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          Jennie McCuaig's Letter         


Jennie Mabel Anglin [1883-1978], a daughter of Rebecca Harriett Phillips & Samuel Anglin, married Hugh Donald McCuaig [1875-1972] on 17 Dec, 1910.

   According to Grandpa Phillips'(1) letter written in May of 1852, Wm. Peyton Phillips arrived in New York in 1852 -- not in 1851, as in Lilian's 'Tree'.(2)   He was just 17(3).  He had his birthday after leaving home. Our mother, Harriet Phillips(4) told us that the Phillips ancestors had moved from Wales to Ireland in Cromwell's time to escape what they considered to be persecution of The Church of England by leaders of the Puritan Reformation, who were making changes in the Anglican forms of worship.  Thus the migration was made for religious reasons.  Mother had a copy of George Bennett's "History of Bandon' which contained a list of names of the families who had then settled in Ireland.  One time when Uncle Frank Phillips(5) was visiting Kingston she showed him the book , which he borrowed. After his sudden death mother asked his wife, 'Aunt Annie Frank',(6) for the book and was disappointed to learn that neither she nor any of their family knew anything bout it.  He probably kept it is his office.  I asked Rev. Mr. Good of St. Paul's Church (Kingston) here about prospects of purchasing another copy, and he said that ownership or further publication of this book had been banned in Ireland at the time of the 'trouble' (as they call it) in the twenties.  Many records were destroyed.  However, when our relative, Judge Arthur Anglin of St. John, New Brunswick, was over there in 1961, searching for Anglin records, an Anglican clergyman loaned him a copy of this book, he said.  Wm. Hayes Phillips was loyal to England and opposed to 'Home Rule' for Ireland probably because he foresaw the disunity it would cause.  Years after he had died his grand-daughter Kate's husband(7) was shot in bed by members if The Sinn Fein (the political wing of the Irish Republican Army) for similar loyalty.

 January 20, 1972                                                                Signed:      Jennie McCuaig.


(1) Grandpa Phillips is William Hayes Phillips
(2) William Peyton Phillips had been in Ireland at the time of his grandfather's death.  Charles Phillips was buried, 17 Mar, 1852.  Wm P. Phillips must have sailed late March for him to arrive in New York, send a letter to Ireland and to have his father Wm H. Phillips send a return letter dated 5 May, 1852
(3)  William Peyton Phillips was baptized 22 Apr, 1835
(4)  Kinneigh Parish records show her as Rebecca Harriett;  within the Anglin family she was known as Hallie and they have her as Harriett Rebecca.
(5)  Francis (Frank) John Phillips was a brother to Rebecca Harriett Phillips
(6)  Annie Bacon Phillips
(7)  Kate Fuller, daughter of Catherine Jane Phillips and Joseph Fuller, married Bob (Robert) Howe.  Bob Howe was murdered in 1922