac)

1870 Census - Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan (15 Jun) - Joseph, ae. 21 (=1849), Lumber Dealer (living with brother, Charles);  Eliza is shown to be living with her sister, Maggie, who is married to Joshua Blackmar (Blackmore), attending school, ae 18, and her name is listed as Lida  McFarland
1880 Census - Broadway St., 6th Ward, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan - Joseph, ae. 30, Bookeeper, b. MI;  Eliza, ae. 27, Keeping House, b. MI
1900 Census - 1415 Center Ave., 11th Ward, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan - Joseph, b. NY (not correct), Jul, 1849, ae. 50, married 27yrs, Lumberman;  Eliza, b. MI., Nov, 1851, ae. 48.

Also living here in 1900 - McFarland;  Rob't, Ellen, Myrtle, Ella, John
1901 Census - Midland City, Ontario, Canada - Joseph - born 6 Jul, 1849, USA;  Church of England, first to Canada, 1889; Lumberman, English.  Elza - born 7 Oct, 1860; Scotch.  (although the family shows in this census it is probably due to the fact that they were at their Canadian residence during the summer census taking - the family residence in Bay City, Michigan was still being used)  


    13 Arthur Blackmore TURNER [1874-1915]  m.1899  Laura Weaver COOK [1874->1930]*
  Arthur; s/o Joseph Turner & Eliza McFarland;  born 2 May, 1874 at Bay City;  moved to New York City;  stock-broker;  married in Chicago (Kenwood) on 26 Oct, 1899;  lived at 22 Ivy, East Orange, NJ; died of Typhoid Fever, 5 Sep, 1915 at Orange, Essex co., NJ, ae:41,4,3;  interred 9 Sep, 1915, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich..
  Laura;  d/o George Dilwyn & Dora Shaw;  born 14 Apr, 1874 in Iowa;

Found:  Laura Cook, b. 2 Jan, 1876 d. Jun, 1976; Montclair, Essex, NJ, 153-40-22825  issued NJ  Do not know if this is our Laura

See Also:  Arthur [Obit] 

1880 Census - Broadway St., 6th Ward, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan - Arthur, ae. 6, b. MI  living with Joshua Blackmore, his uncle
1894 City Directory - Arhur, lumber insp.; living at 1514 Center St., Bay City
Laura -  d/o George Dillwyn Cook: b. 2-27-1845 in Richmond Twp., Jefferson Co., OH; d. 12-11-1920 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL;  m. Dora A. Shaw: b. 1849 or 1850 or about 1854 in Iowa; d. 7-14-1882  > Laura Weaver Cook; b. 4-14-1874 in Iowa; d. after 1880
1899 marriage Turner-Cook Special to The New York Times. October 26, 1899, Wednesday - Chicago, Ill, Oct. 25. - Miss Laura Never (this should be Weaver) was married to-night at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Kenwood, a fashionable suburb, to Arthur Blackmore Turner of New York. The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Dilwyn Cook of 5,140 Woodlawn Avenue. The service was read by the Rev. Charles H. Bixby, assisted by the Rev. B.F. Fleetwood of Sycamore, Ill. Miss Rosa Cook, a cousin, of the bride, was the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids were Miss Abbie Sutter, Miss Jessie Green of Detroit, Miss Flornece Smith and Miss Alice Stuges of Toledo. The groom was waited upin by his brother, Dwight Turenr of Detroit, as best man, the ushers being R. Gimmell, Lloyd Whitman, George Stone of Duluth, and Benjamin Townsend of Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. Turner will reside in East Orange, NJ.
1910 Census- New York City - Manhattan, Ward 12 - Arthur B, 35, b. Mich;  Laura C. 36, b. Iowa;  Mary L. Pulie, 36, servant  (Laura's father was born in Ohio; mother in Iowa)
1915 Death Certificate - at Memorial Hospital, Orange, Essex, NJ;  Broker; typhoid fever; father Joseph Turner; mother Eliza McFarlin; informant Dwight J. Turner of Midland, Ont ; burial, Bay City , Mich.
1930 Census - Montclair, Essex, NJ, Laura C. Turner, Wid. ae.56, b. Iowa;  living with a cousin, Wm. L. Trowbridge (prob- Townsend (?a son of Benjamin Townsend see marriage)


Dwight Joseph TURNER [1875-1935]  m.1907  PHILLIPS, Florence Mitchell [1881-1951]       
   Dwight, s/o Joseph & Eliza McFarland;  born at Bay City, Michigan on 14 Mar., 1875;  educated at Phillips-Andover, 1897 and at the University of Michigan;  graduated in law, 1898;  practiced law in Bay City and in 1900 was a member of the Turner Lumber Co.;  in 1905, became president of the firm on the death of his father, Joseph JR.;  the company operated from the National Life Chambers on Toronto Street, Toronto, Ont. and a branch office in Midland, Ont.;  1915 his address was at Midland, Ont, Canada;  the company went out of business c. 1919 (US-Canada lumber embargoes) and Dwight moved to Detroit where he resumed his law practice;  president of the Ontario Hockey Assoc. and the Michigan-Ontario League;  married Florence Mitchell Phillips of Toronto, 23 Jan, 1907 and they had 3 sons, Philip, Joseph and Stephen;   resided at 106 Madison Ave. and 179 Balmoral Ave, Toronto;  Dwight, Florence and Stephen moved, c.1919, to Seybourne Ave., Detroit while Dwight practiced law.  Florence returned to Toronto and resided at 126 Heath St. with her sons;  Dwight died at Detroit on 13 Feb., 1935;  interred 16 Feb, 1935, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.

  Dwight J. Turner Florence M. Phillips  
106 Madison Ave. 79 Balmoral Ave 126 Heath St. W. 115 Seybourne Ave., Detroit

   Florence, born Toronto 12 Apr., 1881;  d/o Francis J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  attended The Model School and Bishop Strachan;  married Dwight J. Turner 23 Jan., 1907 at the Church of the Redeemer;  lived at 106 Madison Ave., 179 Balmoral Ave., returning to Toronto Florence lived at 126 Heath St., 46 Oriole Rd., 60 Oriole Gardens;  died 18 Jun., 1951;  interred in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.
3 issues

Dwight: [Bio]

Birth - Dwight - Bay Co. Birth Liber B, pg 77 # 378 - DeWight, b. 14 Mar, 1875, Bay City;  Father Joseph Turner and Eliza Turner, both born Michigan;  Lumberman
1880 Census - Broadway St., 6th Ward, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan - Dwight, ae. 4, b. MI
1894 City Directory -Dwight, lumber inspector

1901 Census - Midland City, Ontario, Canada - Dwight -born 25 Aug, 1875, Lawyer/Lumberman (see Joseph & Eliza above for this census)
Marriage Cert#246/001270 - Dwight, 30, Lumber Merchant, Bachelor, Joseph Turner & Eliza McFarlin;  Florence, 25, spinster, Frank J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  wit Eleanor Phillips


        14 Philip Dwight TURNER [1908-1961]   m.1935  Hazel WERRY [1904-2012]
   Philip, s/o Dwight Turner & Florence Phillips, born Toronto, 4 Apr., 1908;  attended Upper Canada College;  stock broker, accountant;  married Hazel Werry of Oshawa at Oshawa, 1935;  their children (pictured at left c.1950) were Carol, Michael and Paul;  they lived in Toronto and in Windsor until Philip was offered the opportunity to run Phillips Toronto Ltd.;  moving back to Toronto, Philip started his training to take over Phillips Toronto Ltd.;   his Uncle Bill Phillips, the part owner and manager, died in 1939 and after a few years Philip became the manager;  the company, whose ownership was shared by Francis Phillips's daughters and sons, sold the company after Bill Phillips's death and Philip remained as manager;  in 1953 the company moved the plant operation to Strathroy, Ontario and Philip and his family moved there;   died at Strathroy 6 Dec., 1961;  interred Parklawn Cemetery, Toronto.
   Hazel, d/o Milton & Lottie Werry,  born 10 Nov, 1904 at Tyrone, Ontario;  m1 Philip Turner;  m2
Thomas 'Harold' HOAR [1901-1961];  died 1 Apr, 2012, Toronto;  interred Parklawn Cemetery.

Philip: [Obit]
        14 Joseph TURNER III [1910-1998]  m1.  Hilary MENNELL [1914-1947]   m2.   Rhoda Alice MENNELL  [1917-2001]                          
   Joseph, s/o Dwight Turner & Florence Phillips, born Toronto, 19 Oct., 1910;  attended Upper Canada College;  bank teller;  1938 employed National Steel Car, in 1945 with Victory Aircraft as  the Cost Accountant,   and by A.V. Roe as accountant and rose to Vice President of Finance, in 1955;  after A.V. Roe employed by Orenda Engines;  married first Hilary Mennell then after Hilary's death Joe married Rhoda Mennell Talfourd-Jones;  retired Hawker-Siddley 1975;  died at Toronto 23 Mar., 1998.
   Hilary, d/o James Leslie
Mennell and Florence Mary Bell,  was born Scarborough, England 2 Aug., 1914;  married Joseph Turner III (1st wife)1935;  Hilary died Toronto 11 Feb., 1947.
Rhoda was born on 31 March, 1917 at Valparaiso, Chile, 7th of 8 children born to James & Florence Mennell;  married Paul Talfourd-Jones in England, 1939;  after Paul's death in 1945 moved with children to Canada when her sister, Hilary, died in 1947;  Rhoda married Joseph Turner III, abt. 1948 and the two families combined;  Rhoda died at Toronto 12 April, 2001. 
Ed. Note: Joseph Turner is mentioned several times in the book "Shutting down The National Dream - A.V. Roe and the Tragedy of the Avro Arrow" by Greg Stewart foreword by Jan Zurakowski, McGraw-Hill Ryerson ISBN 0-07-549675-5)

Hilary c.1925

Rhoda & Joe c..1990

See Also:  Joseph: [Obit];  Rhoda: [Obit]

        14 Stephen Francis TURNER [1912-1992]  m.1944  Audrey Alice HUGHES
   Stephen, s/o Dwight Turner & Florence Phillips,  born Toronto, 28 Apr, 1912;  attended Upper Canada College;  at the outbreak of WWII he entered the military and graduated form Brockville Officers Training Centre in 1941;  after a course at Camp Borden, Ontario was made a full Lieutenant;  stationed at Three Rivers, Quebec having completed a further O.T.C. (Officer Training Corps) he was made a Captain;  the next move was to Vernon, British Columbia for the school of Infantry and was made Major;  married Audrey Hughes 4 May, 1944;  attached to the Australian-American forces to study "Amphibious Landing and Infantry Techniques" for the Canadian Military and participated in the invasion of Moratai, Moluccas Island Group (nw of Borneo);  obtained the rank of Lt. Col. in the Royal Regiment of Canada;  died at Toronto 14 Jan., 1992.
   Audrey was born Kingston, Ont.;  d/o John Hughes  of Kingston.
one issue
Stephen: [Obit]

      13 Clarence TURNER [1877-1939]
   Clarence, s/o Joseph Turner & Eliza McFarland;  born Bay City;  lived at Midland, Ont.;  died at Boise, Idaho on 6 Nov, 1939, , 61yrs;  interred 7 Nov, 1939, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.  (not aware of any  marriage)

- 1880 Census - Broadway St., 6th Ward, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan - Clarence, ae. 3, b. MI
- 1901 Census - Midland City, Ontario, Canada - Clarence - born 14 Jan, 1878, Lumberman (see Joseph & Eliza above for note about this census)


    13 Stanley F. (Francis ?) TURNER [1880-1944]  m.1905 Bessie K. LEWIS [1882-1956]
s/o Joseph Turner & Eliza McFarland;  born Bay City;  while working for his father's lumber company he lived at Toronto and Midland, Ont, Canada;  married 17 Oct, 1905;  c.1919 worked for H. J. Heinz Co. at Los Angeles, CA;  died at Los Angeles, Ca on 7 Oct, 1944, ae: 64;  interred 21 Oct, 1944, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.;
  Bessie, d/o James M. Lewis & Katherine Spear;  born 14 Jul, 1882;  last residence was 1304 McKinley Ave, Bay City, Mich. (living with her, Miss. Marjorie Lewis, a sister);
  died 15 Jan, 1956, ae:73yrs;  interred 18 Jan, 1956, Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.; 

See Also:  Stanley: [Obit];  Bessie: [Obit]

- 1900 Census - 1415 Center Ave., 11th Ward, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan - Stanley, b. MI, Aug, 1880, ae. 19
- 1901 Census - Midland City, Ontario, Canada - born 21 Aug, 1880, Lumberman  (see Joseph & Eliza above for not about this census)
- 1940 Census - 166 Berendo St., Coucilmanic (presently Altadena?), Dist,.4, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA: Stanley, 59, B. MI, Salesman, Wholesale Products; Bessie, 57, b. MI

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