Phillips Family Genealogy, Wales, Ireland, Kingston, Toronto - Dossier

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Phillips>Turner>Paul Turner

We are receiving information that the first known Phillips may be Walter Philips of Mossgrove, Templemartin, Kinalmeaky, co. Cork who married a d/o John McCormac Mor WELPLY and Elizabeth MINHEER
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  first of the known Phillips;  married ??  WELPLY  c.1775;  probably in county Cork, Ireland.   The assumption is that the Phillips's may have arrived c.1620  in Bandon and then moved to the Ballineen area.  This Welply may be of the Rushfield Welply's of co. Cork, Ireland.

afa  Whelply, Whelpley, Whelply

Phillips Family Tree - Kingston, copy with me

  10 Charles PHILLIPS [c.1772-1852]  m.  Eliza HAYES [c.1784-1859]
  Charles, s/o the Phillips / Whelpey marriage;  bc.1772;  married Eliza Hayes c. 1803;  Griffith's Valuation c.1851 shows him at Ballineen occupying a small house, office and garden of 12 perch and paying �2.10d;  died in Ballymoney Parish, county Cork at the age of 80;  buried 17 Mar, 1852 in St. Paul's Cemetery, Ballineen, county Cork, Ireland.
  Eliza, maybe the d/o Barter and Eliza Hayes;  bc.1784;  may have been raised in Kinneigh Parish;  married Charles Phillips, c.1803;  died in Ballymoney Parish at the age of 75;  buried 23 Dec, 1859;  buried in St. Paul's Cemetery, Ballineen, county Cork, Ireland.  
Griffiths Valuation 1851/2 - Charles, Ballineen
Ballymoney Parish Records - 17 Mar, 1852 - Charles Philips, aged 80 years, of Ballineen, interred
Ballymoney Parish Records - 23 Dec, 1859 - Eliza Philips, aged 75,  of Enniskeane, interred

    11 Catherine PHILLIPS [<1805-1810]
  Catherine, d/o Charles Phillips and Eliza Hayes;  parish burial records show that this Catherine was the d/o Charles Phillips.  She may have been born prior to the start of the records, 1805.  Another daughter, Catherine Jane was named after her.

Ballymoney Parish Records - 28 Dec, 1810 - Catherine, d/o Charles Philips buired


    11 William Hayes PHILLIPS [1806-1885]  m.1834  Anne PEYTON [1810-1880]
William;  s/o Charles Phillips and Eliza Hayes;  bap. 10 Mar, 1805 in Ballymoney Parish;  schoolmaster near Enniskean (Enniskeen / Enniskeane), Co., Cork, Ireland;  acquired a farm in Coppeen East between 1847 and 1852 where his school was located;  married in 1834;  letter dated 1852 to his son, Wm Peyton Phillips, shows his deep religious feelings and devotion to England;  in 1868, he was clerk of the Church Education Society;  after school teaching he became the Assistant Registrar for the union of Bandon an d by 1882 at the age of 77 he was the Registrar;  buried, 17 July, 1885, in St. Paul's Cemetery, Ballineen, Ballymoney Parish, co. Cork, Ireland.
  Anne;  d/o Francis and Arabella Peyton;  baptized on 14 Dec, 1808 in Ballymoney;  married William Hayes Phillips c.1833;  buried: Ballymoney Parish, 19 Aug, 1880 


William Hayes Phillips's Home, Enniskeen ? (might be the beige house)
not sure which at this time

William Hayes Phillips's School  (just north of Enniskean on east side of R 588)

William Hayes Phillips, St. Paul's, Ballineen, co. Cork, Ireland

 photo courteous of  Don & Val Wood

William:  [Letter of 1852]  [Grave]   Interested in the burials and the lives of those interred?? Check out the book: The Story of Old Ballymoney

Ballymoney Parish Records - Baptism - William 10 Mar, 1806, s/o of Charles Philips, private Baptized
Gravestone St. Paul's, Graveyard, Ballineen, co. Cork  - 2001
Griffith's Valuation - 1 May, 1852 - William Phillips, 13 56, Sub-division - Enniskeen; Townland - Derriga, Parish - Part of Kinneigh;  Barony - Carbery, East, West Division; Poor Law Union - Bandon;  County - Cork;  Lessor Duke of Devonshire,
Gravestone St. Paul's, Graveyard, Ballineen, co. Cork  - 2001
Irish Civil Reg Film  William: 101593; Vol 5; pg 11, GS# 4200675, Image # 00198  Anne: 101590 / 5 / 12 / 4200672 / 00233

      12 William Peyton PHILLIPS [1835-1875]  m1.1855  Elizabeth DOHERTY [1833-1869]  m2.1871  Margaret ROSS [c.1834-1906]

  William, s/o William Hayes and Anne Peyton;  born, 20 Apr, 1835, possibly at Ballymoney, co. Cork, Ireland;   baptized 22 Apr, 1835 in Kinneigh parish;  arrived New York, sometime in April, 1852;  arrived Kingston, Ont., Canada in 1852;   a bookkeeper with Kingston Rolling Mills at Queen and Wellingtons Streets;  married Elizabeth Doherty 18 Dec, 1855;  lived on Queen Street near the Mills; accountant with Victoria Iron Works and A.C. Chewitt Co.;  a city Alderman and in 1867 an agent for the Scottish Imperial Insurance Co.;  an Ensign with the 1st Volunteer Militia Rifle Company in 1860 and a Captain with the 3rd Company in 1862, the 3rd became the 14th Battalion Volunteer Militia Rifles and later the Princes of Wales Regiment;  in 1866 he became District Quartermaster;  in 1869  Brigade Major of 7th Brigade and in 1872 Lt. Colonel;  died 1 Sep, 1875;  interred Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.
   Elizabeth;  3rd d/o James Doherty and Elizabeth Gay (sister married George Malone);  born at Bandon, Cork, Ireland, 1833;   died in Kingston, 22 Nov, 1869, ae. 36;  interred Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.
Margaret;  d/o Alexander Ross & Ellen Clarke;  c.1834 in Kingston;  married William Phillips on 25 Jan, 1871 at Kingston;  died 1906;  buried on 2 May, 1906, ae74;  buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Cobourg, Ont   Margaret was sister to Mary Ross who married William Hargraft.  William and Mary issued Ellen who married William George Gooderham (found on this site)
Picture courtesy, D. P. Knowland  III  

 Letter of 1852

Kinneigh Parish Records - 13 Mar, 1836 - Received into Church, William son of William & Anne Phillips who had been privately baptized Apr 22, 1835
City Directory - 1857 Kingston - William P. Phillips, bookkeeper, 58 Queen St.
Marriage1 - Wilson's Marriage Notice - 1855 - on 18th inst., William P. Phillips & Elizabeth, third daughter of James Dorherty, all of Kingston. (Rev. Geo. Douglass) & Vol. 17, pg. 29,
Elizabeth - Death Cert. #349/001348 - Elizabeth Phillips, 22 Nov, 1869, age 36. born Ireland, disease of Lungs for 12 mos, informant Major Phillips, Kingston
Marriage2 -William Peyton Phillips, 38, no birthplace, Kingston, widower, Brigade Major, s/o William Wayes? Phillips and Ann Peyton married Margaret Jane Ross, 38, Kingston, Kingston, d/o Alexander Ross & Ellen Clarke, Wit: J. P. Phillips, Margaret J. Ross, E. Hodlar, J. A. McG. roue?, Jan 25, 1871, Kingston
1901 Census - Cobourg - Margaret, b. 3 Dec, 1834, living with Martha Woods
???   who is J. P. Phillips ????

        13 Elizabeth (Lilly) PHILLIPS [1856-1931]  m.1882 Charles Judge MITCHELL [1851-1912]
d/o William Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty;  married Charles Mitchell on 11 Oct, 1882 at Kingston, Ont;  died 1931;  interred Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston with Charles;
  Charles;  s/o Charles Thomas Mitchell & Alice Elizabeth Judge;  born c.1851 in London, Eng;  married first, Jane Randal Mile at Kingston;  married second, Elizabeth Phillips;  died 12 Aug, 1912;  interred Cataraqui Cemetery (sec 'L'), Kingston.
Marriage Rec:  2874-76 
        Charles Judge MITCHELL, 25, merchants clerk, England, Kingston, s/o 
        Charles Thomas MITCHELL & Alice Elizabeth JUDGE, 
married Jane Randal Mile (Milo?), 22, Kingston, same, d/o Francis C. MILE & Mary Ann McCREA, witn: John R. ROBINSON & James GALLOWAY, 
both of Kingston, 4 Oct 
        1876 at Kingston
Marriage Rec: Lillian Phillips; born Kingston; ae 25;  d/o Wm P Phillips and Elizabeth Phillips; Charles Judge Mitchell; bon London, Eng; 
ae 32; s/o Charles Thomas Mitchell  and  Alice Elizabeth Mitchell; married 11 Oct, 1882 in Kingston 
Burial - Charles - Cataraqui Vol V, 1912-1921
Entry:   NCM11v/128
Author: Mitchell, Charles Judge
Year:   1906
Title:  Mitchell's self-testing safety code
Place:  Toronto
Pub:    Mitchell Self-testing Safety Code co., 8 Colborne Street, Toronto, Canada
Desc:   15 x 23.5 cm.
Lang:   In English.
Note:   T.p. continues: ``... A new and scientific system for the transmission
        of messages by telegraph or cable, so arranged that one word may
        convey several meanings, such as article, quality, price, quantity,
        terms, etc., thus saving to user 50 and oft-times 75\% of
        the ordinary charges.
        Entered according to act of Parliament of Canada in the year 1905
        by Charles Judge Mitchell, at the Department of Agriculture.
        Patented in Canada 9th day of January, 1906, No. 96,936.
        Patented in United States of America March 1906.
        Patent applied for serial No. 22,263 England.''
Loc:    NCM
        13 William Charles PHILLIPS [1858-1925]  m.1888  Eleanor (Ella) Louise McMILLAN [c.1864-1940]
  William, s/o William Peyton Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty  born 28 Feb, 1858, at Kingston;  joined Cobban Mfg. Co., 1879;  married 28 Jun, 1888 at Oshawa;  vice-president, 1893;  remained with Phillips Mfg. Co. Ltd. until 1919;  returned to Kingston;  died 22 Oct, 1925;  interred Union Cemetery, Oshawa.
  Ella;  d/o Thomas H. McMillan & Louise Jane McBrien; died 17 Jul, 1940

Marriage - 008842-88 William Charles Phillips, 30, merchant, Kingston, Toronto, married Ella Louise McMillan 24, Whitby, Oshawa, d/o Thomas H McMillan & Louise Jane McBRIEN, witn: Fred WARREN & Fred COWAN both of Oshawa on June 28, 1888 at Oshawa
1901 Census - Toronto (ward 3)  William E, 4 Feb, 1860, ae. 41, Irish, Anglican, Cobban Mfg;  Ella, 7 Feb, 1869, ae. 32, Irish
Death Cert#006049/5051
Ella's death from Oshawa Union Cem.

          14 Helen Marguerite PHILLIPS [1889-1890]
d/o William Phillips & Ella McMillan;  born , 25 Oct, 1889; d. 10 Jul, 1890

MAE - Oshwaw Union Cem.

          14 William Eric PHILLIPS [1893-1964]  m1.1918  Mary Eileen McLAUGHLIN [1898-1959]  m2.  Doris (SMITH) GIBSON
  William, s/o William Cahrles Phillips & Eleanor McMillan;  born at Toronto on 3 Jan., 1873;  attended UCC (Upper Canada College);  received his Ba.Sc. from the University of Toronto in 1914;  served with the British Army during WWI and achieved the rank of Lt. Col. at the age of 23;  received the DSO and the Military Cross;  wounded by machine gun in 1918;  served in Poland until 1920;  in 1920 worked with his father;  later at Oshawa he operated a glass manufacturing business, which later became W. E. Phillips Ltd.;  headed the Research Enterprises Ltd., under C.D. Howe during WWII;  after the war he associated with E. P. Taylor in the founding of  the Argus Corp.;  headed the Ontario Hurricane Hazel Relief Fund;  Chairman of Massey Harris and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the University of Toronto;  first married Eileen McLaughlin, 20Nov, 1918 in Hamilton, Ont;  married second Doris Gibson;  died at Palm Beach, Florida on 26 Dec., 1964;  interred St. John's Church Cemetery, North York (Toronto);
  Mary;  d/o  Robert Samuel McLaughlin &
Adelaide Louise Mowbray (see McLaughlin family)
  Doris,  born Smith;  first married Col. John Adair Gibson

1901 Census - Toronto (ward 3) - Eric, 12 Jan, 1893, ae. 8
Marriage - 020463 - Phillips/McLaughlin - William, 26, Bach., Lt. Col. Imperial Army;  Mary, 20, Spinster, Oshawa

          15 Derek McLaughlin PHILLIPS [1920-2001] 
s/o William Phillips & Mary McLaughlin;  b. 2 Jun, 1920;  d. 4 Feb, 2001



            15 Diana Eileen PHILLIPS [c1922-2010]  mc. 1946  Philip Berney JACKSON [1917-2011
d/o William Phillips & Mary McLaughlin;  b. 19 Jul, 1922;  died 13 Jan, 2010;  interred Mt. Pleasant Cem, Toronto
  Philip;  s/o C. Blake & Ethel Jackson;  b. 20 Dec, 1917;  died 1 Aug, 2011, Toronto, Ont;  interred Mt. Pleasant Cem, Toronto
            15 Michael PHILLIPS [1925-1998]  m.  Theresa Anne McDONOUGH [1927-2010]
  Michael, s/o William Eric Phillips and Eileen McLaughlin b. 23 Dec, 1925;  married, c. 1952, Theresa Anne McDonough;  died 29 Mar., 1998;  interred Mt. Pleasant Cem, Toronto
  Theresa;  d/o Joseph & Theresa McDonough;  b. 1 Jan, 1927;  d.11 Nov, 2010;  interred Mt. Pleasant Cem, Toronto

1 issue d. 2010f

            15  Nadine  Adair PHILLIPS [1927-1947]
John Adair Gibson &Doris Smith;  born at Toronto;  in 1944 & 1945 she placed 3rd in the Canadian National Figure Skating Championships (Barbara Ann Scott - 1st),  in 1947 she was second to Marilyn Ruth Take;  one of her father's converted Fairmile motor launches was named after Nadine;  died 24 Feb, 1947 at Toronto;  interred St. John's Church Cemetery, North York (Toronto); (her gravestone has the dates: 1927-1946);
          15 Timothy Adair PHILLIPS [c.1929-2004]   m.1966  Helen Gertrude LOCKWOOD [c.1933-2004]
John Adair Gibson &Doris Smith;  married Jun, 1966
            15 C.  poss. d. 2006
          14 Allan MacWilliam PHILLIPS [1898-1944]
s/o William Phillips & Ella McMillan;  born Toronto, 9 Jan, 1898

1901 Census - Toronto (ward 3) - Alan, 9 Jan, 1898, ae. 3

        13 Sarah Jane PHILLIPS [1859-1926]  m.1878  William John BAJUS [c.1855-    ]
  Sarah;  d/o William Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty;  married 3 Sep, 1878 at Kingston;  d. 11 Nov, 1926 in Vancouver, BC.
  William;  s/o Jacob Bajus & Mary Moore;  (Bajus family were the owners of the Kingston Brewery established, 1794;  purchased by Bajus, 1861); d. 29 Aug, 1928 in Robert's Creek, BC

William John Bajus Sara Jane Phillips
pictures courtesy J. Gullett - 11/09

Marriage - 2806-78 William John Bagus, 23, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Jacob Bagus & Mary Moore, married Sarah Jane Phillips, 18, Kingston, same, d/o William P. Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty, witn: William C. Phillips & Annie E. Meacham,  3 Sept 1878 at Kingston
1881 Census - Cataraqui Ward, Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario - William, 26, German, Brewer;  Sarah, 21;  living with them is Minnie Phillips, ae. 17 (Minnetta (Kate) sister to Sarah Jane)
Deaths - BC Archives


        13 Francis Richard PHILLIPS [1861-1924]  m.1890  Ida F. SPANGENBERG [1868-1931]  (afa Edie)
  Francis, s/o William Peyton Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty;  born 19 Sep, 1861, probably at Kingston;  a Commercial Traveler and operated at the time of marriage from Montreal;  married, ae:29, on 1 Jan, 1890 in St. George's Cathedral, Kingston;  1892-93 he was listed as a Commercial. Traveler and was at 676 Sherbrooke St, Montreal;  in 1924 he lived at 142 Johnston St, Kingston;  died 8 Oct, 1924;  interred Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston
  Edie;  d/o George Spangenberg & Elizabeth (Annie) Chestnut (d/o Samuel Chestnut of Kingston -established a Kingston jewellery store);  born 16 Jan, 1868, Kingston;  died 31 Jan, 1931, Kingston.

Notes:  one meaning of a Commercial Traveler is one who travels to obtain political contributions.

Marriage - 3792-91 Francis Richard Phillips, 29, Commercial Traveller, Ont., Montreal, s/o William Geyton & Elizabeth, married Ida Spangenberg, 27, Ont., Kingston, d/o George & Elizabeth. Witn Jacob Martin Scheak of Montreal & Maude Spangenberg of Kingston, on 01 Jan., 1890 (?) (s/b 1891 ?), at St. George's Cathedral, Kingston.
1901 Census - Ottawa - Francis R., 19 Sep, 1864, ae.  36, Irish, Ont, Merchant ??  Coffee;  Edie, 16 Jan, 1868, German, Ont
Francis - Death Cert# 013638 - Francis Richard Phillips, 142 Johnston St., Kingston, s/o William P Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty, apoplectic stroke, informant Mrs Kirby, Toronto, burial Cataraqui. 8 Oct, 1924

          14 Jennie S. PHILLIPS [1891-1937]  m.1919  Sidney Shiels KIRBY [1890-1932]
d/o Francis Phillips & Edie Spangenberg;  born 23 Dec, 1891;   married St. George's Cathedral, Kingston, 9 Apr, 1919;  lived in Kingston, Toronto & Ottawa;  died 7 Oct, 1937;  interred Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont,
 s/o Thomas Sidney Kirby and Mary Francis Shiels;  born 20 Nov, 1890 at Minneapolis, Minn;  family moved to Ottawa c.1892;  graduate of McGill University;  a Civil Engineer;  Lieutenant, 38th Battalion, CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force);  served in Canada, Bermuda, England & France;  Employed by Toronto Transit Commission at Toronto;  interred Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont

C. Kirby
1901 Census - Ottawa - Jennie S., 23 Dec, 1891, ae. 9

            15 4
        13 Minetta (Kate) PHILLIPS [1864-1924]  m.1898  Edward Daniel HOLDEN [c.1849-    ]
d/o William Peyton Phillips and Elizabeth Doherty;  married at ae.33, 5 Feb, 1898 at Kingston (217 Bagot St.);
  Edward, s/o Daniel Holden and Roxanne Haynes;  born c. 1849;  Edward at marriage was from Concord, NH, USA, a woolen manufacturer and was a widower

1881 Census - Cataraqui Ward, Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario - Minnie, ae.17, living with Sarah Jane Phillips & William Bajus
Marriage - #005738-98 (Frontenac Co): Edward Daniel Holden, 49, widower, woolen manufacturer, Concord NH USA, Lowell Mass., s/o Daniel Holden & Roxane Haynes, married Minnetta Kate Phillips, 33, Kingston, same, d/o William Pexton Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty, witn: Adam Holden of Lowell Mass. & Rachel E. Dunlop of Kingston, 5 Feb 1898 at 217 Bagot St., Kingston


          14 Lousie HOLDEN [1901-1970]
        13 Harriet Louise PHILLIPS [1866-1951]  mc.1908  Robert S. MOWAT [1859-    ]
d/o William Peyton Phillips & Elizabeth Doherty;  b 20 Jan, 1866;  a carpenter of Kingston in 1883;   married 18 Dec, 1883 in Kingston;  lived in Victoria, B.C. in 1901;
  Robert;  s/o George & Jane Mowat;  b. 21 Aug, 1859 in Scotland;  immigrated 1880;  a Grocer in Victoria, B. C., 1901

Marriage Cert#003267, Frontenac, Ont
1901 Census - Victoria, British Columbia - Robert S., 21 Aug, 1859, Scotland, Grocer, Imm 1880;  Louise, 20 Jan, 1866;

          14 Lillian Mitchell MOWAT [1885-1972]  m.1909  George Clifford GODARD [1886-1957]
  Lillian, d/o Harriet Louise Phillips & Robert Mowat;  born 21 Feb, 1885 at Kingston;  married George Godard on 16 Oct, 1909 at Victoria, B. C.;  prepared Phillips Family Tree-Kingston, 1953;  died 4 Sep, 1972;  buried in Phillips Plot, Cataraqui, Kingston, Ont.
  George,  s/o Alured John (Alex) Godard & Ethel A. ???;  born 13 Apr, 1886 in Ontario;  married first, Lillian Mowat and second Frances Kathleen Cory, c.1921;  interred Rest Haven Memorial Gardens, Scarborough, Ontario.

1901 Census - Victoria, British Columbia - Lilian, 21 Feb, 1885


          14 Hugh Phillips MOWAT [1888-1914]
s/o Harriet Phillips & Robert Mowat;  b. 17 Apr, 1888;

1901 Census - Victoria, British Columbia - Hugh, 17 Apr, 1888

          14 Barbara Isobel MOWAT [1891-    ]  m.  Walter BEST
d/o Harriet Phillips & Robert Mowat;  b. 22 Dec, 1891;

1901 Census - Victoria, British Columbia - Barbara, 22 Dec, 1891

          14 Helen Joyce MOWAT [1896-    ]  m.  Morley SHEIR
d/o Harriet Phillips & Robert Mowat;  b. 7 Dec, 1896

1901 Census - Victoria, British Columbia - Joyce, 7 Dec, 1896

      12 Eliza PHILLIPS [1836-1853] 
  Eliza, d/o William Hayes and Anne Peyton;  born 2 Jun, 1836;  she is referenced in the letter or 1852 as working at a dressmaking shop;  died Sep, 1853

Kinneigh Parish Records - 5 Jun, 1836 - Eliza, dau of William & Anne Phillips, private, born June, 2nd
Ballymoney Parish Records - 7 Sep, 1853 - Eliza Philips of Enniskean, aged 17 years, interred

    12 Annie Arabella PHILLIPS [1838-1898]  m.1868  Abraham Haynes MALONE, Capt. [1845-1930] rm2  Mary SWAN [1867-1930
Annie, d/o William Hayes and Anne Peyton;  born 1 Jun, 1838;  arrived Kingston 1864;  married Capt. Abraham Malone, Oct., 1868;  died 17 May, 1896;  buried Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston;
  Abraham,  2nd s/o
George Webster Malone & Dora Haynes ((George married second Sarah Doherty);  born 16 May, 1812, Kinsale, co. Cork, Ireland;   of Wolfe and Garden Island, Ontario;  brother to Martha Emily Malone (see below);  see obituary for his many Captaincies, one of which is pictured below;  Abraham married second, Mary Swan [1867-1930] aft..1901 at Kingston;  lived his retirement years at Barriefield, Ont.;  died 2 Mar, 1930;  buried Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston;

Abraham {obit}

Kinneigh Parish Records - 3 Jun, 1838 - Anna Arabella, d/o William & Anne his wife  17 Jun, 1838 -  received into church, Anna Arabella
Marriage Rec - Abraham & Annie - Abraham, ae 23, of Garden Island;  Annie, ae. 26 of Kingston. (mistake on Annie's age)
1901 Census - Rideau Ward, Kingston, Frontenac - Abraham, 9 Mar, 1854, Irish, Sailor;  no wife
1911 Census - Pittsburg, Frontenac - Abraham, Mar, 1846, Ireland, Anglican, living on Income;  Mary, Jul, 1844 (ae.46=1865) , Scotland, Presbyterian
Death Recs of Abraham and Annie

      12 Francis Richard PHILLIPS [c.1839-1841]
s/o William Hayes Phillips & Anne Peyton;  received into church, 30 Aug, 1840

Kinneigh Parish Records - 30 Aug, 1840 - Phillips, Francis, s/o William & Anne, received into church

      12 Catherine Jane PHILLIPS [c.1842->1911]  mc.1865  Joseph FULLER [c.1838-<1901]
Catherine, d/o William Hayes and Anne Peyton;  remained in Ireland;  married Joe Fuller; their daughter Kate married Bob Howe.
  Joseph, (poss. s/o Joseph & Catherine Fuller, born 24 May, 1838);  of Prospect Cottage, Ireland;  died about 1923

For further FULLER - BENNETT family see:  FULLER - BENNETT     County Cork - Ireland                                    


Kinneigh Parish Records - 6 Nov, 1842 - Phillips, Catherine Jane, d/o William & Anne his wife;  sponsors: Jane Phillips, Mrs. Bassett, B. W. Phillips

        13 Catherine (Kate) Anne FULLER [1870- >Jul, 1929]  m.1903  Robert (Bob) HOWE [c.1862-1922]
  Catherine;  d/o Joseph and Catherine Fuller;  b. 26 Jun, 1870, Murragh, Cork; married Kinneigh Church, 3 Nov,1903;
  Robert;  s/o Benjamin Howe, Esq; of Prospect Cottage;   Bob Howe  was shot and died at his door, 27 Apr, 1922.

Catherine: PDT records;  FHC
1901 Census: House 3, Ballaghanure (Castletown, Cork):   Catherine, 27, d/o of Catherine, Widow; Robert Howe, 37., Visitor
1911 Census: House 3, Ballaghanure (Castletown, Cork)

          14 ?? HOWE [.1903- <1911

1901 Census:  - shows that they had a child; born but not living in 1911

      12 Rebecca Harriett PHILLIPS [1845-1921]  m.1870  Samuel ANGLIN [1842-1920]
d/o William Hayes and Anne Peyton;  born at Ballineen, Cork, Ireland, 22 Feb, 1845;  known as 'Hallie';  married, 1 Sep, 1870 at Kingston;  wit: Capt. Edward Fidlar, Kate Anglin;  died   at Kingston, 4 Jan., 1921;  accounted for early Welsh-Irish history;
  Samuel, s/o Robert and Sarah Anglin;  a lumber merchant;
See Anglin Family for children
Rebecca Harriett (Hallie) Phillips Samuel Anglin    




Kinneigh Parish Records - 25 Jul, 1847 - Phillips, Rebecca Harriett, d/o William & Anne Phillips received into church age 21/2 years
Marriage - Vol 3, pg 268 (Frontenac Co): Samuel Anglin, 26, lumber merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Rebecca Harriet Phillips, 24, Enniskillen Ireland, Kingston, d/o Ann & William Hayes Phillips, witn: Capt. Edward Fidlar & Miss Kate Anglin, both of Kingston, 1 Sept 1870 at Kingston
1901 Census - Kingston, Frontenac - Samuel, 9 Jul, 1842, 58, Irish, Coal Merchant;  Rebecca H., 11 Feb, 1845, 55

    12 Francis John PHILLIPS [1847-1910]  m.1872  Annie BACON [1852-1917]
  Francis, s/o William Hayes Phillips and Anne Peyton;  born in Kinneigh parish, co. Cork, Ireland;  born 16 Jun;  baptized on 25 Jul, 1847 (grave has born 1848);  according to the 1901 census, he immigrated  in 1856 and settled first at Kingston;  arrived at Toronto in 1864;  employed by John McGee, Iron Founder, later E&C Gurney;   20 Aug, 1872 married Annie Bacon,  d/o John Bacon & Harriet Roberts;  partnership with John Bacon, Annie's father, purchased Hurd Leigh Co., a crockery and china business;  name changed to Bacon & Phillips and operated at 72 Yonge St., Toronto;  John Bacon retired in 1876 and a new partnership formed with C.E. Thorne operated as Phillips Thorne & Co., importers of fine china;  this company operated from 23 Front St. E., Toronto;  in 1878 the partnership dissolved and Francis became manager of C. G. Cobban  Co. and in 1880 the name was changed to Cobban Manufacturing Company, glass manufacture, located at 102 Front. St.;  in 1885 Cobban was situate at 47-61 Hayter St.;  in 1893 Francis became president;  the company, now a manufacturer of picture frames & plate glass, moved in 1901 to Lake St.;  during the 1904 fire in Toronto it was reported that Francis and a worker 'ran from wood pile to wood pile with a garden hose to keep the timber free of  the fire';  in 1905 the name was changed to Phillips Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and in 1908 moved to 258 Carlaw Ave., Toronto;  Francis and Annie raised 6 girls and 2 boys;  homes were at 21 Grosvenor  and in 1889 at 63 Queens Park (seen below);  vacation property was a 10 acre island known as Wistowe Island on Lake Rosseau in the Muskoka Lakes, Ontario;  the cottage has been maintained in original condition and there is a lot of original furniture;  Francis died at Battle Creek, Michigan, USA on 11 Apr, 1910;  interred, Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Sec "L", Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  [note:  after Annie's death in 1917, their daughter Beatrice and her husband Lawren Harris moved in and about 1924 sold the home.  Later the University of Toronto took over the grounds and the home was torn down.

Francis J. Phillips
   Annie Bacon
    c. 1895   
 63 Queens Park
Toronto, Ont. 

  Annie; d/o John Bacon & Charlotte Gowan;  born 19 Feb. in Toronto;  died Dec, 1917;  interred, Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Sec "L", Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Francis - Bio     Francis's obit      Annie's obit

Kinneigh Parish Records - Jul, 1847 - Phillips, Francis John, s/o William & Anne Phillips
Marriage - Toronto - St. James by Asst. Minister, Edmund Baldwin;  Francis John Phillips, bachelor, and Annie Bacon, spinster;  20 Aug, 1872, Toronto

        13 Lillian Annie PHILLIPS [1873-1947]  m.1899  William Hargraft GOODERHAM [1875-1929]
/o Francis J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  born at Toronto, 25 May, 1873;  married 7 Jun, 1899;  died 21 Jul, 1947;
William, s/o George Gooderham & Ella Hargraft;  born 7 Nov, 1875; a Broker at marriage;  died 20 May, 1929; 

Marriage - 1595-99 William Hargraft Gooderham, 23, broker, Toronto, same, s/o William George Gooderham & Ella Hargraft, married Lillie Phillips, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Frank J. Phillips & Annie Bacon, witn: Albert W. Taylor of New York and Eleanor Phillips, 7 June 1899

        13 Harriet Eleanor PHILLIPS [1875-1946]  m.1908  George Theodore IRVING [1869-1929]
  Harriet, d/o Francis J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  born 14 Mar, 1875 in Toronto;  married George 25 Nov, 1908;  died 1946;.
  George;  s/o William Irving & Mary Sheard;  born in 1869; 
operated the Irving Umbrella Company, Toronto.
          14 Mary Frances IRVING [1911-    ]  mc.1933  Percival MYLES [1910-    ]
  d/o Harriet Phillips & George Irving;  born at Toronto, 1911;
  Percival,  s/o Frederick Percival Myles & Helen Boomer

*Frederick P. Myles was the son of  Margaret Worts & Robert Myles - Margaret Worts leads back to the Gooderham family)

        13 Heber Bacon PHILLIPS [1877-1932]  m.1915  Kathleen Jessie NESBITT [1885-1965]
  Heber, s/o Francis J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  born 26 Oct, in Toronto;  worked for the family business, Phillips Toronto Ltd;  married 8 Jun, 1915;  lived at 35 Roxborough St. Toronto;  died 14 Aug, 1932 in Toronto
  Kathleen;  d/o Edward W. Nesbitt & Mary Elizabeth Ross;  b. 5 Nov, 1885 in Woodstock, Oxford, Ont.;
  Both interred Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

I have seen various middle initials for Heber  B=Bacon;  M=Mitchell

          14 John PHILLIPS
          14 Barbara May PHILLIPS [1918-1977]  m.  Douglas COUSINS [1917-1953]
          14 Joyce Kathleen PHILLIPS [1920-2003]  m.  Gerald KEELEY [1918-1984]
d/o Heber Phillips and Kathleen Nesbitt;  born 1920;  educated at Branksome Hall, Toronto;  a passionate golfer and skier;  women's champion for 10 years at her golf club;  contributed articles for the Toronto Star and Gossip media of Toronto;  married 1948;  died 30 Dec, 2003;  interred in St. James, Cemetery, Toronto
Gerald, born 1918;  siblings where Charles (1912-20020, Emily, Norah and Marion;  died 1984;

Joyce: [Obit]

13 Florence Mitchell PHILLIPS [1881-1951]  m.  Dwight Joseph TURNER [1875-1935]
  Florence, d/o Francis J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  born Toronto 12 Apr., 1880;  attended The Model School and Bishop Strachan;  married Dwight J. Turner 23 Jan., 1907 at the Church of the Redeemer (see Turner);  lived at 106 Madison Ave., 179 Balmoral Ave.;  c. 1919 Florence, Dwight and son Stephen moved to Detroit, Mich., USA;  separating from Dwight, Florence and Stephen returned to Toronto;   Florence then lived at 126 Heath St., 46 Oriole Rd. and 60 Oriole Gardens;  died 18 Jun., 1951;  buried in Phillips plot, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Sec. "L", Toronto.
Florence Phillips
    Dwight J. Turner
          14 They had 3 children;  see TURNER family                                                                                                                                                                           
        13 Charlotte Louise PHILLIPS [1883-1941]  m.  Walter WRIGHT, Dr. [1883-1967]
d/o Francis J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  born 18 Jul, in Toronto;
          14 Frances Anne WRIGHT [1912-1977]  m.  William GUNN [1913-1984]
        14 Robert (Harp) Phillips WRIGHT [1921-2007]  and  Mary Grace ROLPH
s/o Charlotte Phillips & Walter Wright;  born 18 Apr, 1921;  employed by IBM;  died Toronto, 5 Mar, 2007;

Robert -[Obit]

Personal visits;  Obit
        13 Beatrice Helen (Trix) PHILLIPS [1885-1962]  m.1910  Lawren HARRIS [1885-1970]
  Beatrice, d/o Francis J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  born at Toronto 14 Feb., 1885;  married Lawren Harris, 20 Jan, 1910;  1911,  together they had 3 children;  living at 176  Balmoral with Lawren Jr & Howard Harris;  divorced from Lawren;  died Toronto, 23 Nov., 1962;  buried in Phillip's plot, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Sec "L", Toronto.
  Lawren, the s/o Thomas Morgan Harris & Annie Stewart born 23 October 1885 at Brantford, Ontario;   painter and member of the Group of Seven;  re-married Bess Housser in Sep., 1934;  died, 29 Jan, 1970, at Vancouver

1911 Census - found as Stuart-Harris;  Beatrice, Lawren Jr, Howard at 176 Balmoral Ave., Toronto.

        13 William Francis (Frank) (Bill) PHILLIPS [1887-1939]  m.  Lucille Lois BUNTIN [1893-1961]
/o Francis J. Phillips & Annie Bacon;  born 21 Mar, 1921 in  Toronto;  manufacturer;  married 9 Sep, 1920 in Toronto; 
  Lucille;  d/o Alexander Buntin & Annie Denoon; 
        14 Pauline Louise PHILLIPS [1921-2002]  m.  Robin G. HOARE [1909-1979]
d/o William Phillips & Lucille Buntin;  born 1921;   died
29 July,  2002 in England;
        14 Alixe PHILLIPS [1924-2010)  m.1948  Thomas Archibald LILLICO [1924-2005]
Alixe; d/o William Phillips & Lucile Buntin;  b.18 Apr, 1924, Toronto; d. 29 Dec, 2010

3 issues

[Obit - Alixe]
[Obit - Thomas]

          14 William Michael PHILLIPS [1926-1950]  m.1950  Dosse BALLANTYNE
s/o William Phillips & Lucille Buntin;  born 11 May, 1926 at Toronto;  enlisted and attended the Royal Navel College at Victoria, B. C.;  graduated as a Midshipman;  assigned to Australia and then at Hong Kong;  transferred to Air Arm with a great desire to fly;  received Wings at London, Ont.;  married 6 Jul, 1950 at Toronto;  transferred to the UK for advanced training;  killed during training on 13 Sep, 1950 near Lossiemouth, Scotland
          14 James Anthony (Tony) PHILLIPS [1934-1974]  m.1957 Judy SIEVERT]
s/o William Phillips & Lucille Buntin;  born at Toronto, 20 Jun, 1934;  married Jul, 1957 in Brazil;  died 6 Jun, 1974;
  Judy,  of Montreal;  her parents where in Brazil at the time of her wedding;  after James's death, Judy remarried, ?? INNES
      12 Frances Susan PHILLIPS [1851-1908]
  Frances, d/o William Hayes Phillips and Anne Peyton;  born 22 Apr, 1851;  she was present and a witness to he parents deaths in 1880 and 1885;  she must have immigrated to Canada between 1885-1901;  died 16 Dec, 1908 in Montreal;  interred Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ont.

Kinneigh Parish Records - 30 May, 1851 - Phillips, Frances Susan, born 22 Apr, 1851
1880 & 1885 - witness to parents deaths as per death registers
1901 Census - Kingston, Frontenac - Philops, Frances, sister in law, 22 Apr, 1852, ae.48 living with Samuel & Rebecca Anglin
Cataraqui Cemetery
#11299 Frances Philips, age 56 4/12   where born or marriage status marked U unknown?, where died = Montreal -  when died 16 Dec 1908  Officiating minister Rev. Charles A. Sykes (Minister of Sydenham St, Methodist/United Church 1907-1909),  buried Section "L.".

** everything, except Kinneigh, shows her born 1852
      12 Charles Richard PHILLIPS [1855-1894]  m.1888  Martha Emily MALONE [1860-1944] 
  Charles, s/o William Hayes Phillips & Anne Peyton; arrived Toronto from Enniskean, co. Cork, Ireland in 1878;  employed by Rolph Smith & Co. at Montreal;  married 26 Sept, 1888 in St. George's Cathedral, Kingston;  c.1892 manager at C.R. Phillips;  
  Martha,  d/o George
Webster Malone & Mary Haynes (formerly of co. Cork, Ireland) of Wolfe Island;  younger sister to Abraham Malone (above) born 1860;  bap-. 5 May, 1861; 
  Both Charles and Martha are buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston (Ref KG-039-5).

Kinneigh Parish Records - 1854 - Phillips, Charles Richard, s/o William & Anne
Marriage - 003715-88 Charles R. Phillips, 35, Ireland, Montreal, Merchant, s/o Wm Hayes PhillipsS & Ann Peyton his wife married Martha Emily Malone, 26, Wolfe Island, Kingston, d/o George Malone & Mary Hafues his wife. Wtn: F. R. (Frances Richard) Phillips of Montreal and Anthony Malone of Garden Island on September 26, 1888 at St. Georges Cathedral in Kingston


        13 Dorothy PHILLIPS [1889-    ]  m.1916  Charles Clarence RANCE [1892-    ]
  Dorothy, d/o  Charles Richard Phillips &  Martha Emily Malone;  born 1889 in Montreal, Que;  married 1 Jun, 1916, Charles Rance of Clinton, Ontario, Canada. in Kingston, Ont.;    
  Charles;  s/o Charles Rance & Jeanette Fair JACKSON of Clinton, Ont;  b.17 Jul, 1892;  born in Kenora, Ont; 

1901 Census - Clinton, Huron - C. Clarence, 17 Jul, 1892, 8,  s/o Charles C.  & Jeanet F. Rance;  sib Thomas F. Rance, 18 Sep, 1888
1911 census Charles C,;  Jennet Hari(?);  Thomas Frances, 22, May, 21, Charles Clarence, Jul, 1892,
Marriage Rec:  Dorothy Phillips; born Montr�al; ae 24; father Charles Phillips and Martha Emily Malone;  Charles Clarence Rance;  born Kenora; ae 23;  father Charles Carmichel Rance and Jenet Fair Jackson;  married 1 Jun, 1616 at Kingston
Both maybe interred Clinton Public Cemetery, Clint, Huron, Ont.

          14 Charles Phillips RANCE, Dr. [1918-2000]  m.1950  B J K
  Charles;  s/o Dorothy Phillips & Charles Rance;  born Toronto 1918;  a graduate of U.T.S. and the U. of T. Medical School;  during WWII, a medical officer for the S.D. & G. Highlanders;  after the war, continued medical career as a pediatrician to many North Toronto families;  in 1965, set up the Nephrology Division of the Hospital for Sick Children which he directed until his retirement;  also teaching as a full professor of Pediatrics at the U. of T.;   camped at Camp Ahmek, where he spent every summer, first as a camper, then as a counselor;  he loved Algonquin Park which he visited throughout his life;  an enthusiastic curler, golfer and skier (member of Thornhill Country Club and Caledon Ski Club);   a  lifelong active member of St. Clement's Anglican Parish. 

Charles [obit]

        13 Douglas PHILLIPS [c.1890-dy]  buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston
    11 Thomas PHILLIPS [1808-1810]
   Thomas, s/o of Charles Phillips and Eliza Hayes;  bap. 19 Jun, 1808 in Ballymoney Parish;  buried: Ballymoney Parish, 22 May, 1810

Ballymoney Parish Records - Baptism - 19 Jun, 1808 - Thomas, s/o Charles Philips, public baptized



  11 Jane PHILLIPS [1810-1894]
  Jane, d/o Charles Phillips and Eliza Hayes;  bap. 22Oct 1810 in Ballymoney Parish;  may have lived at Skibbereen;  buried: Ballymoney Parish, 19 Dec, 1894.
a record (Aus letter) shows a Jane Phillips marring a Richard Reynolds, 1 May, 1823 but no mention of this 'Uncle Richard' being mentioned it the Letter of 1852;

Ballymoney Parish Records - Baptism - 22 Oct, 1810 - Jane, d/o Charles Philips, private Baptized
Irish Civil Reg.  101598 / 5 / 355 / 4200680 / 00235

Notes:  1823, Ballymoney, a Jane Phillips married by Banns to Richard Reynolds - can not believe it to be this Jane but then who's Jane????  There was in Ballymoney Parish records (1806) a son Charles of Samuel baptized - do not know anything about this Samuel Philips and family

    11 John PHILLIPS [1813-    ]
  John, son  of Charles Phillips and Eliza Hayes;  bap. 5 Sep, 1813 in Ballymoney Parish;  his life is unknown and it is suspected that he died earlier than 1852 as he is not mentioned in the letter of 1852.

Ballymoney Parish Records - Baptism - 5 Sep, 1813 - John, s/o Charles Philips private baptized

    11 Catherine Jane PHILLIPS [1816-1887)
  Catherine, daughter  of Charles Phillips and Eliza Hayes;  bap. 7th Apr, 1816 in Ballymoney Parish;  may have lived at Skibbereen;  buried Ballymoney Parish, 5 July, 1887. 

Ballymoney Parish Records - Baptism - Apr, 1816 - Catherine, d/o Charles Philips private baptized
Irish Civil Reg # 101594

    11 Barter PHILLIPS [1819-    ]  may have changed his name to Bartholomew in Canada
  Barter, son  of Charles Phillips and Eliza Hayes;  bap. 5 Sep, 1819 in Ballymoney Parish;  said to be the first of the family to come to Kingston, Ont., Canada;   

Ballymoney Parish Records - Baptism - Sep, 1819 - Barter, s/o Charles Philips private baptized
1852 Letter - William, if going to Kingston, was to meet up with his Uncle Barter

1842 witness to a baptism of Catherine d/o William and Anne, was a B. W. Phillips
Barter may be a Bartholomew H (Hayes ??)  Phillips age 37 (=c. 1819)  died Kingston, 1856 and buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ont., Canada.  (Internment #165, Bartholomew H Phillips, age 37, married, born Ireland, died Kingston, 4 July 1856. Sec P. - with him is a wife, Mary.  May have been known as Bartholomew Hayes Phillips in Canada and this person died in 1856 at Kingston and is buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston. Ref KG-99-6 - any children??)

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