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The Werry Picnics 1873- 1973
and continuing

Most newspaper notices were contributed  by Terry Lane - many thanks!!!

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 The first picnic was held at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs Thomas H. F. Hancock [Sarah Werry], Tyrone, " in order to gratify the wish of her father, Mr. Peter Werry, that he might see his family together again".  Peter would have been 73, for he was born in 1800, and fulfil a promise Sarah had made to her niece Katherine [Katie] that if she were a good girl she would give her a picnic and invite the cousins. But in the mind of a small boy, Frank Hancock, [later of Marwayne Alberta], the day was a very special occasion for another reason - it was his third birthday, and the date was July 14 1873.

There is no written account of the 1873 picnic, nor of many of the following ones, but originally it was an all-day event held at the homes of relatives and alternating south-north. Information comes from newspaper reports - many of them prepared by Miss Julia Honora Norah Werry of Solina, "little Aunt Norah" - old minute books and personal reminiscences of older family members who spoke at later picnics, especially that of 1948, the 75th year.

Most articles are from the Canadian Statesman, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

1873 – (Author and source, unknown)
The first picnic was held at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs Thomas H. F. Hancock [Sarah Werry], Tyrone, " in order to gratify the wish of her father, Mr. Peter Werry, that he might see his family together again".  Peter would have been 73, for he was born in 1800, and fulfil a promise Sarah had made to her niece Katherine [Katie] that if she were a good girl she would give her a picnic and invite the cousins. But in the mind of a small boy, Frank Hancock, [later of Marwayne Alberta], the day was a very special occasion for another reason - it was his third birthday, and the date was July 14 1873.  There is no written account of the 1873 picnic, or of many of the following ones, but originally it was an all-day event held at the homes of relatives and alternating south-north. Information comes from newspaper reports - many of them prepared by Miss Julia Honora Norah Werry of Solina, "little Aunt Norah" - old minute books and personal reminiscences of older family members who spoke at later picnics, especially that of 1948, the 75th year. The day always featured sports, visiting, music and of course good food, including chicken pies and fresh fruit for dessert, with ice cream. When the attendance passed the 300 mark it seemed that a larger open space of the park [Elliott Memorial Park, Hampton ] afforded better facilities; and more recently, Blackstock Community Recreational Centre.

A Family Picnic The season for picnics, excursions and social gatherings is once more upon us and they are coming thick and fast.  On Tuesday last a huge family gathering took place at Roselandvale Farm, the residence of Mr. Wm. Werry, near Solina, in the Township of Darlington.  Among those present, all, with the exception of three or four, connected in family relationship, were the Misses Ashton, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bray and Miss Bray. Mrs. J. C. Clarke and Miss Clarke,  Mr. and Mrs. John Cole and Mr. Jesse Cole.  Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cole and the Misses Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cole and the Misses Cole, Mr. and Mrs. John Cole, (merchant),  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cole and Miss Elson, Mr. W. R. and Miss Cole. Mrs.  R. Easton, Lindsay, Mrs. Thos. Hoar and the Misses Hoar, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. II. Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. M.. A. James, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Limbert, Mrs. Dr. McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. Morris and Miss Morris, Mr. and Mrs. R. Philp and Miss Philp, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Philp and Miss Philp, James Rundle, Esq., Deputy-Reeve of Darlington, and Mrs. Rundle, Miss ???, Woodstock,  Mrs. Simmonds, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sonley, of Darlington, and Mrs. Vanstone, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werry, jr., Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Werry and Master Arthur and Miss Werry, Exeter; Mr. John and Miss Werry, Miss Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Werry and Messrs. W. T., Albert and Miss Werry, Mrs. Ann Werry and Mr. Jas. W. Werry, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. A. Wright, Messrs. John and Peter and Miss Wright, and some other persons and children, making in all nearly 150 persons.  After all had partaken of a sumptuous dinner under the trees in the lawn, the young people enjoyed themselves at games of croquet, baseball, singing, vocal and instrumental music etc., and the other ones sat around in groups and engaged in conversation, while others viewed Mr. Werry’s thorough-bred stock cattle and swine.  The afternoon passed pleasantly away; the weather was warm but clear and beautiful. After tea the games etc., were continued until darkness put an end to them and the joyful company separated well pleased with the pleasures of the day

1885 - 1885 FAMILY RE-UNION
  On Wednesday of last week the annual reunion of the Werry family was held at the residence of Mr. William Philp, 7th line of Cartwright, when upwards of 150 family connections and a few others assembled to participate in this joyous occasion. The large lawn was appropriately prepared for the gathering being provided with facilities for enjoyable pastimes, such as swinging, croquet and other games. By 12 o'clock most of the company had arrived and the ladies and set out three large tables in the shade of the orchard trees, loaded with a great variety of provisions from their well filled hampers placed at their disposal. The writer has seldom if ever seen so many relations of one common family assembled together indeed the young portion of the crowd were all cousins and their general appearance indicated intelligence, respectability and prosperity. Everyone present seem to feel glad to be there and was made to feel quite at home by the venerable couple and their family. The weather was especially suited to the occasion and the day was one of unalloyed pleasure to all present. The family's represented were the following, as far as we could learn: William Philp and wife - host and hostess; Z. Brown, wife and family; John McLuhan, wife and family, both of Proton; John Philp and daughter, and Thos. Philp, of Egermont; Rev. W. Philp, Richmond West; Rev. Jos. Philp and son, St. Thomas; Robt. Philp, wife and family, Miss Annie Philp, Rich. Philp, Cartwright, and Jas. H. Philp, Toronto; R. T. Philp and wife and Miss Philp Pickering; Robt. Philp, Bowmanville; Wm. Philp jr., and wife and Miss Philp, Yelverton. Thos. Werry, wife and family, Cartwright; W. T. Werry and daughter Hawesvill3; Albert Werry and wife, Cartwright; William Werry, wife and family, Solina; Fletcher Werry, Misses Della and Minnie Werry, Splina; Benj. Werry, wife and family, and Arthur Werry, Bowmanville; Peter Werry, wife and family, Tyrone; Miss Minnie Werry, Demill College, Oshawa; John H. Werry and wife, Tyrone; George Werry, Miss Werry, and William Werry and wife; Henry Werry, wife and family, Newry; Wm. Wight and wife, Tyrone; T. Albert Wright, wife and family; John Wright, Miss Wright and Albert Wright, jr., Cartwright; Mrs. Jane Clarke and family and Miss Clarke, Solina; Councillor T. H. Hancock, wife and family, Tyrone; Ambrose Elford and sisters, Fenelon; Miss Sarah A. Elford, Solina; Thos. Elford, Janetville; Trick (??) and wife, Hampton; Wm. Hobbs and wife, Valentia; Mrs.Thos. Hoar, Miss Etta Hoar, and Fred Hoar, Bowmanville; H. Goodman and wife, Toronto; J. Higginbotham and wife, Lucius Vanstone, M. A. James and wife, Bowmanville; Dr. J.Bray and Lieut. R. L. Werry, Toronto; Chas. Giles, Taunton; Fred Veale and and Miss Veale, Caesarea; Rev. James Hobbs and wife, Janetville; Rev. W. C. Washington, M. A., and wife Cartwright; Rev. E. A. Tonkin, and Rev. W. Down, Janetville; Rev. F. Woodger, Cartwright

  The annual Werry picnic - the annual picnic held in connection with the Werry family's and family relations took place on Thursday of last week, at the residence of Mr. Benjamin WERRY, Darlington. At about 1:00 upwards of ad people had gathered together,. Tables were record under the shade trees surrounding the house, and were being decorated with the most tempting chicken pies, etc.., Beverly note for large such an occasion. After this was done away with the men and boys who were anxious for sport retired to an adjoining field to engage in A code rousing game of baseball kit, while the ladies who did not care to look on, and tore them solos me and croquet, swinging, music, etc.. When the people found themselves satisfied with such sport, they surrounded the tables, which were again stocked with provisions till all were satisfied, after which those from a distance began to disperse. A large number of the young ladies and gentlemen who were in no hurry to retire to their homes, a gain indulged in various amusements, after which music was played by professional hands, ending up with Kwok god save the queen, unquote when all we tired.

  ANNUAL WERRY PICNIC - On Wednesday of last week the annual gathering, known as the Werry Family Picnic, was held on the splendid grounds of Mr. Wesley J. Philp, a short distance south–west of the town of Whitby. The weather was very hot, but otherwise pleasant and upwards of a hundred of the Werry connection including a few personal friends were in attendance from Mariposa, Cartwright, Darlington, Whitby, Toronto, Bowmanville, Port Perry and elsewhere.  The spacious lawn and grounds afforded ample facilities for games which were freely indulged in by the young people and someone who were young people long ago.  Baseball, swinging, croquet, etc., form the leading games.  There was a an abundance of a vocal and instrumental music.  Several went to the late during the afternoon and enjoyed the refreshing breezes wafted from its waters. Dinner and tea were both served on tables erected under the shade of the trees on the lawn, and the hungry Editor was not forgotten when the chicken pie was served.  As noted on a former occasion, there seem to be a striking affinity between some Darlingtonions and Pickeringites of opposite sexes, and the result may yet be chronicled in the marriage notices in The Statesman.  It has seldom been our privilege to attend a more pleasant social assembly and we believe all present fully enjoyed the occasion. Among those presence were:- Mrs. James Morris, Miss Morris, Master Eddie Morris, Mrs. Thos. Symons, Mrs. Thos. Hoar, Mrs. A. Mitchel, Mr. and Mrs. J. Osborne, Miss Winona Osborne, Miss Hutchison, and Mr. and Mrs. M. A. James and Miss Mary Mosetta James, Bowmanville. Mrs. Peter Werry, sen., Mr. William Werry and Master Charles Werry, Misses. Della and Minnie Werry, Mrs. J. Clarke, Master Willie Clarke, Master George Cowle and Mr. Fletcher Werry, Solina. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Wright, Miss Wright, Mr. and Mrs. John Wright, Misses. Kate and Nora Werry, Mr. Frank Wright and Mr. Lewis Werry, Cartwright. Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Werry, Mr. and Mrs. P. Werry, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Werry and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Werry, Mr. W.E. and Miss Pollard, Mrs. T. Jardine, sr., (Tyrone) Mr. and Mrs. G Pearce, Mr. Jas. Cole, Misses. Georgie and Odie Cole, Messers. W. S. Wright, H. C. Hoar, and Silas Hoar, Miss Pearn and Miss Hutchison, Darlington. Miss Philp, Mr. and Mrs. A. Welch, Miss Welch, and Mr. Philip Rundle, Toronto. Mrs. S. Hatch, Misses. Richardson, Miss Mamie Richardson, Mrs. Peardon, Messrs. Albert and Lewis Richardson, Whitby. Messrs. Edward and John Dehart, Miss Sarah Dehart, Mr. W and Miss M. McGregor, Mr. W. Brown, Miss Graham, Mr. and Mrs. John Davey, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Osborne, Miss Bertie Davey, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Philp, the Mrs. Philp, Pickering. Miss Mabel Wright, Prince Albert; Miss Agar, Chatham; Miss L. Cornish, Little Britain; and some others whose names we did not obtain. The company disbursed between 8 and 9 o'clock after singing Auld Lang Syne and God Save the Queen.  The next meeting is expected to be at Lake View the pleasantly situated residence of Mr. John Osborne, Bowmanville.

The Werry Picnic - The fifteenth annual gathering of the Werry family was held on Wednesday, June 17, at Roselandvale Farm, the residence of Mr. William Werry, near Solina. The day was not favorable for picnicking owing to the heavy rains of the previous evening and the threatening aspect of the sky on Wednesday morning. Happily however, the rain kept off until 4 o'clock after which it was sufficient to terminate out-of-door pastimes and the people flocked into the house. Dinner had been served on the lawn where the long rows of tables had been constructed but the crowd had to be served with tea in the dining room which was less advantageous for feeding the multitude, but no one complained and upwards of 200 persons were well served. The young subsequently took to the large barn and were that clean and spacious floor afforded them ample room and opportunity for such enjoyments as delight young people - swinging, blind man's buff, drop the hankerchief , Virginia reels, the gay Galonia man, Jacob and Rachel, etc., of course there was no courting! In the house the old people chatted over the good old days when you and I were young, "Maggie," "fought over again the battles" of long ago, so in spite of the inclement weather, it was a day of pleasure to all present. The only member present of the first of the Werry family who settled in Canada was Mrs. Peter WERRY, familiary known as Granma Werry, who is now in her 86th year, and though a cripple the past two years, the results of a dislocation of the hip by a fall, was as merry as any girl of sixteen greatly enjoyed the meeting of so many connections and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Werry had evidently anticipated the comfort and entertainment of their guests as abundant provision had been made to this end, and with the aid of their sons and daughters admirably succeeded in making everybody feel at home and "glad to be there". Those who started for their homes before 9 o'clock had a wet drive, but after that hour the rain ceased and the night was delightfully cool and pleasant. During the afternoon the chief amusements were base and foot ball, croquet, etc., in a large pasture field near the barn. It was almost definitely decided to hold the next annual assembly at Mr. T. A. Wright's, Cartwright.

Werry Family Picnic- The annual re-union of the Werry family and connections was held on Thursday last at the residence of Mr. J. H. Werry near Bethesda. The spacious lawn and surrounding fields were thrown open and various games such as baseball, football, croquet, etc. were indulged in with zest by young and old alike. A vacant space behind the find stone house was fitted up as a dining pavilion with the roof of evergreens, and over 200 guests sat down to mid-day and evening feasts of cold meats, chicken pies, lemon, pumpkin and other pies, all kinds of cakes known to culinary art and everything else that goes to make up a superior anniversary spread. The weather was fine and warm and everyone enjoyed themselves to the utmost. Mr. and Mrs. Werry were unremitting in their endeavors to make all feel at home. The archway of evergreens over the gateway bearing the gladsome greeting "Welcome" served to remove any difference the guests might feel as they approach the well-known hospitable home. Mr. Werry's roomy stables were soon filled with horses and the orchard during the afternoon presented the appearance of an English horse fair. One source of general regret was the absence through physical ailment of Gramma Werry of Eldad and of Mr. and Mrs. W. Werry of Roselandvale, both of whom are very sick and under the doctor's care. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hoar and family were absent through severe family affliction. We were delighted to meet Mrs. S. Dunn (Aunt Belle) who threw drawing nigh onto an nonagenarian is yet as cheerful and witty as many a young lass in her teens. Mrs. Thos. Jardine another of the Mothers in ??? was present and gave us a cheering hand shake and pleasant smile. Providence has dealt kindly with these dear old ladies and the declining years of their lives are being rendered pleasurable and resting by the respect and kindness of their relatives and neighbors and friends. The following are the names of those present: Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Werry, Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Swain and son; Messrs. Fletcher, Arthur, Charlie, Eddie, and Misses Della and Minnie Werry; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wright; Mr. and Mrs. James Wright ----------------- Jabez and Norman and Misses Etta Wright; Mrs. Jane Clarke and Miss Lena; Mrs. Geo. Vice and Cecil Walter and Beatrice; Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Werry and Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Werry and Lois; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werry, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Werry, Messrs. Fred, Milton and Misses Minnie and Werry; Mr. Jas. Morris; Miss Mary Elford; Miss Ada Werry; Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Osborne; Mr. Mark and Miss. Winnie Osborne; Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Philp and Miss. Lizzie; Mr. Arthur Hoar; Mr. and Mrs. Jon. Stephens, Misses Ida and Carrie Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stephens and daughter, Miss Carre Hawkin; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Honey, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Honey and family; Mrs. Mclean; Mrs. Wm. Henderson; Misses Magee and Susie and Mr. Wesley McFeeters ; Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Foster and Miss Ethel; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Foster and children; Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Collacott and Miss Nina; Mrs. John and Mr. Upton Runnalls; Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cole and family; Mrs. E. A. Livingstone and family; Mrs. Pollie and Sara Cole; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Squair and family; Mr. Jos. and Miss Emily Pearn; Mr. and Mrs. Jon. Rundle, Messrs. Sherwood, Norman, and Howard Rundle; Mr. Will and Miss Lizzie Pollard; Mr. and Mrs. Sam. Pollard, and Alma; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pollard; Mrs. Mr. Jes. Pollard, Orono; Mr. Mrs. J. Mitchell, Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Miss Laura; Mrs. Borland and Miss Mabel; Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Scott and family Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Couch and family; Mrs. Sam'l Dunn; Mrs. Mary and Miss Bertie Tamblyn; Mr. and Mrs. M. A. James, Misses Etta and Sophie and Messrs. Jesse; Norman and George James; Mrs. E. E. Haycraft; Mrs. Capt. Jenkins (Par, Eng); Mr. and Mrs. Thos. R. Hoar and family; Messrs. Henry C. and Silas Hoar; Miss M. E. Haines; Miss J. Hudson; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Rundle and family; Mr. Fred Rundle; Rev. R. and Mrs. McCulloch; Rev. A. J. H. Strike; Mrs. Geo. Pearce and family; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cawker; Mr. A. J. Hook; Mr. Arthur and Miss Bertie Br????; Miss Edith Cole; Miss L. Keith; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Vanstone and Byron; Miss Mrs. John R. Cole, Messrs. john, James and Blake Cole, Misses Georgina and Odie Cole; Mrs. Thomas Jardine, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Jardine and family; Miss. Miss Bella Bingham; Misses Mary and Edna and Masters Wm. and David Roy; Misses Sara and Henrietta Emerson; Mr. Elgin Wight.

In 1913 a car was used for the first time as transportation to the picnics, by the Philp's of Sunderland, who had been unable to attend previously because of the distance involved. This picnic was at Roselandvale Solina, the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Werry.   We have clippings from "The Canadian Statesman" Bowmanville reporting the 1879 and 1913 picnics at Roselandvale in some detail, including lists of who attended. The article printed in the paper of June 27, 1879, ends ".. nearly 150 persons. After all had partaken of a sumptuous dinner under the trees on the lawn,  the young people enjoyed themselves at games of croquet, base-ball, swinging, vocal and instrumental music etc. and the older ones sat around in groups and engaged in conversation, while others viewed Mr. Werry's thorough-bred stock - cattle and swine. The afternoon passed pleasantly away; the weather was warm, but clear and beautiful. After tea the games , etc. were continued until darkness put an end to them, and  the joyful company separated well pleased with the pleasures of the day.  At the 1913 picnic there were about 300 present, including representatives of all Canadian branches of the family except one. Photographs of the whole group were taken, and one of the older members of the branches: Mr. and Mrs. James Clogg, St. Catherines; Mrs. William Bradley, Toronto; Mr. Peter Werry, Tyrone; Mr.Richard T. Philp, Whitby; Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Wright, Blackstock; Mr. and Mrs. William Werry, Solina; Mrs. George Vice, Oshawa.William Werry had requested that the picnic be held that year, since "..it will be fifty years ago Oct. 7th next that Mr

1919 -  (Author and source, unknown)  Mrs T. Albert Wright and Jabez entertained at "Lieu Villa" Blackstock. Mr. M. A. James, Senior Editor of the Canadian Statesman, Bowmanville, drove in and exchanged greetings. He and Mrs James [sister of Mrs. William Werry] had been at the 1879 picnic.

WERRY FAMILY JUBILEE - Annual Re-Union held at Roselandvale Farm, Solina
Perhaps one of the first families in West Durham to hold annual reunions was that embracing the descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werry, Eldada, as the church on the southeast corner of their farm has been called from its erection.  One of the speakers remarked at the recent gathering that he did not recall ever seeing one of these descendants smoking tobacco in any form and had never heard of any of them being drinkers of spirituous beverages, nor indulging in blasphemous language.  Wednesday was truly an ideal day for this annual gathering of the Werry-Philp clans and there was the usual large attendance of old and young members of these families.  We have pleasure in presenting herewith the report of the Family Historian:  Flags fluttering, flowers abounding, family friendships freshened and strengthened - these are the first thoughts which flash to mind on thinking of the Jubilee Celebration of the Werry Family Picnic which was held at Roselandvale Farm, Solina, on Wednesday, July, 11th.  Five sisters and four brothers of the Werry family came to Canada between 1831 and 1845 and settled with their families first in Durham County.  One of the sisters left no family and on brother left only one son and one daughter, both of whom died years ago, and the grandchildren moved west.  It is interesting to mote that direct descendants of the other seven families were present at this jubilee picnic, several great-grand children being among them.  One sister only remained in England and various members of the connection who have crossed the Big Pond have enjoyed the hospitality of their English "Philp" cousins.  This may well be called a Werry-Philp picnic, three sisters and a niece having married Philps.  Mr. Peter and Mrs. Peter Werry settled on the Roselandvale Farm seventy-eight years ago next October.  They were succeeded sixty years ago buy their son, the late William Werry, who in turn passed the estate on to his son, S. Edgar Werry, the present owner and he and Mrs. Werry were untiring in their efforts to make the picnic the success which, with the co-operation of everyone present, it proved to be.  A spacious tent erected on the west lawn afforded excellent accommodation for serving the 240 guests with the "eats" so richly and abundantly provided by the ladies.  The noon meal as usual included an abundance of chicken-pie to which the Editor has learned to look forward at these happy re-unions.  After dinner had been served the company gathered on the front lawn where Mr. M. A. James as senior member present who attended the first picnic, presented with his usual vim and dispatch and interesting program of addresses, vocal and instrumental music.  The speakers were inclined to be largely reminiscent and included representative members of the different branches of the family.  Rev. W. W. Jones, B. D, pastor of the local church opened with prayer.  Speakers were Rev. Joseph Philp, Hamilton; John H. Werry, Bowmanville, (who has never missed  Werry picnic); Principal T. Wright, St. Catharines; Robt. Philp, Burketon; J. Arthur Werry, Enniskillen; John Elford, Islay; A. E. Werry, Courtice; Mrs. Julia VanNess of Toronto. and Mrs. Stanford Swain, Burketon, in whose honor the first picnic was held.  Miss Vera Werry, Courtice, sand sweetly "The Sunshine of your Smile".  Instrument solos were well rendered by Misses Grace Sonley, Elva Orchard and Audrey Werry.  Letters of regret were read from Miss Elizabeth Philp. Toronto; Miss E. M. Werry and G. W. O. Werry, B. A., Ottawa, and W. G. W. Cowle, Napanee.  A vote of thanks moved by Mr. W. J. H. Philp. Cannington, and seconded by Mr. Robt. Philp, Burketon, was accorded Mr. and Mrs. S. Edgar Werry for their generous hospitality in opening their home and grounds for the occasion and was suitably acknowledged.  The company sang "They are jolly good Fellows" and The National Anthem closed this part of the proceedings.  Novelty races with interesting prized were run off, after which indoor ball games by the girls and outdoor ball by the boys were the attraction until the call came ofr the evening tent meeting when more chicken pies and other good eats were discussed.  More music by Misses Ethel, Marion and Mr. Fred J. VanNest, Phm. B.. was enjoyed.  Last words on every side were heard, and on by one the cars rolled out the lane homeward bound with many tired passengers who nevertheless carried harts less tired than they brought.  Among the guest were relatives from Goderich, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Woodstock, Toronto, Montreal, Sunderland, Islay, Lindsay, Pickering, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Blackstock, Nestleton, Cadmus, Courtice. Sonya, Tyrone, Enniskillen, Enfield, Cannington, and other points.  Happy to meet, sorry to part and hoping to meet again - next year.  All were delighted to have present Aunt Thirza, (Mrs. T. A> Wright) and aunt Kitty, (Mrs. Geo. Vice) the two living children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werry's family.  The fine old stone residence was nicely decorated with flowers and flags and bunting assisting Nature in enlivening the lawns

REUNION OF WERRY-PHILP CLAN. Happy gathering at home of Mr. and Mrs. Werry, Enniskillen.
Beautiful weather, bountiful eats, exuberant and best of spirits - what more is needed with a beaming host and charming hostess, well planned and roomy grounds and adequate buildings to bespeak a first-class family picnic?  Such were the conditions on Wednesday last at Swain Farm, lots 17 and 18, concession 9, Darlington.  During the years 1831 to 1845 five sisters and four brothers of the Werry family, with husbands and wives and families,  came to Canada from Cornwall,, Englan
d.  One sister with husband and family, alone remaining in England.  Eighty years ago this summer - for it was a summer's task then -Peter Werry with wife and family, and his sister, Elizabeth,  whose husband - William Philp - and family made the trip. Hence it is fitting that the event should be commemorated by the Werry-Philp family which was held on Wednesday, July 15 at the home of the former's grandson, Mr. James Arthur Werry, his wife being true English lady - nee Nora Bines of Holsworthy, Devon, who came to Canada as recently as 26 years ago.  Value of the family take me as being for honoring worried the ancestors of strengthening family ties and developing closer friendships may not be shown more significantly and by noting that after more than a 50 years of following the system of the annual family picnic, are only a few lapses, seven of the nine regional families were represented at this gathering. One brother -the sun dining in you and the Dr. and it'll life when her family west; one sister had no family.  Mr. Werry is handsome new farm residents recently completed, equipped with modern conveniences, The spacious one well supplied with seats and a large tent or mark K with tables, towers being late for 96 at one sitting, spelled comfort and social dining service at once.  Probably at 12:00 standard time, the call to dinner was sounded. After the delectable chicken pie and accessories had been discussed the young folk proceeded to the newly cleared hayfield where games of ball in all its phases were enjoyed to 4:00 PM males and females joining enthusiastically in the sports.  Then came an impromtu program.  Mr. Robert Philp of Burketon, made an excellent chairman after a few witty remarks introduced these musical artists: Solos -Misses Olive Geach and Nellie Philp, Lindsay; Irene H. Bray and Marion M. VanNest, Toronto; duets -Wilma Werry and Edgar Wright, Misses Florence M.  Luke and Bernice G. Werry, Oshawa, Grace Werry and Miss Nora Werry at home; trio-little Mrs. Clara, Nora and Dorothy Porteous, Nestleton; recitation -Helen Holmes, Oshawa.  These musical numbers where interspersed with addresses by Rev. Joseph Philp, D.  D., Principal T.  F. Wright of Saint Catharines Business College; Dr. C. W. Henders, Toronto; Mr. H. Fletcher Werry, Oshawa; Mr. R. W. Philp, Nestleton; Mr. F. W. O. Werry, B. A., Toronto and Mr. W. George Cowle, Napanee; Editor M.  A.  James, Bowmanville.  A very hearty vote of thanks was tendered the genial host and hostess to which Mrs.Werry in the supposed absence of her husband, made a gracious and happier reply which was heartily approved by the host. By this time the 250 and more picnickers were again invited to the marquee where there was heard the hum  and jingle all cups and saucers, knives, forks and spoons and another social hour was very greatly enjoyed over the evening meal. We omitted to mention before that the tables were decorated with many pretty bouquets.  Arrangements were very complete and the annual reunion was in all respects a very enjoyable and successful social function, and great praise was accorded Mr. and Mrs. Werry and family who did so much to give the maximum will closer to their relatives and friends. Among those present from a distance were: Mrs. Norman Philp, Montreal; Mr. and Mrs. George W Cowle, Ralph and Lloyd, Napanee Mrs. (Rev.)Wm. Philp, Miss Nellie and Olive Geach, Mrs. John Geach, Miss Emily Pearn,, Lindsay; Misses Esther and Lena and Mr. Charles Elford, Islay; Mr. R. P. Hill, Oakwood; Mr. F. W. O. Werry, Miss Emma Werry, Misses Marion M. and Florence L VanNest, Mr. Leslie Keith; Dr. C. Henders, Mrs. Henders, two children, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. W. Moore Jean, Mrs. H. E. Grooms, Doris and Jack Miss Irene H. Bray, Mr. and Mrs Wilmott Wright and Jack, Toronto; Mrs. McCron and Miss McCron,Toronto;  Rev. Joseph Philp, D. D., and Mrs. Philp, Hamilton; Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Wright, Thriza, Elon and Annetta, and Miss J. H. Werry, St Catharines; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Philp, Greenbank; Mrs. Max Ballard, Margaret and Ruth, moose jaw over a; this fear a Baker, New York city, and host of relatives from overkill, module, would be, degree, east would be, cart right, Darlington and elsewhere. Notes by the Editor -a record of attendance book has been mislaid making it difficult to get some names not familiar to us correct in the report.  The name and address of everyone was registered on arrival and a ticket issued containing the same for pinning on the blouse  or coat for ready identification. Rev. E. A. Belknap, the pastor of the host and hostess, was an invited guest and was a good sport among the young folk, joining enthusiastically in their ball games and no one seemed to get more pleasure from the association with the young folk, than did his reverence.  That Mr. James A Werry are practical agriculturalists their farmstead (known as Swain Farm to which they have added another 100 acres) gives abundant evidence.  Order, system and up-to-dateness met the observer about the home, the buildings and the fields.  Crops of all kinds look very promising and the layout of the large lawn in front of the handsome new resident shows Plainly that more of an ordinary taste and still had a hand in the planning.  Mr. Werry has to find fields of full week, what part of one of them see more advanced and showing stronger role than the other part of the field.  Mr. Werry explain how this difference came about as is so was practically the same over the field.  They use artificial fertilizer and the supply became exhausted and the quantity necessary to complete the field was not procured.  But the beneficial effects of the fertilizer are so apparent that the crop of the parts of which it was used will far more than pay for the fertilizer and labor of applying it to the soil.  This field will convince any farmer of the benefit of using artificial fertilizer

Louisa [Spinks] and Albert Wright, Blackstock, were the first of the fourth generation to extend generous hospitality to their many relatives. [He was a great grandson of Peter Werry and a grandson of T. Albert Wright who came to Canada in 1851 and settled in Cartwright in 1870.]

A number from here attended the Werry picnic which was held at the homestead of the late Isaac and Ana Maria Werry at Elford, four miles north of Cambray, on July 8th, 1933.  The Elford home has been noted for genuine and gracious hospitality, and the family sustained its reputation in a very practical way as they opened their home with its modern appointments and to the bountiful provisions brought by the guests added wonderful homemade buns, raising loaf and butter with a special for the whole company of delicious ice cream in generous servings.  The first Werry Picnic was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Hancock, Tyrone, sixty years ago.  During the sixty years the picnics have been held at the homes of the late Thos. Werry and T. A. Wright, Blackstock, Wm. Werry, Solina, B. Weary, Salem, Peter Werry, Tyrone, R. T. Philp, Pickering, Wm. Philp, Cadamus, john Osborne, Bowmanville, J. H. Werry, Bethesda, Jabez H. Wright, and Albert W. Wright, Blackstock, Harry Philp, Cadamus, H. F. Werry, Kedron, , Frank Orchard and J. A. Werry, Enniskillen, Jas. Philp, Manila, S. E. Weary, Solina and Hampton Park.  The picnics have been held on more than one location at some of the above named places and it will be noted that some of the names are of sons carrying on at the homesteads.  Many other pleasant memories associated with these gatherings and the picnic of 1933 will go down in history as one of the most successful events on the list both in attendance and entertainment.  Many were missed, but new cousins were met whose names will mean more to us than hitherto.  Mrs. R. A. Wright, Mrs. M. Moffatt, Mrs. Clarence Marlow, Miss Effa Wright, Messrs. Meredith Moffatt, Kenneth Werry, Geo. Werry  achieve something  worthwhile in their program of sports and distribution of prizes which made every minute of the afternoon interesting and winners of prizes happy.  Exciting ball games were played, the youths outshining the married men, the girls also enjoyed their win with chosen sides.  Officers re-elected were:- Pres.- J. A. Werry, Secretary– Elva Orchard, Treasurer – Albert W. Wright, The new board of management – Mr. and Mrs. Milton Werry, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. H. Philp.  The prize to the oldest member of the connection went to Mrs. Geo. Vice, Oshawa, 91 years of age; to the relative from the most distant point to Mrs. Ella Hockridge, Vancouver, B.C.;  to the youngest baby to Baby Worsley, Kilarney Bay;  second prize to Baby Doris Larmer, Burketon, to the largest attendance by one family to the Elford home; to the most recently wed to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Phip, Cadamus, and second prize to Mr. and Mrs. Jabez Wright who lost the first prize by just two weeks.  Among those from a distance were: - Mrs. Ella Hockridge, Vancouver, B. C., Mrs. Annie Hood, Verdun, Man., Mrs. Ethel Hockridge, Dundalk, Ont., Mr. R. L. Werry, Montreal, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Wright, Miss M. Wright, St. Catharines, Master Herbert Wright, Ridgeville, Mr. L. H. Clarke, Howard and Helen Clarke, Brampton and many from Toronto, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Salem, Bethany, Bethesda, Enniskillen, Burketon, Cadamus, Blackstock, Solina, Kendron, Sunderland, Cannington, Lidsay, Cameron, Oakwood, Ebenezer, Providence, Creswell, Woodville, Fenelon Falls, Kilarney Bay and other points.

  Elliott Park, President was Mr. W. J. H. Philp, Sunderland "who appeared in a high silk hat of some 100 years more or less". Since this was the 75th year, the special feature of the day was honouring our grand Parents, with accounts of branches of the family, and photos displayed.

  Werry Centennial Reunion! The President will be David Werry of Ajax, a great - great - grandson of William and Elizabeth [Honey] Werry


The Arms depicted are those used by Werry - no claim is made that my Werry family ever used such Arms

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