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The Oke and James family originated in England and immigrated to Ontario, Canada

Due to possible privacy issues, any person born 1900 and later are presumed to be living unless an actual death date is known or approval of inclusion is given to me;  a husband, wife, child or children is noted but no names are provided;  if anybody can supply updated information, please leave me an e-mail and I will update.   The generation numbers (XX) are calculated from my generation (15)

For more and to view an incredible site for surnames of Oke, James and Hoar, to name a few, visit

  Jack Evans Web Site 

The following information has been given by relatives and grave information and makes direct descendants to the Bond Family and the Werry Family.  Siblings are not included - see the site above.  There are a few Oke's mentioned in either the Werry, Bond or Hoar family that I have not matched up to the above web site. 

The OKE family has been traced back to  Mr. OKE [c.1550-    ] Born at Poundstock, Cornwall, England (Jack Evans Web Site)

(09)  Thomas OKE [c.1725-1797]  m.  Mary VAGERS
   |----(10)  Philip OKE [1758-1831]  m.  Joan MORRICE [1761-1813]
            |----(11)  Philip OKE [1787-1860]  m.1820  Grace EVERSON
            |        |----(12)  Elizabeth OKE [1825-1895]  m.  John JAMES [1825-1910]
            |        |         |----(13)  Mary Oke JAMES [1851-1920  m.1871  William R. BOND [c.1848-1889]
            |----(11)  William OKE  [    -1868]  m.  Grace BOWMAN [    -1864]
                      |----(12)  John OKE [1839-1919]  m.  Lucretia LEE [1841-1926]
                                |----(13)  Mary Ann OKE [1868-1951]  m.1887  Arthur B. WERRY [1863-1955]     


The James family has been traced back to Richard JAMES [1792-1879]  born at Bradworthy, Devon, England (Jack Evans Web Site)

(10)  Richard JAMES [1792-1879  m.  Maria FRANCIS 1796-1874]
   |----(12)  John JAMES [1825-1910]  m.  Elizabeth OKE [1825-1895] 


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