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**  Printed or E-Version of the Werry Family Tree **


Werry>Turner>Paul Turner


Peter Werry & Annie Hoar, Family

L-R:  Frederick,  Peter,  Emma,  Cora,  Henry,  Annie,  Milton

 courtesy of Werry Book


Taken August 29, 1913. [backrow] Mr. Peter Werry, Mrs. Albert Wright, Mrs. Jas. Clogg, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Geo. Vice; [second row] Mr. ? Philp, Mr. Albert Wright; [front row] Mr. Jas Clogg, Mr. Wm Werry, Mrs. Wm Werry.  Merry Christmasí.
Peter Werry = son of Wm Werry and Elizabeth Honey 
Mrs. Albert Wright = Thirza Werry, daughter of Peter and Eliza Stephens
Mrs. James Clogg = Esther Grass, wife of James Clogg the son of Sarah Werry and Joseph Clogg
Mrs. Bradley = Jane Ann Clogg, daughter of Sarah Werry and Joseph Clogg
Mrs. George Vice = Catherine Werry, daughter of Peter Werry and Eliza Stephens
Mr. Philp = [still working on this one]
Mr. Albert Wright = husband of Thirza Werry
Mr. James Clogg = son of Sarah Werry and Joseph Clogg
Mr. William Werry = son of Peter Werry and Eliza Stephens
Mrs. William Werry = Elizabeth Grace Bray, the wife of William Werry

courtesy of Bruce & Nancy Filgate


1913 Picnic at "Roslandvale", home of William & Elizabeth Werry, Solina, Ont.
(an example of the many people attending the Werry pcinics)

 courtesy of Werry Book


Milton James Werry and Charlotte McLaughlin Family


L-R  Milton, Marie, Irene, Hazel, Charlotte

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