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Gowan>Bacon>Phillips>Turner>Paul Turner

This is a small part of our research combined with the work of James H. B. Gowan which is a 3 volume set

02 Connall MaCGOWAN [1540-    ]  and  ROSE O'DONNELL
  03 Patrick GOWAN [1566-    ]  and  Jane ALLEN
    04 Philip GOWAN [1593-    ]
  born Ulster;  the first to drop the "Mac" of MacGowan;  son of Patrick MacGowan [1566-    ] & Jane Allen married Rose Dillon{1593-    ] which was of Celtic origin, a protestant and of an old Mayo family.

They had 4 children:  Rev. Thomas Gowan;  Robert, Caleb and Philip who changed their surname to GOING

      05 Thomas GOWAN, Rev. [1617-    ]  and  Mary ST. LEGER
  They had 2 children: Thomas and Daniel
        06 Thomas GOWAN, Rev. [1642-     ]  and  Anne COOTES [     -1672]  and  A Dublin Lady
  resided in or near Lifford, Co. Donegal;  dispute with son over political views;  married first Anne Cootes [xxxx   -1672] daughter of a prominent 'Approver';  married second " A Dublin Lady".

They had 3 children:  John;  a son who settled in Scotland and a son who died young

          07 John GOWAN [1668-    ]  and  Martha HUNTER [c.1668-     ]
  officer in the army of William II;  returned after the surrender of Limirick;  settled in County Tipperary;   married Martha Hunter, 1693.
Martha, daughter of John Hunter an English officer who served in Ireland and secured land grant in Tipperary for his services.
            08 Philip GOWAN [1695-1732]
             08 John Hunter GOWAN [1699-1779]  m.  Anne HATTON [c.1700-    ] (Ann m1 Edward EAMES)
  born Tipperary, Ireland;  educated at home;  purchased Wexford property for his son;  practiced law;  married Anne Hatton and from her, inherited the estate of Raheencullen (Mount. Nebo).
Anne, daughter of Rev. Henry Hatton, Rector of Gorey, County Wexford;  married  John Hunter Gowan [c.1699-    ];  I have a note that her name was Mary Hatton Eames - not sure about this! 
              09 John Hunter GOWAN [1727-1824]  and  Frances NORTON / MORTON  and  Margaret HOGAN
  maintained family seat at Mt. Nebo;  estates in County Wexford and Wicklow;  married Frances Morton, 1771;  had many mistresses and together had some illegitimate children;  law suit between Thomas, a legitimate, sues illegitimate children, William and Ogle; died 28 May, 1824 at 97 years.  There has always been a problem about the dates with John and some of his children.
                10 Mary GOWAN [1771-dy]
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Anne GOWAN [1772-    ]  m.1805  Richard CHECKLEY
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;  married Feb, 1805 at Rathfarnham
  Richard of Mayfield, co. Cork
                10 Martha GOWAN [1773-1807]
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Elizabeth GOWAN [1774-    ]  m.  Maj. Thomas Fleming  and  John BUTLER
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Catherine Emma GOWAN [1776-   ]   m1.  Anthony ORMSBY  m2.  Capt. FLEMING  and  ?? PLIMPTON
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Frances GOWAN [1777-     ]  m.  Edward COLES   and  Richard WILLIAMS
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Jane Amelia GOWAN [1778-    ]  m.  Edward Haycock COLCLOUGH-TURNER
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton
                10 Charlotte GOWAN [1779-1868]  m1.  Edward BACON   m2.  George GRAHAM
  Charlotte;  d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;  born at Mt. Nebo, county Wexford, Ireland;  daughter of John Hunter Gowan and Frances Norton;  married first Edward Bacon of Waterford, Ireland;  married second George Graham;  a half sister to Ogle Robert Gowan grandfather to Emily Murphy;  died at Toronto.
                  11 John BACON [1811-1889]  m.1840  Harriett ROBERTS [1822-1902]
s/o Charlotte Gowan & John Bacon;  God-son of John Hunter Gowan,  arrived Canada with Ogle Gowan, 1829, Montreal,  arrived Kingston, Ont. area, 
married in St. Peter's Church, Brockville, Ont., 23 Jan., 1840;  then to Toronto
                10 Harriet GOWAN [1780-    ]  m.  Thomas QUINLAN
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 John GOWAN, Capt. [1782-1821]
s/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Thomas GOWAN [1783-1865]  and  Ann BRENNAN
s/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 George GOWAN [1785-    ]  and  Elizabeth HANLON
s/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Irma GOWAN [1786-    ]  and  ?? GILES  and  Abraham WEBSTER
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Jemima GOWAN [1788-dy]
d/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Hunter GOWAN [1789-1836]   and   Catherine HARPER
s/o John Hunter Gowan & Frances Norton;
                10 Mary GOWAN [1791-     ]  and  Robert HOPKINS 
  Mary:  d/o John Hunter Gowan &
Frances Norton
                10 William Brainbridge GOWAN [1800-     ]  and  Emma TAYLOR
  William, son of John Hunter Gowan and Margaret Hogan
                10 Ogle Robert GOWAN [1803-1876]  m.>1829  Frances Anne COLCLOUGH-TURNER [c.1811-     ]
  Ogle, s/o of John Hunter Gowan and Margaret Hogan;  born 13 Jul, 1803 at Nebo Lodge (Mount Nebo), county Wexford, Ireland;  arrived in Canada in 1829 with his family & nephew, John Bacon;  first settled at Escott Park, Leeds County, Upper Canada (now Ontario);  an Orangeman;  helped to raise a volunteer company of militia during the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837 and this company was called the Brockville Invincibles;  moved to Toronto in 1852 and bought the "Toronto Patriot";  elected as a Toronto alderman in 1853 and 1854;  died 2 Aug, 1876;  interred St. James Cemetery, Toronto (Lot1-V);  also found this: Ogle R. Gowan, aged 62, born Ireland, living at Toronto, married Alice Hitchcock, aged, 27, born England, of  Toronto, witn: H.P. Gowan & Charles William Buchanan, both of Toronto, 4 May 1866 (at St. George's United Church of England & Ireland)

1851 Census - East Ward, Brockville, Leeds - Ogle R. Gowan, b. Ire, ae. 43, Publisher, Episcopal; Francis Ann, b. Ire, ae. 40
1851 - The Canada Directory - Brockville - Ogle R. Gowan, Brockville Statesman, Proprietor, Main St.

                  11 Nassau C. GOWAN [c.1824-1865]
  Nassau, s/o Ogle Gowan & Frances Colclough-Turner;  a minister; Grand Minister of the Orange Lodge of Ontario;  1861 Secretary to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Canada West (now Ontario);  died in a railway accident in 1865;  interred St. James Cemetery, Toronto (Lot3-V);
                  11 Harcourt P. GOWAN [    -189?]  nm 
  Harcourt, s/o Ogle Gowan & Frances Colclough-Turner; involved with his father in the Orange Order of Ontario;  interred St. James Cemetery, Toronto (Lot3-V);
                  11 Frederick GOWAN [c.1828-    ] nm.

1851 Census - East Ward, Brockville, Leeds - Fred W., b. Ire, Printer, ae. 23

                  11 Henry Samuel Eldon GOWAN [1829-d/y]
                  11 Eliza Amelia GOWAN [1931-    ]  m.1851  Rev. William PECK
  born Leeds Co., Ont; married 17 Jun, 1851 at Brockville, Ont;
  William; b. England;  of  Lansdowne

1852- Eliza & William living in Brockville 
1881- Westmeath, Renfrew, Ont: William, 53; Eliza, 48; Harcourt,20; Frances Emily, 21; Wallace William, 12; Ida May, 10
1891 -   St. Albans Ward, Toronto, Ont: William, 63; Eliza, 58; Ida May, 20; William H, 22
                    12 Ogle Robert PECK [1852-1889]  m.1866  Alice
  Ogle; d. 1889, Dufferin Co., Ont.
1871- Leeds South, Ont.
1881- St. Thomas Ward, Toronto, Ogle R, 29;  Allice (sic), 22
                    12 Wellington J. PECK [c.1853-   ]
  living with brother, Nelson, in 1881. St. Patrick's Ward, Toronto, law student

Found: 1891 census; Wellington J, 35, inspector; Jennie, 30;  Wellington M, 6
                    12 Nelson Byron PECK [c.1857-   ]  m.1877  Clara Mary WARREN [c.1857-    ]
  married 25 Dec, 1877 at Lansdowne; pump manufacturer; 
  Clara; d/o Benjamin & Martha Warren

1881 St. Patrick's Ward, Toronto: Nelson, 24; Mary,24; Willington (sic), 28
  13 Byron PECK [c.1882-    ]

1891 Census Toronto, ae 9
  13 Maude PECK [c.1885-    ]

1891 Census Toronto, ae 6
                    12 Frances Emily PECK [c.1859-    ]  m.1884  Joseph H. GARDINER  [c.1852-    ]
  married 19 Nov, 1884 at Harrowsmith
Joseph; s/o William & Mary Gardiner

Marriage: 3231-84

                    12 Harcourt William PECK, Rev. [1861-1934]  m.1915  Nancy Richmand NEEDHAM [1867-1924]
   Harcourt;  b. 16 Mar, 1861, Lansdown, Ont;  moved to the USA in the 1890s and settled first in Yavapai, Co., AZ; married 15 MAr, 1891 om Honolulu, HI;  a Methodist minister and superintendent of school;  died Rialto, San Bernardino, CA, 9 May, 1934

Married 2 Harriet Ellen THAYER ??

1881- Westmeath, Renfrew, Ont. Harcaurt (sic), 20
1900 - USA?? 
1910 - Los Angeles, CA: Harcourt W; Nannie N.
1930 - Orange Co, CA

  13 Ogle Robert PECK [1893-1970]  m.1917   Orpha Harriet THAYER
  Ogle; b. 17 Jan, 1893, Honolulu, HI;  m. 11 Jan, 1917, San Diego, CA; d. 26 Sep, 1970, Long Beach, CA; bur. Loma Vista Cem, Fullerton, CA  

3 issues > >
  13 Phyllis Maude PECK [1896-1896] 
  Phyllis; b. Honolulu, HI; 

  13 Evelyn M.  PECK [1903-     ]
  b. 17 Jan, 1893, Honolulu, HI; 

12 Ida May PECK [c.1871-    ]  m.1905  Samuel Franklin [c.1871/75 CAMPBELL 
  Ida; bc.1871, Leeds Co, Ont;  married 21 Jun, 1905 at Burlington, Ont;
  Samuel; s/o Francis M. Campbell & Nancy R. Day, bc.

Marriage 009674-05
1911 Kingston, Ont.; living w/his father: Samuel F. V,  1870, merchant; Ida, 1870=41yrs
Burial ?? both in Sandhill, Battersea, Storringto, Frontenac, Ont
                    12 Wallace William  PECK [c.1869-    ]  m.1896  Margaret Ada SWANZEY [c.1869-    ]
  married 19 Mar, 1896 at Toronto
  Margaret; d/o James
Swanzey & Elizabeth Tulip Campbell

Marriage:  014708-96
                  11 Charles Olgle GOWAN [1833-    ]

1851 Census - East Ward, Brockville, Leeds - Chas., b. Can., ae. 17

                  11 ?? GOWAN [c.1824-    ]  m. Robert TAYLOR
                  11 Frances Jane GOWAN [1836-    ]  m.  Col. Thomas Robert FERGUSON

1851 Census - East Ward, Brockville, Leeds - Frances J., b. Can, ae. 16

                  11 George Edward GOWAN [1840-    ] nm.

1851 Census - East Ward, Brockville, Leeds - Geo. E, ae. 8

                  11 Emily Jemima GOWAN [1842-    ]  m.1863  Isaac FERGUSON [c.1835-1889]
s/o Andrew Ferguson & Mary Ann Roberts of co. Cavan, Ireland;  immigrated with his family in 1842 (his father, Andrew, died at sea and presumed buried at sea);  settle in Simcoe Co, Ont.

1851 Census - East Ward, Brockville, Leeds - Emily J., b. Can, ae. 6

                    12 Thomas Roberts FERGUSON [    -1923]  m.  Etta May HANMER
                    12 Jeremiah FERGUSON [    -     ]  m.  Wihilmina MAUPIN
                    12 William Nassau FERGUSON nm.
                    12 Annie Jessanine FERGUSON [    -     ]  m.  William Robert BURKE
                    12 Issac Harcourt FERGUSON nm.
                    12 Emily Jemima FERGUSON [1868-1933]  m.1887  Rev. Arthur MURPHY
d/o Emily Gowan & Issac Ferguson;  born at Cookstown, Ontario, 1868;  educated at Bishop Strachan School, Toronto;  married 1887;  author of the famous "Janey Canuck" books;   a member of what is now known as the "Famous Five" (along with a distant cousin by marriage - Nellie McClung);
 1929, obtained the declaration that women were "persons" under the British North America Act with the "First Persons Case";  in 1915, Emily was decorated by His Majesty the King as Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem;  lived at Swan River, Manitoba in 1903 and Edmonton, Alberta in 1907 died at Edmonton, 1933;
  Arthur,  an Anglican minister;

1901 Census - Ward 6. Toronto, York - Rev. Arthur Murphy, b. Ont, 1 May, 1856, ae 44, Clergyman;  Emily, b. Ont, 1 Mar, 1868, ae. 33
1911 Census - Edmonton, Alberta - Art?? Murphy, b. May, 1856, ae. 55, Retired;  Emily, b. Mar, 1868,

  13 Kathleen MURPHY [1888-    ]  1911 Census - b. Jul, 1888, ae. 22
  13 Evelyn MURPHY [1890-    ]  1911 Census - b. Oct, 1890, ae. 20
  13 Doris MURPHY [1896-    ]  1901 Census - b. 23 Sep, 1896, ae. 4
                10 Horatio GOWAN [1804-1821]
  Horatio, s/o John Hunter Gowan and Margaret Hogan
                10 Margaret GOWAN [1805-    ]   and   Charles William BUCHANAN [c.1808-    ]
  Margaret, d/o John Hunter Gowan and Margaret Hogan
              09 George GOWAN [1730-    ]  and  ?? WODDRUFFE [of Gorey]
              09 Henry Hatton GOWAN [1736-     ]  and   Anne SMITH
  Henry, had 4 children and their grandchild was Sir James Robert GOWAN of Ontario, Canada
                10 John Hunter GOWAN [     -1835]  m1. dora RICHARDS  m2. Miss SMITH
                10 Charles Hunter GOWAN  m.  Elizabeth BRITTON
                10 Martha Hunter GOWAN [1766-c.1840]
                10 Henry Hatton GOWAN [1778-1863]  m.  Elizabeth BURKITT [     -1854]
  Henry & Elizabeth sailed for Canada in 1832;  deputy clerk of the Crown and Pleas for the county of Simcoe, Ontario
                  11 James Hatton GOWAN d/y
                  11 Anne Henrietta GOWAN [1813-1889]  m.1848 John Russell ARDAGH [1809-1868]
                  11 Sir James Robert GOWAN [1815-1909]  m.1853  Anne ARDAGH [    -1905]
s/o Henry Hatton Gowan & Elizabeth Burkitt;   born at Cahore, county Wexford, Ireland on 22 Dec, 1815;  arrived Canada, 1832; 
served as a Lieutenant in the 4th Regiment of North York militia during the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837 and was present at the Battle of Montgomery�s Tavern;  called to the Bar, 1839 at Toronto;  Judge of the District of Simcoe, 1843;  Senator, 1885;  knighted, 1905;  died 18 Mar, 1909 at his house, Ardraven, Barrie, Ontario leaving no issue
  Anne,  second
d/o Rev. S.B. Ardagh, Rector of Barrie, Ontario;  ancient Welsh family and of county Meath, Ireland
                  11 Henry Hatton GOWAN d/y
                  11 Susan Elizabeth GOWAN [1822-1893]  m.1834  John STRATHY [1811-1878]
              09 Mary GOWAN  and  Peter ROE
              09 Elizabeth GOWAN  m.1771  Capt. John Nuttle (NUTALL)  and Capt MacCORMACK
  Elizabeth married John Nuttle Aug, 1771
  John;  of 58th Reg of Foot
              09 Martha GOWAN  and  Henry Hatton MORTON
            08 Jonathan GOWAN
never married
            08 George GOWAN [1710-    ]
            08 William GOWAN
            08 Thomas GOWAN [1705-    ]
They had Samuel GOWAN who married Jane COLCLOUGH

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