Ballymoney Parish Records 1805-1873

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Apr      22 1828 married  by licence  John Bateman of Clonakilty  to Elizabeth  Bateman  
May     7   Mrs. john Wright of Cork  buried  
            11   Thomas son of John Damery  pub. bap.  
            23    William son of Francis Daunt  priv. bap.  
Jul        13   Thos. son of Richard Coombs  pub. bap.  
Aug      3   John son of John Gay  pub. bap.  
            16       Henry son of John Jagoe Esq. M.D.  priv. bap.  
            24   William son of James Cue  priv. bap.  
            25   William Damery  of Tullylass  buried  
Sep      7   Margaret daughter of  Richard Kingston  priv. bap.  
            27   Eliza daughter of Parr Cotter  priv. bap.  
Dec      12   married by licence  John Fitzpatrick  to Margaret Sealy  
Apr      20 1829 married by licence  Benjamin Hill Gillman Esq.  to  Margaret Priscilla Kingston  
Jul        30   Edward Wiseman son of Jos. Fuller  priv. bap *
            19   Joseph son of  Joseph Peyton  priv. bap. **
Aug      23   John son of James Ellis  priv. bap.  
            27   Jane Howe of Kinsale  buried *
Oct      10    Eliza daughter of William Gibson  priv. bap.  
            27   married by licence  John Milner to Mary Cripps widow  
Nov     29   Margaret  daughter of  Richard Unckles  priv. bap.  
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Dec     10 1829 Catherine daughter of Richard Damery  priv. bap.  
            27       Thomas son of Thomas Wolf  priv. bap.  
Jan       2 1830 Mrs. Francis Milner  buried  
Feb      3   Mary daughter of John & Frances King   priv.bap.  
Mar     24   Jane daughter of  Richard Damery  priv. bap.  
Apr     11   Anne daughter of James Good  priv. bap. *
    Eliza Jane daughter of Parr Cotter  priv. bap.  
May     5   Anne daughter of William Milner  priv. bap.  
            9   Joseph son of  Joseph Good  pub. bap. *
            11   Widow Collins  buried  
Apr      23   Samuel son of John Roberts  priv. bap.  
May     4   Mary daughter of  John Denny  priv. bap.  
Jul        10   Ellen daughter of  john Jagoe  priv. bap.  
Aug      15   James son of  John Ellis  priv. bap.  
Sep      12   Jane daughter of  John Suel  pub. bap.  
Oct      26   married by banns  Francis Peyton  to  Dora Thomson                                                                            **Peyton **
Nov     14   Sarah  daughter of  Francis Stanley  pub. bap.  
    Ellen daughter of  John Roberts  priv. bap.  
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Dec      12 1830 George son of  James Jenkins  priv. bap.  
             22   David son of Richard Coombs  pub. bap.  
    Marianne daughter of  Richard Unckles  priv. bap.  
Feb       16 1831 married by licence  William Howe  to Susanna Sealy                                                                                     *Howe *
Mar       6   Emily Jane daughter of  Doctor Jagoe  priv. bap.  
             28   married by banns  James Bibby  to  Sarah Crowley                                                                                       *Bibby  *
Apr       17   Margaret Tyner  buried  
    Eliza daughter of  Widow Morgan  priv. bap.  
             24     ---------   Tyner buried  
             26   Anne daughter of   George Farr  priv. bap. *
Jun        12   William son of  James Damery  pub. bap.  
             15   Mich??  son of  Joseph Hoggs  pub. bap.    
    Jane Anne daughter of   Jos. Fuller  priv. bap. *
             20   Mary daughter of   Richard Damery  priv. bap.  
             23   married by banns  Stephen Wright  to  Catherine Neal  
Jul         3   Robert son of Solomon Burchill pub. bap.  
Aug      17   Mary Gabriel  buried  
Oct       11   James son of  Jer??  Ronayne  priv. bap.  
             15   Lucy & Thomas twin children of Parr Cotter  priv. bap.  
             16   John son of Thos. Hinnigan  priv. bap.  
Feb       1 1832 Elizabeth daughter of  Jas. Bibby  priv. bap. *
Mar       1   Mary Field a Foundling  priv. bap.  
              3   married by licence  Stephen Shorten of Courliagh  to Sarah Good of Phale *
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Mar       4 1832 George son of  George Sealy  pub. bap.  
              7   Catherine daughter of E. H. Good Esq.  priv. bap. *
Jun         22   Levis Ross son of  --------  Ross  priv. bap.  
              24   Thomas Alexander Achilles Daunt Hungerford son of Robert Millifont  pub.bap.  
Jul          10   Jane daughter of  Jos. Peyton  priv. bap. **
              20   Grace Damery  buried  
Sep        2   William son of  John Good  Ballinard  pub. bap. *
              22   William son of  John Damery  pub. bap.  
Oct        1   Elizabeth Spilane  buried  
              11   Jane daughter of  James Good   buried *
              14   James son of  James Damery  pub. bap.  
              18   Eliza daughter of   William Shorten  buried  
Dec        16   Alexander son of   Robert Patterson  pub. bap.  
Jan         14 1833 married by banns  Nicholas Mansfield  to  Mary  Richardson  
              19   Margaret daughter of   John Howe  priv. bap *
Feb        1   Grace Damery  buried  
Mar       10   Andrew son of  Richard Damery  priv.bap.  
May      30   Mrs. Gibson    buried  
Jun       16   Thomas son of Thos. Kingston  priv. bap.  
    Richard son of Richard Coombs  pub. bap.  
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Jan         1834 Mary Damery wife of  Richard Damery of Ballineen interred  
    Margaret  daughter of   Richard & Mary Damery  priv. bap.  
    Andrew son of  John & Margaret Damery  priv.bap  
Mar     9   Adam son of  Joseph & Eliza Patterson  priv. bap.  
           26   William son of  Richard & ----------- Reynolds  priv. bap.  
Apr       Mary daughter of  Abel Wolfe  of Kilvurra priv. bap.  
Nov    13   Susanna daughter of James Shuel  (Shuil)  born and received into church  
Dec     2 1835 Rebecca Jane daughter of  William Peyton  priv. bap. **
Nov      Eliza  daughter of  John Roberts  priv. bap.  
May    18 1836 Anne daughter of   Abel Wolfe of Kilvarra  priv. bap.  
    Jane daughter of  Dr. Jagoe of Ballineen  priv. bap.  
Jun   Judith  daughter of  Thomas Hennigan  pub. bap.  
Jul   James son of John & Margaret Damery  Ballineen  priv. bap.  
Oct      16   Ellen & Jane  & Mary daughters of William & Ellen Patterson of Ballineen  born one birth  priv. bap.  
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Mar      2 1837 Eliza daughter of Joseph & Eliza Patterson  priv. bap.  
            29    Mary daughter of  Joseph & Margaret Good  Phale  pub. bap *
Jul        24   John Henry son of  John Haze Esq.  of Rockcastle  priv. bap.  
Aug      8   Mick Dore foundling  priv bap  
Dec      3   Mary anne  daughter of  John & Mary A. Collins  priv. bap.  
             23   Nathaniel son of  Samuel Northridge of Corran  priv. bap.  
    Anne  daughter of  James Burchill  Derrygra  pub. bap.  
Sep      10   Ellen daughter of  Thomas &  ------  Ross  priv. bap.  
Mar      6 1838 John Bibby  married  to Elizabeth Nash both of Kinneigh                                                                                      *Bibby *
            11   John son of  James Shuel  priv. bap.  
            18   Elizabeth  daughter of  Michael & --------- Shuel  priv. bap.  
            25   James son of  -------- Good  pub.bap. *
Apr      4   Mary daughter of Thomas & Eliza Perrott   pub. bap.  
            8   John of  ------- Damery Corran  pub. bap  
            29   Mary son of Thomas & Jane Ellis  pub. bap.  (son??)  
May   Eliza daughter of  Dr. Jagoe  of Ballineen  priv. bap.  
Jun   Jane daughter of  John Forde  priv. bap.  
Jul   Ellen Duggan  priv. bap.  
Sep   William son of  John & Margaret Damery  priv. bap.  
            27   Francis Henry son of  Edward H. Good Esq.  Phale  priv. bap. *
Dec   George son of William Milner  priv. bap.  
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Jun       1839 Eliza  daughter of  Richard Reynolds  priv. bap.
Feb       25   Sarah Jane  daughter of  John  Maria  Hazle    pub. bap.  
Mar       John son of John & Mary Ellis  pub. bap.  
Apr       4   Sarah daughter of  John & Margaret Good  Phale  pub. bap *
    Henry son of John Roberts  priv. bap.  
May      5   James son of  Joseph & Jane Good  Kilvurra  pub. bap. *
Aug   Samuel son of  Michael & Mary Milner  pub. bap.  
Oct       11   James son of  John A. Jago   Ardea  priv. bap.  
Nov      11   William son of  John & Margaret Cue  priv. bap  
Mar       2   James son of  Thomas Hennigan  priv. bap.  
Jun   Mary daughter of  John & Ellen Good of Kilvurra  priv. bap. *
Jul         4   Eliza Jane Hazle  (Harzle)  married by licence to  Francis Fitzmaurice of Dunmanway  
Aug       17   Anne daughter of  John & Mary Cooper  of Girlough  priv. bap  
Nov       1   Robert Farrel  married by banns  to Eliza Coleman  
    Leah daughter of James Burchel (Burchill) of Derrigra  pub. bap.  
Dec        28   William Fuller of Ballineen  buried *
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Jan        10 1840 Thos. Ross pf the city of  Cork  buried  
             17   bap. priv.  William son of  William & Anne Shuel   Shamavagh  
Feb       14   William Young of Ballymoodan Parish  buried  
             24   bap.priv.   Jane daughter of  Frank & Mary Satnley  Shanavagh  
             27   bap. priv.  William son of  George & Elizabeth Stanley  Curricrowley  
Mar      5   buried  Elizabeth daughter of   Thos. Beamish, Harehill  
             7   Leonora daughter of Isaac & Catherine McCabe, Corran  priv. bap.  
    John son of  Michael & Anne Barrett, Corran  priv. bap.  
             24   John son of  George & Rebecca Farr, Ballineen  priv. bap. *
Apr       9   bap. priv.  Thomas son of  John & Margaret Cue, Ballineen  
             11   bap. pub.  James son of  James & Mary Good,  Kilvurra *
             16   bap. priv. Emelia daughter of   John & Maria Harzle,  Rockcastle  
May      2   Richard son of   Thos. & Eliza Perrot  (Parrott Perrott),  Shanavah  pub. bap.  
             30   bap. priv.  Thomas son of   John & Mary Ellis,  Shanavagh  
    bap. priv.  Margaret Carny  foundling  
Jul         20   buried  William son of  William Beamish Esq.,  Carhew  
             29   Thomas son of  Thomas Forde  priv. bap.  
Aug       19   married by banns  in Ballymoney Church  Richard Fleming of Ballineen  to  Hester McMahon widow of Fanlobbus  
    James son of  John & Margaret Good of Phale   pub. bap. *
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Aug       20 1841 William son of  William & Anne Riely,  Endincurra  pri. bap.  
              29   John son of  Robert & Eliza Farrel,  Ballineen  priv. bap.  
Oct        21   Michael Milner son of  Michael & Mary Milner,  Edincurra  priv. bap.  
              26   married by licence  John Kennedy of the Ordance Survey to Anne Good  dau. of William Good, Ballineen *
Nov       13   married by licence Benjamin Bateman of Woodfield, Kilkerranmore  to  Francis Jagoe of  Inchifune  
              14   bap. pub.  James son of Samuel & Anne Burchil (Burchill)  (Thos. Damery, Thos. Williams & Sarah Shuel God parents  
              23   buried Daniel Wright of  Ballineen aged 27 years  
Dec          John son of  John & Ellen Good of Knux,  Desert erges  pub. bap. *
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Jan         3 1842 Rebecca daughter of  Isaac & Margaret Peyton  pub. bap (Mary Anne Morga, Jane Peyton, Arbraham Haynes- sponsors **
              4   buried Eliza  wife of  Thomas Perott of W. Shanavagh  
              17   Adam Hegarty age 44 years interred  
              30   William Hallyburton aged 80 years interred  
Feb        20   John son of  John  & Maragaret Damery, Ballineen  pub.bap. (Thos. Connor, Jane Connor & Rich. Damery -sponsors  
Apr        3   John supposed son of  John Peyton, Ballineen pub.bap. (Jas. Cue, Jas. Jenkins & Mrs Joseph Peyton -sponsors) **
              24   Georgina daughter of  John Jagoe, Ballineen  pub.bap.  (John Sealy, ---- Gardiner & Sarah Good -sponsors)  
              25   Eliza daughter of  John & Mary Cooper  Girlough  priv.bap.  
May       29          Susan daughter of James & Susanue, Ballineen  pub.bap. (George Cue, Jane Cue & Mrs. John Cue -sponsors)  
Jun         11   James Shuel aged 34 yrs  resident in parish of Drinagh interred  
              12   Isabella daughter of  Stephen & Catherine Wright  priv.bap.  
Jul   Anne daughter of  James & Mary Good, Kilvurra pub.bap. (Rebecca Deane, Anee Millner & Thos. Good -sponsors) *
Aug        7   Mary Anne daughter of  Isaac & Catherine McCabe, Curran pub.bap. (JohnSealy, Eliza Good & Jane Peyton sponsors)  
    John son of Joseph & Jane Good, Kilvurra pub.bap. (Wm. Good, James Good & Susan Good -sponsors) *
    Leonora daughter of Isaac & Catherine McCabe, Curran received into church (Wm. Good, Cahtherine Boltimer & Jane Leonard -sponsors  
Oct         9   Samuel Richard son of  Thos. Godsil & Eliza Godsil, Ballineen  pub.bap.  
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