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Bethesda Cemetery, Ontario, Canada

The Werry Picnics over the years 


 This Werry Family has been taken mainly from the book The Genealogy of John Werry and Ann Congdon, 125th Reunion Edition and I will not be posting any changes except for errors to the material posted already.   I have only taken the ancestry from the earliest down to my generation number (15).  Although there appears to be a considerable amount of names on the Werry/Congdon page there are many more in the book.  The 125th Reunion Edition contains over 170 pages which contains early history, pictures of family and locations and, with many,  where they were born, their occupation, where they died and their grave locations.  If you are of this family and you don't have the latest edition click on the above "LATEST EDITION....." to find out where to obtain this fantastic book. 

(09)  John WERRY [1729-1779]  m.1756  Rebecca QUILLER [1727-1796]
   |----(10)  John  WERRY [1759-1763]
   |----(10)  William WERRY [1762-    ]  m.  Elizabeth MAUNDER
   |----(10)  John WERRY [1764-1841]  m.1790  Ann CONGDON [1770-1844]  >>>>>>>>>>>  to John and Ann's descendants
   |----(10)  Rebecca WERRY [1766-1795]  m.  Edward PEARN
   |----(10)  Peter WERRY [1768-    ]  m.  Susan EAD  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to Peter and Susan's descendants
   |----(10)  Thomas WERRY [1770-    ]

Rev. 2002/11/15