Early Werry History, Cornawall, England, Ontario, Canada, John Werry, Ann Werry, Ann Congdon, Quiller, Turner

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**  Printed Version of the Werry Family Tree **

The Werry Picnics over the years 

Bethesda Cemetery, Ontario, Canada


Werry>Turner>Paul Turner


Information has been taken from the book,
The Genealogy of John Werry and Ann Congdon, 125th Edition. 


    The Werry name is found in the Doomsday Book of 1086. a land survey ordered by William the Conqueror.  Variations of the name found in England are Werry, Warry and Warries from the old German Werrie and  through the old French Guerrie meaning a folk name.   Other derivatives are Weary, Wherry, Gweri, Trewerry, Trevery and Treiveri.

    The ancestors of John Werry [1764-1841] has not been established but the following are some of my findings plus what has been provided in the Werry 'book'.

From the Family History Center

1.  Joseph WERRY [bc.1665-    ]  born possibly at Kllkhampton (this place is located several miles north of Duloe), Cornwall, married Phillip Jenn (this name was found elsewhere; FHC has Philep as a Given name only) - other variations of this name could be:  Phillips JEN,  Phillipa JENN - JENN seems to be the Surname

   2.  Thomas WERRY [1690-    ] of Kilkhampton,  married 30 Oct, 1714 Agnes (Ann, Anne) BOWMAN [bc.1694-    ] of Klikhampton.  They issued at least 7 children the first noted being born 1716.  Of  these children was

        3.   John WERRY [1762-1841]  of Lanreath married 29 Aug, 1790 at Duloe Ann CONGDEN (CONGDON) [1770-1844] of Duloe. 

From the Werry book

1  Thomas WERRY [bc. 1660-1715]  married 10 Aug, 1683 at Lanreath Jone Coade (Code, Coale, Coad)

    2.  Thomas WERRY [bc.1690-    ]   married Agnes Bowman  (see above)

I now believe that this is the lineage for our early Werry family"

Joseph Werry [c.1665-    ]  mc.1687  Phillip Jen [c.1665-    ] both of Kilkhampton, Devon
  Thomas Werry [169-    ]  mc.1715  Agnes Bowman [c.1694-     ] 
     (all the following children b. Duloe, Cornwalln)
     Agnes [1716-    ]
     Mary [1718-     ]
     Thomas [1721-    ]  m.  Joyce Killow >>>  David's line 
     Edward [1724-     ]
     William [1726-    ]
     Sarah [1728-    ]
     John [1731-    ]  m.  Rebecca Quiller 

There is a hunch, at this time, on my part,  that Joseph WERRY [bc.1665-   ] and Thomas WERRY [bc.1660-    ] might have been brothers - pure speculation at this point.

    Our accepted ancestors are John Werry, baptized 23 Apr, 1764 at Lanreath Parish, Cornwall, England, who married Ann Congdon, baptized 12 Dec,, 1770, of Duloe.  They married on 29 Aug, 1790 at Lanreath.  They lived on Penderlake in Lanreath Parish, Teacoombe near Penderlake and then to Longcoe, St, Martin's Parish. 



On the left is the home of John Werry & Ann Congdon, Teacoobe.  To the right are the rolling hills of the Duloe area.  One would imagine how the family felt when they moved to the rolling drumlin-like countryside of Durham, Ontario.  Although the hills seem much higher at Duloe and effect must have been the same.

TEACOOMBE   County side pictured from Teacoombe
Duloe Church Baptismal Font - c.1490 Church Graveyard

This gravestone for John Werry reads:  "Beneath are deposited remains of JOHN WERRY late of Longcoe in the Parish of St. Martins who departed this life on the 9th day of January 1841 Aged 78 years (the Werry book  has 79 years but as I see it the 8 in 1841 is the same number type in XX years or 78 years)     Likewise of Ann his wife who departed this life on the 20th day of March 1844  Aged 73 years.

The pictures above where graciously provided by Lisa (Werry) Flanaghan & Ian Flanaghan, who along with their children and Lisa's father, David Werry
made the pilgrimage to the olde sod in 2007

    Picture of a sampler recording Ann Congdon Werry's death;


courtesy of  Jane Thacker, whom I thank.
(click on picture to see a very large picture)

   Most documents describe the early Werrys as farmers, yeomen or husbandmen.  At marriage,  a young man is described as a labourer or sojouner, that is, working for his father, relative or neighbour.  When he settled in his own home he would be described as a farmer.  Other occupations noticed were miller, basketmaker, cooper (barrelmaker), cordwainer (shoemaker), joyner (carpenter) and gentleman.

    The joining family, Quiller, were of French extraction and were found at West Looe and Polperro, Cornwall, England.  Rebecca Quiller was baptized 4 Apr, 1727 at Talland, Cornwall.

    John Werry and Ann Congdon had 12 issues:

                            Ann Werry [1791-1858]  m.1814  John Hockin [1790-1848] ----  Remained in England
                            John Werry Jr. [1793-1878]  m.  Ann Drake [1794-1861]  ----  Came to Canada. 1846
                            Thomas Werry [1895-    ]  m.  Jane Mutton  ----  Remained in England
                            William Werry [1797-1870  m1.  Elizabeth Honey [1800-1858]  ----  Came to Canada, 1834  
                            Peter Werry [1800-1880]  m.  Eliza Stephens [1805-19041  ----  Came to Canada, 1845
                            Elizabeth Werry [1802-    ] (twin to Rebecca)  m.  William Philp  ----  Came to Canada, 1845
                            Rebecca Werry [1802-    ] (twin to Elizabeth)  m.  John Elford  ---- 
                            Mary Werry [1804-    ]  m.  Thomas Philp  ----  remained in England
                            Maria Werry [1806-1885]  m.  Richard Philp  ----  Came to Canada, 1831
                            James Werry [1808-1809] died in infancy
                            Joseph Werry [1810-1884]  his wife died in England and he came to Canada with his children
                            Sarah Werry [1815-1864]  m.  Joseph Clogg [1816-1866] 

 Map of the area for Lanreath and Duloe, Cornwall, England
south west England)

See Cornish Links:  http://www.cornish-links.co.uk/duloe.htm
Map Area of Duloe: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?grid2map?X=223353&Y=58559&arrow=Y&zoom=5
St. Martin's Parish: http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/Cornwall/StMartinbyLooe/
Parish Church, Lanreath, Cornwall: http://www.cornwall-online.co.uk/caradon/churches/sechurch.htm



     The Werry's, who came to Canada, arrived between 1831-1845 and settled in the south central area of Ontario, Canada.  Most of the farms are near the towns of Tyrone, Bethesda and Solina, Ontario (North of Bowmanville and Oshawa).  The Werry Picnics are well known in the area and have had, at times, 300-500 persons attending the all day event.  The first picnic was held on 13 July, 1873.   The 1913 picnic was the first picnic that had a family arrive by way of the automobile.  The picnics continued each year on the second Sunday of July.

Map of Tyrone, Enniskillen, Solina area of Ontario, Canada


Bethesda Cemetery, Darlington: Burials

The Arms depicted are those used by Werry - no claim is made that my Werry family ever used such Arms

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