Ballymoney Parish Records 1805-1873

These Ballymoney Parish records, co Cork, Ireland covering the time period of 1805-1873 are copied from the original registers about 1900  

Please see my notes that I gathered while transcribing the pages.  All pages have been assembled and put into a .pdf file and I have also provided a zip file for downloading -your choice.

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Page one in old record                                                                                                                     ** denotes- of my families   * prob. family  
October 22 1805 Married by Banns John Bolimer (Botimer ?)to Jane Haertie  [may be Buttimer/Buttimore in later years]  
Nov   3     John son of Thomas Wright privately baptized  
Oct    1   Michael son of William Cue publickly baptized  
Jan     3 1806 John Damery buried  
Jan    25   John son of Edward Burnes privately baptized  
Feb    2   Thomas son of James Good publickly baptized                                                                      *
          3   Married by Banns Jeremiah Crowly to Rececca Cue  
          9   Charles son of Samuel Philips priv. baptized  
    James son of James Good pub. baptized                                                                             *
          15   Married by licence Richard Evans to Mary Cue  
          23   William son of Francis Anglin priv. baptized                                                                     **
Mar   10   William son of Charles Philips priv baptized                                                                       **  William Hayes Phillips **
          14   Elizabeth Ellis buried  
          16   John son of William Tafre (or Tapre) publickly baptized  [might be Tape]  
          30   Mary Ann daughter of Wm. Jennings privately baptized  
May   4   Richard son of Francis Peyton priv. baptized                                                               **
          20                         Jennings buried
Jul      12   George & Sarah children of David Stanley priv baptized  
Aug     2   George Fuller buried                                                                                                            *
           8    Jane Bibby buried                                                                                                            *
           12   Mary Sloane buried  
           17   Robert son of Richard Gibson publickly baptized  
Page two in old record  
Dec    3 1807 Billy Bridy a Foundling baptized  
          28   Jane daughter of Wm. House pub baptized  
Jan     3 1808 John son of George Patterson publickly baptized  
          6   George Young buried  
          17     James Wood a Foundling privately baptized  
          31   John son of Robert Good pub baptized                                                                              *
Feb    14   Abraham son of ???? Damery buried  
          28   Mary daughter of John Bolimer (Botimer ?) pub. baptized  
Mar    27   Robert son of James Good publickly baptized                                                                *
Apr    15   Charles son of John Gary  priv  bap.  
Jun     19            Thomas son of Charles Philips  pub.  baptized                                                                  **
Jul      5   Cahrles Lantry married by banns to Susannah Jennings  
          15   Thomas Lantry married by licence to Elizabeth Jones  
Aug    2   ?????????  son of Nicholes Fitzmaurice buried  
            Anne daughter of George Crowly buried  
          7   Samuel son of Thomas Burchill  pub. baptized  
          12   William son of Andrew Damery   priv.   baptized  
          16   Rev. Thomas Tuckey married by licence to Dorathea Jagoe of Kilbronan [Kilronan]  
Oct    15   George Beamish of Knuckscagh [Knockseagh] married by licence to Francis Jagoe of Kilronan  
    William Bateman of Balliniscarty [Ballinascarty] married by licence to Elizabeth Hegartie of Ballineen  
          16   John son of William Gamell  publickly baptized  
    George son of William Cue publickly baptized  
Page 3  
Nov   19 1808 Martha Ona daughter of James Fuller privately baptized                                                 *
          20   James son of William Cue publickly baptized  
          22   George son of Thomas Wright  priv. baptized  
Dec    2   John son of William Farr Jr.  privately baptized                                                                *
          10   Susanna daughter of George Sealy  priv. bpatized  
    Thomas son of Thomas Conner Jr. privately baptized  
          11   William Gray buried  
          14   Anne daughter of Francis Peyton  privately baptized                                                        **
          29   Wm. Wright Sr.  of Ballihaneen buried  
Mar    5 1809 Rebecca daughter of William Wolf   pub. baptized  
           20   Anne daughter of John Gabriel buried  
           26   John son of Richard Gabriel publickly baptized  
Apr     13   John son of Richard Wright  priv. baptized  
May    1   Lea daughter of Edward Swan  priv.  baptized  
           12   Rebecca daughter of Andrew Poole Jr. Esquire buried  
           13   Jane daughter of George Tanner buried  
           14   Elizabeth daughter of Andrew Poole Jr. Esquire buried  
Jul       16   Benjamin son of George Tanner  priv.  baptized  
Sep     5   Agnes daughter of Wm. Haliburton buried  
           7   Sarah daughter of George Crowly  priv. baptized  
           17   Samuel son of Robt. Anglin priv. baptized                                                                          **
           27    ?????   daughter of William Jennings buried  
Nov    5   Fanny daughter of William Botimer (Bolimer)  privately baptized  
           11   Rachel daughter of William Fuller  priv. baptized                                                        *
           25   James son of John Bradield  priv. baptized  
Dec     18   Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Burchill  priv. baptized  
           26   William Daunt Esq. of Janeville buried  
Page four in old record  
Jan      18 1810 Elizabeth daughter or Samuel Milner  privately baptized  
           28   Robert son of John Botimer  publickly baptized                     ***   This name now seems to be Botimer  
Feb     20   Married by Banns Francis Ellis to Margaret Unckles  
Apr     2   William son of John Farr  priv baptized                                                                              *
           21   Jane daughter of Philip Barry  priv. baptized  
May    12   Barbara daughter of John Woods buried  
           22   Thomas son of Charles Philips buried                                                                                  **
           23   Jane Church a Goundling  priv baptized  
           29   William son of George Hegartie  buried  
Jun      8   Rachel daughter of William Fuller  buried                                                                           *
           10   Mary daughter of George Hegartie  buried  
           19   Thomas son of John Collins  buried  
Jul       1   Elizabeth daughter of John Warner buried  
           29   Patrick Church a Foundling  baptized  
Aug     23   Grace Field a Foundling  priv. baptized  
    Ralph Fuller  buried                                                                                                               *
Sep     26   Elizabeth daughter of John Collins  privately baptized  
Oct     22   Jane daughter of Charles Philips  privately baptized                                                            **
           28   Elizabeth wife of William Bateman buried  
Nov    4   Thomas son of William Connor publickly baptized  
    Elizabeth daughter of John Suel publickly baptized  
Dec    16   Ann Roberts  buried  
           18   Stephen Castle a Foundling  privately baptized  
           26   George son of George Patterson  privately baptized  
Page 5  
Dec    28 1810 Catherine daughter of Charles Philips  buried                                                                      **
    George & Richard sons of Richard Wright  privately baptized  
Jan     27 1811 Mary daughter of Michael Tyner publickly baptized  
    Margaret daughter of William McCullogh  pub. baptized  
Feb    11   ??????????/ Gibson buried  
          12   Married by Banns  James Good to Susanna Tanner                                                           *
          13   Thomas son of John Bradfield  priv. baptized  
          17   Anne daughter of Richard Gabriel  privately baptized  
    Thomas son of William Good  priv. baptized                                                                        *
Mar    3   William son of Robert Good  publickly baptized                                                                  *
          19   Rebecca daughter of Francis Peyton  publickly baptized                                                  **
Apr    15   Hannah Woods a Foundling    priv.  baptized  
May   3   ????????????   daughter of Thomas Murphy buried  
          5   James son of John Gabriel  publickly baptized  
Jun     1   Stephen Gates a Foundling   priv. baptized  
          20   Edward son of William Fuller  pub. baptized                                                                       *
Aug    25   Abraham son of William Daunt of Enniskean  priv. baptized  
Sep    2   Anne daughter of William Daunt of Enniskean  buried  
          5   Maria daughter of Edward Swan (<unreadable)  priv. baptized  
          30   Susanna daughter of John Cue  priv. baptized  
    Mary daughter of Robert Anglin  priv. baptized                                                                   *
Oct    16   Anne daughter of James Fuller  priv. bpatized                                                                     *
          20   Ellen daughter of Thomas Wright  priv. baptized  
Nov   12   Married by licence  John Good to  Marha Clarke  (??)                                                *
Page six in old record  
Nov    17 1811 William son of William Cue  publickly baptized  
           26   Married by Banns  James Cue  to  Charity Collins  
Dec     1   Elizabeth daughter of James Good  priv. bap.  
            2   Jane wife of William Cue  buried  
            26   Married by Banns  James Jenkins  to  Jane Patterson  
Jan       9  1812 Married by Banns Thomas Horcklys  to  Jane Coleman  
Mar     15   Catherine daughter of Thomas Burchill publickly baptized  
            22   William son of Thomas    connor  priv. bap.  
Apr      19   Sarah daughter of John Bradfield  priv. bap.  
            24   Richard son of Richard Wright  buried  
            28   Married by Banns  William Cue  to  Margaret Damery  
May     6   Richard Wagner  buried  
            10   Joseph son of Joseph Willis  priv. bap.                                                                                   *
            26   James Good buried                                                                                                                *
Jul        5   Robert Gay  buried  
Aug      9   Edward son of William House publickly baptized  
            11   Elizabeth Hegartie  buried  
            13   Andrew Poole Esq. of Kilrush  buried  
            16   John son of John Damery  publickly baptized  
Nov     8   Margaret daughter of James Cue  pub. bap.  
            11   Jane daughter of Robert Cue buried  
            29   James son of Thomas Unckles  publickly baptized  
Dec      20   Richard Field a Foundling  priv. bap.  
Nov     28   Married by licence  Richard Sullivan Gent.  to  Elizabeth Jagoe of Dunmanway  
Page 7  
Dec      29 1812 John son of Richard Wright  priv. bap.  
Jan       1 1813 ?????????   son of William Fuller  buried                                                                            *
            26   Thomas Connor senior  buried  
            29   Margaret daughter of John Wright  buried  
Feb      27            Married by licence  John Kingston  to  Anstice Cue (Ansti?ce)  
Mar     1   Married by licence  Robert Burchill  to  Susanna Keymis (??)  
Apr     17   Lavinia Jane Isabella daughter of Joseph Daunt Esq.  priv. bap.  
           18   George son of William Cue   pub. bap.  
May    2   John son of John Collins  priv. bap.  
Jul      1   Mrs ???????? Young buried  
          4   Rachel Hobbs buried  
          14   ????? Tyner  buried  
Aug    8   Richard son of George Patterson  priv. bap.  
           10   Married by Banns John wright  to Lucretia Murphy  
           30   Francis son of Francis Peyton  priv. bap.                                                                              **
Sep     5   John son of Charles Philips  priv. bap.                                                                                    **  (no trace of him) **
Oct     30   Jane daughter of William & Jane Fuller   priv. bap.                                                               **
Dec     3   William Bayley son of William Connor & Dorathea his wife  priv. bap.  born 26 Nov.  
Feb     2 1814 Mary Anne daughter of John Gay and Margaret his wife  priv. bap.  born 31 Jan.  
           6   Ellen daughter of John Damery & Mary his wife  priv.bap.  
Page Eight in old record  
Feb     18 1814 Buried William Wright of Ballymoney Parish  
           24   Buried George Fuller of Moynes Parish                                                                                    *
           27   Baptized publickly  Mary daughter of William Good and Mary his wife of Desert Parish        *
           27   Married by licence  James Damery & Anne Stanley  
Mar    10    Baptized priv.  Susan daughter of Francis Schofield and Elizabeth his wife  
           27   Baptized  James son of  John Bradfield and Emery his wife  
Apr     3   Baptized  Jane daughter of Waller Tanner & Jane his wife  
          10   Buried  William Woods  Kinneigh Parish  
Mar    8    Baptized publickly  George son of  William Farr & Mary his wife                                            *
           9   Baptized priv.  Bennett Watkins son of Herbert Gilman & Elizabeth his wife  
    Baptized priv.  Daniel son of John Wright & Lucretia his wife  
    Baptized priv.  James son of John Willis  & Mary his wife  
Jun     5   Baptized priv.  Anne daughter of George Sealy & Jane his wife  
    Baptized pub.  Rebecka daughter of Richard Peyton & Catherine his wife of Kinneigh Parish    **
         12   Baptized pub.  Mary daughter of John Gabriel & Anne his wife   
         26   Baptized pub.  Jane daughter of  Thomas Burchill & Mary his wife  
    Buried  ???????  Woods infant  
Jul    31   Baptized priv.  Thomas son of Richard Wright  
Aug   28   Baptized pub.  Richard House son of William & Margaret House  
Sep    4   Baptized pub.  Elizabeth daughter of Robert Good & Anne his wife                                        *
         11   Buried  Andrew Damery of Ballyneen  
         16   Received into Church - Mary Wright;  Susanna Wright;  Margaret Connor;  Sarah Bradfield;  James Bradfield;  &  Ellen Wright  
         17   Buried  Thomas Clarke infant  
Page Nine  
Sep     25 1814 Received into Church Michael, John, Benjamin & George Milner sons of Samuel Milner  
          28   Received into Church  Mary & Margaret Sealy  
Oct    2   Baptized pub.  Anne daughter of Thomas Damery & Jane  
    Baptized pub.  John son of Joseph Willis & Mary his wife  
    Baptized priv.  Thomas son of George Cue & Anne his wife  
          12   Buried  Joseph Fuller infant son of  Thomas Fuller  Bandon                                                      *
Nov   5   Married by licence  Edward Hegartie  of Clonakilty  &  Lucretia Hegartie of Ballyneen  
          20   Baptized priv.  William son of Robert Anglin & Sarah                                                                       *
          27   Baptized pub.  Mary daughter of  James Good & Anne his wife of Desert                                        *
Dec    31   MArried by licence  Thomas Salter  of Ballyneen  &  Susan Patterson  
    Baptized priv.  John son of  James Good and  Susan his wife                                                          *
Jan    18 1815 Buried  Susan Good wife of  James Good                                                                                         *
    Baptized priv.  Margaret  daughter  
    Baptized priv.  John son of William Bottimer (Botimer) & Sarah his wife  
    Baptized priv.  John son of Thomas Nash  
Feb     26   Buried Benjamin Hayes infant                                                                                                          **
Mar    5   Baptized pub.      --------  
           17   Buried  Richard Damery  
           19   Baptized pub.  William son of John Shewel  of Desert  
Apr     18   Buried  Jane daughter of William Fuller                                                                                           *
           23   Baptized pub.  William son of John Damery  
           28   Buried Margaret Ellis  
           30   Baptized pub.  Mary daughter of Francis Schofield  
           23   Baptized priv.  Margaret of ----  
Page ten in old record  
May    28 1815 Baptized pub.  Thomas son of James Damery  
Jun     4   Baptized pub  Joseph son of James Jenkins  
    Baptized pub.  Elizabeth daughter of Samuel Nash  
Jul      11   Richard son of George Pattison  buried  
Aug    2   Married by Banns  David Wye  to  Jane Unckles  
Sep     14   William Connor of Ballineen  buried  
           24   Mary daughter of William Collins  priv. bap.  
         Mary daughter of William Connor  priv. bap.  
Oct     10   Peggy Kihely a Foundling  priv. bap.  
Jan     1 1816 John Mountain a Foudling  priv. bap.  
           4   William son of  William Cue priv.  bap.  
Feb     13             Mrs.  Daunt  wife  of  Joseph Daunt  Esq.  buried  
Mar    10             Married  by Banns Joseph Pattison  to  Elizabeth Hegartie  
Apr     30   Married by licence Joseph McMullen of Dunmanway to Mary Hutchinson of Do  
May    19   Married by Banns  William Damery of Ballineen shoemaker to Sophia Murphy  
           26   Robert son of George Pattison priv. bap.  
Jun     9   Henry son of Joe Willis  priv bap.                                                                                                   *
Dec     10   Married by Banns William Gibson to Mary Stuke   (This entry shows 1815)  
Apr     7 1816 James son of  James Good  priv. bap                                                                                            *
    Catherine daughter of Charles Philips  priv. bap.                                                                         **
           14    --------   of William Lantry  priv. bap.  
Jun     11   George son of Ralph Fuller buried                                                                                                  *
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