Ballymoney Parish Records 1805-1873

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Page eleven in old record                                                                                                             ** denotes- of my families   * prob. family  
Jul          7 1816 Elizabeth Jennings buried  
Aug        6   Richard Garde Esq.  buried  
Sep         15   Diana daughter of William Cue  priv.bap  
    Pol Garden a foundling  priv. bap.  
              28   Mrs. Conner of Fort Robert buried  
Oct        19   Mrs. Woods of Dunmanway  buried  
    Mary daughter of George Cue Jr.  priv. bap.  
              29   Married by Banns  Thomas Damery  to  Margaret Damery  
Dec       11   Elizabeth daughter of William Stanley  priv. bap.  
             23   Catherine daughter of Thomas Burchill  priv.bap.  
Jan       5 1817 Joseph Fuller son of William Fuller  priv bap.                                                                     *
             7   Mrs. Fuller wife of William Fuller  buried                                                                     *
             15   John Damery  buried  
             26   Mary daughter of Thomas Damery  priv. bap.  
Feb      16   Anne daughter of  John Good  pub. bap.                                                                                
            20   Richard Justice  buried  
            23 Mary daughter of Richard Wright  priv. bap.
Mar     1   Thomas son of George Cue Jr.  buried  
            2   John son of  Francis Squoffil  pub. bap.  
            3   Joseph son of Richard Peyton  priv. bap.                                                                                **
            12   Hester Justice  buried  
           16   Elizabeth daughter of  James Good   pub. bap.                                                                 *
    Mary Anne daughter of John wright  pub. bap.  
           22   Thomas Clarke of Bantry  buried  
           27   Mrs. Garde of Gardeville  buried  
May    5   Jonathan son of Davod Stanley /jr.  priv. bap.  
           18   Thomas son of John Gabriel  pub. bap.  
Page 12 in old record  
May     25 1817 Mrs. Poole Sr. of Kilrush  buried  
Jun       2   Married by Banns  Richard Unckles  to   Elizabeth Damery  
            11   Married by licence  Abraham Haynes  to  Susan Haynes  widow  
            21   Married by licence  John Squoffil  to  Mary Shannon  
Oct      10   Mary daughter of John Beamish of Cashel  buried  
Nov     15   Anne daughter of William Stanley  priv. bap.  
Feb      20 1818 Capil Garde Esq.  buried  
May     10   John son of John Squoffil  priv. bap.  
            18   s son of Richard Unckles  priv. bap.  
    Richard Ellis  buried  
Oct       20   David son of William Stanley  pub. bap.  
Nov      14   Mary Anne daughter of Robert Morgan  priv bap.  
             15   Richard son of Francis Peyton  priv. bap.                                                                                    ** 
Feb       2 1819 Susan daughter of George Cue  priv. bap.  
             20   Ellen daughter of Francis Squofill  pub. bap.  
Apr       30   George Cue Jr.  buried  
May      20   Anne daughter of Thomas Connor  priv. bap.  
             30   Francis Peyton  buried                                                                                                                 **
Jun        24   Married by licence  William Ford  to  Jane Pattison  
Jul         12   Richard Wright  buried  
             15   Margaret White  buried  
             25   Richard son of George Pattison  priv. bap.  
    Anne daughter of Thomas Damery  pub. bap.  
Aug       5   Margaret daughter Francis Hawkins buried  
Page 13  
Sep        5 1819 William son of Thomas Damery  pub. bap.  
    Barter son of Charles Philips  priv. bap.                                                                             **
              18   Daniel Road a Foundling  priv. bap.  
Oct        5   John son of John Bradfield  priv. bap  
Nov       12   Robert son of William Jagoe  priv. bap.  
Dec        2   Married by licence  George Jennings  to  Frances Stanley  
              12   Margaret daughter of Richard Peyton  priv. bap.                                                                **
Jan        2 1820 Mary daughter of  Hill Gillman Esq.  priv. bap.  
              6   Rebecca daughter of  Jos. Pattison  priv. bap.  
              7   Mary Damery  buried  
              16   James son of James Jenkins  priv. bap.  
              30   Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Damery  priv. bap.  
Mar        6   Robert L. Conner  buried  
              27   John son of James Good & Elizabeth his wife  priv. bap.                                                                *
Apr        9   Jane daughter of John Gay & Margaret his wife  priv. bap.  
              18   Elizabeth widow of John Justice  buried  
              9   John son of William Collins & Mary his wife priv. bap.  
              4   Married by licence  Joseph Harrison Esq. to Jane daughter of Francis McCarthy Esq.   
May       17   Martha Parrott  buried  
              21   Thomas son of Thomas Salter and Susan his wife   priv. bap.  
              22   William Wright  buried  
Aug        6   Jane daughter of William Gibson  priv. bap.  
    John son of James Cue  pub. bap.  
    John son of Francis Squofill  priv. bap.  
    Richard son of George Sealy  priv. bap.  
Page 14 in old record      
Dec       1 1820 John son of Thomas Wright  buried  
             3   Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Damery  priv. bap.  
             26   Married by Banns  Joseph Peyton  to  Jane Bibby                                                                          **
             31   William son of  Robert Pattison  pub. bap.  
Feb       4 1821 William son of Robert Thomson  priv. bap.  
Jan        30   Married by licence  Rev'd. William Meade  to Barbara Helena daughter of  the Rev'd Robert Meade   
Feb       11   Thomas son of Parr Cotter  pub. bap.  
Mar       1   Anne daughter of John Bradfield  priv. bap.  
              3   Thomas son of Richard Unckles  priv. bap.  
              6   Married by licence  Thomas Smith to Mary daughter of  Joseph Good                                                             *Good *
Apr        7   Richard Gibson  buried  
May       7   Elizabeth daughter of William Searls  priv. bap.  
              14   Ralph Fuller  buried                                                                                                                       *
Jun         10   James son of  John Damery  pub. bap.  
Jul          15   Davis son of William Stanley  pub.  bap.  
    James son of William Farr  pub. bap.                                                                                            *
    Robert son of William Good   pub. bap.                                                                                         *
Aug        14   James son of  ------  Gabriel  priv. bap.  
               26    Mary daughter of  William Cue   pub. bap.  
Sep         25   Married by Banns  ---------  
               29   Eliza daughter of  Jos. Patterson Jr.  priv. bap.  
Oct         23   George Cue of Knockaneady  buried  
Dec        18   Thomas Murphy  buried  
              23   Susanna  daughter of James Cue  priv. bap.  
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Feb       22 1822 John Cue of Ballineen  buried  
Mar      20   William Beamish of Clogheen  buried  
             31   Francis son of  Francis Squofill  pub. bap.  
Apr       18   Marriee by lecence  James Burke of Paesage to Helena  daughter of John Cue  
             21   John son of  William Collins   priv. bap.  
May      26   Mrs. Damery wife of  Thomas Damery  buried  
Jul         31   Elizabeth daughter of Richard Peyton  pub .bap.                                                                                     **
Oct       6   Mary daughter of  Robert Pattison  pub. bap  
Nov      10   Anne daughter of  John Gabriel  pub. bap.  
             17   Eliza daughter of  William Gibson  priv. bap  
    Margaret daughter of  Thomas Damery  priv. bap.  
Dec       3   George Damery of Ballineen  buried  
             13   Anne Longfield Conner buried  
             17   Mrs. Teulon of Cork buried  
Jan        1 1823 John son of John Good  priv. bap.                                                                                                          *
Feb       2   John so of Michael Suel  pub. bap.  
             16   Thomas son of James Jenkins  priv. bap.  
Mar       2   Elizabeth daughter of James Good  priv. bap.                                                                                         *
             12   Mary Tyner buried  
             20   Mrs. Cue widow of George Cue Sr.  buried  
             25   Elizabeth Brampton daughter of Samuel Beamish of Palace Anne  priv.bap.  
Apr       1   William Fuller Jr.  of Ballineen buried                                                                                                     *
             6   Richard Church a Foundling  pub. bap.  
             20   Bat  Ioohiga  a Foundling  priv. bap.  
Page 16 in old record  
May      1   Married by Banns Richard Reynolds  to  Jane Phillips  
             18   John son of James Damery  pub. bap.  
             21   Sylvester Hinnigan  buried  
             25   Anne daughter of Joseph Willis  priv. bap.                                                                                                  *
             28   Married by Banns   Linnard L(J)arves  to  Catherine Gill  
Jun        1   Mary daughter of John Good  pub. bap,                                                                                                    *
             4   Anthony Cross a Foundling  priv. bap.  
Nov      13   Robert sib if Henry and Sarah Patterson  priv. bap.  
Feb       6 1824 Jane daughter of William and Mary Farr  priv. bap.                                                                                      *
Apr       14   Jane daughter of James & Cherry Cue  pub. bap.  
May      7   Francis son of John & Mary Scofield  pub. bap.  
             16   Married by Banns William Pattisson (Pattison)   to  Susanna Carrol  
             23   Married by Banns  Thomas Damery  to  Mary Damery  
             29   Buried   Edward Woods  of Enniskean  
Sep       5   George son of William & Mary Searls  pub. bap  
Oct       1   Mary Chambers  buried  
             2   Mary daughter of John Collins Jr.  priv. bap.  
             6   Richard son of Capel Garde Esq.  buried  
             17   Sarah daughter of James Damery  pub bap.  
Nov      7   Elizabeth daughter of William Farr  buried                                                                                                         *
Dec       2   Married by Banns   Thomas Bryan  to  Margaret Wye  
Page 17  
Dec       12 1824 Margaret Derigra a Foundling priv.  bap.  
Jan        16 1825 John Cue  buried  
             25   Bill Damery  buried  
Feb       6   John son of John Sweeney  pub. bap.  
             13   Mary Anne Neal a Foundling  priv. bap.  
             15   Richard son of William Cue  priv bap.  
             21   Anne daughter of  John Wright  priv. bap.  
Mar      4      Dinah Cue buried  
            15 Margaret Hobbs buried
Apr      3   John son of Joseph Peyton  priv. bap.                                                                                                          *
            10   Richard son of Joseph Willis  pub. bap.                                                                                                           *
            22   William Bennett  buried  
            30   Barter Hayes  buried                                                                                                                                        *
May     3   Susan Patterson  buried  
            8   John son of John Damery  pub. bap.  
            11   James son of  Thomas Damery  pub bap.  
Jun       1   Jane daughter of Michael Suel  priv. bap.  
            15   Thomas Damery of Ballineen  buried  
            21   Ellen Godfrey Bernard daughter of Samuel Beamish of Mamor Esq.  priv. bap  
Jul        24   Richard son of James Tyner  priv. bap.  
Aug      18   Married by licence  William Heazle of Bandon to  Amilia Holmes of Ardea  
            28   Johnson of Francis Squoffil  pub. bap.  
Sep      1   Richard son of Richard Reynolds priv. bap.  
Page 18 in old record  
Sep      3 1825 Thomas son of James Jenkins  priv. bap.  
            12   John son of Robert Gay  priv. bap.  
Nov     21   Mary daughter of Robert Pattison  pub. bap.  
            27   Susanna daughter of Robert Botimer  pub. bap.  
            29   Married by Banns  Thomas Good  to  Anne Cotter                                                                              *
Dec      1   James son of Thomas Bibby  priv. bap.                                                                                               *
            9   Susanna Beamish  buried  
            11   William son of William Stanley  pub. bap.  
    Sarah daughter of  Francis Daunt  priv. bap.  
Feb      4 1826 Anne daughter of John Squofill  priv. bap.  
            5   Married by licence Philip Connell  to  Jane Cue  
Mar     26   Francis son of Joseph Peyton  priv bap.                                                                                       *
Apr      8   Sarah daughter of William Millner  priv. bap.  
May     8   Bill Farr buried                                                                                                                                                       *
    Joseph son of James Good priv. bap. *
            11   Mrs. Daunt Sr.  of Enniskean  bureid  
            12   Margaret Alicia  daughter of Jos. Daunt Esq.  priv. bap.         
            16   Thomas son of William Lovekin  priv. bap.  
    Ellen daughter of John & Ellen Good priv. bap. *
            29   Joseph son of Henry and Sarah Pattison  priv. bap.  
Jun       2   Joseph Daunt Esq.  buried     
            18   Elizabeth  daughter of James Cue  priv. bap.  
Page 19  
Aug      20   Eliza daughter of  Thomas Roberts  priv bap,  
Sep      10   Rebecca  daughter of  William Farr  priv. bap. *
Oct      1   Thomas son of Thomas Damery  priv. bap.  
            11   David son of Francis Stanley  priv. bap.  
    Ellen daughter of  Doctor Jagoe  priv. bap.  
Dec      1   Parr son of Parr Cotter  priv. bap.  
    Richard son of  William Good  priv. bap. *
            18   Joseph son of Joseph Chambers  priv. bap.  
Jan       7 1827 Mary daughter of  Thomas Connor  priv. bap.  
            22   Eliza  daughter of John Dinny  priv. bap.  
            29   Married by Banns  Richard Unckles  to  Ellen Damery  
Feb      11   Ellen daughter of  William Collins  priv. bap.  
            25   Married by licence  Richard Coombs  to Rebecca  Stanley  
Apr      1   Mary daughter of  Den??  (Denis)  Mihyan  priv. bap.  
            8   John Beamish Sr. Esq. of Cashel  buried  
Jun       17   Mary daughter of Michael Searl (?)  priv. bap.  
            24   Miss Beamish of Harehill  bureid  
Jul        3   Anne daughter of  Frank squoffil  priv. bap.    
            5   Joseph son of John Sweeny  priv. bap.  
            8   Richard son of Robert Pattison  pub. bap.  
            16   Thomas son of William Searls  priv. bap.  
Page 20 in old record  
Oct      16   Married by Banns  Richard Damery  to  Marry Tanner  
            17   Married by Banns  Thos. Hinnigan  to May Donovan  
            21   Eliza  daughter of  -------  McCarthy Barter  priv  bap.  
Nov     13   Married by licence  Robert McGivern  to  Jessy McMullen both of Dunmanway  
    Married by licence John Wolf  to  Rebecca Nash  
            28   George son of George Damery  priv. bap.  
Dec      2   Marianne daughter of  Richard Unckles  priv. bap.  
Jan       21 1828 Thomas son of Thomas Damery  priv. bap.  
Feb      3   Mary daughter of  John & Frances King  priv. bap.  
    Catherine daughter of William Connor  priv. bap.  
            7   Married by licence John Beamish  to  Eleanor Kearny  
            12   Married by Banns   -----Farr  to  -------  Far *
            15   Benjamin son of JohnSquoffil  priv. bap.  
            17   Anne Sarah daughter of  Mr. Ed. Good  pub. bap. *
            20   Elizabeth  daughter of Joseph Fuller  priv. bap. *
            21   Samuel son of William  Milner  priv. bap.  
Apr      1   Arthur O'Connor Esq. of Fort Roberts  buried  
            7   Thomas son of Richard Randles  priv. bap.  
            17   George Beamish Esq.  of Dunmore  buried  
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